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Bureau of Applied Social Research records, 1938-1977

Series VI: Articles

Boxes 137-141. The articles are listed chronologically and, within each year, alphabetically by author. Most of them report on research carried out at the Bureau of Applied Social Research or its predecessor, the Office of Radio Research. Those from 1935-1936 and some of the 1937 articles were produced by Paul Lazarsfeld before the creation of the Office of Radio Research, but were always listed by him as the Office's first publications in accordance with his effort to build up the organization. He also encouraged staff members and fellow faculty members to list their publications as "Bureau publications" for the same reason. Wherever possible we have indicated specific project numbers for articles which could be directly attributed to a Bureau research project.

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Box 137 Folder A1 Kornhauser, Arthur W., and Paul F. Lazarsfeld. "The Techniques of Market Research from the Standpoint of a Psychologist" Training of Skilled Workers: Salary and Wage-Setting, F. Cushman and C. Balderston, eds., New York: American Management Assn.,, 1935, 24 pp.

Box 137 Folder A2 Lazarsfeld, Paul F. "The Art of Asking Why." National Marketing Review, vol. I, no. 1,, Summer, 1935, 7 pp., 2 copies.

Box 137 Folder A 4 Lazarsfeld, Paul F. "The Outlook for Testing Effectiveness in Advertising." The Management Review, vol. XXV, no. 1,, January,1936, pp. 3-12

Box 137 Folder A 3 ______. "Public Attitude Toward Economic Problems." Market Research, vol. V, no. 2,, August, 1936, pp. 13-15., 2 copies

Box 137 Folder A 7 Lazarsfeld, Paul F. "Psychological Techniques in Marketing Research." Ch. III: "Psychological Aspects of Questionnaire Development," pp. 62-81; ch. IV: "Further Consideration of Psychological Aspects," pp. 82-91; ch. XI: "Psychological Technique of Classification," pp. 190-213; ch. XV: "Psychological Approach in the Development of Conclusions," pp. 267-281. The Technique of Marketing Research, New York: McGraw-Hill,, 1937

Box 137 Folder A 8 ______. "Some Remarks on the Typological Procedures in Social Research."Zeitschrift fur Sozialforschung, vol.VI,no. 1,, 1937, pp. 119-137.

Box 137 Folder A 5 ______ "The Use of Detailed Interviews in Market Research." Journal of Marketing, vol. II,, July,1937, pp. 3-8.

Box 137 Folder A 6 ______, and Rowena Wyant. "Magazines in 90 Cities-Who Reads What?" Public Opinion Quarterly, vol. 1, no. 4,, October,1937, pp. 29-41.

Box 137 Folder A 9 Lazarsfeld, Paul F., and Marjorie Fiske. "The'Panel' as a New Tool for Measuring Opinion." Public Opinion Quarterly, vol. II, no.'4,, October, 1938, pp.596-612.

Box 137 Folder A 68a Cantril, Hadley, and Hazel Gaudet. "Familiarity as a Factor in Determining the Selection and Enjoyment of Radio Programs." Journal of Applied Psychology, vol. 23, no. 1,, February, 1939, pp. 85-94.

Box 137 Folder A 69b Curtis, Alberta. "The Reliability of a Report in Listening Habits." Ibid.,, 1939, pp.127-130

Box 137 Folder A 69a Gaudet, Hazel. "The Favorite Radio Program." Ibid., 1939, pp. 115-126.

Box 137 Folder A 73c Holter, Frances. "Radio Among the Unemployed." Ibid., 1939, pp. 163-169.

Box 137 Folder A 69c Lazarsfeld, Paul F. "The Change of Opinion During a Political Discussion." Ibid.,, 1939, pp. 131-147.

Box 137 Folder A 67b ______. "Interchangeability of Indices in the Measurement of Economic Influences." Ibid,, 1939, pp. 33-45.

Box 137 Folder A 66a "Radio Research and Applied Psychology: Introduction by the Guest Editor:" Ibid,, 1939(?), pp. 1-7.

Box 137 Folder A 73b Meyrowitz, Alvin, and Marjorie Fiske. "The Relative Preference of Low-Income Groups for Small Stations." Ibid,, 1939, pp. 158-162.

Box 137 Folder A 66b Ollry, Francis, and Elias Smith (pseud. of P. F. Lazarsfeld). "An Index of 'Radio-Mindedness' and Some Applications." Ibid,, 1939 (?), pp. 8-18.

Box 137 Folder A 67a Sayre, Jeanette. "A Comparison of Three Indices of Attitude Toward Radio Advertising." Ibid,, 1939, pp. 23-33.

Box 137 Folder A 10 ______. "Progress in Radio Fan-Mail Analysis." Public Opinion Quarterly, vol. III, no. 2,, April, 1939, pp. 272-278.

Box 137 Folder A 67c Smith, Elias (pseud. of P. F. Lazarsfeld). "A Difficulty in the Feature Analysis of a Radio Program." Journal of Applied Psychology, vol. 23, no. 1,, February, 1939, pp. 57-59.

Box 137 Folder A 73d Frank Stanton. "Factors Involved in 'Going on the Air."' Ibid, 1939, pp. 170-187.

Box 137 Folder A 73a Suchman, Edward A. "Radio Listening and Automobiles." Ibid, 1939, pp. 148-157.

Box 137 Folder A 68c Wagner, Isabelle F. "Articulate and Inarticulate Replies to Questionnaires." Ibid,, 1939 (?), pp. 104-114.

Box 137 Folder A 66c Wiebe, G. D. "A Comparison of Various Rating Scales Used in Judging the Merits of Popular Songs." Ibid,, 1939, pp. 18-22.

Box 137 Folder A 12 Beville, H. M., Jr. "The ABCD's of Radio Audiences." Public Opinion Quarterly, vol. IV, no. 2,, June, 1940, pp. 195-206.

Box 137 Folder A 15 Curtis, Alberta. "Listeners Appraise a College Station." Station WOI, Iowa State College, Washington, D.C.: Federal Radio Education Committee,, 1940, 70 pp.

Box 137 Folder A 13 ______. "Radio and Reading." The Saturday Review of Literature, June 8, 1940, pp. 11-13.

Box 137 Folder A 78c Daniel, Cuthbert. "Statistically Significant Differences in Observed Per Cents," Journal of Applied Psychology, vol. 24, no. 6,, December, 1940, pp.826-830.

Box 137 Folder A 77a ______. "Three Types of 'Like' Reactions in Judging Popular Songs: A Remark to the Preceding Article on the 'Program Analyzer." Ibid. vol. 24, no. 6,, December, 1940, pp. 746-748.

Box 137 Folder A 76a Fleiss, Marjorie. "The Panel as an Aid in Measuring Effects of Advertising: Ibid. vol. 24, no. 6,, December, 1940, pp. 685-695.

Box 137 Folder A 14 Gaudet, Hazel. "High School Students Judge Radio Programs." Education, June, 1940, pp. 639-646.

Box 137 Folder A 77c ______and E. C. Wilson. "Who Escapes the Personal Investigator?" Journal of Applied Psychology, vol. 24, no. 6,, December, 1940, pp. 773-777.

Box 137 Folder A 16 Herzog, Herta. "Why People Like the Professor Quiz Program." Radio and the Printed Page, by Paul F. Lazarsfeld. New York: Duell, Sloan & Pearce,, 1940, pp. 64-93.

Box 137 Folder A 74a Lazarsfeld, Paul F. "Introduction by the Guest Editor" Journal of Applied Psychology, vol. 24, no. 6,, December, 1940, pp. 661-664.

Box 137 Folder A 11 ______. " 'Panel' Studies." Public Opinion Quarterly, vol. IV, no. 1, March, 1940, pp. 122-128.

Box 137 Folder A 78a ______ "The Use of Mail Questionnaires to Ascertain the Relative Popularity of Network Stations in Family Listening Surveys." Journal of Applied Psychology, vol. 24, no. 6,, December, 1940, pp. 802-816.

Box 137 Folder A 78b ______, and William S. Robinson. "The Quantification of Case Studies." Ibid,, 1940 (?), pp. 817-825.

Box 137 Folder A 17 ______, and William S. Robinson. "Some Properties of the Trichotomy 'like, no opinion, dislike' and Their Psychological Interpretation." Sociometry, vol. III, no. 2,, 1940, pp. 151-178.

Box 137 Folder A 76c Peterman, Jack N. "The 'Program Analyzer': A New Technique in Studying Liked and Disliked Items in Radio Programs." Journal of Applied Psychology, vol. 24, no. 6,, December, 1940, pp. 728-74 1.

Box 137 Folder A 78d Robinson, W. S. "Preliminary Report on Factors in Radio Listening" Ibid,, 1940 (?), pp. 831-837.

Box 137 Folder A 74c Smith, Elias (pseud. of P. F. Lazarsfeld), and Edward A. Suchman. "Do People Know Why They Buy?" Ibid,, 1940, pp. 673-684.

Box 137 Folder A 74b Stanton, Frank, "A Two-Way Check on the Sales Influence of a Specific Radio Program." Ibid,, 1940, pp. 665-672, and one loose copy

Box 137 Folder A 77b Suchman, Edward A., and Boyd McCandless. "Who Answers Questionnaires?" Ibid,, 1940 (?), pp. 758-769.

Box 137 Folder A 76b Wiebe, Gerhart. "The Effects of Radio Plugging on Students' Opinions of Popular Songs." Ibid,, 1940 (?), pp. 721-727.

[(note-2 copies of each article of nos. A74a-A78d.)]

Box 137 Folder A21 Adomo, T. W. "On Popular Music." Studies in Philosophy and Social Science, vol. IX, no. 1,, 1941, pp. 17-48

[New York: Institute of Social Research.]

Box 137 Folder A 26 Daniel, Cuthbert, and H. M. Beville, Jr. "Classification of Educational Radio Research." Washington, D.C.: Federal Radio Education Committee,, 1941, 12 pp., 2 copies.

Box 137 Folder A 27 Gaudet, Hazel, and Cuthbert Daniel. "Radio Listener Panels." Washington, D.C.: Federal Radio Education Committee,, 1941, 47 pp.

Box 137 Folder A 22 Herzog, Herta. "On Borrowed Experience." Studies in Philosophy and Social Science, vol. IX, no. 1,, 1941, pp. 65-95.

[New York: Institute of Social Research]

Box 137 Folder A 24 Lazarsfeld, Paul F. "Audience Building in Educational Broadcasting." Journal of Educational Sociology, vol. 14, no. 9,, May, 1941, pp. 533-541.

Box 137 Folder A 25 ______. "Evaluating the Effectiveness of Advertising by Direct Interviews." Journal of Consulting Psychology, vol. V, no. 3,, July-August 1941, pp.170-178.

Box 137 Folder A 23 ______ "Remarks on Administrative and Critical Communications Research." Studies in Philosophy and Social Science, vol. IX, no. 1,, 1941, pp. 2-16

[New York: Institute of Social Research]

Box 137 Folder A 18 ______. "Repeated Interviews as a Tool for Studying Changes in Opinion and Their Causes." American Statistical Association Bulletin, vol. 2,, January, 1941, pp. 3-7.

Box 137 Folder A 19 ______. "Some Notes on the Relationship Between Radio and the Press." Journalism Quarterly, vol. XVIII, no. 1,, March, 1941, pp. 10-13.

Box 137 Folder A 20 ______. "Studying the Effect of Radio." Transactions of the New York Academy of Sciences, series II, vol. III, no. 5,, March, 1941, pp. 126-129.

Box 137 Folder A 42 Wyant, Rowena, and Herta Herzog. "Voting Via the Senate Mailbag." Public Opinion Quarterly, vol. V, no. 3,, Fall, 1941, pp. 359-382

[and no. 4, winter 1941, pp. 590-624]

Box 137 Folder A 29 Lazarsfeld, Paul F. "Are Newspaper Stations Different from Others?" Testimony and Analysis of Certain Exhibits Before the Federal Communications Commission (with H. S. Hettinger). New York: Newspaper Radio Committee,, April, 1942, pp. 3-11.

Box 137 Folder A 28 ______ "The Daily Newspaper and Its Competitors." Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, vol. 219,, January, 1942, pp.32-43

Box 137 Folder A 31 ______ "The Effects of Radio on Public Opinion." Radio and Film in a Democracy, Douglas Waples. Chicago: University of Chicago Press,, 1942, pp.66-78.

Box 137 Folder A 32 ______. "Statistical Analvsis of Reasons as Research Operation." Sociometry, vol. V, no. 1,, February ,1942, pp. 29-47., 2 copies.

Box 137 Folder A 30 ______, and Ruth Durant. "National Morale, Social Cleavage and Political Allegiance." Journalism Quarterly, vol. XIX, no. 2,, June, 1942, pp.150-158.


Box 137 Folder A 33 Merton, Robert K. "A Note on Science and Democracy." Journal of Legal and Political Sociology, vol. 1,, 1942, pp. 115-126.

Box 137 Folder A 34 Lazarsfeld, Paul F., and Robert K. Merton. "Studies in Radio and Film Propaganda." Transactions of the New York Academy of Sciences, vol. VI, no. 2, November 22,, 1943, pp. 58-79.

Box 137 Folder A 36 Fiske, Marjorie. "How Consumers React to Radio Advertising by Retailers." Sales Management, vol. XXXV,, April 15, 1944, 3 pp.

Box 137 Folder A 37 ______. "Program Analyzer." Film News, vol. 5, no. 6, June, 1944, p. 3, 2 copies.

Box 137 Folder A 35 Lazarsfeld, Paul F. "The Controversy Over Detailed Interviews-An Offer for Negotiation." Public Opinion Quarterly, vol. VIII, no. 1,, Spring, 1944,, pp. 38-60.

Box 137 Folder A 39 ______. "The Election Is Over." Ibid. vol. VIII, no.3, Fall, 1944, pp. 317-330.

Box 137 Folder A 56 ______,et al. "Polls, Propaganda and Politics." The Nation. A series of articles ,, August 12 - November 4, 1944., 28 pp.

Box 137 Folder A 40 ______,and Robert K. Merton. "The Psychological Analysis of Propaganda." Proceedings of Writers' Congress Conference. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press,, 1944, pp. 362-380, 2 copies

Box 137 Folder A 38 Merton, Robert K., and Patricia Kendall. "The Boomerang Response: The Audience Acts as Co-Author-Whether You Like It or Not." Channels, National Publicity Council, vol. XXI no. 7,, June, 1944, pp. 1-7.

Box 137 Folder A 41 Neurath, Paul. "One-Publisher Communities: Factors Influencing Trend." Journalism Quarterly, vol. XXI, no. 3,, September, 1944, pp. 230-242.

Box 137 Folder A 51 Berelson, Bernard. "The Public Library, Book Reading, and Political Behavior." Library Quarterly, vol. XV, no. 4,, October, 1945, pp. 281-299, 2 copies.

Box 137 Folder A 60 Kornhauser, Arthur W. "Replies of Psychologists to a Short Questionnaire on Mental Test Developments, Personality Inventories, and the Rorschach Test." Educational and Psychological Measurement, vol. 5, no. 1,, Spring, 1945, pp. 3-15.

Box 137 Folder A 72 ______. "Replies of Psychologists to Several Questions on the Practical Value of lntelligence Tests." Educational and Psychological Measurement, vol. 5, no. 2,, Summer, 1945, pp. 181-189.

Box 137 Folder A 53 Lazarsfeld, Paul F. "Who Influences Whom-It's the Same for Politics and Advertising." Printer's Ink, vol. 211, no. 10,, June 8, 1945, pp. 32-36.

Box 137 Folder A 43 ______, and Bernard Berelson. "Women: A Major Problem for the PAC." Public Opinion Quarterly, vol. IX, no. 1,, Spring, 1945, pp. 79-82.

Box 137 Folder A 46 ______, and Marjorie Fiske. "The Columbia Office of Radio Research." How to Conduct Consumer and Opinion Research, Albert Blankenship, ed. New York: Harper and Brothers,, 1945, pp. 137-150

[Also Hollywood Quarterly, vol. 1, no. 1, October 1945, pp. 51-59, 2 copies including one typescript]

Box 137 Folder A 71 ______, and Marjorie Fiske. "The Office of Radio Research: A Division of the Bureau of Applied Social Research, Columbia University." Educational and Psychological Measurement, vol. 5, no. 4,, Winter, 1945, pp.351-369

[2 copies, one from Ed. And Psychological measurement Journal , and one from Blankenship book.]

Box 137 Folder A 57 ______, and Raymond Franzen. "Mail Questionnaire as a Research Problem." The Journal of Psychology, vol. 20,, 1945, pp. 293-310.

Box 137 Folder A 49 ______, and Raymond Franzen. "Prediction of Political Behavior in America." American Sociological Review, vol. X, no. 2,, April, 1945, pp.261-273.

Box 137 Folder A 61 ______, and Raymond Franzen. "The Validity of Mail Questionnaires in Upper Income Groups." Time, Inc., Research Report No. 940,, October 1, 1945, 6 pp.

Box 137 Folder A 59 ______, and Patricia Kendall. "The Listener Talks Back" Radio in Health Education, New York Academy of Medicine: Columbia University Press,, 1945, pp. 48-65.

Box 137 Folder A 45 ______, and Genevieve Knupfer. "Communications Research and International Cooperation." The Science of Man in the World Crisis, Ralph Linton, ed. New York: Columbia University Press,, 1945, pp. 465-495.

Box 137 Folder A 59 ______, and Patricia Salter. "Problems and Techniques of Magazine Research." Magazine World,, August 1945-June 1946, (12 articles), 39 pp.

Box 137 Folder A 50 Merton, Robert K. "Role of the Intellectual in Public Bureaucracy." Social Forces, vol. 23, no. 4,, May,1945, pp. 405-415.

Box 137 Folder A 48 ______. "Sociological Theory." American Journal of Sociology, vol. L, no. 6,, May, 1945, pp. 462-473, 2 copies

Box 137 Folder A 47 ______. "The Sociology of Knowledge." Twentieth Century Sociology, G. Gurvitch and W. E. Moore, eds. New York: Philosophical Library,, 1945, pp. 366-405.

Box 137 Folder A 54 Mills, C. Wright. "The Trade Union Leader. A Collective Portrait." Public Opinion Quarterly, vol. 9, no. 2,, Summer, 1945, pp. 158-175.

Box 137 Folder A 54a ___________ Condensation of A54 entitled, "Who Are Our Labor leaders," In Readers Digest,, February, 1946, pp., 9-14.

Box 137 Folder A 44 Zeisel, Hans, and Herta Herzog. "Radio Broadcasting." The New International Year Book. New York: Funk and Wagnalls,, 1945, pp. 515-519

Box 137 Folder A 75 Berelson, Bernard, and Patricia Salter. "Majority and Minority Americans: An Analysis of Magazine Fiction." Public Opinion Quarterly, vol. 10, no. 2,, Summer, 1946, pp. 168-190.

Box 137 Folder A 62 Fiske; Marjorie, and Leo Handel. "Motion Picture Research: Content and Audience Analysis." Journal of Marketing, vol. XI, no. 2,, October, 1946, pp.129-134, 4 copies.

Box 137 Folder A 52 Lazarsfeld, Paul F. and Patricia Salter. " An Outline of Magazine Research Procedures," based on articles on subject by same authors in August, 1945 and May,1946 issues of Magazine World, both issues of which are also included in folder for A 52.,, 1945-1946

Box 137 Folder A 64 Lazarsfeld, Paul F. "Radio and International Cooperation as a Problem of Psychological Research." Journal of Consulting Psychology, vol. X, no. 1,, January-February 1946, pp. 51-56.

Box 137 Folder A 55 Merton, Robert K., and Patricia Kendall. "The Focused Interview." American Journal of Sociology, vol. LI, no. 6,, May ,1946, pp. 541-557, 2 copies.

Box 137 Folder A 79 Mills, C. Wright. "The Competitive Personality." The Partisan Review, September-October 1946, pp. 441-443.

Box 137 Folder A 70 Mills, C. Wright. "The Middle Classes in Middle-Sized Cities: The Stratification and Political Position of Small Business and White Collar Strata." American Sociological Review, vol. XI, no. 5,, October, 1946, pp.520-529.

Box 137 Folder A 65 Berelson, Bernard. "The Quantitative Analysis of Case Records: An Experimental Study." Psychiatry, vol. X, no. 4,, November, 1947, pp. 395-403.

Box 137 Folder A 80 Fiske, Marjorie, and Leo Handel. "Motion Picture Research: Response Analysis." Journal of Marketing, vol. XI, no. 3,, January, 1947, pp. 273-280.

Box 137 Folder A 83 ______ "New Techniques for Studying the Effectiveness of Films." Ibid.. no. 3., April, 1947, pp. 390-393.

Box 137 Folder A 84a Gottlieb, Lillian. "Radio and Newspaper Reports of the Heirens Murder Case." Journalism Quarterly, vol. 24, no. 2,, June, 1947, pp. 97-108, 2 copies.

Box 137 Folder A 84 Knupfer, Genevieve. "Portrait of the Underdog." Public Opinion Quarterly, vol. 11 no. 1,, Spring, 1947, pp. 103-114.

Box 137 Folder A 86 Lazarsfeld, Paul F. "Audience Research in the Movie Field." Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, vol. 254,, November, 1947, pp. 160-168.

Box 137 Folder A 85 ______ "Some Remarks on the Role of Mass Media in So-Called Tolerance Propaganda." Journal of Social Issues,, Summer, 1947, pp. 17-25.

Box 137 Folder A 88 Merton, Robert K. "The Expert and Research in Applied Social Science: Notes for Discussion." A mimeographed paper prepared for the Social Science Research Council,, November, 1947, 40 pp, four copies

[Including one reprint and three xeroxes.]

Box 137 Folder A 82 ______ "Selected Problems of Field Work in the Planned Community." American Sociological Review, vol. XII, no. 3,, June, 1947, pp. 304-312.

Box 137 Folder A 87 Robinson, William S., and Ken Green. "The Relation Between the Percentage of 'Most' Listeners to a Radio Station and the Percentage of the Total Listening Time Obtained by It." Journal of Psychology, vol. 23,, 1947, pp.255-281.

Box 137 Folder A 89 Merton, Robert K. "The Bearing of Empirical Research Upon the Development of Social Theory." American Sociological Review, vol. 13, no. 5,, October, 1948, pp. 505-515.

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Box 138 Folder A 104 ______ "The Machine, the Worker and the Engineer." Science, vol. 105, no. 2717,, January 24, 1947, pp. 79-84.

Box 138 Folder D-8003 Margit A. Johansson The Differential Effects of Reduced research Funding on University Scientists,, 1970, One Folder Fact Sheet and Questionnaires

Box 138 Folder A 95 Bigman, Stanley K. "Rivals in Conformity: A Study of Two Competing Dailies." Journalism Quarterly, vol. 25, no. 2,, 1948, pp.127-131.

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Box 138 Folder A 91 Hart, Clyde, Eugene Hartley, Robert K. Merton and Louis Wirth. "What Do We Know About Prejudice?- A Radio Discussion." , University of Chicago,, May 2, 1948, 13 pp.

[Round Table, no. 528.]

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[Also in American Sociological Review, vol. III, no. 5, October 1938, pp.672-682]

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[*Paper Missing-No Explanation]

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