Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Language and Culture Archive of Ashkenazic Jewry, 1949-1997

Series IV: LCAAJ II, 1960-1993

This series is an archive of the Atlas ' second volume. The series was left in its original order. This series includes documents and correspondence pertaining to the planning and publishing of the second volume, and material used for preparation of each chapter of the second volume. This subseries also includes notes on the base maps and the locations, on informants and on the questionnaire.

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Box 237 Folder 1 Archive of LCAAJ II: Contents and alphabetical index

Includes content description for most of the material in this series

Box 237 Folder 2 1: Planning [LCAAJ II], 1991

Documents regarding vol. II of the Atlas

Box 237 Folder 3 2: Future Projects [LCAAJ II], 1969

B. Weinreich; Yiddish

Box 237 Folder 4 3: Miscellaneous (computers, Niemeyer's Prospectus) [LCAAJ II]

Yiddish keyboard

Box 237 Folder 5 4: Indexing [LCAAJ II], 1992, undated

Indexing brochures; document "Index" compiled by Bella Hass Weinberg (YIVO); notes

Box 237 Folder 6 5: Correspondence [LCAAJ II], 1980; 1991-1993

See content description in Folder 1; German and English

Box 237 Folder 7 6: Correspondence of UwithMH with Florence Guggenheim-Grünberg (1965) [LCAAJ II], 1965


Box 237 Folder 8 7: Mouton and Co., Carta [LCAAJ II], 1969-1970

Correspondence of MH with publisher (R. Coutinho at Mouton) and map maker (E. Hausmann at Carta); English; maps

Box 237 Folder 9 8: Title Pages for LCAAJ II [LCAAJ II], 1993

See content description in Folder 1; English and Yiddish

Box 237 Folder 10 9: Epigraphs for LCAAJ II [LCAAJ II]

Box 237 Folder 11 10: Contents for LCAAJ II [LCAAJ II]

Table of contents

Box 237 Folder 12 11: Acknoweldgements for LCAAJ II (partial) [LCAAJ II]

Box 237 Folder 13 12: Chapter I: Introduction [LCAAJ II], 1991-1992, undated

Notes, drafts, source materials (copies)

Box 237 Folder 14 13: Chapter II: Uriel Weinreich "On Machine Aids..." [LCAAJ II], undated

Copy of article from APS Yearbook

Box 237 Folder 15 14: Chapter III: Robert Neumann "The Computerization of the LCAAJ" [LCAAJ II], 1993

Draft of German text; draft of initial English translation

Box 237 Folder 16 15: Records of Early Experiments in Computerized Map-making [LCAAJ II], 1961; 1967; undated

Maps; listst; coding sheets; telephone booklet; miscellaneous

Box 237 Folder 17 16: Chapter IV: Transcription and Notation [LCAAJ II], 1970, 1975, undated

Draft of chapter; sources for the chapter; notes; examples (not used)

Box 237 Folder 18 17: Transcription and Notation, 1961-1969, undated

Notes, drafts, and revisions (beginning in 1959), English, Yiddish

Box 237 Folder 19 18: Correspondence between Weinreich & Herzog on notation system, 1961-1970

Yiddish and English; copies of notation system handbooks; meeting minutes

Box 237 Folder 20 19: Instructions for reading print-out 1970, 1962; 1970

Plan to computerize the Atlas 1962 (U. Weinreich); instructions for print-out (B. Weinreich)

Box 237 Folder 21 20: Chapter V: Index to the Dialectology, 1963

Various drafts; typescripts with notes

Box 237 Folder 22 21: Chapter V: Subject Index to the Dialectology, undated

Various drafts; typescripts with notes

Box 237 Folder 23 22: Index to the Dialectology 7/63, 1963

Box 237 Folder 24 23: Index to the Dialectology 8/66, 1966


Box 237 Folder 25 24: Index to the Dialectology 1/67, 1967


Box 237 Folder 26 25: Index to the Dialectology (revisions), 1967-68

Typescript of addenda to the Index to the Dialectology, January - April 1967

Box 237 Folder 27 26: Index to the Dialectology (addenda), 1967

Manuscript of addenda to the Index of Dialectology, January-April 1967

Box 237 Folder 28 26a: Printout of Dialectological Index to the Questionnaire and Index to the Dialectology, 1993 (?)

Box 238 Folder 1 27: Index to the Paragraph Number in the Dialectology to which each Question in the Questionnaire is Relevant, undated

Handwritten table

Box 238 Folder 2 28: Chapter VI: Contents of the Questionnaire, undated

Source materials; printout

Box 238 Folder 3 29: Chapter VI: Dialectological Index to the Questionnaire, 1988; undated

Copy of early printout with Herzog's handwritten notes; notes and queries

Box 238 Folder 4 30: Lexical Index to the Questionnaire, 1992; undated

Copy of early printout; printout of materials in the database with Herzog's handwitten notes toward the Lexial Index to the Questionnaire)

Box 238 Folder 5 31: Chapter VII: Base-Map and Locations, undated

Numerical index of locations (introduction, index by location number, notes for introduction and index); alphabetical index of locations; typescripts with notes; newspaper clipping; notes

Box 238 Folder 6 32: Map of regional abridgements of the Questionnaire, 1961-1963


Box 238 Folder 7 33: Symbolization of Locations, 1961

July 1961; typescript

Box 238 Folder 8 34: Base-Map and the Locations, 1985; undated

Photocopy (reduction) of map of profession of informants (WY); Numerical index of Locations: Versions and Drafts; "Toponymical List" photocopied from S. A. Birnbaum Yiddish: A Survey and a Grammar (1979: 135-141);

Box 238 Folder 9 35: interviewers and locations covered by each; status of transcripts; missing questionnaires, 1967; undated

Box 238 Folder 10 36: Place Names: Locations by Number, 1966 (?)

Data printout

Box 238 Folder 11 37: Variants of Place Names, undated

Prototype for the Numerical Index of Locations; table

Box 238 Folder 12 38: Place Names, 1968; undated

Assorted noes and photostats; data printout

Box 238 Folder 13 39: Transcription of Various Languages, undated

Handwritten notes and tables

Box 238 Folder 14 40: Index to towns in USSR, undated

Handwritten and typewritten list

Box 238 Folder 15 41: Information on Settlements, undated

From Russian Encyclopedia; handwritten notes; English

Box 238 Folder 16 42: Base-Map and the Locations: Correspondence 1960-64, 1960-1964

Uriel Weinreich; Marvin Herzog; English

Box 239 Folder 1 43: Base-Map and the Locations: Correspondence 1965-66, 1965-1966

Marving Herzog and Vincent Kotschar; English

Box 239 Folder 2 44: Base-Map and the Locations: Correspondence 1967-68, 1967-1969

Marving Herzog and Vincent Kotschar; Bea Weinreich and Vincent Kotschar; English

Box 239 Folder 3 45: Base-Map and the Locations: Assorted notes and map drafts, 1963-1971

handwritten notes; maps; Yiddish

Box 239 Folder 4 46: Base-Map and the Locations: List of Map Titles, undated

In Vera Lockwood Baviskar's handwriting; English

Box 239 Folder 5 47: Base-Map and the Locations: Correspondence on Published Maps, 1962; 1967-1968

Non-LCAAJ maps; U. Weinreich; English

Box 239 Folder 6 48: Base-Map and the Locations: Segments of Maps Consulted to Establish Correct Locations, undated

Map cut-outs with notes

Box 239 Folder 7 49: Base-Map and the Locations: Miscellaneous Items in Base-Map (corrections), 1967, undated

Handwritten notes and lists; index cards; English and Yiddish

Box 239 Folder 8 50: Chapter VIII: The Informants

Missing: This folder was not found in the inventory

Box 239 Folder 9 51: Information on Informants, undated

Data on Western Yiddish informants (compiled by Steven Lowenstein); Map of professions of informants (WY)

Box 239 Folder 10 52: Informant Search, 1968-1982 (?)

Handwritten notes and addresses; informant data sheets; correspondence with informants; lists; maps

Box 239 Folder 11 53: Informant Information, 1969; 1972

B: Weinreich; Yiddish; English; tables and lists; maps;

Box 239 Folder 12 54: Informant Search (Eastern Yiddish), 1960-1967

Yiddish and English correspondence with informants; U. Weinreich; M. Herzog;

Box 239 Folder 13 55: Informant Search, 1961-1964

Yiddish and English correspondence with informants; U. Weinreich;

Box 239 Folder 14 56: Bibliography of LCAAJ II (draft), undated


Box 239 Folder 15 57: Chapter ALEF: vegn a nayem yididshn shprakh- un kultur-atlas by U. Weinreich, undated

Typescript; offprint of article from Di goldene keyt; photocopies of A. Liessen's Yidish (quoted by Weinreich in the article)

Box 239 Folder 16 58: Chapter BEYZ: The Questionnaires, undated

SMQ dittograph edition

Box 240 Folder 1 59: Chapter BEYZ: The Questionnaires, 1992 (?)

SMQ "Vortnik" edition; printout with notes

Box 240 Folder 2 60: Chapter BEYZ: The Questionnaires, undated

SMQ Signum edition (unedited); "The Questionnaires: A Table of Contents for the Typescript - The Standardized Master Questionnaire (SMQ): A Topical Outline"

Box 240 Folder 3 61: Chapter BEYZ: The Questionnaires, 1993

SMQ Signum edition with corrections by Beatrice Weinreich (March/April 1993);

Box 240 Folder 4 62: Chapter BEYZ: The Questionnaires, undated

SMQ various materials including queries, notes, transcript data page sample and non-authoritative list of tikn-toesn;

Box 240 Folder 5 63: Chapter BEYZ: The Questionnaires, undated

Western Questionnaire and Ethnographic Supplement; WQ/ES: Signum edition (unedited); WQ/ES: Dittograph edition; WQ/ES: WordPerfect edition

Box 240 Folder 6 64: Western Yiddish Questionnaires: Source Materials, 1965

Copy of Florence Guggenheim-Grünberg's Minhagim ; questionnaire with note from UW (8/4/65) attached

Box 240 Folder 7 65: "Notes on Questionnaire: Changes and Other Notes", 1962-1971

Yiddish; English; handwritten notes; documents with notes

Box 240 Folder 8 66: Questionnaire Draft Revisions, undated

Typescript with notes and additions

Box 240 Folder 9 67: "Questionnaire: Hungarian questions for location no. 47179", undated

Handwritten notes

Box 240 Folder 10 68: Questionnaire Correction Sheets, 1962-1965; 1968

Printed copies

Box 240 Folder 11 69: Questionnaire: Errata, 1964;1966; 1969; 1970

Handwritten notes; printed lists

Box 241 Folder 1 70: Questionnaire: Western Yiddish, 1963; 1965; undated

Drafts and copy of Florence Guggenheim-Grünberg's questionnaire; ethnographic supplement; Yiddish

Box 241 Folder 2 71: Western Artefacts, 1965; undated

Copies from books/museum pamphlets; handwritten notes

Box 241 Folder 3 72: Questionnaire: Western Ethnographic Supplement, 1965; undated

Drafts; copy of Max Weinreich's questionnaire re: HOLEGRASCH/HOLEKRASCH;

Box 241 Folder 4 73: Regional Questionnaires, 1961-1962

Maps; cf. "Draft of map of Regional Abridgements of the Questionnaire"

Box 241 Folder 5 74: Regional and Abridged Questionnaires, 1962-1965; 1968

Yiddish; English; handwritten notes and lists; printed lists with notes

Box 241 Folder 6 75: Distribution of Questionnaires, 1961-1970

Handwritten notes and lists; index cards; Yiddish

Box 241 Folder 7 76: Index to Questionnaire, undated

Items and page-question numbers only (no problem numbers, no questionnaire versions); data print-out

Box 241 Folder 8 77: Answer Book Errata, 1962-1965

Handwritten notes; other notes