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Bureau of Applied Social Research records, 1938-1977

Series V: Doctoral Dissertations

Boxes 135-136. Doctoral Dissertations were submitted to the Sociology Department of Columbia University. All Columbia dissertations are available on interlibrary loan; address requests to Interlibrary Loan Service, Columbia University Libraries. Those available on microfilm are so designated and may be purchased directly from University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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Box 135 Folder D-8001 Hillsman, Sally T. Entry into the Labor Market: The Preparation and Job Placement of Negro and White Vocational High School Graduates,, 1970, 539 pp.

[Dissertation proposal copy]

Box 135 Folder D-8002 Camilla Auger Fluidics: A Study of the Growth Pattern of a New technology,, 1968-1970, 3 Folders Folders Contain: Proposal (August, 1968)-10 pp., Progress Report (March, 1970)-12 pp.and Request for Continued Research Permission (April, 1970)-9 pp.

Box 135 Folder D-8003 Margit A. Johansson The Differential Effects of Reduced Research Funding on University Scientists,, 1970, One Folder Fact Sheet and Questionnaires

Box 135 Folder D-8004 David, Deborah S. Career Patterns and Values: A Study of Men and Women in Science and Engineering,, 1969, 278 pp. 2 copies and draft paper entitled "Value Differences of Women Scientists & Engineers," , 1971, 7 pp., 2 copies.

Box 135 Folder D-8005 Richard H. B. Mendes The professional Union: A Study of the Social Services Employees Union of the New York City Department of Social Services,, 1969, Three Folders, Qustionnaires and some Chapters.

[Cross-referenced with S-1095.]

Box 135 Folder D-8006 Reitz, Jeffrey The Flight from Science: Student Disillusionment with Careers in Science and Engineering,, 1972, 203 pp.

Box 135 Folder D-8007 Sherry Gorelick Incentives & Obstacles to Management Hiring of the Disadvantaged,, 1970's (?), One Folder Fact Sheet only.

Box 135 Folder D-8008 Elisabeth Gemberling, Margaret Nelson in collaboration with Sam D. Sieber The Role of Secondary Education in the Development of Indigenous Leadership in American Indian Communities,, 1970-1973, Four Foldersand One Book Book and First folder are both copies of the Final Report (218 pp. plus appendices). Other Folder scontain 2 copies of Master"s Essay Entitled "An Analytic Framework for the 1968 Study," (1973)-55 pp. -2 copies, Proposal (1969) , Codebooks and Questionnaires..

Box 136 Folder D-8009 Single, Eric Sociological Aspects of Debt Entanglement, 1970-1971, One bound BASR Report and Two Folders Bound Report and One folder contain thesis -276 pp. -(2 copies), while second folder contains Proposal and Abstract (1970)-6 pp.

[Based on B-1060]

Box 136 Folder D-8011 Rodriguez, Orlando Social Determinants of Non-Return: A Study of Foreign Students from Developing Countries in the United States,, 1974, One book and One Folder Book and folder contain identical copies of the thesis-(199 pp.each

[Based on B-1108]

Box 136 Folder D-8012 Nelson, Margaret K. The Adoption of Innovations in Urban Schools, 1975-1976, One book and three Folders Book is original copy of thesis (march , 19750. First Folder is revised version of thesis (February, 1976)- each is 306 pp. Other folder scontain Proposal entitled 'Innovation in :Large City High Schools, by Nelso and Sieber and article (1976) cross referneced to record A-724.