C.V. Starr East Asian Library

The Makino Mamoru Collection on the History of East Asian Film, 1863-2015, bulk 1920s-1990s

Series VII: East Asian (Pre-and Post-War), 1923-2006

For film festivals about or in East Asian countries see Subseries XVI.2: Film Festival Materials: Japanese and International Film Festivals, which contain film festival materials in alphabetical order by name of festival.

A detailed listing of the items in Series VII can be consulted in a downloadable Excel spreadsheet.

Subseries VII.1: Korea-South Korea, North Korea (Pre-and Post-War), 1923-2005

This subseries has materials in Korean, Japanese, and English languages. There are Japanese journals published in Korea/Chosen during the Occupation of Korea, as well as Japanese journals published in Japan with articles about Korean film, TV series, and culture. They include journals covering the experience of resident Koreans in Japan, as well as materials about Korean protest demonstrations. There are also postcards and sheet music to the theme song of the famous Korean film,Arirang/아리랑(1926) and Korean film programs and fliers. There are Korean journals related to film, as well as exhibition and retrospective catalogs for Korean film held in Japan. This series includes documentary film proposals and documents concerning Japanese documentary films aboutzainichi chōsenjin/在日朝鮮人 (Korean residents in Japan).

Subseries VII.2: China (including Manchuria), 1928-2006

This subseries contains materials from and about the former colony of Manchuria, and Manchurian cinema related to the Japanese film production company Manshū Eiga Kyōkai/満州映画協会or Man'ei/満英 that was in the Japanese colony of Manchukuo in the 1930s and 1940s. These include distribution planning reports on small-gauge film (kogata eiga),and other research, with dates in Manchukuo calendar years (kōtoku/康徳). There are also Shanghai film production company magazines from the 1930s. There are special issues of magazines about Manchurian film, promotional fliers, and photocopies of magazine articles and tables of contents.

For film stills and photographs of Man'ei actors and actresses, see Subseries XVII.1 Photos and Posters, which contains autographed stills to Kume Masao/久米正雄, who appears in many of the photographs. For the motion picture periodical,Ming xing ban yue kan/明星半月刊(1935-), search the Columbia University Libraries online catalog. For comics concerning Man'ei/満英, see Sub-subseries VI.2.4: Animated Films and Comics(Manga):Comics, box 641.

Sub-subseries VII.2.1: China (including Manchuria) Movie Theater Handbills,, 1939-1941

These movie theater handbills from the 1940s are organized by city in Manchuria, with dates in Manchukuo calendar years (kōtoku/康徳). Cities include Hsinking/Xinjing/新京 (capital of Manchukuo), Dairen/Dalian/大連, and Tianjin/天津. Some include tickets stubs which are kept with the handbill/program.

Subseries VII.3: Hong Kong (Post-War), 1955-1997

This subseries contains promotional materials, mostly fliers and programs, as well as Bruce Lee film programs and general journal articles.

Subseries VII.4: Taiwan (Pre-and Post-War), 1924-1999

This subseries mostly includes books and promotional materials, but also a government document from the Japanese governor's office in Taiwan,Social Activities and Moving Pictures(1924), some still photos, and even a ticket stub from the film company, Nihon Katsudō Shashin Kabushikigaisha/日本活動写真株式会社 (1934).

Subseries VII.5: General Asia, 1953-1991

This subseries contains scripts and other materials that focus on multiple Asian countries.