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The Makino Mamoru Collection on the History of East Asian Film, 1863-2015, bulk 1920s-1990s

Series III: Film-Related Individuals' Files, 1863-2012 [Bulk Dates: 1900s-1950s], 1863-2012

Series III contains materials for individuals who worked on films or wrote about them, but weren't mainly directors or film critics. These include cameramen or film theorists, actors, and screenwriters.

For Kōno Toraichi/高野虎市 (Charlie Chaplin's Secretary), see Charlie Chaplin related materials in Subseries IX.1: Western (Pre- and Post-War): Charlie Chaplin. For correspondence and diaries of Nichiei cameraman, Taguchi Shūji/田口修治, see Subseries VI.14: Subject Files: Occupation Period Materials. Individuals without their own series have been collected in Subseries III.17.

A detailed listing of the items in Series III can be consulted in a downloadable Excel spreadsheet.

Subseries III.1: Bandō Tsumasaburō/阪東妻三郎, 1901-1953

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Subseries III.2: Furukawa Roppa/古川ロッパ, 1863-1925

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Subseries III.3: Gonda Yasunosuke/権田保之助, 1887-1951

Subseries III.4: Kanō Ryūichi/加納竜一, 1904-1988

Also used penname Kōno Yūkichi/香野雄吉.Kanō was the producer of the documentary film, The Effects of the Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (shot in 1945 finished in 1946). This section includes articles about and by Kanō Ryūichi, as well as magazines and books owned by Kanō. These include issues of the magazine,Bunka eiga/文化映画from 1938 until 1941. Also,Eiga kyōiku/映画教育/The Cine Educationfrom 1930 to 1943 (9 issues only). For more issues ofBunka eiga,and documentary film related materials, see Subseries VI.7: Subject Files: Documentary Film Materials.

Subseries III.5: Kikuchi Shū/菊池周, 1923-2002

Kikuchi was cameraman for Miki Shigeru and for Kamei Fumio. He worked on the documentary film,The Effects of the Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki(shot in 1945 finished in 1946) with Miki as second camera assistant. He worked for Miki Film Company in 1946. He established Tokyo Photo Laboratory (Ltd.) in 1956 and was a cameraman for several of Kamei's films. --Kichi no kotachi/基地の子たち, Asobiba no nai kodomotachi/遊び場のない子供たち, Fudōbyō tono tatakai/風土病との闘いand others.

Subseries III.6: Kimura Yoshie/キムラヨシエ, undated

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Subseries III.7: Kume Masao/久米正雄, 1891-1952

Kume Masao materials were purchased at auction by Makino. Kume was a novelist and classmate of Akutagawa Ryūnosuke/芥川龍之介 and Kikuchi Kan/菊池寛. This subseries includes his Collection of Letters, newspapers, magazines, and pamphlets. Includes production company notices (invitations to studio events), and materials related to the Greater Japan Film Association/Dai Nippon Eiga Kyōkai/大日本映画協会.

For a scenario written by Kume Masao, see Subseries V.4: Scenarios: Censored Scenarios. For correspondence to Kume from the Directors Guild of Japan, see Subseries VI.9: Subject Files: Film Organizations. See Subseries XVII.1: Albums, Bromides and Stills for the commemorative album from the filmShina no yoru/支那の夜/China Nights,and film stills and photographs from the Japanese film production company, Manshū Eiga Kyōkai/満州映画協会or Man'ei/満英, including photographs of Ri Kōran/李香蘭 a star of the Man'ei company. Many of these are autographed to Kume Masao/久米正雄, who appears in the photographs.

Subseries III.8: Miki Shigeru/三木茂, 1905-1978

This subseries contains items Makino received from Miki Shigeru's family after Miki's death in 1978 along with materials Makino gathered about Miki from used bookstores. The items include Miki Shigeru's press passes from the Navy and Army (1939-1941) as well as Home Ministry certificates, film production company termination and hiring certificates with monthly salaries (Tōhō, Nippon Eigasha), and correspondence (letters and postcards to Miki). The subseries also includes materials from his post-war film production company, Miki Film Company/Miki Eigasha/三木映画社, including published screenplays (scenarios) for documentary, social education, short film (PR eiga/PR映画), and propaganda films, as well as company documents mainly related to tax payments. Miki's hospital admission records and bills from 1977 are also included here. There are also Makino's manuscripts, fliers, and exhibition related material for the 2001 event on Miki held at The Museum of Art, Kōchi. These materials contain a filmography and biographical information.

For photographs taken by and of Miki Shigeru as well as his photo albums, see Subseries XVII.3: Posters and Photos: Miki Shigeru/三木茂 photo albums. These include photographs related to the film,Tsuchi ni ikiru/土に生きる/Living in the Earth(1939), which he made with the native studies scholar Yanagita Kunio/柳田國男. For materials related to other cameramen, like Asai Tatsuzō/浅井達三, see Subseries VI.7: Subject Files: Documentary Film Materials.

Subseries III.9: Mizokuchi Hiroshi/ミゾクチヒロシ, undated

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Subseries III.10: Mori Ritsuko/森律子, 1918

Subseries III.11: Nakai Masagazu/中井正一, 1900-1952

Subseries III.12: Tanikawa Tetsuzō/谷川徹三, undated

Subseries III.13: Tanizaki Jun'ichirō/谷崎潤一郎, 1886-1965

Subseries III.14: Tokugawa Musei/徳川夢声, 1894-1971

This subseries contains rare books including some copies signed by the author, a well-knownbenshi.

Subseries III.15: Yamada Isuzu/山田五十鈴, 1917-2012

Subseries III.16: Yoshimi Yutaka/吉見泰, 1949-1987

Subseries III.17: Additional Film Individuals, 1897-1986

This subseries includes individuals for whom Makino collected their bunkenshi/bibliographic studies as well as film guild related member lists, and assorted fan books. There May be scrapbooks of photocopied articles related to particular individuals, including Fumikura Heizaburō/文倉平三郎, Hirai Teruaki/平井輝章, Kajita Akira/梶田章, Shibata Katsu/柴田勝 (cameraman, film historian), Tsukada Yoshinobu/塚田嘉信 (film historian, collector), Umemura Shisei/梅村紫声(benshi,) and original materials by Yamaguchi Seiichi/山口静一 (translator). Yamaguchi's include 161 Shōchiku Eiga film cuts. Additional materials can be found in Subseries X.1: Pre-War and Wartime Magazines, Film-related. This subseries also contains mooks (magazine-like books) centering on a particular film related individual (fan books and pictorial works (shashinshū/写真集).