C.V. Starr East Asian Library

The Makino Mamoru Collection on the History of East Asian Film, 1863-2015, bulk 1920s-1990s

Series XV: Museums, Exhibitions and Film Catalogs, 1902-2005 [Bulk Dates: 1980s-1990s], 1902-2005

This series contains catalogs from museums and libraries. Due to Makino's work for the Kawasaki City Museum, there are many materials from this particular Museum in his collection. Subseries XV.1 of this series contains items related to exhibitions, film showings, and retrospectives specifically at the Kawasaki City Museum. These include handbills, exhibit catalogs, and programs of film related events (film screenings, exhibitions) held at the Museum.

For materials related to animation and the Kawasaki City Museum, see Subseries VI.2: Subject Files: Animated Films and Comics (Manga). For materials related to Okinawa and the Kawasaki City Museum exhibition in 1999 see Series VIII: Okinawan Cinema. Subseries XV.2 contains film and art related exhibitions at museums or other centers.

It also includes symposia related publications from museums or other centers. Subseries XV.3 has film lists, library catalogs with film holdings, film related program and book catalogs or periodicals from antiquarian bookstores, and advertisements. For camera catalogs see also, Subseries VI.1: Subject Files: Amateur Films, Small-Gauge Films (Kogata eiga). Subseries VI.4 contains post-war film retrospectives other than those from the Kawasaki City Museum (which can be found in Subseries XV.1). Subseries XV.5 contains museum newsletters from the National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo or Tokyo Kokuritsu Kindai Bijutsukan /東京国立近代美術館 and its National Film Center/フイルムセンター (NFC or FC).

This series also contains 1 box of materials related to Expo '70, the World's Fair held in Osaka in 1970 (Osaka banpaku). This includes the World Exposition program and assorted publications listed in Subseries XV.2: Exhibitions Excel file (box 321).

Subseries XV.6 contains scrapbooks of photocopied table of contents, articles, or holdings of film magazines in certain libraries in Japan, including the National Diet Library of Japan (NDL), the National Film Center (NFC), and others.

A detailed listing of the items in Series XV can be consulted in a downloadable Excel spreadsheet.

Subseries XV.1: Kawasaki City Museum/川崎市市民ミュージアム, 1920-2002

This subseries includes Makino's writings about exhibitions at the Kawasaki City Museum and the plans and research related to the 1995 exhibition on the 100th anniversary of film in Japan.

Subseries XV.2: Exhibitions, 1922-2005

This subseries has exhibition catalogs, calendars, programs, fliers and related materials concerning exhibitions at Japanese museums and film archives like The National Film Center (NFC), The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo/東京国立近代美術館フイルムセンター. The box 620 contains temple exhibition catalogs. The materials cover the subjects of film, art, photography, and historical artifacts, including Japanese, Western, East Asian art, and individual artists. It also contains museum floor plans, brochures, and film library publications.

The newsletters for the NFC can be found in Subseries XV.5: Museum Newsletters.

Subseries XV.3: Film Lists and Book Catalogs, 1952-2003

For books, programs, or magazine catalogs, these are listed by the name of the antiquarian bookstore. Makino also had issues ofNippon kosho tsūshin/日本古書通信(on book collecting) which were duplicates of the Columbia collection and 84 issues added to the Columbia University Libraries online catalog record. For this magazine, search the Columbia University Libraries online catalog.

For film catalogs related to educational films, audiovisual equipment, promotional film catalogs, or additional library catalogs that may specialize in educational film materials, see Subseries VI.8: Subject Files: Education.

Subseries XV.4: Film Retrospectives, 1962-1992

These retrospectives include European films (French, British, Soviet, Swedish, Italian), American, and Japanese films.

Subseries XV.5: Museum Newsletters, 1956-1995

Newsletters from Waseda Daigaku Tsubouchi Kinen Engeki Hakubutsukan/早稲田大学坪内記念演劇博物館, and The National Film Center (NFC), The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo/東京国立近代美術館フイルムセンター.

Subseries XV.6: Scrapbooks and Library Catalogs, 1902-2002

This subseries contains scrapbooks of photocopied film-related holdings (tables of contents in journals) of particular Japanese libraries as well as photocopies of library catalogs in Japanese libraries. Boxes 585-587 contain photocopies of the catalog and holdings of the FC Amaya Bunko Collection/FC 雨夜文庫 (Tamotsu Amaya Movie Magazine Collection), donated to the Film Center in the 1990s as well as theBulletin of the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo/東京国立近代美術館研究紀要, no. 3, 4(1991 and 1994), which reprinted the catalog of the Aoyama Collection.

For bibliographic journalsDokusho/読書,many of which contain book reviews, see Subseries X.4: Pre-War and Wartime Magazines: Scrapbooks.