Bureau of Applied Social Research records, 1938-1977

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Series X: Center for the Social Sciences

Boxes 157-163

Box 157 Center of the Social Sciences Manila Folder: Miscellaneous Files Consisting of Outlines of Seminars Proposed Studies and Papers Correspondence Through 1982 ,, 1976-1982 (?)

Box 157 Gordano, Richard, Jonathan Cole and Harriet Zuckerman "Gator: Generalized Automated Text Organization and Retrieval System. " Reference Guide., June, 1987, pp.1-130

Box 157 McCarthy, John L., et. al. "Seedis: The Socio-Economic Environmental Demographic Information System.", Computer Science and Mathematics Department, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, University California, Berkeley,, May, 1982, pp. 1-35

Box 157 University of North Carolina SSDL Materials: UNC Social Science Newsletter, Volume 69, no.1-Winter 1984 University of North Carolina Newsletter, Volume LXIII, No.2 April, 1982,, 1982 and 1984, 1 Light Blue Loose-Leaf Binder

Box 157 University of Connecticut SSDC Materials: "User"s Manual For Crosstabs.", Cambridge Computer Associates, Inc. Cambridge, Mass.,, 1970, 1 Light Green Binder

Box 157 "A Data Base System for Archive Management.", Odense University, Danish Data Archives. Odense, Denmark,, April, 1982, pp.1-19 Grey Cover

Box 158 Miscellaneous Correspondance and Data Request Information with the Inter University Consortium for Political and Social Research at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI,, 1977-1978, Blue Loose-Leaf Binder

Box 158 Annual Housing Survey Project Materials:Codebooks: Light Salmnon Cover, 1980

Box 158 White Cover, 1981

Box 158 Handbook: White Cover, 1981, 2 copies.Questionnaire

Box 158 Compendiums: White Cover No. 2, 1980

Box 158 White Cover: No.3, 1977


Box 158 Reisman, David The Paul F. Lazarsfeld Lecture, 1981: "The Dream of Abundance Reconsidered.", Low Memorial Library,, February 13, 1981

[Reprinted from Public Opinion Quarterly,Vol. 45, pp. 285-302]

Box 158 Two Tapes Center Materials Center Newsletter News Materials:Newsletter: Volume 2-Nos,1-3, Spring, 1981, Fall, 1981 and Spring, 1982. Volume 3. Nos.1 and 2 Spring 1983 and Fall, 1983, Volume 4. No. 1-Fall, 1984. Special Issue of Newsletter called News-Volume 3-No.3-Spring, 1984,, 1982-1984

Box 159 A-List of Members of the Advisory Board, 1976-1982

Box 159 Minutes and Agendas of Advisory Board Meetings, 1979

Box 159 Advisory Board Meetings and Budgetary Summaries, 1980

Box 159 Advisory Board Meetings Agendas and Minutes, 1981

Box 159 Agenda for Advisory Board, March 30, 1981

Box 159 Meeting and Other Advsiory Board Correspondence, 1981

Box 159 Minutes and Agendas Of Advisory Board meetings and Correspondence and Budget Summaries,, 1982

Box 159 Minutes and Agendas for Advisory Board Meetings, 1983

Box 159 Martin J. Osborne Final Project Report. "Some Aspects of Bargaining , with Application to the Theory of Wages and Unemployment.",, October, 25, 1985, Cover Sheet and pp. 1-3

Box 159 CSS Open House Copy of Invitation from Jonathan Cole on the occasion of the Center's Founding,, September 23, 1983

Box 159 Minutes of Staff Meetings, 1981-1983

Box 159 CSS Grant Lists: Current& Pending, 1978-1984

Box 159 Correspondence and Synopsis Of Workshop on "Risk Assessment and Decision-Making under Conditions of Uncertainty.",, July 7,1980, pp.1-13. Three copies

Box 159 Correspondence , proofs and draft Papers related to proposed News Letter on Immigration,, 1985-1987

Box 159 Center Newsletter: Volume 5, No.1, Fall, 1985

Box 159 Proofs and Galleys and part of Newsletter, Volume 5, No. 2, Spring, 1986

Box 159 Correspondence and drafts, Spring, 1986, Newsletter

Box 159 Correspondence relating to Fall, 1985 Newletter, 1985

Box 159 Book Briefs and Correspondence, Fall, 1985, Newsletter

Box 159 Edited and Typed Research Reports and Correspondence, Fall, 1985, Newsletter

Box 159 Correspondence and Proofs For CSS Brochure, Fall, 1986 (all dated 1985)

Box 159 Correspondence, Proofs And Drafts, Spring, 1985, Newsletter

Box 160 Center for the Social Sciences Materials Continued, [n.d.]

Box 160 Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research Institute for Social Research Training Program in the Theory and Technology of Social Research,, [n.d.], Blue folder

Box 160 Gregory A. Marks "Some Comparisons of Data Base Systems.", University of Michigan,, October, 1977

[Presented at the Second Annual Meeting of the Social Science History Association]

Box 160 IFDO/IASSIST Conference "Public Access to Public Data.", Amsterdam, May 20-24,1985, Small Red Covered Pamphlet-Conference Program

Box 160 Large Red Covered Publication-Conference Abstracts, [n.d.]

Box 160 Brown, Thomas Elton "Archives law and Machine Readable Data Files: A Look At the United States.", National Archives and Records Administration, , Washington, D. C.,, [n.d.], pp.1-10

Box 160 Harts, Jan-Jaap, Hank F.L. "Analytical Geogra-Phic Information Systems and PublicData requirements.", Ottens.Department of Geography, Univer-Sity of Utrecht,, 1980's (?), Pp.1-4

[With Appendices]

Box 160 Rowe, Judith S. and Richard D. Bender "County, City and place Data for Microcomputers.", Princeton University Computer Center, Research Services,, 1980's (?)

[Reprint from Government Publications Review,Vol. 12, 1985, pp.71-76.]

Box 160 Tanenbaum, Eric. ESRC Data Archive: " Data Archives and Dinosaurs.", 1980's (?), pp.1-19

Box 160 Van Spiegel, E. Text of Welcoming Speech, 1980's (?), pp.1-7

[Director-General for Science Policy of the Dutch Ministry Of Education and Science.]

Box 160 Materials connected with Northeastern Regional State Data Center Conference, Sonesta Hotel, Portland, Maine,, May 7-9, 1986, Dark Green Folder

[Held under the auspices of the MaineDepartment of Labor'sBureau of Employment Security's Division of Economic Analysis and Research.]

Box 160 CSS Materials: Introductory Pamphlet, April, 1981, Manila Folder

Box 160 Center Five-Year Report, 1976-1981

Box 160 Center Newsletters: Volume 2., No. 3, Spring, 1982, 2 copies

Box 160 Newsletters: Volume 3., No. 1, Spring, 1983, 2 copies

Box 160 Material Related to Conference On: "Data for Decision Making,", Graduate Center of The City University of New York,, December 3, 1982, White Folder

Box 160 Siegenthaler, Jurg K "Tools for theComparative Study of IndustrialRelations Systems.",, 1967/68, Brown Folder

[Of Cornell University's New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations and the Comparative Modernization Research Methods Program]

Box 161 Ezra Suleiman "Inquiry Among the Directors of the General Administration.",, [n.d.]

[French copy, pp.1-26, and English Translation, pp.1-22]

Box 161 British Elites Study-Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings on British elites, mostly Financial Times and the Spectator,, 1971, Questionnaires

Box 161 Master Code for Germany Study, 1969, pp. 1-34

Box 161 British Study, 1969, Questionnaire

Box 161 Update of Preprints and Reprints Lists with attached correspondance, 1979-1984

Box 161 David Riesman Correspondence dealing with his Lazarsfeld Lecture at Columbia University,, 1980

Box 161 Corespondence regarding reprint of Reisman Lecture (1981). Columbia published copy of the second Lazarsfeld lecture by James S. Coleman. "Authority Systems." (1980), reprinted from Public Opinion Quarterly, 1980, pp. 143-163. William C Adams and Dennis J. Smith. "Effects of Telephone Canvassing on Turnout and Preferences: A Field Experiment." Reprinted from Public Opinion Quarterly, 1980, 389 395,, 1980

Box 161 Materials and correspondence dealing with the Fourth Lazarsfeld lecture by Seymour Mar tin Lipset entitled "The Academic Mind at the Top: The Political Behavior and Values Of Faculty Elites." 1982. Copy of lecture reprinted from Public Opinion Quarterly, Vol. 46, pp. 143-168,, 1982

Box 161 Typescript of fifth Lazarsfeld lecture by Raymond Boudon , Entitled: "Why the Theories of Social Change Fail. Some Methodological Thoughts." February 11, 1983, pp.1-27. One copy of reprint in Public Opinion Quarterly,Vol 47, 1983 pp.143-160,, 1983

Box 161 Richard Morris and Vincent Jefferies, UCLA Department of Sociology. "Watts Attitude Study. White Reaction Study." Institute of Government Public Affairs, UCLA, 1967, Edited and Compiled for Research Utilization by the Program for the Administration of Justice by DenVer University College of Law. Complimentary Copy Presented To Dr. Allen Barton by the Director of the Denver University Program,, 1967, Light-Blue Paper Cover

Box 161 List of Government Projects and Grants Since CSS's Inception, 1981

Box 161 Second. Year Report Publications List and Grantees Vitae, 1979

Box 161 Summaries and Summary Follow-ups of Research Reports in Preparation For the Center's Five Year Report,, 1982

Box 161 Returned Research Summaries For Five Year Report, 1975, 1981

Box 161 Material for letter to Researchers for Fifth Year Report, 1982(?)

Box 161 Copies of Photographs Used in Five Year Report, 1980's (?)

Box 161 Fred Knubel's Photo Used as Cover for Five-Year Report, 1983

Box 161 Draft of Paper for Five-Year Report by Seymour Spilerman and Burton Singer. "Construction and Testing of Mathematical Models of Social Processes Using Fragmentary Data.",, 1983(?)

Box 161 Drafts of Materials for Center's Second Year Report, 1978(?)

Box 161 Non-Project Materials. 5th. Year Report, 1982

Box 161 Materials and Correspondence Relating to Five Year Summaries, 1982

Box 161 More Research Summaries for 5th. Year Report, 1982

Box 161 More Research Summaries and Correspondence related to Fifth Year Report,, 1981

Box 161 Early Center Annual Reports, March, 1978

Box 161 Material and Correspondence related to the New York Area Under Graduate Research Program (NYAURP),, 1982

Box 161 Outlines of Contents of Five Year Reports, 1976-1982, 1982

Box 161 Five Year Report of the Director, 1982

Box 161 Report: Responses and Correspondence Concerning the Reception of the Five year Report,, 1980's

Box 161 Reseach Summaries and Correspondenc. Second Year Progress Report, 1977-1980

[Also copy of Eleanor Singer "Informed Consent Procedure in Surveys: Some Reasons for Minimal Effects on Response." 1979, pp. 185-216. Reprinted in "Federal Regulations: Ethical Issues and Social Research." Edited by Murray L. Waxd Joan Cassell. 1979, Vol. 36 of the American Association for the Advancement of Science Selected Symposium]

Box 161 Miscellaneous Problems and Correspondence Concerning The Five Year report and copies of Center"s Notes (of the ) Program in Sex Roles and Social Change,, Fall, 1978 and Spring, 1979

Box 161 Research projects to be Listed by Name not Summarized in Five Report Report,, 1981

Box 161 Miscellaneous Files and Correspondence. FiveYear Report, 1982

Box 161 Correspondence and Proofs and Galleys of the Five Year Report, 1982

Box 161 Grant Lists and Dates, 1981-1982

Box 161 Grants and Proofs for Publications of Professor Alan Lomax, 1978-1982

Box 161 List of Non-Government Grants, 1976-1981

Box 162 Correspondence and other materials relating to Fund Raising for the Paul F. Lazarsfeld Fund,, January -April, 1980

Box 162 Photos from the 1980 Coleman Paul Lazarsfeld Lecture, 1980

Box 162 Materials and Correspondence Relating to the Seventh Annual Paul F. Lazarsfeld Lecture by Bernard Bailyn entitled "History And the Creative Imagination," Including Center Mailing Lists,, 1984-1985

Box 162 Materials and Correspondence Relating to the Eighth Annual Lazarsfeld Lecture by Amos Tversky, entitled "Rational Choice and Cognitive Illusion," Including Mailing Lists,, 1986

Box 162 Materials Related to Anthropology Projects Connected with Grants Received by Center Members and Projects Relating to Immigration And Correspondence in Connection with the Compilation of the Center"s FiveYear Report, mostly in reference to Professors DeWind, Lomax, and Wasserstrom,, 1986

Box 162 Materials Related to Economics Projects Undertaken by Center Members, 1986

Box 162 Materials Relating to Economics Projects Undertaken by Center Faculty, 1986

Box 162 Materials Related to Projects On Geography Undertaken by Center Staff, 1980's (?)

Box 162 Materials Related to History Projects Undertaken by Center Staff in Reference to Five-Year Report of Center's Development Since ,, 1981, 1986

Box 162 Materials Relating to Linguistics Projects Undertaken by Center Staff, 1986

Box 162 Materials Relating to Political Science Projects Undertaken By Center Staff,, 1986

Box 162 Materials Relating to Sociology Projects Undertaken by Center Staff, 1982-1986

Box 162 Administrative Materials Including Staff Lists, 1981-1986

Box 162 Materials and Draft Reports Related to Center's Second Five-Year Report and the Director's Report related to The Second Five-Year Report,, 1980's (?)

Box 162 Drafts and Other Materials Relating to Bhagwati Article For Spring, 1983. Newsletter Article,, 1983

Box 162 Materials and Drafts for Review of Book entitled "The Logic and Limits of Trust." By Bernard Barber,, 1983

Box 162 Materials Relating to Annual Housing Survey Article by Andrew A. Beveridge for the Spring, 1983 Newsletter,, 1983 (?)

Box 162 Materials including Correspondence for Glaser Article for Spring, 1983 Newsletter,, 1983 (?)

Box 162 Materials Relating to Possible article for the Fall 1983 Newsletter by the Dohrenwends,, 1982-83

Box 162 Materials Relating to Special report on Working Conditions in the Bell Telephone Company-Special Report No.1,, 1980's(?)

Box 162 Materials Relating to Bell Project for Special Report No. 2, and one copy of the Report,, 1983

Box 162 Manuscript Versions of AT&T Special Reports, 1982 -1983, 3 copies

Box 162 Miscellaneous AT& T Graphs, 1981

Box 162 Materials Relating to AT& T Special Reports, 1983

Box 162 Materials Relating to and Bell Special Report No. 3, Dec., 1983

Box 162 Materials including Correspondence and proofs for the First Annual Report of the International Economics Research Center (IERC),, 1982-1983

Box 162 Materials on the Data Archive, Research and Training Services (Darts) Unit of the Center for the Social Sciences,, 1980's

Box 162 Materials Related to the Center's Brochure Concerning The 1980 Census, 1980 (?)

Box 162 Twenty-Ninth Folder: Lists of Center Affiliated Researchers, 1980's (?)

Box 162 Materials, Proofs and Correspondence Concerning a Proposed Pamphlet on Global Economics by Professor Jagdash Bhagwati For IERC,, 1983

Box 162 Materials on IERC, 1981 And copy of article by Maurice Obstfeld entitled "Contributions to International Economics: Theory and Policy." From Econometrica, Vol. 50, No.5, September,, 1982, pp. 1219-1242

Box 162 Copy of Center's Five Year Report, 1976-1981, 1982, pp. 1-107 Green Covered Pamphlet

Box 163 Lists of Center's Preprints, Reprints and Reports, October, 1984 and October, 1986

Box 163 Drafts , correspondence and other materials related to the Director's Second Five YearReport,, 1981-1986, 1986-1987

Box 163 Drafts and correspondence related to Second Five-Year Report, 1986 & 1987

Box 163 Proofs and Correspondence related to the Second Five-Year Report, 1986-1987

Box 163 Correspondence, Proofs , Manuscripts and Other Materials Connected with Second Five-Year Report,, 1986-1987

Box 163 Photographs Connected with Second Five-Year Report, 1980's (?)

Box 163 Final Page Proofs of the Second Five-Year Report, 1987

Box 163 Materials Relating to the Center's Spring 1981 Newsletter, Vol.2, No.1, 1981 (?)

Box 163 Materials Relating to the Center's Fall 1981 Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 2, 1981 (?)

Box 163 Materials relating to the Center's Winter 1982 Newsletter, Volume 2, No. 3,, 1981-1982

Box 163 Materials related to the Center's Spring 1982 Newsletter, 1982 (?)

Box 163 Correspondence and articles on stress for the Fall 1983 Newsletter, 1983,, 1983 (?)

Box 163 Final Proof Copies of Fall 1983 Newsletter, Vol.3, No.2,1983, 1983 (?)

Box 163 Materials Relating to the Center's Spring 1984 Newsletter, (1980's?)

Box 163 Final Manuscripts and Attached Correspondence for Spring 1984 Newsletter,, (1980's?)

Box 163 Typescript: Code Book for Finance Agencies Study of comptrollers offices and Departments of Finance in the United States,, No Date (1980's?), pp.1-78 Blue Bound Xerox Copy