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Bureau of Applied Social Research records, 1938-1977

Series VII: Personnel Published and Unpublished Materials

Not Included In BASR Project Files. 4 boxes- Boxes 142-145

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Box 142 A-Gordon

Box 142 Barber, Bernard "Drugs and Society.", 1960s, 203 pages Position Paper and Research Proposal

Box 142 Barton, Allen H. Administrative and Critical Functions of Applied Social Research." , The Human Factor, Vol. 8, No.2,, Spring 1969, pp. 45-53.

Box 142 ______ Biographical Sketch, 1965, pp.1-3.

Box 142 Brown, Leiba and William Bowers Classification of Methodological Materials: An Annotated Code,, July, 1961, 51 pages Draft

[And Typescript Copy: September, 1962 50 pages.]

Box 142 ______ Die Grenzen der Wertmessung.", [1970s], pp. 207-217

[Offprint of article in German]

Box 142 ______ Empirical Methods and Radical Sociology: A Liberal Critique., [1960's ?], pp.1-33.

["Chapter prepared forthcoming bookRadical Sociology."]

Box 142 ______ and Saul Mendlovitz. Experience of Injustice as a Research Problem." , Journal of Legal Education, Vol.,13,, .[1960's?], pp. 24-39

Box 142 ______ "Impact of Immediate Social Environments.", November,1963, pp. 1-8. Paper

Box 142 ______ "Limits of Evaluation: Problemsof Evaluation of Techniques , Programs, Institutions and Social Systems." ,, October, 1973, pp. 1-12. Paper

Box 142 ______________ Methods of Research on Organizations., September, 1966, 1-27. Paper

Box 142 ______________ Organization and Training for use of the Computer in a Social Research Bureau,, July, 1965, pp. 1-10, 2 copies. Paper

Box 142 _______________ Organizations Under Stress, September, 1967, pp. 1-14 Paper

Box 142 _______________ Plans of Analysis for the International Studies of Values in Politics,, [n.d.], pp. 1-14

Box 142 ________________ Program of Training in Policy Research in Connection with The Center for Social Science,, July, 1974, pp. 1-3 Memo

Box 142 _______________ & Lenihan Recreational Behavior and Desires in New York City Neighborhoods,, March 2, 1966, pp.1-7.

[Rejected research Proposal]

Box 142 ________________, Jerome E. Carlin and Saul H. Mendlovitz Report on theValidation of the Sense ofJustice Questionnaire,, November 1961, pp. 1-17, 2 copies Paper

Box 142 _____ Research on Alternatives to College as an Institution, September, 1961, pp. 1-2. Paper

Box 142 _____, Peter Graham and Charles Kadushin The Third Coming:Why The New Generation of Computers Can Revolutionalize Survey Research,, 1960's, pp. 1-18.

Box 142 _____ Social Science and Social Problems: Implications For A Columbia Center For Social Science,, April 14, 1974, pp.1-13.

Box 142 _____ A Sociologist's Reactions to the Public Broadcast Laboratory, November 6, 1967, pp.1-3. 2 copies.

Box 142 _____ Suggestions For Social Science Research Projects For The Columbia Program On Urban-Minority Problems,, February 10, 1967, pp.1-12. 2 copies

Box 142 _____ A Survey of Suburban Residents on What to Do About the Dangers of War." Council For Correspondence News-Letter, No.24.,, March, 1963, pp. 3-11

Box 142 _____ Value Measurement and The Analysis of Behavior, May,1965, pp.1-22, 3 copies

Box 142 Memo about Columbia University's Bureau of Applied Social Research, 1947., pp.1-11

Box 142 Bureau Alumni List, 1965., pp.1-35

[For Limited Distribution]

Box 142 Folder 1 11 articles, 12 copies of English pamphlet in German about BASR's founding, purposes and ongoing operations ,, 1954-1974, 2 copies of pamphlet

Box 142 Folder 2 13 Miscellaneous Memos about BASR's ongoing operations, one more detailed Paper by Edmund de S. Brunner about BASR's organization and Operations,, 1963

[Also, 3 copies of a proposal of an Outline for the UNESCO study of the administrative structure and working methods of selected social science research institutions by Lazarsfeld and Spivack in 1944]

Box 142 Berelson, Bernard and Paul F. Lazarsfeld The Analysis of Communication Content,, February, 1947, pp.1-90

[Plus Tables. Second Draft: March, 1948-1949.]

Box 142 _____________and Sebastian De Grazia. Axis Collaboration in Propaganda, [1940's], pp. 1-17 Unpublished paper

Box 142 _____ Communication and Value in the United States, Summer, 1961, pp. 1-27

[ Reprint from Studies in Public Communication]

Box 142 _____ The Place of the Foundations, 1960, pp. 1-12 Unpublished paper

Box 142 Brunner, Edmund De S Position Suggest History, December, 1967, pp.473-475.

[ReprintFrom Rural Sociology, Vol. 32. no.4]

Box 142 Coleman, James. A Proposal for A Study of Social Climates in High Schools."Unpublished paper,, (1969?), .1-27.

Box 142 Diamond, Sigmund Some Early Uses of The Questionnaire." UnpublishedPaper,, (1960?), .1-24.

Box 142 Dibble,_________ The Pretrial Confrence in New Jersey." ConfidentialUnpublished Paper,, August, 1962, 1-30, F1-11, Append-ixes A-E, and Tables 1-12.

Box 142 Etzioni, Amitai A Case for the ComparativeAnalysis of Complex Orga-nizations." Nonpublished Paper,, Sept., 1959, .1-8

Box 142 ______________ A Comparative Study of Rou-tinized Charisma." Unpublished paper,, (1960's?), .1-12.

Box 142 ______________ On the Needs for Secondary-Analysis and the Instruments For its Advancement."Unpublished Memorandum,, (1960's?), .1-10, and 1-15.

Box 142 _______________ Organizations and Society."Unpublished Paper, 1959, .1-8., Two Copies.

Box 142 _______________and William Taber Scope,Pervasiveness andTension-Management in Complex Organizations."Unpublished Paper, andAbstract,, (1960's?), .1-18,Two copies.

Box 142 Fainstein, Norman I. and Susan S. The Character Of Urban Political Movements."Unpublished Paper,, August, 1973, 1-25, notes1-5.

Box 142 _______________ The Urban Dialectic: Machine, Reform and Political Movements."Unpublished Paper,, August, 1973, 1-22.

Box 142 Ferguson, Jack. Outline of A Computer Model of Social Mobility. UnpublishedPaper,, 1960, .1-10 and Tables.

Box 142 Fischer, George. "The Changing Work of Engineers."In a Symposium onThe Personality And Labor." Moscow,, 1966, .129-146.

Box 142 Glaser, A. William Note for from Judith Barton, Nov., 1962, 1 page.

Box 142 ____________ Ethnic Characteristics and Social Welfare.' Notes for a Study,, March, 1964, .1-17.

Box 142 ____________ New Opportunities in Politcal Research." Unpublished Memorandum,, March, 1965, 1-14.

Box 142 ___________ A Program in Comparative Government at the Bureau-the First Step."Unpublished Memorandum,, March,1965, .1-10.

Box 142 ___________ Social Relationships in TechnicalAssistance." Notes for a Study,, February, 1964, .1-8.

Box 142 ___________ The Social Revolution in Harlem."Notes for a Survey, July, 1963, .1-12.

Box 142 __________ Some Topics for Cross-National Research About Local Government."Memo,, Dec., 1963, .1-14.

Box 142 Glock, Charles Y. Applied Social Research: Some Conditions Affecting Its Utilization."Stanford University Institute for Communication Research-Papers on Utilization in The Behavioral Sciences, No.1,, February, 1956, pp.1-20.

Box 142 Glock, Charles Y. Juvenile Delinquency and The Mass Media." Unpublished Paper,, (1960's?), .1-6, 3 copies.

Box 142 _____________ "Projective Techniques in Consumer Motivations Research" Unpublished Paper,, June, 1955, .1-8.

Box 142 ____________ Reference Group Influence Table., August, 1975, cover sheet and Table,2 sheets.

Box 142 ____________ "Some Applications of the Panel Method to the Study of Change."Unpublished Paper., 1950's?), 1-20.

Box 142 Goode, William J. Outdoor Recreation and the Family to the Year 2000."Reprint of Report to the Outdoor Recreation Resources Review Commission, Study Report No. 22, Washington, D.C.,, 1962, 101-113.

Box 142 ______________ "The Protection of the Inept."Unpublished Paper, April, 1966, .1-30.

Box 142 Gordon, Jerome B. Labor Mobility and Economic Growth in Less Developed Countries: Costa Rica, Ecuador and El Salvador."Unpublished Paper,, (1966?), .1-21. Two Copies.

Box 143 Green, Jeanette and David Caplowitz. "Quantitative Analysis in the Framework of a Statistical Study." ,, [1960's?], 1-43.

[Unpublished Paper ]

Box 143 Harrison, Barbara E. Housing at Columbia." Report Published by BASR submitted to I. M. Pei and Partners, Architects,, 1970, 1-89, including TablesI-V, and Appendices A-E.

Box 143 Hopkins, Terence K. Politics in Uganda:The Bu-Ganda Question." Manuscript Drafts,, (1970?), Chapters I (?).1-37, and IX.1-44.

Box 143 ______________ "Rank, Influence and Leadership."Unpublished paper, April, 1958, 1-12, 2 copies.

Box 143 Hyman, Herbert H., and Paul B. Sheatsley, Attitudes Toward Desgregation." Scientific American,, Dec., 1956, Vol. 195, No. 6, .35-39.

Box 143 _________________ "How Whites View Negroes." Reprinted from the New York Herald Tribune,, Nov. 10, 1963, One page.

Box 143 Hyman Strategies In Comparative Survey Research." Unpublished Paper for Inter -University Consortium for PoliticalResearch,, July, 1963, .1-88

Box 143 Ikle, F.C. Demographic Interaction Analysis and Its Bearing on Small Group Studies."Rand Corporation: P-720,, August, 1955, .1-11.

Box 143 Jaffe, A. J. and R.A. Lewis, Birth Rates in the U.S.And the USSR over the Last Half Century Some Observations, unpublished paper,, April, 1967, pp. 1-10.

Box 143 Jaffe Characteristics of Men Employed in Engineering Jobs in the United StatesIn 1958." BASR,, 1963, pp.1-56.

Box 143 __________ "Labor Productivity, Consumption, and Employment-United States , 1950 to 1970 ." (Preliminary Findings).Testimony given before the Senate Committee on Labor and Public Welfare,, Sept. 26, 1963, pp.1-16,2 copies, (second copy has attached sheet from The Statistical News of the NY area Chapter of the American Statistical Association of May 1963, Vol. 14, no. 9.

Box 143 _____________ "Notes on Family Income Dist-ribution in Developing Countries in Relation to Population and Economic Changes." UnpublishedPaper,, (1970?), pp.1-21, 2 copies.

Box 143 ______________ "Some Observations on Sushi Related Matters." Unpublished Paper,, January, 1959, pp. 1-4.

Box 143 ______________ "Technical Manpower in 1960 and 1965." Unpublished Paper,, 1960's (?), pp. 1-8.

Box 143 Kadushin, Charles and Renee C. Fox Minding Marginals: Strategies For SurveyResearch." Unpublished Paper,, 1960's (?), pp. 1-23.

Box 143 ______________, Allen Barton, and Peter Graham "The Third Coming: Why the New Generation of Computers can Revolutionize Survey Research."Unpublished Paper,, (1965 ?), pp. 1-18, and 2 copies of his vita.

Box 143 Kamens, David and Richard Faust Bibliography on Evaluative Equalization."Unpublished Paper,, June, 1965, pp. 1-14, 2 copies.

Box 143 Kelley, Jonathan. Dress and Ideology:The Non-Verbal Communication of Political Attitudes." Unpublished Paper,, Nov., 1970, pp. 1-8.

Box 143 Kendall, P.L. Analysis of Community Researches." Unpublished Paper, May, 1960, pp.1-52.

Box 143 Kracauer, Siegfried. On the Relation of AnalysisTo the Situational Factors in Case Studies." Memorandum,, April, 1958, pp. 1-26.

Box 143 ______________ "The Social Research Center on the Campus." Unpublished Essay,, (1960?), pp.1-37.

Box 143 Leeds, Ruth. Westinghouse Conference on Communications and Communities:An Ethnographic Report." Unpublished Paper.,, December, 1963, pp. 1-40, 2 Copies.

Box 143 Levenson, Bernard. Sociometric Panels." Unpub-lished version of chapter to appear in revised version of The Language of Social Research.",, (1960"s?), pp. 1-29.

Box 143 _______________ "The Status and Prospects of Panel Analysis." Part III-" Application of PanelAnalysis to Social Structures.''(Manuscript of Published Work),, 1960's (?), pp. 128-196.

Box 143 Linz, Juan. The Cleavage Structure of West German Politics." Unpublished paper?.,, 1962, pp. 1-25, Tables1-7 and pp. I-VIII.

Box 143 __________ "Michels and his contribution topolitical sociology in historical and contemporary perspective. Introduction to Italian Edition of Michel's Political Parties ,, (1960"s?), pp. 1-127.

Box 143 _________ Quantification and Spanish History."Unpublished paper?, 1967, pp. 1-44.

Box 143 _________ "A Spanish Sociologist Looks At Anthropological Research on Contemporary Spain." UnpublishedPaper?, 1967, pp.1-26.

Box 143 Lipset, Seymour Martin. Memorandum on the Relevance of Business Elite Studies For A Comparative Analysis of Class andMobility." ,, 1955, pp. 1-7.

Box 143 Luce, R. Duncan . On the Interaction of Sub-Optimization and Communication Structure in Group Performance." Unpublished paper?, 1955, pp.1-20, three copies.

Box 143 ________(?) "A Theory of Individual Choice Behavior" BASR., May, 1957, pp. 1-51.

Box 143 McHugh, Peter. "Defining the Situation."(Draft), 1960's (?), pp. 1-178.

Box 143 "On the Failure of Epistemological Truth." Unpublished Paper., 1966, pp. .1-20.

Box 143 "Structured Uncertainty and its Resolution: The Case of the Professional Actor." Unpublished Paper., 1966, pp. 1-28, and Tables I-IV, two copies.

Box 143 Menzel, Herbert. Research Designs to Test For the Operation of Social Norms and Influence-A Fragment.",, 1965, pp. 1-5.

Box 143 Merton, Robert K. A Profile of How Does It Come Be So?" by Morton M. Hunt. The New Yorker. Jan. 28,, 1961, pp. 39-63.

Box 143 Mayer, John W. Collective Disturbances and Staff Organization in Psychiatric Wards."Unpublished paper?, 1960, pp.1-25. Two copies

Box 143 Nash, George. The Relationship of knowledge and Action: The Proper Role of the Institution As An Agent of Change."Unpublished paper?, 1969, pp. 1-25. Four copies.

Box 143 Nehnevajsa, Jiri. Anticipatory Analysis of Ideo-Logical Conflict." Unpublished Paper., 1960, pp. 1-10. 2 copies.

Box 144 Podgarechi, Spiveck What is Legal Policy?, [n.d.], pp. 1-18. Unpublished Memo.

Box 144 Columbia University. Project For Effective Justice Field Survey of Federal Pretrial Discovery ,, February, 1965, pp. Chapters I-X Index of Tables:Interview and National Mail Questionnaire, current to October , 1964. 1-80.

[Report to the Advisory Committee on Rules of Civil Procedure. Confidential Draft]

Box 144 Proposals Pending: BASR Rearranged Work Schedules in thePrivate Sector, [n.d.], pp.1-36 and B1-B2.

Box 144 Glaser, William A., and Joyce Moock. The Human Problems of Uneven Development: A Pilot Study of Secondary School Graduates and Dropouts,, December, 1975, pp. 1-35.

Box 144 Rankin, Ann Problem Areas and Research In Law and Sociology, June, 1964, pp.1-34. Unpublished Memo

Box 144 _____ A Selected Bibliography in the Sociology of Law, 1965, pp. 54-57.

[Supplement to The Summer, 1965 issue of Social Problems]

Box 144 Regional Panels: All Unpublished Papers (?) for Regional Panels Book., [n.d.]

Box 144 Anonymous Introduction to regionalSurvey Centers, [n.d.], pp.1-23.

Box 144 _____ The Relations Between Votes on Several Offices, [n.d.], pp.1-14.

Box 144 Glaser, William A. Fluctuations in Turnout. Revised, October, 1960, pp.1-51.

Box 144 _____ Introduction:Some New Directions in Political Survey Research, January,1961, pp. 1-14.

[First Draft]

Box 144 Meyer, John W. A Reformulation of the Coattails Problem, [n.d.], pp.1-20.

Box 144 McPhee, William N., Bo Anderson and Harry Milholland Attitude Consistency,, [n.d.], pp.1-54.

Box 144 _____and Jack Ferguson Political Immunization, [n.d.], pp.1-26 and i-iii.

Box 144 Rogers, Teresa F. A Numerical Comparison of Five Indices of Mutual Effects,, October,1967, pp.1-43 and December, 1967, pp. 1-45-one copy of each version. Unpublished Paper (?)

Box 144 Rogoff, Natalie. Public Education in America:A Research Program, Reprinted Sociology of Education, Volume 37, No.1,, 1963, pp.1-8.

Box 144 _____ Research Sociologists in Private Organizations, March, 1956, pp.1-11. Unpublished paper

Box 144 Rosenmayr, Leopold Values and Roles in Viennese Family Life, September, 1959, pp.1-17. Unpublished paper(?)

Box 144 Schenkel, Walter, and Sam Sieber Questionnaire Design: A Case History Approach,, February, 1969, pp.1-52. Unpublished paper(?)

Box 144 Selvin, Hanan C. Durckheim's Suicide and Problems of Empirical Research, Reprint from The American JournalOf Sociology, Vol. LXIII, No.6,, May, 1958, pp. 607-619.

Box 144 _____, and Arnold Simmel. An Empirical Study of the Structure of Attitudes,, September,1954, pp.1-9, and Tables 1-7. Unpublished Paper(?)

Box 144 _____ Statistical Significance and Sociological Theory, December, 1959, pp.1-29. Unpublished Paper(?)

Box 144 Sieber, Sam D. Drafts of letters, 14 October 1965, Copy of Vita (68?)

Box 144 _____ Explanatory Comments on the Proposed Assessment of Educat-Research,, November, 1965, pp.1-11, 2 copies.

Box 144 _____ Educational Research Manpower-Projected Needs, March, 1967, pp.1-16, 2 copies. Unpublished Paper(?).

Box 144 _____ Observations on the Membership of the American Educational Research Association ,, October, 1966, pp.1-15, 2 copies Unpublished Paper (?)

[Cross-referenced to Project file (?) B1057.]

Box 144 Perspectives for a Radical Revision of Research Training In Schools of Education,, November, 1965, pp. 1-6, 2 copies. Unpublished Paper(?)

Box 144 _____ Synopsis of Needed Educational Research, April, 1962, pp.1-24, 2 copies. Unpublished paper(?)

Box 144 _____ Synopsis of Needed Research in the Social Studies, April 9, 1964, pp. 1-11, 3 copies. Unpublished paper(?)

Box 144 Sills, David L. The Indian Situation, October 24, 1961, pp.1-8. Unpublished paper

Box 144 _____ Research Toward Policy Formation: A Case Study, 1958, pp.1-10. Unpublished paper

Box 144 Simmel, Arnold. Research Proposal on The Development of Psycho Social Competence,, August, 1966, pp.1-73.

Box 144 Smith, Robert B. A Comprehensive Model of Residential Mobility, 1963, pp.1-49 Unpublished Paper

Box 144 _____ Leadership, Participation and Anomie: A Model Simulating the Effects of Leadership,, 1960's?, pp.1-107. Unpublished Paper

Box 144 Spivack. Outline for the UNESCO Study of the Administrative structure and working methods of selected Social Science Research Institutes,, [n.d.], unpaginated, 3 copies.

Box 145 Thielens, Wagner P. Jr., Zettenberg Modes of Contextual Analysis, [n.d.], pp.1-61. Unpublished paper

Box 145 Wallerstein, Immanuel Class, Tribe, and Party in West African Politics, 1962, pp.1-38. Unpublished paper (?)

Box 145 _____ "The Evolution of Pan-Africanism as a Protest Movement, 1961, pp.1-23

[Published in Morton Kaplan, ed.Revolution In World PoliticsNewYork: Wiley, 1962.]

Box 145 _____ Pan-Africanism and Internal Stability of African States, [1960's?], pp.1-9. Project proposal

Box 145 ___ Political Parties in Post-Independence Africa: Recruitment and Participation,, January, 1964, pp. 1-22. Unpublished Paper[?] Revised Version

Box 145 ___ The Political Role of Voluntary Associations in Middle Africa, [1960's?], pp.1-35

[Published in James S. Coleman and Carl Rosenberg, eds.Political Groups in Middle Africa, [1960's?]]

Box 145 ___ Political Theory in an African Context, September, 1960, pp.1-17. Unpublished paper[?]

Box 145 _____ Values of Elites in French-Speaking West Africa, 1965, pp. 1-42.

[Revised Version to appear in Journal of Modern AfricanStudies]

Box 145 Weiss, Carol H. Human Services: Which Shortfall?, [n.d.], pp.1-6. Unpublished Paper[?]

Box 145 Wilder, David E. and Thomas P.Wilson Codification of Emergent Problems Associated With the Use of Surveys to Collect Sociometric and Other Relational Data For The Analysis of Social Systems ,, October, 1964, pp. 1-15. Unpublished paper[?]

Box 145 Wright, Charles R. VOA Listening in Sweden, March, 1951, pp.1-41. Second Progress Report

[Linked to project File B0361]

Box 145 Zeisel, John, and Brent C. Brolin. Mass Housing Social Research and Design,, 1968, pp.66-72.

[Reprint from the July/August 1968 issue ofThe Architectual Forum]

Box 145 _____ Symbolic Meaning of Space and Physical Dimension of Social Relations,, September, 1969, pp.1-15. Unpublished Paper[?]

Box 145 Zetterberg, Hans L. An Action Theory, [1960's?], pp.i-ii, and 1-101. Unpublished Manuscript[?]

Box 145 _____ Cohesiveness as a Unitary Concept: Some Further Evidence, [1950's?], pp.1-15 Unpublished paper[?]

Box 145 _____ The Measurement of Social Norms, Uppsala, 1952, pp.62-75.

[Reprint from The Possibility of a Verified Theory In Social Science]

Box 145 _____, Editor. Recent Trends in American Sociology, [1950's?], pp.1-226.

[Commissioned by UNESCO. Book Draft.]

Box 145 _____ Voluntary Associations and Organized Power in Sweden, 1960, pp.1-22. 2 copies.

[Appeared inIndustria International]