C.V. Starr East Asian Library

The Makino Mamoru Collection on the History of East Asian Film, 1863-2015, bulk 1920s-1990s

Series I: Director Files, 1878-2011

Series I contains the journal articles, newspaper articles, scrapbooks, storyboards, photographs, programs, fliers, and some scenarios for films pertaining to specific directors all organized by Makino Mamoru under each director's name. Also included are articles written by Makino and other authors about specific directors and their films, interviews, and printed material. Subseries I.17 are files of the above items related to the named directors in alphabetical order by family name.

Also note there are some directors without files in Series I, but with materials in other parts of the collection. For example, for materials related to Imamura Shōhei/今村昌平, see Series XI: Post-War Magazines, for Shimazu Shōichi/島津昇一 who has a photo album, see Series XVII: Photos and Posters, for Ikeda Yoshinobu/池田義信 who has several files and photographs in the censorship section, see Subseries VI.5: Subject Files: Censorship, and for Teshigahara Hiroshi/勅使河原宏 who has an exhibition catalog in the experimental film section, Subseries VI.7: Subject Files: Documentary Film Materials. In addition, the Kishi Matsuo/岸松雄 Collection can be found in Subseries II.4: Critic Files: Kishi Matsuo. See also Kinugasa Teinosuke/衣笠貞之助 materials that were in the possession of Kume Masao in Film-related Individuals' Files (Subseries III.7). Additional books by or related to these directors in the Makino Collection can be found by searching the Columbia University Libraries online catalog.

A detailed listing of the items in Series I can be consulted in a downloadable Excel spreadsheet.

Subseries I.1: Ichikawa Kon/市川崑, 1915-2008

This subseries includes scenarios from Ichikawa's renowned filmBiruma no tategoto/ビルマの竪琴/The Burmese Harp.Some of the scenarios in this subseries were not directed or written by Ichikawa but were put with them by Makino. Makino's organization has been maintained.

For programs from Ichikawa's films, see Sub-subseries XIV.1.1: Post-War Ephemera: Japanese Cinema-General.

Subseries I.2: Imai Tadashi/今井正, 1912-1991

For photo albums related to Imai Tadashi's film,Himeyuri no tō/ひめゆりの塔,see Series XVII: Photos and Posters. For scenarios, see Series V: Scenarios.

Subseries I.3: Itami Jūzō/伊丹十三, 1933-1997

This subseries mostly contains programs for films by Itami, a few magazines about Itami, and some photographs of his film,Marusa no onna 2/マルサの女2.For more ephemera from Itami's films, see Sub-subseries XIV.1.1: Post-War Ephemera: Japanese-General Cinema.

Subseries I.4: Itō Daisuke/伊藤大輔, 1898-1981

This subseries contains catalogs of Itō's written works. See also, Subseries XI.1 : Post-War Magazines : Film Magazines,Sanbyakunin gekijō/三百人劇場.

Subseries I.5: Kamei Fumio/亀井文夫, 1908-1987

This subseries includes articles about the documentary filmmaker Kamei Fumio's works (many clipped and pasted into 8 scrapbooks), his obituary, a cut list, and fliers and programs for his films, including his 1939 filmTatakau heitai/戦う兵隊/Fighting Soldiers.Some materials related to Kamei's cameraman Miki Shigeru can be found here, although a scrapbook and other materials related to Miki are located in Series III: Film-related Individuals' Files, and not in the Directors Files. Kamei's files include some scenarios for his films, such asFujisan/富士山, Minna ikinakereba naranai/みんな生きなければならない,andTatakau heitai/戦う兵隊.

The subseries also includes original drafts by Makino, reprints of drafts, faxes concerning schedules and planning for a retrospective on Kamei, as well as Sunagawa Incident legal materials and some photographs. For posters from some of Kamei's films, see Series XVII: Photos and Posters.

The subseries also includes the 1948 writings by Kamei Fumio about film, women, and culture inFujin bunka kōza/婦人文化講座.For manuscripts and other documents related to work with cameraman Kikuchi Shū/菊池周, see Subseries III.4: Film-related Individuals' Files: Kikuchi Shū/菊池周 (includes 1984 film,Minna ikinakereba naranai/みんな生きなければならない ヒト・ムシ・トリ).

Subseries I.6: Kobayashi Keizaburō/小林慶三郎, 1940-1986

This subseries contains travel materials, theater fliers, exhibit fliers, newspaper clippings, and research materials related to Kobayashi Keizaburō. Also included are film scenarios for 9 of his films, with some related material.

Subseries I.7: Kurosawa Akira/黒澤明, 1910-1999

This subseries mostly contains fliers and programs for some of Kurosawa Akira's films. There are also newspaper article obituaries and special issues of magazines published about Kurosawa soon after his death.

For scenarios related to Kurosawa Akira, see Subseries V.3: Scenarios: Other Screenwriters/Directors. Postcards of posters from Kurosawa films can be found in box 361.

Subseries I.8: Makino Shōzō/牧野省三, 1878-1929

This subseries contains an unveiling record for a statue of Makino Shōzō, along with regulations and reports concerning Makino, and some photographs of the statue that were taken by Miki Shigeru. See Subseries XVII.1: Photos and Posters for an album of stills for Makino's production ofChūshingura/忠臣蔵.

Subseries I.9: Matsubayashi Shūe/松林宗恵, 1920-2009

This subseries contains miscellaneous materials and storyboards for Matsubayashi's work. For more Matsubayashi related materials, see Subseries V.3: Scenarios: Other Screenwriters/Directors. There are scenarios, notes, and postcards to Matsubayashi (including from director Yamanaka Sadao/山中貞雄).

Subseries I.10: Mizoguchi Kenji/溝口健二, 1989-1956

This subseries contains programs, journal articles, a published scenario for Mizoguchi's filmNaniwa onna/浪花女,as well as a collected work of scenarios. There are no scenarios listed in the Scenarios section for Mizoguchi.

Subseries I.11: Morita Yoshimitsu/森田芳光, 1950-2011

This subseries contains a program for the 1989 filmKicchin/キッチン.

Subseries I.12: Ozu Yasujirō/小津安二郎, 1903-1963

This subseries contains fliers, magazine articles, book excerpts, and manuscripts for articles written by Makino forKinema junpō.Jēmus Maki/ジェームス槇 is a pen name used here for Ozu Yasujirō.

Subseries I.13: Shimizu Hiroshi/清水宏, 1903-1966

This subseries contains a scrapbook and flier for the 1948 film,Hachinosu no kodomotachi/蜂の巣の子供たち/Children of the Beehive.

Subseries I.14: Uchida Tomu/内田吐夢, 1898-1970

This subseries contains photocopied articles from magazines, production company newsletters, and research materials relating to the film,Tsuchi/土/Earth,directed by Uchida (1939) and based on the 1910 novel by Nagatsuka Takashi. Also related to this film, are 6 scrapbooks created by Makino that contain original photographs and photocopied scenarios pasted together in a storyboard type format (called "Storyboard type scrapbooks"). For additional photographs and albums for the filmTsuchi,see Subseries XVII.4: Photos and Posters: Uchida Tomu. There is also a copper plate engraving.

Subseries I.15: Yamanaka Sadao/山中貞雄, 1909-1938

This subseries contains documents, scenario photocopies, photographs, postcards from China, and materials concerning Yamanaka's memorial service.

Subseries I.16: Tomioka Shō/富岡捷, 1971

This subseries contains his self-published commentary.

Subseries I.17: Suzuki Shigeyoshi/鈴木重吉, 1900-1976; Shindō Kaneto/新藤兼人, 1912-2012, 1900-1976, 1912-2012

For other directors such as Naruse Mikio/成瀬巳喜男, Gosho Heinosuke/五所平之助, and Itō Daisuke/伊藤大輔, see Subseries XI.1 Post-War Magazines: Film Magazines, Sanbyakunin gekijō/三百人劇場.