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The Makino Mamoru Collection on the History of East Asian Film, 1863-2015, bulk 1920s-1990s

Series XVII: Photos and Posters, 1881-2003 [Bulk Dates:1920-1940], 1881-2003

There are some photographs located with related materials in other parts of the Collection. For example, some photographs remain with the scenarios with which they were found. This includes the scenarios, Saiyūki/西遊記, Sekai saigo no hi/世界最後の日, and others; see Subseries V.3: Scenarios: Other Screenwriters/Directors. There are also some photographs of the director and producer Ikeda Yoshinobu/池田義信 located with Censorship materials in Subseries VI.5: Subject Files: Censorship. Photographs for the production of Makino related films can be found with related documents in Subseries XXII.6 pertaining to the films Nenokuni/根の国 and Taihei/太平 (box 666). Postcards can be found throughout the Makino Collection. For a postcard set from 48 of the "Tora-san" film series, Otoko wa Tsurai yo /男はつらいよ/It's Tough Being a Man, see box 361. There are over 150 posters in the collection.

A detailed listing of the items in Subseries XVII.1-Subseries XVII.4 can be consulted in a downloadable Excel spreadsheet.

Subseries XVII.1: Albums, Bromides and Stills, circa, 1921-1987

This subseries contains photo albums and individual commercial photographic portraits (stills or bromides (buromaido/ブロマイド orpuromaido/プロマイド) organized in alphabetical order by the title of the film depicted or the name of the owner of the album or the main person depicted when the owner is unknown. Albums include those owned by actor Matsui Suisei/松井彗声 and actress Kurishima Sumiko/栗島すみ子 (which mainly contains portraits of Kurishima, but also has two group photos with Charlie Chaplin) and an album with original photographs from the wartime Japanese-German film collaboration,Atarashiki tsuchi/新しき土/New Earth(1937) directed by Arnold Fanck and Itami Mansaku, and taken by Japanese staff (about 500 photos).

Screenwriter Ikeda Tadao/池田忠雄's albums contain several portraits of Director Ozu Yasujirō/小津安二郎 (see Subseries V.1: Scenarios: Ikeda Tadao Materials for materials owned by Ikeda). Ikeda's album also has personal photos. There are several albums related to the post-war film,Himeyuri no tō/ひめゆりの塔directed by Imai Tadashi 今井正, including Shimazu Shōichi/島津昇一's location hunting album and Art Director Kubo Kazuo's photos taken by location staff of the Tōei Film Studio. For more materials related to Okinawa, see Series VIII.

This subseries also contains an album of stills from Director Makino Shōzō/牧野省三's 1921 filmJitsuroku Chūshingura/実録忠臣蔵with actor Onoe Matsunosuke/尾上松之助. See Subseries XVII.6: Photos and Posters: Glass Negatives for glass negatives from this film by Makino Shōzō. This subseries also contains still photographs from P.C.L. films by the comedian Enomoto Ken'ichi/榎本健一(known by the nickname, Enoken) that were made during the 1930s. For more materials related to P.C.L., see Subseries IV.4: Film Production Company Files (Studio Files): Tōhō/東宝. It also has some film technology photographs, including the first screen processing machine imported into Japan. The subseries also contains a commemorative photo album for the filmShina no yoru/支那の夜/China Nights,from the Kume Masao Collection/久米正雄 that was autographed by the actor Ri Kōran/李香蘭 (a.k.a. Yamaguchi Yoshiko/山口淑子, Shirley Yamaguchi and Li Xianglan/Lǐ Xīanglán/李香蘭 in Chinese, and the actor Hasegawa Kazuo/長谷川 一夫. There are also film stills and photographs from the Japanese film production company Manshū Eiga Kyōkai/満州映画協会 or Man'ei/満英, including photographs of Ri Kōran, a star of the Man'ei company. Many of these are autographed to Kume Masao/久米正雄, who appears in the photographs.

Subseries XVII.2: News Film Stills, circa, 1937-1938

This subseries contains still photographs of pre-war news films. Topics include theHindenburg(1937), Nanjing, Beijing, and Home front stills (women). For articles on the topic of news films, see Subseries VI.7: Subject Files: Documentary Film Materials.

Subseries XVII.3: Miki Shigeru/三木茂 Photo Albums, 1911-1977

Makino received the albums from the Miki family after Miki Shigeru passed. Many of the photos in the albums were taken by Miki for his book with the folklorist Yanagita Kunio/柳田國男,Yukiguni no minzoku/雪國の民俗(1944). Makino's copies of this book can be found by searching the Columbia University Libraries online catalog. For documents related to Miki Shigeru, see Subseries III.7: Film-related Individuals' Files: Miki Shigeru.

Subseries XVII.4: Uchida Tomu/内田吐夢 Photo Albums, circa, 1937-1983

Photo albums, photographs, and negatives related to Uchida Tomu's film, Tsuchi both on location and a later research visit by Makino. Photographs include Makino's 1983 visit to cameraman Midorikawa Michio/碧川道夫, and to the home and grave of Tsuchi's author, Nagatsuka Takashi/長塚節 in Ibaraki prefecture, photographs of Makino's visit to meet with Tsuchi's actress Kazami Akiko/風見章子, black and white photographs taken on location for the film, and negatives.

For more production materials and other documents related to Uchida Tomu/内田吐夢 and the film, Tsuchi, see Subseries I.14: Director Files: Uchida Tomu/内田吐夢.

Subseries XVII.5: Cinema Posters/映画ポスター, 1881-2003

There are over 150 posters in the Collection, and are stored in the East Asian Special Collections.

Sub-subseries XVII.5.1: General Posters, 1881-2003

Posters in this sub-subseries include oversize Charlie Chaplin posters from post offices, Japanese feature and documentary film posters, Kamei Fumio/亀井文夫 and Miki Shigeru/三木茂 related posters, news reel posters from Dōmei nyūsu/同盟ニュース and Asahi nyūsu/朝日ニュース. The film poster forShunkōden/春香伝was originally found with the Ikeda Tadao/池田忠雄 Scenarios. This sub-subseries also includes lobby cards (small movie posters for display in a theater's lobby) of Nikkatsu films in box 247. It also contains miscellaneous film related items like stickers for the Ultraman series (seals).

A detailed listing of the items in Sub-subseries XVII.5.1 can be consulted in adownloadable Excel spreadsheet.

Sub-subseries XVII.5.2: Film Magazine Posters, 1973-1985

This sub-subseries includes supplement posters attached to film magazines, includingRoadshow/ロードショー, Screen/スクリーン and Kinema Jumpo/キネマ旬報.The images are mostly of popular actors and actresses from Western blockbuster films of the time.

A detailed listing of the items in Sub-subseries XVII.5.2 can be consulted in adownloadable Excel spreadsheet.

Subseries XVII.6: Glass Negatives (Magic Lantern Slides), circa, 1920s

These glass negatives include the Onoe Matsunosuke/尾上松之助 performance inJitsuroku Chushingura/実録忠臣蔵(1921), and are stored in the East Asian Special Collections.

A detailed listing of the items in Subseries XVII.6 can be consulted in adownloadable Excel spreadsheet.