Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Language and Culture Archive of Ashkenazic Jewry, 1949-1997

Series V: LCAAJ III, 1950-1993

This series is an archive of the Atlas ' third volume. The series was left in its original order. This series contains material pertaining to the foreword of the third volume, handwritten and typed legends, lists of maps and locations, and other notes used for preparing the third volume for publication.

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Box 243 Folder 1 Correspondence and Mss. Cited by the Author in his Foreword [LCAAJ III], 1992; undated

Copies from books, articles (English and Yiddish); copies of letters between Uriel Weinreich and Lazar Vilenkin from YIVO archives (correspondence of Marvin Herzog with Bea Weinreich regarding these copies); typescript of Andrew Sunshine's review of The Ashkenazic Jews: A Slavo-Turkic People in Search of a Jewish Identity by Paul Wexler; Yiddish manuscript; correspondence betweeen Max Weinreich and Dr. L. E. Schmitt (University of Marburg) (German)

Box 243 Folder 2 Leyzer Vilenkin: Correspondence and Mss. Cited by Herzog in his Foreword [LCAAJ III], 1965-1967; 1976 ;1993

Copy of "tsu der geshikhte fun di yidishe dialektn" [On the History of Yiddish Dialects] by L. Vilenkin, 1965 (Yiddish); copy of correspondence between Uriel Weinreich and L. Vilenkin (Yiddish); copy of "Mayn arbet iber dem 'yidishn shprakhatlas fun sovyetnfarband'" by L. Vilenkin, 1965 (Yiddish); copy of abstract "Yiddish Language Geography: Soviet and American Studies" by Marvin Herzog;

Box 243 Folder 3 Uriel Weinreich: letters, papers, proposals, notes toward a Yiddish language and culture atlas [LCAAJ III], 1949-1950; undated

Typescript of "vegn onvendn dem geografishn metod in der yidisher lingvistik un folkloristik" [On the Applications of Geographic Methodology in Yiddish Linguistics and Folklore] (Yiddish); typescript of "Studies in the Cultural and Linguistic Geography of Coterritorial Societies"; bibliographic excerpts

Box 243 Folder 4 Uriel Weinreich: "A Jewish Language and Culture Atlas" [LCAAJ III], 1950; 1959; undated

Manuscript drafts and typescripts; English; Yiddish

Box 243 Folder 5 Inventory of Map Symbols [LCAAJ III], undated

Box 243 Folder 6 Vol. 3 Maps [LCAAJ III], undated

List of maps; lexical index to maps (EWC index); notes on maps regarding "typical development", "sporadic lexical variants", more notes and legends for each map

Box 243 Folder 7 Vol. 3 Legends (original order) [LCAAJ III], 1980

List of maps (English; Yiddish)

Box 243 Folder 8 Dialectological Index [LCAAJ III], 1961; 1963; 1967

First draft July 1961; version July 1963; version revised Feburary 1967

Box 243 Folder 9 Index of "Areal Omissions" for maps [LCAAJ III]

Handwritten list; printed list with notes

Box 243 Folder 10 Historical Maps [LCAAJ III], 1980

Copies of maps; maps with handdrawn additions; 9 maps to be used as introductory maps, with explanations

Box 243 Folder 11 Locations [LCAAJ III]

Printed list of locations and their names

Box 243 Folder 12 Uriel Weinreich: "On Dialectal Variations in Yiddish Grammar" [LCAAJ III]

Typescript with some notes; English

Box 243 Folder 13 Max Weinreich: Typescript regarding Western Yiddish [LCAAJ III]


Box 244 Folder 1 Legends: Original [LCAAJ III]

Handwritten drafts with notes

Box 244 Folder 2 Combined Volume: Handwritten legends I, introductory and phonology [LCAAJ III]

Box 244 Folder 3 Combined Volume: Handwritten legends, pattern 1 [LCAAJ III]

Box 244 Folder 4 Combined Volume: Handwritten legends, pattern 2 [LCAAJ III]

Box 244 Folder 5 Handwritten legends, pattern 3 [LCAAJ III]

Box 244 Folder 6 Duplicate typed legends, pattern 3 [LCAAJ III]

Box 244 Folder 7 Handwritten legends, pattern 4 subsections [LCAAJ III]

Box 244 Folder 8 Duplicate typed legends, pattern 4 subsections [LCAAJ III]

Box 244 Folder 9 Duplicate typed legends, pattern 4 [LCAAJ III]

Box 244 Folder 10 Duplicate typed legends, pattern 5 [LCAAJ III]

Box 244 Folder 11 Duplicate typed legends, pattern 6 [LCAAJ III]

Box 244 Folder 12 Duplicate typed legends, pattern 7 [LCAAJ III]

Box 244 Folder 13 Handwritten legends, pattern 8 [LCAAJ III]

Box 244 Folder 14 Duplicate typed legends, pattern 8 [LCAAJ III]

Box 244 Folder 15 Handwritten legends, pattern XYZ [LCAAJ III]

Box 244 Folder 16 Duplicate typed legends, pattern XYZ [LCAAJ III]

Box 244 Folder 17 Questionnaire [LCAAJ III], 1968; undated

Xerox copy of questionnaire "grunt-nuskeh fun der ankete" (Jan 1968); typed copy of table of contents of Western Questionnaire; other copies

Box 244 Folder 18 Legends: Reduced Photocpies [LCAAJ III]

Vera Baviskar

Box 244 Folder 19 Copies of Base Map [LCAAJ III]

Vera Basivkar; minimal annotation

Box 244 Folder 20 Information on Symbols [LCAAJ III]

Vera Baviskar; lists and tables

Box 244 Folder 21 Color Layouts [LCAAJ III]

Vera Baviskar; maps with overlay

Box 244 Folder 22 Legend layouts and typesetting instructions [LCAAJ III], 1981; undated

Vera Baviskar

Box 245 Folder 1 Mordkhe Schaechter: Yiddish translation of English introduction to LCAAJ [LCAAJ III], 1979; 1981

Typescript; two letters to M. Herzog

Box 245 Folder 2 Vol. 1 Yiddish Intro [LCAAJ III], 1979; 1981; undated

Typescripts with notes; obituary for Uriel Weinreich; list of maps; multiple copies; Yiddish

Box 245 Folder 3 Vol. 2 [LCAAJ III], 1992

Correspondence; Marvin Herzog; Andrew Sunshine; Steven Lowenstein; Niemeyer

Box 245 Folder 4 Maps [LCAAJ III]

Grid map marked with dialect areas; printed maps with notes

Box 245 Folder 5 Base map [LCAAJ III]

Maps with annotations; plotted maps; location lists; notes regarding "East-West Continuum" in vol. 3

Box 245 Folder 6 Locations [LCAAJ III]

Lists and tables with minimal notes

Box 245 Folder 7 Miscellaneous [LCAAJ III], 1991; 1994-1996; undated

Location lists with notes; notes and ideas for further volumes; maps; notes on duplicates (Yiddish); plotted maps; other lists; e-mail correspondence between Zachary Baker and M. Herzog; copies from IPA manual; printer sample of symbols and typescripts; e-mail correspondence between Mikhl Herzog and researchers/Mendele listserv; clipping from Forward; other notes

Box 245 Folder 8 Quality of /R/ [LCAAJ III], 1995; undated

Table "Quality of R & R dropping"; e-mail correspondence between M. Herzog and David Braun

Box 245 Folder 9 C-Map legends [LCAAJ III]

Typed legends, some with comments/notes/corrections

Box 245 Folder 10 Corresponding items in Polish Atlas [LCAAJ III]

Handwritten list

Box 245 Folder 11 Slavic Dialect Maps [LCAAJ III]


Box 245 Folder 12 Dutch Yiddish [LCAAJ III], 1958

Typed vocabulary list; AH Knipers

Box 245 Folder 13 Classification of Map Patterns, Historical Maps [LCAAJ III], 1980

Vera Baviskar; maps with annotations and commentary; notes; material for 9 introductory maps

Box 245 Folder 14 Maps: Commentary [LCAAJ III], 1994; 1996

Letter (Yiddish; English); e-mail correspondence with researchers/Mendele listserv; maps; copies from dictionaries

Box 245 Folder 15 Vol. 3 Introduction [LCAAJ III], 1988; undated

List of maps; typescript "Commentary" with notes; other typescripts; miscellaneous

Box 245 Folder 16 Introduction \O1TXTRU3\ [LCAAJ III], undated

Typescript "D: MAPORDER.MEM"; lists of maps

Box 245 Folder 17 Introduction Notes [LCAAJ III], 1968; 1980; 1985

Copy of "Problems in Using the Data" by Dovid-Leyzer Gold; correspondence between Meyer Wolf and M. Herzog; notes by Vera Baviskar; "Processor's Notes"; "Introduction: Revisions 2/5/85"

Box 245 Folder 18 Tables with locations and linguistic variants, undated