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Language and Culture Archive of Ashkenazic Jewry, 1949-1997

Series I: Administrative Records, 1955-1997

This series contains financial records and grant applications, correspondence with researchers and linguists, correspondence pertaining to the collaboration between the LCAAJ and other projects in the 1990s, as well as correspondence and press clippings pertaining to the publication of the Atlas volumes.

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Subseries I.1: Financial Records, 1955-1996

This subseries contains financial records, correspondence and grant applications for the entire duration of the LCAAJ project. Funding and grants were sought from ACLS-DAAD, Aurora Grant (Columbia University), NEH, NYSCA, HEW, ISHI, NSF, NIMH, APS (Penrose Grants) and through private fundraising efforts primarily by the head researchers Uriel Weinreich and Marivn Herzog. Funding was sought for research, publication of theAtlasvolumes and for sound preservation of theAtlastapes. This subseries includes correspondence with the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, National Foundation for Jewish Culture, Atran Foundation, Littauer Foundation, Wurzweiler Foundation and others.

Subseries I.1.1: ACLS-DAAD

Box 217 Folder 1 ACLS-DAAD: 1991-94, 1991-1994

Grant application; Grant Award; Report of Expenditures; Grant Renewal; Robert Neumann; Forschungsinstitut fuer Deutsche Sprache; Universitaet Marburg

Box 217 Folder 2 ACLS-DAAD: Receipts and reimbursements, Aug 1992-Feb 1996

Banking documents from Dreyfus August 1992-January 1995; ACLS-DAAD receipts and reimbursements Dec 1992 - February 1996

Subseries I.1.2: NEH (1,2,3)

Box 217 Folder 3 LCAAJ: Columbia University, 1986, 1987, 1992-1994, 1996

[Restricted Until 2071]

Yiddish Studies at Columbia; Aurora Grant Application; NEH Grant Application; Partnership with Germany; LCAAJ Audio Archive; GDYL

Box 217 Folder 5 LCAAJ: Budget 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997

Box 217 Folder 6 LCAAJ: NEH and NEH budget, 1978-1982, 1993

NEH budget; publication of LCAAJ vol. 1

Box 217 Folder 7 LCAAJ: Archival preservation of sound recordings, 1994-1995

Correspondence with Butler Libraries; Andy Lanset sound archivist;

Box 217 Folder 8 LCAAJ: Deed of gift, 1995

Box 219 Folder 9 YIVO: NYSCA grant application for audio preservation, 1989

Box 220 Folder 2 LCAAJ: NEH correspondence 1989-94, 1989-1994

Dr. Helen Aguera; Dr. George Farr; Dr. Barbara Paulson

Box 220 Folder 3 LCAAJ: NEH application for 1994-97, 1993-1994

Application; letter of rejection

Box 220 Folder 4 LCAAJ: NEH application for sound preservation 1996, 1996

Box 224 Folder 15 NEH (GDYL), 1978, 1984

Letter regarding the Great Dictionary of Yiddish Language

Subseries I.1.3: NSF

Box 220 Folder 1 LCAAJ: NSF grant application, 1993

Correspondence with Paul Chapin; no submitted application materials

Box 224 Folder 16 NSF proposal, 1963

Box 227 Folder 1 NSF: Proposal Jun 15 1959, 1959

Box 227 Folder 2 NSF: Proposal Jan 1 1961, 1960

Box 227 Folder 3 NSF: Proposal Feb 3 1963, 1962

Box 227 Folder 4 NSF: Proposal Jun 1 1964, 1964

Box 227 Folder 5 NSF: Plans for continuation phase 1963-67, undated

Box 227 Folder 12 NSF: Correspondence, financial reports I, 1959-1962

Uriel Weinreich

Box 227 Folder 13 NSF: Correspondence, financial reports II, 1963-1965

Technical reports; primarily U. Weinreich; M. Herzog

Subseries I.1.4: Grant Proposals--Other

Box 218 Folder 10 Fundraising: Press conference for Atlas vol. 1 and miscellaneous, 1991-1992, 1994

Fundraising; LCAAJ board; European Committee for YIVO; letter to Elie Wiesel; Atlas volume 1 book party in NY; newspaper clippings; Atlas volume 1 press conference in NY; list of guests; letter to Ignatz Bubis; handwritten speech by Marvin Herzog; informational material on the LCAAJ; correspondence with Robert Neumann

Box 218 Folder 11 Fundraising: Correspondence with Avraham Avihai, 1992-1994

Letters; other writings

Box 218 Folder 12 Fundraising: Correspondence with Atran, 1991-1997

Box 218 Folder 13 Fundraising: Correspondence with Lucius N. Littauer Foundation, 1992-1995

Box 218 Folder 14 Fundraising: Various, 1992-1993

Bronfman Foundation; Theodore Klein; The Commission on Preservation and Access; Ambassador of State of Israel Bonds; David Sidorsky; Michael Weissler, American Friends of the Hebrew University; Laurence Weinsten, YIVO board; Morry Weiss, American Greetings Corporation

Box 221 Folder 1 Atlas Correspondence: Data Computerization, 1979-1983

Financial documents; Marvin Herzog; NEH; Meyer Wolf

Box 221 Folder 4 Correspondence about Trips, 1959-1961

Travel budgets; U. Weinreich

Box 221 Folder 5 Steve Lowenstein: Summer '67, 1967

Postcards; office correspondence

Box 222 Folder 2 Atlas: Aurora Grant Application, 1985-1986

Box 223 Folder 1 Atlas: Financial I, 1974-1981

Pay orders; facilities maintenace requests; NEH summary budget; other financial documents

Box 223 Folder 2 Atlas: Financial II, 1975-1976

ISHI (Institute for the Study of Human Issues) as Atlas publisher; mouton publisher; Joshua Fishman; NEH documents; other financial documents

Box 223 Folder 3 Atlas: Financial III, 1972-1980

Monthly statements; correspondence with Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, NEH, National Foundation for Jewish Culture, Atran Foundation, Littauer Foundation, Wurzweiler Foundation and others; Seymour Axelrod (Tay-Sachs disease and isoglosse)

Box 223 Folder 4 Atlas: Financial IV, 1972-1982


Box 223 Folder 5 HEW grant application, 1963; 1965; 1968

US Dept. Of Health, Eduation, and Welfare

Box 225 Folder 1 American Philosophical Society, 1955, 1961-1963

Correspondence between U. Weinreich and APS (Penrose Grants); letters of reference from Morris Halle, William Moulton, Albert Marckwardt; copies from yearbook (publications by M. Weinreich and U. Weinreich)

Box 225 Folder 2 American Philosphical Society: Financial Records, 1961-1963

Receipts; checks; other financial documents

Box 225 Folder 3 Informant Invoices and Certificates, undated

Generic samples

Box 225 Folder 4 Scheachter Receipts, undated

One empty sample form

Box 227 Folder 9 NIMH correspondence, 1963-1968

U. Weinreich; M: Herzog

Box 227 Folder 10 Correspondence: L. B. Torres (NIMH), 1968-1972

U. Weinreich

Box 227 Folder 11 Vera Baviskar's applications, 1974-1975

NEH; Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture

Subseries I.2: Individual Correspondence and Personal Files, 1959-1994

This subseries contains correspondence with researchers and linguists. Some of these researchers were directly involved with theAtlasproject, such as Wita Ravid, Andrew Sunshine, Ulrike Kiefer and Robert Neumann, while some were merely consulted for their expertise, such as Hans-Peter Althaus or Miklos Hutterer. The correspondence was primarily written by Uriel Weinreich and Marvin Herzog. This subseries also contains correspondence regarding the publication of Marvin Herzog's dissertation.

Box 217 Folder 9 Correspondence with Hans-Peter Althaus, 1969-1971

Box 217 Folder 10 Correspondence with Wita Ravid, 1965-1970

[Restricted Until 2045]

Box 217 Folder 11 Correspondence with European Professors, 1968

Ernst Beyer, Rudolph Hotzenkoecherle, Paule Ivic, Harold Orton, H. Speitel, Benvenuto Terraccini,

Box 217 Folder 12 Correspondence with American Professors, 1969-1970

Victor A. McKusick, R. Venetzky

Box 218 Folder 1 LCAAJ: archive, 1993

Robert Neumann

Box 218 Folder 7 Ulrike Kiefer, 1985-1994

Dissertation proposal; correspondence; ALE (Atlas linguarum europae); letters of recommendation

Box 218 Folder 8 Andrew Sunshine, 1990-1994

Correspondence; letters of recommendation; articles

Box 218 Folder 9 Robert Neumann (photographs), 1989-1993


Box 221 Folder 6 Miklos Hutterer, 1965, 1968

Correspondence; U. Weinreich; Marvin Herzog; Shmuel Lapin; Milosz Hutterer

Box 221 Folder 7 Atlas Correspondence, 1959-1968

U. Weinreich; GDYL reviews and response by U. Weinreich

Box 221 Folder 10 Atlas Consultants: Czech Jews, Kurt Wehle, 1962, 1964

Society for the History of Czechoslovacic Jews

Box 221 Folder 11 Atlas Consultants: technical, general linguistic, 1959-1964

Correspondence; U. Weinreich and: George Y. Shevelov; Harold Conklin; Lawrence Krader; Harry Hoijer; Floyd Lounsbury; A. Salys etc.

Box 221 Folder 12 Atlas Consultants: Special Materials, 1962-1964

Correspondence: U. Weinreich and Julius Fischbach; U. Weinreich and Alfred Senn; U. Weinreich and Alphonse Juilland; U. Weinreich and Valdis Zeps; U. Weinreich and Tadeusz Seweryn; Moyshe Altbauer and Polska Akademia Nauk (Polish); copy from book; list of places in the Baranovitsh area where Jews lived during WWII

Box 221 Folder 13 Atlas Consultants: Poland and USSR, 1961-1965

Correspondence: U. Weinreich and Antonia Obrebska-Jablnska; U. Weinreich and Tamara Buch; U. Weinreich and Fedot Tromifovic Zilko (Russian/Ukrainian (?)); U. Weinreich and Wladyslaw Kurzszkiewicz (Polish); U. Weinreich and Ju. F. Mackevic (Russian); U. Weinriech and Pavl Ariste (Yiddish); U. Weinreich and Jerzy Kurylowicz etc.; two postcards

Box 221 Folder 14 Harry Caldwell, 1968

Correspondence Marvin Herzog and Harry Caldwell; brochure "The National Atlas Project"

Box 221 Folder 15 Jacob Birnbaum, 1971

Correspondence: Marvin Herzog and Jacob Birnbaum

Box 221 Folder 16 Ethnol. Atlas Europas und seiner Nachbarländer, 1975


Box 223 Folder 6 Vera Baviskar (née Lockwood), 1987-1988

M. Herzog's correspondence with W. B. Lockwood upon Vera Baviskar's death

Box 224 Folder 17 Robert Neumann, 1988-1989

Box 227 Folder 6 PMLA correspondence, 1965-1966

U. Weinreich; M. Herzog; bibliography

Box 235 Folder 2 Herzog: Dissertation correspondence, 1964-1966

Correspondence about publication of dissertation; Indiana UP; NSF; NIH; U. Weinreich;

Subseries I.3: Collaboration, 1989-1997

This subseries contains correspondence and meeting minutes pertaining to collaboration between theAtlasproject and other institutions/projects in the 1990s, such as EYDES (Germany/France), NYU, and the Förderverein für jiddische Sprache und Kultur (Germany). This subseries includes an EU-grant application in connection with the EYDES project and the founding documents of the Förderverein für jiddische Sprache und Kultur. The correspondence is primarily between Marvin Herzog and Robert Neumann.

Box 217 Folder 4 LCAAJ: partnership with Germany, 1995

Correspondence with German Minister

Box 218 Folder 2 LCAAJ-EYDES cooperation, 1994-1995

Correspondence with Robert Neumann; EU grant application (draft)

Box 218 Folder 3 LCAAJ-EYDES cooperation, 1996-1997

Digitization of LCAAJ tapes; correspondence with Robert Neumann; visit of Nordrhein-Westphalian Minister to Columbia University

Box 218 Folder 4 LCAAJ-EYDES-France, 1995-1996

Correspondence with Robert Neumann, Delphine Bechtel Jean Baumgarten; one letter pertaining to the GDYL

Box 218 Folder 5 LCAAJ-NYU cooperation, 1996-1997

Box 218 Folder 6 Förderverein für jiddische Sprache und Kultur, 1992-1994

Meeting minutes; founding documents; correspondence with LBI; letter from Shimon Peres to Klaus Schütz

Box 218 Folder 17 Grant proposals for other Yiddish projects

Box 220 Folder 6 IDOSSA voice processing project, 1989-1991

Mannheim; Rainer Wimmer

Subseries I.4: Publication, 1960-1996

This subseries contains correspondence with a variety of publishers and cartographers pertaining to the publication of theAtlasvolumes andThe Field of Yiddish, as well as press clippings and reviews of the publishedAtlasvolumes in English, German, Yiddish and Hebrew. This subseries also contains typewritten legends.

Box 219 Folder 1 LCAAJ: reviews (Yiddish and Hebrew), 1993-1996

Press clippings, copies

Box 219 Folder 2 LCAAJ: reviews (German), 1992-1996

Press clippings, copies, letters (Ulrike Kiefer to press)

Box 219 Folder 3 LCAAJ: reviews and press (English), 1992-1993

Press clippings, copies, YIVO

Box 219 Folder 4 LCAAJ: Errata vol. 1, 1992

Correspondence with Hugh Denman

Box 219 Folder 5 LCAAJ: vol. 4 - Western Yiddish, 1980-1984 (?)

Western Yiddish; WY: table of contents; Western maps (symbols, conventions); Steve's notes 70-102, A1-22, Vera's notes; copy of "Dialektologie - ein Handbuch zur allgemeinen und deutschen Dialektforschung)

Box 219 Folder 6 LCAAJ: miscellaneous, 1963-1993 (?)

Descriptions of Atlas project; Atlas preface; letter to Rabbi Jacobs (LBI); U. Weinreich's "Mapping a Culture"; e-mail from R. Neumann about multi-media Atlas.

Box 219 Folder 8 Copyright requests, 1988-1995

B. Weinreich; Avrom Sutzkever (hand written letter)

Box 220 Folder 5 Max Niemeyer publishing house, 1991-1996

Correspondence; contracts; Birgitta Zeller; Robert Niemeyer; YIVO; Sam Norich; Dr. Ulrike Kiefer; Robert Neumann; Wolfgang Putschke; Wolfgang Herbst

Box 222 Folder 1 Atlas: Newspaper Clippings, 1969-1971; 1986

English, Yiddish, Hebrew

Box 224 Folder 1 Atlas Publication: Mouton I, 1969-1974

Herzog-Mouton (DC, PDdr); some materials in Dutch

Box 224 Folder 2 Atlas Publication: Mouton II, 1970-1974

Correspondence with publisher and cartographer; sample map; Bea Weinreich; Mikhl Herzog

Box 224 Folder 3 Atlas Publication: ISHI, 1976-1984

Correspondence between Marvin Herzog and ISHI; contract; budget and financial documents; correspondence between Vera Baviskar and Marvin Herzog

Box 224 Folder 4 Atlas Publication: ISHI II, 1976, 1979-1984

Correspondence regarding production of maps (Vera Baviskar and ISHI)

Box 224 Folder 5 Atlas Publication: McGraw Hill Book Co., 1968-1969

The Joys of Yiddish/Leo Rosten

Box 224 Folder 6 Atlas Publication: Columbia University Press, 1969

Box 224 Folder 7 Atlas Publication: University of Chicago Press, 1969

Box 224 Folder 8 Atlas Publication: Francke Verlag Bern, 1969

Box 224 Folder 9 Atlas Publication: The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, 1969

Hebrew; Khone Shmeruk; publication of Field of Yiddish III

Box 224 Folder 10 Atlas Publication: M. E. Sharpe, 1987-1988

Mikhl Herzog's correspondence with the publisher; contracts; GDYL publication; Indiana University Press; ISHI

Box 224 Folder 11 Publisher: M. E. Sharpe, 1987

Correspondence and contract re: "International Series on Yiddish Studies"

Box 224 Folder 12 Atlas Publication: University Publications of America, 1989

Mikhl Herzog's correspondence with A. Imholtz

Box 224 Folder 13 Publisher: Wm. Clowes & Sons Ltd., 1970

Publication of The Field of Yiddish Vol. III

Box 224 Folder 14 M. Miller Geographer, 1989

Estimate of Project

Box 226 Folder 17 Combined Volume: Complete typed set of duplicates of legends (no additions or corrections), undated

Typwritten pages

Box 226 Folder 18 Combined Volume: duplicates of typed legends (not proofread, without symbols), phonology, undated

Typwritten pages

Box 226 Folder 19 Combined Volume: duplicates of typed legends, pattern I, undated

Typwritten pages

Box 226 Folder 20 Combined Volume: duplicates of typed legends, pattern II, undated

Typwritten pages

Box 226 Folder 21 Combined Volume: duplicates of typed legends, pattern III (subsections), undated

Typwritten pages

Box 227 Folder 7 Press clippings, 1960-1970

Yiddish; English; Hebrew

Box 227 Folder 8 Atlas press coverage, 1962

English; Yiddish; Hebrew; U. Weinreich correspondence with NSF regarding press release

Box 248 Folder 2 Correspondence with Willems, 1970-1973

Cartographic Institue Bootsma; Mouton Publishers; M. Herzog; correspondence about preparing maps for publication