C.V. Starr East Asian Library

The Makino Mamoru Collection on the History of East Asian Film, 1863-2015, bulk 1920s-1990s

Series II: Critic Files, 1929-1998

This series contains scrapbooks of photocopied articles, books, and manuscripts, many written by the individual film critics whose materials Makino collected. Some are autographed. There are also materials by critics for which there aren't specific files. Materials written by critic Satō Tadao/佐藤忠男, for example, can be found dispersed throughout the Makino Collection and many of his monographs can be found in the Columbia University Libraries online catalog. See Subseries XI.1: Post-War Magazines: Film Magazines, for publications edited by Satō, including Eigashi kenkyū/映画史研究/The Study of the History of the Cinema.

A detailed listing of the items in Series II can be consulted in a downloadable Excel spreadsheet.

Subseries II.1: Iijima Tadashi/飯島正, 1902-1996

Iijima was a scholar of French literature and film, but also a film critic and screenwriter. The subseries contains books written by Iijima, some signed to Makino, as well as books in Iijima's collection.

Subseries II.2: Imamura Taihei/今村太平, 1911-1986

This subseries contains 24 scrapbooks of photocopied articles of Imamura Taihei writings, some in the journal,Eigakai/映画界, Kinema junpō/キネマ旬報and other research materials.

Subseries II.3: Iwasaki Akira/岩崎昶, 1903-1981

This subseries contains several books written by the prominent film critic Iwasaki Akira, as well as a manuscript, his list of works, a scrapbook of materials related to Iwasaki and fliers for discussions of Prokino (Proletarian Film League of Japan), for which he was the group's chairman.

For more on Prokino, see Subseries VI.16: Subject Files: Proletarian Film.

Subseries II.4: Kishi Matsuo/岸松雄, 1906-1985

The Kishi Matsuo scrapbooks contain materials related to Prokino (The Proletarian Film League of Japan). Kishi was a film critic and leader of the left-wing film movement in the 1920s. The 29 scrapbooks created by Kishi in this section contain many of his critical writings. There are also 8 books written by Kishi in this section, 3 of which are autographed.

See Subseries VI.16: Subject Files: Proletarian Film, for more materials related to Prokino. For articles written by Kishi Matsuo about Ozu Yasujirō/小津安二郎, see Subseries I.12: Director Files: Ozu Yasujirō/小津安二郎.

Subseries II.5: Kitagawa Fuyuhiko/北川冬彦, 1900-1990

Kitagawa was a poet and a film critic. (real name, Taguro Tadahiko/田畔忠彦) See Subseries VI.1: Subject Files: Amateur Films, Small-Gauge Films (Kogata eiga),) for cinépoems and materials related to Kitagawa Fuyuhiko. For issues of the poetry journal,Jikan/時間,search the Columbia University Libraries online catalog. For items related to poet, Saitō Mokichi/斎藤茂吉, See box 679 (folder 6).

Subseries II.6: Shirai Yoshio/白井佳夫, 1994

Subseries II.7, Tanaka Jun'ichirō/田中純一郎, 1902-1989

This subseries contains photographs related to documentary films, business records and planning materials related to these films from film studio Sakura Eigasha and others. It also contains correspondence from and to Tanaka. It also contains a photocopy of Tanaka's book,Nihon kyōiku eiga hattatsushi/日本敎育映画発達史,from when it was serialized.

Subseries II.8: Yodogawa Nagaharu/淀川長治, 1909-1998

This subseries contains a scrapbook of newspaper clippings.

Subseries II.9: Okamoto Jun/岡本純, 1979

This subseries contains correspondence to Makino and Okamoto's book,Senjika no nihon eiga/戦時下の日本映画: 第1部.