C.V. Starr East Asian Library

The Makino Mamoru Collection on the History of East Asian Film, 1863-2015, bulk 1920s-1990s

Series XVIII: Newspapers, 1926-1988 [Bulk Dates:1940s-1950s], 1926-1988

This series contains film newspapers from box 482~486, with Shūkan eiga puresu/週刊映画プレス/The Weekly Eiga Press in boxes 482-484 from 1953-1963. It also contains individual issues of film newspapers in boxes 485, 486, and large newspaper boxes 487-490 containing non-film newspaper titles that include selected issues from Tokyo Asahi shinbun/東京朝日新聞, Tokyo Nichi Nichi shinbun/東京日日新聞 and its special editions/ gōgai/ 号外, and Yomiuri shinbun/読売新聞. Box 509 contains Japanese and Korean language newspapers collected during the Pusan International Film Festival (1996); see Subseries XVI.2: Film Festival Materials: Japanese and International Film Festivals. For Yomiuri shinbun PR materials, see Subseries VI.6: Subject Files: Distribution and Entertainment Industry.

The general newspapers cover significant events in Japanese history from 1931 until 1937. In particular, they cover The May 15 Incident of 1932 (五・一五事件 Goichigo Jiken) and The February 26 Incident of 1936 (二・二六事件 Ni-niroku jiken or "2-2-6 incident"). The items in this series are organized in alphabetical order by title of the newspaper publication.

This series also contains reduced-size editions for the Ōsaka eiga kyōiku/大阪映画教育 newspaper, from 1971-1088 (box 679). Also contained in this series are large newspaper handbills for late 1930s films. See Series XII: Movie Theater Handbills/ Chirashi for more movie theater handbills (prewar). See Series XI: Post-War Magazines for additional titles related to mass media.

For documents related to events during the war years, see Subseries VI.22: Subject Files: Wartime (Asia-Pacific) Materials. See also Subseries XIV.10: Post-War Ephemera: Newspaper Film Advertisements, Scrapbooks of Newspaper Clippings.

A detailed listing of the items in Series XVIII can be consulted in a downloadable Excel spreadsheet.