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The Makino Mamoru Collection on the History of East Asian Film, 1863-2015, bulk 1920s-1990s

Series XII: Movie Theater Handbills/ Chirashi (Meiji, Taishō and early Shōwa periods), circa, 1870-1994

This series contains pre-war fliers, pamphlets, programs, and weekly listings of film showings at movie theaters primarily during the pre-war period. Also included with many of the programs are newspaper clippings. The first file contains early Meiji handbills with some from the Taishō period (1920s) as organized by Makino. Files are then organized alphabetically by city, theater name, title (when known), and then number and date (This retains Makino's organization by location and theater name). The majority of fliers are from theaters in Tokyo (see Subseries XII.10: Movie Theater Handbills/ Chirashi: Tokyo). For these theaters, they are further organized alphabetically by location within the city of Tokyo: area of Tokyo, theater name, title, and then number and date. Some programs in this subseries are numbered and dated, while others are not numbered nor dated. The descriptions column includes the name of the film production company that managed the theater where known.

In addition to the theater name, we have included the title of the publication, which means in some cases there are multiple folders per theater name (not 1 folder per theater name). Makino kept some handbills together based on region (ex. Kyūshū) with correspondence from theaters in the area or film production companies (ex. Nikkatsu) and kept them with local entertainment guides (Subseries VI.12: Local Film and Entertainment Guides. These have been moved to the end of this Series, Subseries XII.18: Movie Theater Handbills/ Chirashi: Regional Movie Theater Correspondence, Handbills and Additional Production Company Handbills. This series also contains an assortment of music fliers for films (Subseries XII.15: Movie Theater Handbills/ Chirashi: Other Handbills).

For post-war fliers from the 1980s collected by Kobayashi Keizaburō/小林圭三郎, see Subseries I.6: Director Files: Kobayashi Keizaburō. Subseries XII.17 contains Movie Theater Labor Dispute Materials/労働争議資料, documents which concern movie theater personnel, but are also related to the production companies. For handbills for news films/news reels, see Subseries VI.7: Subject Files: Documentary Film Materials. For movie theater handbills for films promoted through G.H.Q.'s Central Motion Picture Exchange (CMPE), see Subseries VI.14: Subject Files: Occupation Period Materials. For pre-war handbills advertising films from film companies including Metro-Goldwyn-May er Pictures, Warner Brothers, United Artists, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, MGM, and others, or for handbills from post-war films, See Subseries VI.6: Subject Files: Distribution and Entertainment Industry, Sub-subseries VI.6.3: Show Distribution materials. See Series XVIII: Newspapers for newspaper handbills for late 1930s films that are handbills but found with newspapers. For handbills from Chinese movie theaters in Manchuria and certain cities in China, see Subseries VII.2.1: East Asian (Pre-and Post-War): China (including Manchuria) movie theater handbills. Although not handbills, this series also contains some internal accounting documents from the movie theaters, including Tsukiji Gekijō/築地劇場 theater and noted in Excel file.

A detailed listing of the items in Series XII can be consulted in a downloadable Excel spreadsheet.

Subseries XII.1: Early Meiji Moving Picture Poster Materials/Meiji sōsōki: katsudō shashin posutā shiryō/明治草創期活動写真ポスター資料, circa, 1870s-1920s

Subseries XII.2: Chiba, 1926-1938

Subseries XII.3: Hiroshima, 1922-1926

Subseries XII.4: Kōbe, 1922-1934

Subseries XII.5: Kyoto, 1930s-1940

Subseries XII.6: Nagoya, 1922-1994

Subseries XII.7: Osaka, 1920-1942

Subseries XII.8: Sendai, 1941

Subseries XII.9: Shizuoka, 1927

Subseries XII.10: Tokyo, 1919-1994 [Bulk Dates: 1919-1943], 1919-1994

Organized by sections of Tokyo: Akasaka, Asakusa, Ginza, Hibiya, Honjo, Ikebukuro, Kameido, Kanda, Koishikawa, Kyōbashi, Marunouchi, Meguro, Nakano, Nihonbashi, Ōkubo, Roppongi, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ueno, Ushigome, Yūrakucho.

Subseries XII.11: Yamaguchi, circa, 1930-1936

Subseries XII.12: Yokohama, 1919-1940

Subseries XII.13: Other Shōchiku Managed Theaters (including S.P. Chēnkan Programs),, 1924-1942

The materials in this section are programs distributed at multiple theaters and locations that were managed by the film production company Shōchiku and were kept in two files by Makino (we have kept them together as well).

Subseries XII.14: Special Film Screening Fliers, 1921-1941

The fliers in this section were acquired at special film screening/特別上映 and previews/試写会. They were kept in their original 2 file order.

Subseries XII.15: Other Handbills (includes Pre-War Music Fliers for Films), circa, 1912-1926

Subseries XII.16: Movie Theater Playbills (bills/bira/ビラ), (Pre-War, Wartime and Post-War), circa 1940s-1968 mostly undated, 1940s-1968, undated

Subseries XII.17: Movie Theater Labor Dispute Materials/労働争議資料, 1934-1937

Subseries XII.18: Regional Movie Theater Correspondence, Handbills and Additional Production Company Handbills, circa, 1920s

This subseries contains: Correspondence for the Nihonkan/日本館, Handbills/programs from movie theaters in Kyūshū/九州: Kumamoto Prefecture/熊本県 (Shōchiku-kwan, Asahikan, Sekaikan), and Fukuoka Prefecture/福岡県. Movie theater handbills: Daiei/大映, Nikkatsu/日活, Tōhō/東宝, Tōwa/東和.

Books:Omoide no puroguramu: Shinkyōgoku hen/思い出のプログラム: 新京極篇,by Tanaka Yasuhiko/田中泰彦;Kyoto: Kyō o Katarukai/京都: 京を語る会; 1980 Teito fūgirikan: senzen eiga puroguramu korekushon/帝都封切館: 戦前映画プログラムコレクション, edited by Matsuda Shū/松田集, Tōkyō: Firumu Ātosha/東京: フィルムアート社, 1994.

Subseries XII.19: Maps, undated

This subseries contains old maps of Tokyo and reprints of old maps of Tokyo. Additional maps, including wartime maps of East Asia, are kept in the East Asian Special Collections.