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Language and Culture Archive of Ashkenazic Jewry, 1949-1997

Series VII: Manuscripts and Publications, 1949-1991

This series contains manuscripts, typescripts, photocopies and offprints by researchers such as M. Weinreich, U. Weinreich, and M. Herzog, including articles for the volume The Field of Yiddish.

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Subseries VII.1: The Field of Yiddish, 1965-1970

This subseries contains correspondence with researchers and publishers regarding the publication ofThe Field of Yiddishand typescripts/manuscripts of articles. It also contains reprints form the third volume ofThe Field of Yiddish.

Box 235 Folder 7 Kestenberg-Gladstein: The Internal Migration of Jews in 19th Century Bohemia, undated

Reprint from The Field of Yiddish (Third Collection)

Box 235 Folder 8 Hutterer: Theoretical and Practical Problems of Western Yiddish Dialectology, undated

Reprint from The Field of Yiddish (Third Collection)

Box 235 Folder 9 Guggenheim-Grünberg: Endinger Jiddisch, undated

Reprint from The Field of Yiddish (Third Collection)

Box 235 Folder 11 Stankiewicz: The Derivational Pattern of Yiddish Personal (Given) Names, undated

Reprint from The Field of Yiddish (Third Collection)

Box 235 Folder 12 Lowenstein: Results of Atlas Investigations among Jews of Germany, undated

Reprint from The Field of Yiddish (Third Collection)

Box 235 Folder 13 Zuckerman: Alsace: An Outpost of Western Yiddish, undated

Reprint from The Field of Yiddish (Third Collection)

Box 235 Folder 14 Ravid: Introductory Maps for the LCAAJ, undated

Reprint from The Field of Yiddish (Third Collection)

Box 235 Folder 16 Green: On Accentual Variants in the Slavic Component of Yiddish, undated

Reprint from The Field of Yiddish (Third Collection)

Box 242 Folder 1 Field of Yiddish III: Columbia University, 1965-68

Correspondence between Marvin Herzog and Columbia Administration

Box 242 Folder 2 FoY III: Schwartz: Geography of Two Food Terms, undated

Bibliographic index cards; typescripts with notes

Box 242 Folder 3 FoY III: Herzog: Yiddish in the Ukraine, 1966; undated

Manuscript and typescripts with notes; maps (incl. negatives); English; Yiddish

Box 242 Folder 4 FoY III: Eugene Greene, 1968

Correspondence between Marvin Herzog and Eugene Greene

Box 242 Folder 5 FoY III: Ruth Kestenberg-Gladstein, 1965-67

English; Hebrew; Yiddish; correspondence between Marvin Herzog and Ruth Kestenberg-Gladstein; other correspondence

Box 242 Folder 6 FoY III: Miklos Hutterer, 1965-66

English; correspondence between Marvin Herzog and Miklos Hutterer; typescripts "Theoretical and Practical Problems of Western Yiddish Dialectology"; typescript with notes

Box 242 Folder 7 FoY III: Wolf: Maps, undated

Box 242 Folder 8 FoY III: Steven Lowenstein, 1965; undated

Typescripts and manuscripts with notes; "Results of Atlas Investigations among Jews of Germany"; maps

Box 242 Folder 9 FoY III: Bibliographies, 1966-67

Bibliographic index cards; notes; printed correspondence and lists with notes

Box 242 Folder 10 FoY III: NIMH, 1966-67

Correspondence between Marvin Herzog and NIMH

Box 242 Folder 11 FoY III: Mouton and Co., 1965-70

Correspondence between Marvin Herzog/Uriel Weinreich and Mouton & Co. Publishers

Box 242 Folder 12 FoY III: Formatting, 1965-66

Notes and correspondence regarding formatting of bibliography, foreign languages and place names in FoY III; copies of FoY prefaces; English; Yiddish; Uriel Weinreich

Box 242 Folder 13 FoY III: Clowes & Sons (Printers), 1967-1969

Correspondence between Marvin Herzog and Clowes & Sons

Box 242 Folder 14 FoY III: Permission to Publish, 1965-1967

Slips signed by authors giving permision for article publication in FoY III

Box 242 Folder 15 FoY III: Ravid: Preparation of Introductory Population Maps, undated

Two typescripts with notes

Box 242 Folder 16 FoY III: Mordkhe Schaechter, undated

Manuscript and typescript "The Stunting Influence of the 'Hidden Standard' on the Development of Written Yiddish" (English); typescript (Yiddish) of earlier version of essay (?)

Box 242 Folder 17 FoY III: Edward Stankiewicz, 1965-1969

Correspondence between Uriel Weinreich/Marvin Herzog and Edward Stankiewicz (English)

Box 242 Folder 18 FoY III: Richard Zukerman, 1965-1966; 1969

Typescript and manuscript of footnotes; copy of "Report on Atlas Coverage of Alsace" (Conference on Yiddish Dialectology June 11, 1965); correspondence between Uriel Weinreich and Richard Zukerman (Yiddish); correspondence between Marvin Herzog and Richard Zukerman (English)

Box 242 Folder 19 FoY III: Florence Guggenheim-Grünberg, 1965-1966

Correspondence between Marvin Herzog and Florence Guggenheim-Grünberg; German; English

Box 242 Folder 20 FoY III: Uriel Weinreich, 1965 (?)

Typescript with notes of "der geografisher geboy fun raysishn yidish" [The Geographic Structure of Belorussian Yiddish] (Conference on Yiddish Dialectology, June 11, 1965); Yiddish; one index card

Box 242 Folder 21 FoY III: Meyer Wolf, 1965-1966

Typescript "Chapter 1" (two typescripts), "Chapter 2", "Chapter 3" (with notes); typed comments on chs. 1-5; typed comments on Wolf's thesis by R. Austerlitz; maps; notes; lists; letter to Marvin Herzog regarding bibliography

Subseries VII.2: Offprints and Photocopies, 1955-1991

This subseries contains offprints of articles by M. Weinreich, U. Weinreich and M. Herzog from the 1950s and 1960s. It also contains miscellaneous copies of articles, book chapters and pamphlets.

Box 218 Folder 16 Miscellaneous, 1963, 1979, 1990

Copy of U. Weinreich's article "Mapping a Culture", copy of S. Birnbaum's "Yiddish - A Survey and a Grammar", Final Report of "International Meeting of Experts on Preservation and Promotion of Yiddish Language and Culture", copy

Box 219 Folder 7 U. Weinreich's "On Dialectal Variations in Yiddish Grammar", 1991

U. Weinreich's "On Dialectal Variations in Yiddish Grammar" (edited); correspondence with Ellen Prince

Box 220 Folder 7 miscellaneous

Book chapters on the University Marburg; letter

Box 231 Folder 27 Eisenstadt, 1960

Article "Eisenstadt Revisited" by Alfred Werner in Jewish Frontier Feb 1960, pp.11-15

Box 232 Folder 5 Yiddish Expressions in English language press, 1958; 1960; 1968-1969

Press clippings (Yiddish and English)

Box 232 Folder 6 Eastern Foklore, 1970; undated

Yiddish theater playbill "Shalakhmones - An Experiment in Yiddish Theater"; notes on Weebster's III (Yiddish and English); NYT press clipping; Tog-Morgn Zhurnal press clipping

Box 232 Folder 8 Foklore, 1967; 1970; undated

Brochure "The Relevance of Yiddish (Workmen's Circle, English); brochure "The Dying Language that Refuses to Die" (English); Yiddish press clippings; other notes

Box 232 Folder 9 Written Samples of Yiddish, undated

Newspaper clipping of story "Der Schubkarren"; copy of book chapter "Text im Bukowiner Judendeutsch"

Box 232 Folder 10 Artifacts, undated

Magazine chapter "Grodno" of the Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora (Hebrew); brochure "Jewish Paper Cuts" and flyer "Necklace from San'a, Yemen" from the Haifa Municipiality Ethnological Museum and Folklore Archives (English and Hebrew)

Box 233 Folder 5 M. Weinreich: On the Dynamics of Yiddish Dialect Formation, 1965

Print copy

Box 233 Folder 6 M. Weinreich: About the Author and the Present Volume (In: Yiddish Folksongs with Melodies), 1957

Print copy

Box 233 Folder 7 M. Weinreich: Old Yiddish Poetry in Linguistic-Literary Research, 1960

Print copy

Box 233 Folder 8 M. Weinreich: Holekrash: A Jewish Rite of Passage, undated

Print copy

Box 233 Folder 9 M. Weinreich: The Reality of Jewishness versus the Ghetto Myth: the Sociolinguistic Roots of Yiddish, 1967

Print copy

Box 233 Folder 10 M. Weinreich: di sistem yidishe kadmen-vokaln, undated

Print copy; Yiddish

Box 233 Folder 11 M. Weinreich: a shprakh-dokument fun arum 1800, undated

Print copy; Yiddish

Box 233 Folder 12 M. Weinreich: Fundamentals in the History of Yiddish (II), 1955

Print copy Yidishe Shprakh vol. XV; Yiddish

Box 233 Folder 13 M. Weinreich: The System of Yiddish Protovowels; U. Weinreich: The Plural of noz, 1960

Print copy Yidishe Shprakh vol. XX; Yiddish

Box 233 Folder 14 M. Herzog: Yiddish in the Ukraine, 1968

Print copy; Hebrew

Box 233 Folder 15 M. Herzog: Review of "A Linguistic Atlas of Eastern European Yiddish", 1965

Print copy

Box 233 Folder 16 M. Herzog: Channels of Systematic Extinction in Yiddish Dialects, 1964

Print copy; maps

Box 233 Folder 17 M. Herzog: Grammatical Features of Markuze's Seyfer Refues (1790), 1965

Print copy

Box 233 Folder 19 M. Herzog: Yiddish in the Ukraina: Isoglosss and Historical Inferences, undated

Print copy

Box 233 Folder 20 U. Weinreich: Multilingual Dialectology and the New Yiddish Atlas, 1962

Print copy

Box 233 Folder 21 U. Weinreich: Lexicographic Defintion in Descriptive Semantics, 1962

Print copy

Box 233 Folder 22 U. Weinreich: Grants no. 2986 and no. 3194, 1963

Print copy; American Philosophical Society

Box 233 Folder 23 U. Weinreich: On the Compatibility of Genetic Relationsihp and Convergent Development, 1958

Print copy

Box 233 Folder 24 U. Weinreich: On the Description of Phonic Interference, 1957

Print copy

Box 233 Folder 25 U. Weinreich: The Geographic Makeup of Belorussian Yiddish, undated

Print copy; notes on cover

Box 233 Folder 26 U. Weinreich: Review of Thought and Language, 1963

Print copy

Box 233 Folder 27 U. Weinreich: Webster's Third: A Critique of its Semantics, 1964

Print copy

Box 233 Folder 28 U. Weinreich: An Arguing with Mr. Katz: A Brief Rejoinder, 1967

Print copy

Box 233 Folder 29 U. Weinreich: Yiddish Poetry, 1957

Print copy

Box 233 Folder 30 U. Weinreich: Reserach Frontiers in Bilingualism Studies, undated

Print copy; proceedings of VIII International Congress of Linguists

Box 235 Folder 6 Wexler: Belorussian, 1974

Copy of "Explorations in Byelorussian Historical Bilingual Dialectology and Onomastics" in The Slavonic and East European Review, Volume LII, no. 129, Oct. 1974

Box 235 Folder 15 News of the YIVO, 1965

Article on "Conference on Yddish Dialectology"; English; Yiddish

Box 235 Folder 17 Lieberson: Language Questions in Censuses, 1966

Reprint from Sociological Inquiry, vol. 36, no. 2, 1966

Box 235 Folder 18 כללי התעתיק מכתב עברי לכתב לאתיני, Transliteration rules Hebrew-Latin alphabet, 1956-1957

Academy of the Hebrew Langauge

Box 235 Folder 19 R. M. R. and Hall: Some Apparent Orthographic Inconsistencies in American Family Names of Yiddish Origin, undated

copy from a book/journal

Box 235 Folder 20 Piotrovksy: Making models of phonological systems, 1966

Russian; copy

Box 235 Folder 21 Columbia College Today, 1972

Article "A New-Old Language" p. 6 about Yiddish courses at Columbia

Subseries VII.3: Manuscripts/Typescripts, 1949-1989

This subseries contains manuscripts and typescripts by U. Weinreich and others affiliated with theAtlasproject (including papers by graduate students of the Yiddish Studies department). This subseries includes typescripts of U. Weinreich's "Outlines of a Yiddish Descriptive Dialectology".

Box 222 Folder 3 Atlas: Dialectology, 1960

U. Weinreich "Roshey-prokim fun a deskriptiver yidisher dialetkologye mit a provisorishn struktureln un leksikalishn indeks tsum yidishn shprakh- un kultur-atlas. Ershter Teyl: Fonologye" (2 versions: 70 pp, 40pp)

Box 222 Folder 4 Atlas: Dialectology, 1959

Flash cards; one newspaper clipping; hand-written draft "sistematishe yidishe dialektologye - skelet farn yidishn shprakh- un kultur-atlas" (part 1: fonologye, part 2: morfologye un morfofonemik") 86pp

Box 224 Folder 18 Atlas. Supplementary Material, 1962, 1966

"A Detailed Account of the Mode of Life in my Town of Kurshan" by Harry M. Rosenthal (1962); comments on questionnaire by M. Schaechter (1969)

Box 224 Folder 19 U. Weinreich, 1960, undated

"Completion of Field Research for an Atlas of Central and Eastern European Jewry - Statement of Plans" (1960); "Geographic Uniformity and Diversity in Coterritorial Langauges and Cultures - Plans for Continutation Phase, 1963-67"

Box 227 Folder 14 Der geografisher geboy fun raysishn yidish (The Geographic Structure of Belorussian Yiddish), 1965

Yiddish; handwritten draft and typescript; U. Weinreich

Box 228 Folder 1 Outlines of Yiddish Descriptive Dialectology (OYDD), 1960, undated

Typescript with corrections; copy of article; U. Weinreich

Box 228 Folder 2 Outlines of Yiddish Descriptive Dialectology (OYDD) cont'd, 1959, undated

U. Weinreich; handwritten diary (togbukh); handwritten notes; handwritten draft

Box 228 Folder 3 Outlines of Yiddish Dialectology, 1959 (?)

Draft of U. Weinreich's "Outlines of Yiddish Dialectology" with mark-ups

Box 228 Folder 4 Hantbukh farn zamler (Handbook for the collector), 1959

Copy no. 2; typescript with mark-ups and comments; maps

Box 231 Folder 13 Jim Haines' "Vowel 25", 1972

Typescript of paper "Proto-Yiddish Vowel 25 and the Evaluation of Max Weinreich's Proto-Yiddish Vowel System as a Tool for Yiddish Historical Research"

Box 231 Folder 22 Althaus, 1969

Typescript "Exempla kontrastiver Sprachgeographie des Jidischen und Deutschen"; maps; Zeitschrift für Dialektologie und Linguistik 1969 no.

Box 233 Folder 1 U. Weinreich: nezer (Noses), 1960

U. Weinreich; maps "Plural of 'nose'"; typescripts and manuscript "nozn, nezer, nez: a kapitl gramatishe geografye"; correspondence with Yudl Mark/YIVO; notes

Box 233 Folder 2 U. Weinreich: Belorussian Yiddish, undated

Maps; notes; manusripts; Russian

Box 233 Folder 3 Yiddish Bibliography, 1953; 1966; undated

Box 233 Folder 4 Bilingualism Bibliography, 1949

Box 233 Folder 18 M. Herzog: From Dialect Geography to Relative Chronology, 1962

Dec. 29th 1962; typescript; subtitle: "The Evidence of Yiddish Isoglosses"; maps; 37th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America

Box 233 Folder 31 Nydorf: Vowel 34, undated


Box 234 Folder 1 "Four Riddles in Bilingual Dialectology", 1963

U. Weinreich; Sofia, Sep. 1963; print copy; several typescripts with mark-ups (English, Yiddish, Russian); notes; maps; diagram

Box 234 Folder 2 "Western Traits in Transcarpathian Yiddish", 1963

U. Weinreich; July 1963; print copy; several typescripts with notes (English); manuscript additions; maps

Box 234 Folder 3 "Culture Geography at a Distance", 1962-1966

U. Weinreich; AES Washington April 14th 1962; correspondence with American Ethnological Society; conference fliers; maps; print copy; several typescripts with comments and notes; notes

Box 234 Folder 4 Krapiva Festschrift Paper, 1965

U. Weinreich; maps with comments; English; Russian; notes; typescript

Box 234 Folder 5 "Geographical Differentiation in Coterritorial Languages", 1960

U. Weinreich; Louvain Aug 1960; French; Yiddish; English; one slide; International Congress of General Dialectology, Brussels and Louvain; typescript and manuscript with markups "Geographic Differentiation in Coterritorial Lanuguages: Preliminary Results of the New Yiddish Dialect Atlas"; maps; other notes; two postcards

Box 234 Folder 6 "Multilingual Dialectology & the New Yiddish Atlas", 1961

U. Weinreich; AAA Philadelphia Nov 18th 1961; letters; conference program; typescript; maps

Box 234 Folder 7 Basic Facts about Yiddish (YIVO), 1964

U. Wenreich; revision 1964; pamphlet "Basic Facts about Yiddish" (YIVO 1947) with markups

Box 234 Folder 8 to be included in "Вопросы языкознания" (Linguistic Questions), 1965

U. Weinreich; 7 July 1965; Russian

Box 234 Folder 9 Bibliography and Autobiographical Statement, 1958; 1967; 1969; undated

U. Weinreich; M. Herzog

Box 235 Folder 1 Herzog: Etymology vs. Geography, 1964

M. Herzog; conference booklet; typescript "etimologye antkegn geografye: a shtudye in der leksisher diferentsirung fun yidish"; maps

Box 235 Folder 3 Althaus, 1969

German; bibliography; typescript "Die Erforschung der Jiddischen Sprache" in Current Trends in Linguistics; one page in English

Box 235 Folder 4 Meyer Wolf, 1969

English; "Working at the LCAAJ 1961-1965"; "On Fieldwork and Research for the LCAAJ"

Box 235 Folder 5 Robert King: "History of Yiddish", 1979

Typescript "New Perspectives on the History of Yiddish: The Evidence of the German Component"; Robert D. King, The University of Texas at Austin; International Conference on Research in Yiddish Language and Literature, Oxford August 6-9, 1979

Box 235 Folder 10 Weinreich and others: Вопросы языкознания, 1965


Box 235 Folder 22 Badner: "Food from calves' feet" (Term paper), 1981

"A phonological, lexical and ethnographic study of the Yiddish terminology denoting "the food made from calves' feet"

Box 235 Folder 23 Gold: "Noun Plurals" (abstract), 1971

"Regional Variation in the Formation of Yiddish Noun Plurals"

Box 235 Folder 24 Goldwasser: Old Yiddish, Northwestern Polish Yiddish (term papers), 1966

"Some Problems in the Analysis of an Old Yiddish Text"; "A Brief Survey of the Yiddish Dialect of Northwestern Poland"; maps

Box 235 Folder 25 Snyder: Kugel or Teygekhts, untitled (term papers), 1973-1974


Box 235 Folder 26 Slotnick: Butter Churn (term paper), 1972

"Yiddish Lexical Variants for 'Butter Churn'"; maps

Box 248 Folder 7 Miscellaneous, 1989; undated

"The Language and Cultural Atlas of Ashkenazic Jewry: Realizing the Design" by Vera Baviskar; other notes and copies

Box 248 Folder 25 Birnboym Article, 1982; undated

Notes; maps