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Bureau of Applied Social Research records, 1938-1977

Series IX: BASR Library Materials and Publications

Boxes 152-156

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Box 152: Black Loose-Leaf Binder-Social Science Research Council Publication Items Vol.25-No.s 1-4-,, March, June, September, and November, 1971

[Vol. 26-nos.1-4.Vo.l 27-nos 2 and 4.Vol. 28-nos1 and 2.Vol. 29-Nos.1,2 and 4.Vol. 30-nos.2 and 4-1976.]

Box 152 Black Loose-Leaf Binder-Social Indicators Newsletter-Nos 2-5, July and December, 1973 and May and October, 1974,and Nos.7-9, July and November,1975 and March, 1976

Box 152 Blue-Grey Loose-Leaf Binder-UniversityOf Illinois-Urbana Publication-Survey Research.Vol. 4-No.3,, Septmber, 1972.Vol.5-No.3-September, 1973.Vol. 6 Nos.1-3-March, June and October, 1974.Vol. 7-1, 2 (2 copies) and 3 February, June and November,1975.Vol.8-Nos 1and 2-May and October,1976

Box 152 Blue Binders-BASR BO666 "Review of Studies In the Flow of Information Among Scientists." Volume One-Text and Volume Two-Tables - Prepared for the National Science Foundation-Two Volumes in One-Second Impression,, September, 1960

[pp.1-62 and pp.1-48; Volume One-January, 1960-pp.1-62; Volume Two-January, 1960-pp.1-48]

Box 152 Basr Reports:Twentieth Anniversary, Spring, 19571957-1958.1958-59.1960-61.1962-65.1966 and 1967.1968 and 1969.1970, 1971 and 1972.1973, 1974, 1975, and 1976

Box 152 Basr List of Publications, 1937-53

Box 152 Staff and Alumni Directory, April, 1957

Box 152 New York Public Library Publication-Municipal Reference Library Notes -Volume XLI-Nos .1-5-January-May, 1967, and Nos.7-9-September -November, 1967,, 1967

Box 152 U.S. Department of Health, Education And Welfare -Office of EducationPublication Green Cover College And University Facilities Survey-Part 3-Inventory of College and University Physical Facilities.-Final Report by E. Eugene Higgins,, 1965


Box 152 Greenish Binder "A Library Center of Survey Research Data." York Lucci, Stein Rokkan,With Eric Meyerhoff-ColumbiaUniversity School of LibraryService,, June, 1957


Box 152 Brolin, Brent C. and John Zeisel Mass Housing: Social Research and Design.",, Reprint from the July/August, 1968 issue of the Architectual Forum

[. 66-70.]

Box 152 Bureau of Governmental Research, University Of Nevada at Reno., Voices of Black Nevada." 1971


Box 152 Chapin, F. Stuart and Henry C. Hightower "Household Activity Systems-APilot Investigation." Center forUrban and Regional Studies,Institute For Research in Social Science,University of North Carolina at ChapelHill,, .1-81. May, 1966

Box 152 The Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., Experimental Division for the Study ofWar Time Communications, Harold D. Lasswell, Chief.Note: Materials Below classified as confidential at time of publication.Leites,N.C. "The Third International on Its Changes of Policy: A Study of Political Communication."Document no,, .1-80. 25. May 1,1942

Box 152 __________ and I, de Sola Pool. Communist Propaganda in Reaction to Frustration." Document No. 27,, December 1, 1942, .1-54.

Box 153 Box 153: BASR Library Materials Continued.

Box 153 Coleman, James. Final Report of Study of HighSchool Social Climates." Carried Out under a Contract with UnitedStates Office of Education,, September 1, 1959

[413 pages plus Tables with chapters numbered separately not consecutively]

Box 153 Kandel-Project No. 2139-HEW-Office of Education.Final Report. Adolescents In Two Societies:Peers, School, and Family in The United States and Den-Mark.",, January, 1968

[Two Volumes, 431 page plus AppendicesChaptersNumbered separately, not consecutively.]

Box 153 Ford Foundation "Proposed Plan for the Development of the Behavioral Sciences Program.",, December, 1951


Box 153 College Entrance Examination Board Counseling in School and College, 1961


Box 153 Manila Folder:Red Colored Pamphlet: U.S. Department Of Labor by J. Wells. Women's Bureau Bulletin 283. Fifteen Years After College: A Study of Alumnae Of the Class of 1945.",, 1962


Box 153 Shakolsky, Leon Department of Sociology, Disaster Research Center, Ohio State University, DRC Paper,, 1967-5

[.1-41., copy of typed paper.]

Box 153 Juster, B. City of Oakland, Department of Human Resources. Proposal for Research and Evaluation of Parochial School Compensatory Education Program.",, September 23, 1965

[.1-11 and Appendices.]

Box 153 Anonymous "Associated Agencies Elementary School Project.", 1964

[.1-23 and Appendices.]

Box 153 Duichin, Joan. The Addition of New Members To the Elite of a Psychoanalytic Training Institute.",, 1966


Box 153 Chinsong, Edwin Thomas. Rejection of the Mentally Ill: A Comparison With The Findings on Ethnic Prejudice.Ph. D. Dissertation in Political Science, Columbia,, 1968

[Two Volumes 1-216.]

Box 154 Box no. 154: BASR Library Materials Continued Blue Loose-Leaf Binder-Bureau of Social Science Research, Inc., 1200 17th. Street, N.W.,Washington, D.C. 20036-Newsletter,, January, 1967-Summer, 1976

Box 154 Black Loose-Leaf Binder-Dual Labs of Arlington,Virginia National Data Use and Access Laboratories National,, U.S. 1960 and 1970 U.S. Census Data

Box 154 BASR "The Bureau Reporter." Vol. XIX, No 1 (October, 1972)-Vol. XXIII, No. 4(June, 1977),, 1972 and 1977, Newsletter in Dark Red Loose-Leaf Binder

Box 154 Codebook, with Marginals For Consumers in Trouble, February, 1968, Tan Binding



Box 154 Newcomb,Theodore M. and Kenneth A. Feldman "The Impacts of Colleges Upon Their Students.",, January, 1968


A Report to the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching]

Box 154 Sussman, Leila and Gene Norman Levine. "The Entering Freshman at M.I.T.: Class of '61.", M.I.T.,, [1961?]


Box 154 Hardt, Robert H. A Delinquency Profile of Syracuse and Onandaga County, N.Y,, 1957-1958


Youth Devlopment Center, Syracuse University. 1960]

Box 154 Wallace, David "Attitude of New Car Buyers to Chrysler Styling." Ford Motor Company,, August 25, 1958

[1-33 and Appendices.]

Box 154 University of Michigan. Survey Research Center. Institute For Social Research The Detroit Area Study: Outline of Study and Publications List,, July, 1955

[1-16. Two Copies.]

Box 154 _____. Department of Sociology "Bibliography of Materials Based on Detroit Area Study Research",, September 1, 1951-December 31, 1960 ; December, 1960


Box 154 Kandel, Denise and Gerald S. Lesser. 'ParentalRelationships of White and Black Urban Adolescents",, September, 1969

[1-29, and Tables and Appendices; Prepared for the New York State Department of Mental Hygiene with The Laboratory of Human Development, Harvard University]

Box 154 Journal of Research and Development in Education "USOE-Funded Research and Development centers: An Assessment." Volume 1, no.4.,, Summer, 1968

Box 154 Government of Hong Kong "Special Committee on Higher Education ." Second Interim Report,, 1968


Box 154 William A Glaser "Social Science Data Archives in the United States" Council of Social Science Data Archives,, 1967

[1-45 Columbia University Director]

Box 154 Day, Lincoln H. Fertility Differentials Among Catholics in Australia." Reprinted from the Milbank Memorial Fund Quarterly,, April 1964, Vol. XLII, No. 2, Part 1

[57-83. 3 copies.]

Box 154 _____ "Patterns of Divorce in Australia and the United States." Reprinted from the American Sociological Review, Vol 29, No.4,, August, 1964

[509-522, 2 copies.]

Box 154 Gill, Rafael E. "Press Corps of Israel:Statistical Trends 1955-59." Gazette, Vol. Vii, No. 3/4,, 1962


Box 154 Kiser, Clyde V. "Fertility Trends and Differentials Among Nonwhites in the United States." Reprinted from The Milbank Memorial Fund Quarterly,, April 1958, Vol.XXXVI, No.2


Box 154 Wright, Charles R. The Dilemma of Education Through mass communication." Reprinted From Teachers College Record, Vol 63, No.7,, April, 1962


Box 155 BASR Library Materials Continued. Training Guides for Sociology, 195-196,, [n.d.]

Box 155 Training Guide on Constructing Questionnaires and Interview Schedules for Sociology,, Copyright 1948

[3 Copies.]

Box 155 Training Guide on Sampling, [n.d.]

[4 copies.]

Box 155 Training Guide on The Controlled Experiment In Social Research, [n.d.]

[2 copies.]

Box 155 Training Guide on the Techniques of Qualitative Interviews, [n.d.]

Box 155 Training Guide on Classification, [n.d.]

[one copy.]

Box 155 Training Guide on the Qualitative Use of Documentary Material, [n.d.]

[one copy]

Box 155 U.S. Department of Commerce. Social and Economics Statistics Administration. Bureau of the Census Indexes to Survey Methodology Literature,, April, 1974

[Technical Paper 34 Pages separately numbered in four Sections.]

Box 155 Inter-University Consortium for Political And Social Research Institute,, 1983

Box 155 Summer Program in Quantitative Methods Bibliography, 1983, pp. 1-167

Box 155 Herrera, Lee, Donald Mainland and Marion I. Sutcliffe Tables For Use With Binomial Samples, New York University College of Medicine. Department of Medical Statistics,, 1956, pp. 1-81

Box 155 Mencher, Samuel The Research Method in Social Work Education, New York: Council on Social Work Education,, 1959, pp. 1-61

Box 156 BASR Newsletter-"The Bureau Reporter." Vol.I, No.1, October 15, 1954

Box 156 Vol. VI, No. 11, October 28,1960

Box 156 Vol. VII, No.1, November 28, 1960

Box 156 Vol. XVIII, No.5, June, 1972

Box 156 Instituto Di Scienza Politica "Codifica Deputati: Parelamento Italiano 1946-1968.", Universita Degli Studi Di Firenze,, 1966, pp.1-44

Box 156 "Britain Today: A Study of the Opinions of People listed In Who"s Who." A Survey by Research Services Limited, London,, September, 1963, pp.1-42

Box 156 Baker, Margaret "User's Guide to The Berkeley Transposed File Statistical System: Pickle.", University of California, Berkeley,, April, 1973, pp. I-X, and pp.1-140

[Survey Research Center. Technical Report Number One]

Box 156 Dark Blue Loose -Leaf Folder-Materials from the "Steering Group on Evaluation of the Bureau of the Budget." Papers and Pamphlets,, 1962-1968

[hundreds of pages.]

Box 156 Black Loose-Leaf Folder-Material from U.S. Department of Labor relating to project on "Manpower Administration RD&E Plans For FY 1972.",, 1972, pp. 1-78

[And paper-August, 1971, pp.1-16.]

Box 156 Long Manila Folder-Miscellaneous Papers Concerning Ford Foundation Proposals on Programs in Public Affairs and the Establishment of a Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences,, 1953

Box 156 Bombadier, Gary "Pelicans and UNK-UNKS: The C-5A and the Dismissal of Ernest Fitzgerald.", The Inter-University Case Program, Syracuse, New York,, [n.d.], Cover letter

[And paper. May, 1972, pp.1-70.]

Box 156 Lambright, W. Henry "Government and Technlogical Innovation:Weather Modification As a Case in Point.",, January/February 1972, pp.1-10

[Reprint Public Administration Review]

Box 156 Lambright, W. Henry and Jack C. Oppenheimer Technology Assessment and Weather Modification.",, 1975, pp. 570-595

[Reprint from the Southern California Law Review. Vol.45, No. 2.]