C.V. Starr East Asian Library

The Makino Mamoru Collection on the History of East Asian Film, 1863-2015, bulk 1920s-1990s

Series XXII: Makino Mamoru Papers, circa, 1970s-2013

This series contains publications written by Makino, including reprints of articles from journals, some monographs that include his writings, and promotional fliers for multi-volume set reprints (fukkokuban) of journals that were originally from the Makino Collection, and for which he wrote commentaries or introductions.

Subseries XXII.1 contains bibliographic information, Subseries XXII.2 contains correspondence (more can be found throughout the Makino Collection based on subject), Subseries XXII.3 contains dissertations and theses sent to Makino by scholars and others who may have used the Makino Collection for their research. These are divided into English language theses and Japanese language theses and in alphabetical order by author name in each section. Subseries XXII.5 contains the bulk of the materials in this series, published articles and writings by Makino.

Subseries XXII.1: Bibliographic Information (List of Writings), circa, 1970s

This subseries includes a list of monographs (1925-1973) in the Makino Collection.

These materials are housed in boxes 610 and 671.

Subseries XXII.2: Correspondence, undated

This subseries also contains a binder of business cards(meishi/名刺) for people related to the Japanese film industry.

These materials are housed in box 671.

Subseries XXII.3: Dissertations and Theses, 1993-2003

English language doctoral dissertations and master's theses on Japanese film given and often signed to Makino by the individual authors: Michael Dennis Baskett, The Japanese Colonial Film Enterprise 1937-1945 (1993, UCLA); Joanne Bernardi (1993), and articles by Bernardi in Film History, vol. 9 no. 4 (1997) (box 678 folder 10); Jeffrey A. Dym (1998); Joanne Izbicki (1999); Mark Howard Nornes (1999); Sharon H. Hayashi (2003)

Japanese language dissertations on film: Susanne Schermann/スザンネ・シェアマン (1991 Waseda University); Chen Ruibiao/陣瑞彪 (2005 Nagoya University); Fujiki Hideaki/藤木秀朗 (1995-2001, research articles and dissertation proposal); Hon Sonyon/洪善英 (2002, Tsukuba University, literature, Japanese and Korean); Hong Ya-wen/洪雅文 (1997 Waseda University); Itakura Fumiaki/板倉史明 (undated); Maria de los Angeles Moya (1998, Rikkyō University); Namigata Tsuyoshi/波潟剛 (2002, Tsukuba University, literature); Xia Yan/好並晶 (undated, Ehime University); unnamed,Bungaku to eiga no aida ni aru mono -- 1930 nendai chūki "bungei eiga" būmu o megutte(undated)

These materials are housed in boxes 506, 642, 643 and 678.

Subseries XXII.4: Manuscripts, undated

See Subseries VI.16: Subject Files: Proletarian Film (Prokino), see Subseries VI.1: Subject Files: Amateur Films, Small-Gauge Films(Kogata eiga),for cinépoems and additional manuscripts.

Subseries XXII.5: Published Articles and Research, circa, 1980-2013

Makino writings inKinema junpō/キネマ旬報,Film literature research materials gathered by Makino forEizō bunkengaku no seiritsu/映像文献学の成立/The Establishment of the Study of Visual Philology(includes library holdings of National Film Center). Includes reprints written by Makino (copy of bulk article reproductions of material usually previously published in academic journals likeEizōgaku/映像学).Also includes some monographs with articles by Makino on censorship, documentary film and film history.

These materials are housed in boxes 579 and 671.