Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Bureau of Applied Social Research records, 1938-1977

Series VIII: Additional Project Files and Miscellaneous Materials

Boxes 146-151

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Box 146 Staff and Student Seminar Notes: Medical Staff Seminar: Study of General Practice in North Carolina. Dr.Oslo Peterson,, 27 October 1955

[Study Gudelines. Multiple copies]

Box 146 Staff and Student Seminar Notes: Staff Seminar for the Sociological Study of Medical schools. Notes on meetings and research Plans from meetings,, 14 October and 4 November 1954

Box 146 Staff and Student Seminar Notes: Notes on meetings and results of some studies covering meetings,, 5 November 1953-16 February 1956

Box 146 Ibid.: Staff and Student Seminar Notes: Notes on meetings, 25 February 1954-16 February 1956

[Also some research tables]

Box 146 Staff and Student Seminar Notes: Summaries of Transcripts and Evaluation of Interviews with Faculty,, January/February 1954

Box 146 Staff and Student Seminar Notes: Progress Report on interviews, 9 November 1959

Box 146 Staff and Student Seminar Notes: Recorded Interviews, April, 1952

Box 146 Staff and Student Seminar Notes: Staff Meetings and Seminars, October, 1954-November,1955

Box 146 Staff and Student Seminar Notes, December, 1953-February, 1957

Box 146 Staff and Student Seminar Notes, September-October, 1954

Box 146 Staff and Student Seminar Notes, April-May, 1954

Box 146 Staff and Student Seminar Notes, January-June, 1954

Box 146 Staff and Student Seminar Notes, June 3, 1957

Box 146 Staff and Student Seminar Notes, November, 1955

Box 146 Staff and Student Seminar Notes, December, 1955

Box 146 Staff and Student Seminar Notes, January, 1956

Box 146 Staff and Student Seminar Notes, February 16, 1956

Box 146 Staff and Student Seminar Notes, March 24, 1956

Box 146 Staff and Student Seminar Notes: Memorandum on Material not Included in Internship-Residency Questionnaire,, [n.d.], .

Box 146 Staff and Student Seminar Notes: Interview Guides, March, 1960

Box 146 Staff and Student Seminar Notes: List of Medical Sociologists, October, 1960

Box 146 Staff and Student Seminar Notes: Basic Questionnaires, 1957

Box 146 Staff and Student Seminar Notes: Notes and Memos, 1961-1965

Box 147 Medical Study Staff and Student Seminar Notes Continued and Other Files: Outline of Study-Kendall,, [n.d.], pp. 1-70

Box 147 Outline Notes, October, 1959

Box 147 Hospital Type Derived Data, [n.d.]

Box 147 Procedural Charts, [n.d.]

Box 147 Tables, [n.d.]

Box 147 Internship Follow-Ups, 1960.

Box 147 Codebook of Indexes-Supplement, July I, 1960

Box 147 Follow-up: Interns and Hospital Type, [n.d.]

Box 147 Foreign Medical Schools Information, September, 1960

Box 147 Internship Memos-Bill Glaser, March, 1958

Box 147 Internship Study Memos, September-November,1958

Box 147 Durant, Ruth The Structure and Stability of Public Opinion: Some Aspects of National Morale,, August, 1942, pp.1-121 andi-xiii

[S0166. Masters Essay

Empty Gallop Pole Surveys.]

Box 147 Loewy, Edith B. Early Automobile Buying and Status Aspirations, [n.d.], pp. 1-30


Box 147 Correspondence, Memos , Draft Proposals, and Seminar Proceedings, 1963-1970


Box 147 Correspondence, Proposals and Notes, 1970-1974


Box 147 Correspondence, Reports and Grant Applications, 1969-1970


Box 148 Folder 1 Alba, Richard and Myron P.Gutman SOCK: A sociometric analysis system, September, 1974, pp. 1-38

[Also multiple copies of another program --"COMPLT"--by the same authors and copies of installation instructions for SOCK.]

Box 148 Glaser, William A. Proposals and Correspondence on research evaluating development aid projects by AID,, December, 1974-June, 1975

Box 148 Supplemetary Instructions for Crown Heights Neighborhood Study by HUD, August, 1972, binder

Box 148 Kracuser, Siegfried and Paul L.Berkman Attitudes Toward Various Communist Types In Hungary, Poland, and Czech.,, [1950"s?], pp. 1-10 Separate Typescript: Unpublished paper[?]

Box 149 Project Summaries and Bibliographies; Miscellaneous Materials and Publications.,, 1940-1953, Dark Blue Binder containing newspaper clippings

Box 149 BASR Project Number and Author File, [n.d.], Grey Binder

Box 149 BASR Located authors and co-authors list file, [n.d.]

Box 149 BASR Communications List Received, 1967

[File Binder.]

Box 149 BASR DATA Archive Project Numbers with some Authors, [n.d.], Black Binder

Box 149 BASR Bibliography from its founding in 1937 to its closing in 1977, [n.d.]-1977(?), 2 bound copies

Box 149 BASR Bibliography, 1937-1977, Unbound copy

Box 150 A Study of Political Participation. Detroit Area Studies, 1956-1957, Surveys, Method selections, sample designs

[Project 843]

Box 150 Interviews and Interview Guide for Research Project on Hungary, May, 1957, Greenish-off-white Binder-Black Spine

[Also, copy of Soviet Survey no. 15; Interview Reports on Soviet Defectors as distributed by the Office of Intelligence Research of the Department of State, Nos. 10-12, and 14-April-June and August, 1955.]

Box 150 Blondel, Jean Study of Executives, March, 1970, Unbound Code Book

[ Poli.Sci. 505]

Box 150 Zonis, Marvin Zonis MIT Study of the Iranian Political Elite, 1965-66, Unbound Code Book

Box 150 Codes For Cities Brain Drain Project, August, 1976, pp. 1093 Green Stapled Binder

Box 150 Dartmouth Seminar on Social Process, July 3-16, 1954, Several hundred pages of papers and appendixes numbered numbered seperately, not consecutively-grey paper covers

[Anonymous B0420-9. Planning Project For Advanced training in Social Research]

Box 150 Checchi & Company Group Study-Food For Peace an Evaluation of Pl 480 Title II. Volume One: A Global Assessment of the Program, Washington, D.C.,, July, 1972, pp. 1-201

[Also, appendixes A-C, pink paper covers.]

Box 150 Adams, Walter and A. J. Jaffe Too Little and Too Late, May, 1972, pp. 1-132

Box 150 _____ Progress Report and Findings:Follow-up of Cross-section of 1965-1966 High School Seniors and Related Higher Educational Materials,, July, 1972, pp. 1-51

[Also, appendices A1-A53 and Appendix B. ]

Box 150 Brooke, Joel I. The Utilization of Basic SocialResearch--A Case Study.",, June, 1972, pp.1-166

Box 150 Lazarsfeld, Paul F. Social Research in Poland., February, 1958, pp. 1-22


Box 150 Mcdonald, Douglas C. Some Problems in the Organization and Use of Social Science Research in the U.S. Navy,, [n.d.], pp.1-117

[Numbered seperately starting from 1 by chapter, not consecutively.]

Box 150 Nelson, Margaret K. The Adoption of Innovation in Urban Schools, March, 1975, pp. 1-226

[Appendices A-K.]

Box 150 Padawer-Singer, Alice M. and Allen H. Barton Proposal for an Experimental Study of Decision Making in the 12 Versus 6-Man Jury Under Unanimous Versus Non-Unanimous Decisions,, March, 1973, pp. 1-34


Box 150 Rodriguez, Orlando Social Determinants of Non-Return: Foreign Students from Developing Countries in the United States,, June, 1974, pp.1-190


Box 150 Rogers, Theresa F. with the assistance of Laurie J. Bauman Attention To Population on The Campus,, March, 1974, pp.1-96


Box 150 Weiss, Carol H., Laurie J. Bauman and Theresa F. Rogers Practices Of Research Organizations In Surveys Of The Poor,, April, 1973, pp.1-64


Box 150 Zablocki, Benjamin , Norma Agatstein, Jane Kingston and Rosalen Mazur. The Implementation of Child Care: The Inter-Play of Forces Shaping the Development of Day Care as a Social Institution in Six American Cities,, July, 1975

[Pages numbered seperately by chapter, not consecutively. Project Number B-1149.]

Box 151 Miscellaneous Publications and Materials Materials in Manila Envelopes on Student Surveys: Envelope on Survey of Tehran University Students undertaken by the Survey Research Center of the University Of California at Berkeley with the Iranian National Institute of Psychology,, 1963

Box 151 International Research Association New York City Material on Survey in Brazil,, 1960-1961


Box 151 Materials on Pakistan Student Survey, [n.d.}


Box 151 Materials on Survey of African Students in Britain, 1972


Box 151 National Scientific Research Center (CNRS) Materials of a Survey of Young People in Five French Speaking African Countries, Paris,, [n.d.]

Box 151 BASR Yearly Reports, 1966; 1967; 1968; 1969; 1970; 1971; 1972, Bound Seperately

Box 151 BASR Information Handbook, February, 1971, Bound Seperately Blue Cover

Box 151 University of Chicago. National Opinion Research Center A Brush-up on Interviewing Technique,, November,1962, pp. 1-27 Pamphlet

[Seventh Printing]

Box 151 BASR Abstracts of Various Projects, {n.d.}, Manila Folder

Box 151 Comparative Organization Research Program: Black Binder. One 966-Employment Security Codebook; A Quantitative Description of 53 State E S Offices and 2386 Local Offices,, 1966 (?), pp.1-416

Box 151 University of Chicago Cerulean Blue Logo, [n.d.]

Box 151 All Hospital Study, [n.d.], Binder


Box 151 University of Chicago Hospital Administration Study: Technical Report #1,, February, 1967, pp.1-68. Dark Yellow Binder Codebook

Box 151 Manila Folder B1122: Loose Codebook Material. Copy of Typed Codebook for Universities,, [n.d.], pp.1-8

Box 151 Copy of Typed Codebook for Professional Schools, [n.d.], pp.1-31

Box 151 Copy of Typed Questionnaire For Professional Schools, November, 1972, pp.1-4

Box 151 Copy of Typed Questionnaire For Professional Schools, 1972-1973, pp. 1-12 Light Green bound printed copy

Box 151 Questionnaire for Manufacturing Organizations, [n.d.], pp. 1-24

Box 151 Questionnaire for Institutions Participating in the Educational Opportunity Grant Program,, 1970[?], Blue Looseleaf Binder

Box 151 BASR Columbia folder: Computer Printout of Project Numbers, Titles and Author Index,, [n.d.]

Box 151 B1093: Columbia Crisis Study, July 1, 1968, pp. 1-38

[Two Manila Folders Containing Materials on this project including Questionnaires, Codebooks, and a paper by Allen H. Barton, entitled "The Columbia Crisis: Campus, Vietnam, and the Ghetto"]

Box 151 Elite Studies: One Manila folder containing materials on Asian Elites relating to General Elite study,, 1967-1969

Box 151 Materials on The study of Eastern European Elites much of it codebooks from an Archive on the topic published by the University of Pittsburgh,, 1968-1970

[Two Manila folders]

Box 151 Medium Bluish Loose-leaf Binder: Copy of Typed paper on Current Projects at the Bureau of Applied Social Research.",, November, 1973

Box 151 Loewy, Edith B. Early Automobile Buying and Status Aspirations."prepared for the Ford Motor Company,, [n.d.]


Box 151 Wiggins, Belle 'Occupational Image,Product Quality Images, and Buying Intention." Prepared for The Ford Motor Company [n.d.],, pp.1-39.

Box 151 _____________ The Popular Image and Buying Behavior. Pre-Pared for Ford Motor Company,, [n.d.]


Box 151 Wiggins, Lee M. with Richard Pomeroy "The Relative Strength of Four Automobile Product Images.'Prepared for the Ford MotorCompany,, [n.d.]


Box 151 Wiggins, Lee M. The Stability of Auto-mobile Images." Prepared for the Ford Motor Company,, [n.d.]