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The Makino Mamoru Collection on the History of East Asian Film, 1863-2015, bulk 1920s-1990s

Series XI: Post-War Magazines, 1945-2004

This series covers post-war magazines related to film and culture. For film newspapers or film catalogs, see Series XV: Museums, Exhibitions and Film Catalogs. Magazines were also distributed throughout the collection series if they were most related to that particular subject. For example, magazines publishing documentary film related subjects are in Subseries VI.7: Subject Files: Documentary Film Materials, and amateur film magazines are in Subseries VI.1: Amateur Films, Small-Gauge Films.

A detailed listing of the items in Series XI can be consulted in a downloadable Excel spreadsheet.

Subseries XI.1: Film Magazines, 1945-2003 [Bulk Dates: 1970s], 1945-2003

Magazines listed here are focused on film and are organized in alphabetical order by title of magazine. These include well-known film magazines likeEiga hyōron/映画評論,but also less well-known film magazines likeEiga tenbō/映画展望/The Movie Review.It also includes organ journals like Eiga shinjin/映画新人, the journal ofEiga Kantoku Shinjin Kyōkai/映画監督新人協会.There are also magazines that print scenarios, cover theater, art, and music listed here, but film still features in the title, such asEiga to engeki/映画と演劇/Film and Theater.

In addition to the titles listed here, search the Columbia University Libraries online catalog by the title of the journal for those that came from the Makino Collection and were added to the bibliographic record of titles already held at Columbia. This includes, for example, the post-war journal,Shinario/シナリオ,for which the Makino Collection contains the first issue Shōwa 21 (1946 June ) through 1983. (See call number PN1995.1 .S54).

You can also search the Columbia University Libraries online catalog by title for journals that came from the Makino Collection and were cataloged as new for Columbia. The film magazines in this list include scholarly or research journals and popular magazines. It also includes film readers ordokuhon/読本 and white papers on film orhakusho/白書.

For more on scenarios, see Series V: Scenarios. This series also containsmooks(magazine-like books) that are special issues of film magazines.

Subseries XI.2: Television (TV) Broadcasting Magazines, 1955-1990

This subseries contains primarily magazines that focus on television broadcasting, TV guides, but May also be about film for TV or have special issues on film. It also includes magazines about video, video catalogs, or radio (audio). Also in this series are NHK broadcast related materials and catalogs, some of which are labeled confidential (box 649).

For video manuals or related conferences, see Subseries VI.11: Subject Files: Film School Textbooks and Shooting Techniques. For conference proceedings related to television (box 679, folder 7).

Subseries XI.3: Newsletters and Coterie Magazines, 1974-2004

This subseries contains newsletters and related documents from the Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences (JASIAS)/Nihon Eizō Gakkai/日本映像学会, an academic organization established in September 1974 to promote the study of image arts and image sciences. Issues of its related journal,Iconics: Japanese Journal of Image Arts and Sciences, Eizōgaku/映像学can be found in post-war magazines Series 1. It also has newsletters and annual reports of the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership/国際交流基金日米センター (CGP) with notes taken by Makino associated with these reports.

This subseries also has newsletters of film clubs and post-war coterie magazines(dōjinshi/同人誌) from the 1950s through the 1990s that focus on film or are fan magazines. For pre-war coterie magazines(dōjinshi),see Subseries VI.20: Subject Files: University Files and Coterie Magazines. For newsletters of various museums and archives, including the National Film Center (NFC), The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo/東京国立近代美術館フィルムセンター, see Subseries XV.5: Museums, Exhibitions and Film Catalogs: Museum Newsletters.

Subseries XI.4: Non-Film/General/Literature Magazines, 1945-2004

This subseries includes general magazines(ippanshi/一般誌) that cover such subjects as art, literature, education, theater, philosophy, business, technology (digital), government documents and data, but may have special issues focusing on film. Many of these were published during the Occupation (GHQ) period (1945-1952) and have a note in the spreadsheet indicating they were organized by Makino as GHQ period journals. These magazines are listed in alphabetical order by title.

For those that supplement the collection in the stacks, they are listed here by title, but the journals themselves were added to the current holdings. Search the Columbia University Libraries online catalog by title.

Subseries XI.5: Library and Reader Journals (Dokusho/読書), 1950-1951

This subseries contains issues of the following titles, some of which are catalogs for book companies likeGakutō/学鐙(Maruzen). Titles include:Dokusho/読書, Dokushojin/読書人, Fūkei/風景, Gengo seikatsu/言語生活, Gakutō/学鐙, Nani o yomu beki ka/何を読むべきか, Dokusho sōdan/読書相談, Shiryō sensen/資料戦線.

These materials are housed in box 583.