C.V. Starr East Asian Library

The Makino Mamoru Collection on the History of East Asian Film, 1863-2015, bulk 1920s-1990s

Series X: Pre-War and Wartime Magazines, 1913-1994 [Bulk Dates: 1930s], 1913-1994

This series contains original pre-war and wartime magazines as well as photocopies and clippings from magazines and newspapers that have been made into scrapbooks by an unknown compiler. Many of the pre-war magazines were formerly owned by Kinugasa Teinosuke/衣笠貞之助. Subseries X.1 contains film related magazines. Subseries X.2 contains non-film or general magazines, which May include subjects such as art, literature, theater. Subseries X.3 contains science and technology magazines, mainly popular science, including magazines for children. Subseries X.4 are scrapbooks with photocopied articles from pre-war magazines.

Subseries X.1: Film Magazines, 1913-1994 [Bulk Dates: 1920s-1940s], 1913-1994

This subseries includes many of the original magazines Makino reprinted in various multi-volume sets with Yumani Shobō and other publishers as well as other film related magazines. They are arranged in alphabetical order by title of the magazine. They contain a range of periodicals, from fan magazines/ファン雑誌 to film technology, and more scholarly publications.

For coterie/dōjinshi/同人誌 magazines, see Subseries VI.21: Subject Files: University Files and Coterie Magazines. For magazines related to amateur films, see Subseries VI.1: Subject Files: Amateur Films, Small-Gauge Films(Kogata eiga).For magazines owned by Kanō Ryūichi, including some issues of culture film magazines (documentary film)Bunka eiga/文化映画,see Subseries III.4: Film-related Individuals' Files: Kanō Ryūichi. For more documentary film magazines, see Subseries VI.7: Subject Files: Documentary Film Materials. For magazines related to film technique, see Subseries VI.11: Subject Files: Film School Textbooks and Shooting Techniques. For additional magazines related to proletarian film movements, includingPuroretaria eiga/プロレタリア映画, see Subseries VI.16: Subject Files: Proletarian Film. For the magazine,Esuesu: Stage and Screen/エスエス,see Subseries IV.4: Film Production Company Files (Studio Files): Tōhō. For post-war film magazines, see Subseries VI.14: Subject Files: Occupation Period Materials, as well as Subseries XI.1: Post-War Magazines: Film Magazines.

A detailed listing of the items in Subseries X.1 can be consulted in adownloadable Excel spreadsheet.

Subseries X.2: Non-film Related/General Magazines, 1913-1956 [Bulk Dates: 1930s], 1913-1956

Magazines in this subseries are not specifically film-related or are general magazines, cultural magazines, and popular science magazines that are not specifically film related, including music, theater, literature. Nevertheless, many contain articles or sections related to film or are special issues devoted to film. In some cases, the spreadsheet includes article titles and authors or film-related articles in these magazines.

This subseries also contains wartime magazines and books (film related or non-film related) that were found with wartime magazines in Makino's files. It also includes national policy/国策 related magazines as well as education magazines that were found with psychology materials (part of the Hatano Kanji collection). Where possible, the subject (music, photography, popular science or literature, etc. is noted in the contents notes). There are also some pictorial works (shashinshū/写真集) that are non-film related, but May have been used as research for film-making. These include such subjects as photography, post-war labor movement, imperial palace, Minamata disease, and Hiroshima.

For more pictorial works related to particular film individuals, see Subseries III.17: Film-related Individuals' Files: Additional Film Individuals.

A detailed listing of the items in Subseries X.2 can be consulted in adownloadable Excel spreadsheet.

Subseries X.3: Science Magazines, 1931-1981 [Bulk Dates: 1930s], 1931-1981

For post-war science magazines, See Series XI: Post-War Magazines.

A detailed listing of the items in Subseries X.3 can be consulted in adownloadable Excel spreadsheet.

Subseries X.4: Scrapbooks, 1916-1943

This section contains 24 scrapbooks of newspaper clippings as well as photocopied articles from pre-war film magazines. It also contains several pages of print advertising for Western Cinema, excerpted from a number of unknown magazines. Some are scrapbooks of the table of contents from magazines likeEiga hyōron/映画評論andKatsudō kurabu/活動倶楽部,but they also include photocopies of the articles from these magazines and others likeMusashino/武蔵野.

There are also scrapbooks on certain topics including censorship, war, and Western films (mainly in theShin eiga/新映画 columns). These scrapbooks were purchased by Makino from old bookstores and their creator is unknown. There are an additional 10 scrapbooks of photocopied articles from pre-war journals that are organized by subject, Makino Kinema related journals, Manchuria related, film technology and the roots of film.

A detailed listing of the items in Subseries X.4 can be consulted in adownloadable Excel spreadsheet.

Subseries X.5: Library and Reader Journals (Dokusho/読書), 1924-1955

This subseries contains issues of the following titles, some of which are catalogs for book companies likeGakutō/学鐙(Maruzen). They include:Librarum Curiosum; Dokusho shunjū/読書春秋; Shomotsu shunjū/書物春秋; Koten/古典; Dokusho/読書; Fuki/傅記; Dokusho ōrai/読書往来/Furor Scribendi; Toshokan kenkyū/図書館研究; A.L.A. Mokuroku kisoku no kaisei/目録規則ノ改正; Sangyō rōdō kankei tosho mokuroku/産業労働関係図書目録; Shinkan tosho zasshi geppō/新刊図書雑誌月報; Dokusho sōdan/読書相談; Shōnen bungaku/少年文学; To kenkyū sōsakuin/図研究総索引; Sōgen/創元; Buntai/文体; Tosho/図書; Books/Shobutsu no hanasoku/書物の花束; Tosho kyōiku/図書教育; Keio University Library Journal,and others.

These materials are housed in boxes 583 and 668.