Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Language and Culture Archive of Ashkenazic Jewry, 1949-1997

Series VI: U. Weinreich (Non-LCAAJ), 1959-1971(?)

This series contains research material by Uriel Weinreich that is not directly related to the Atlas project. This series contains miscellaneous correspondence and correspondence pertaining to Western Yiddish by U. Weinreich. This series also contains notes and other research material on Swiss and Alsatian Yiddish, as well as index cards for a Western Yiddish dictionary and a Middle Yiddish dictionary.

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Box 221 Folder 2 Weinreich misc. Correspondence, 1960

Joan Ruben; Shimon Adler; Rokhl Erlich

Box 225 Folder 8 Conference on Yiddish Dialectology, 1965

Conference brochure; Yedies fun YIVO/News from YIVO; Afn Shvel; other news clippings; WEVD; correspondence with YIVO

Box 226 Folder 22 Weinreich dialect notes (mostly), 1959, undated

Handwritten notes

Box 227 Folder 15 Miscellaneous, undated

Handwritten letter by U. Weinreich to John regarding Languages in Contact

Box 231 Folder 1 Swiss Yiddish, 1950, undated

Yiddish; German; copies from "Israelitisches Wochenblatt für die Schweiz"; copies from "Schweizer Dialekte in Text und Ton", typescript with notes of "tsu gast bay dorfsyidn in der shveyts"; miscellaneous notes

Box 231 Folder 2 Lengnau Yiddish, 1950, undated

Notes on interview with one informant; notes on "Sprachatlas der deutschen Schweiz"; manuscript "Zur Atlasaufnahme Lengnau-Jd."; copy of "The horse dealers' language of the Swiss Jews in Endingen and Lengnau"; miscellaneous notes

Box 231 Folder 3 Alsatian Yiddish I, 1950

Notebooks Alsatain Yiddish I and II; manuscript "a kharakteristik fun elzaser yidish"; manuscript "kashes un sfeykes vegn elzaser yidish"; other handwritten notes; Yiddish; French

Box 231 Folder 4 Alsatian Yiddish II, 1956, 1965, undated

Text samples in Alsatain Yiddish; notes

Box 231 Folder 5 Alsatian Yiddish III, 1950; 1952; 1969; undated

Yiddish text "shabes in elzas"with annotations (several versions); handwritten Yiddish text; copies of secondary literature (French; German); correspondenc with informants

Box 231 Folder 9 Western Yiddish: U. Weinreich's correspondence, 1960-65

German; English; French; correspondence with Dr. E. Beyer of the Atlas Linguistique de l'Alsace; correspondence with other scholars

Box 231 Folder 16 Yiddish Seminar Spring 1963

Topic: Alsatian Yiddish; German; Yiddish; notes; copy of "Die Mundarten im Elsass, 1908" by Eduard Harter

Box 276 Uriel Weinreich Western Yiddish Dictionary ALEF-GIML, 1971 (?)

Uriel Vaynraykh mayrev-yidish verterbukh geboyt (?) af eygene intervyuen in shveyts, elzas un lotring - der iker in 1950. Dated 1971. Also contains some bibliographic index cards and photographs of a cattle market ("צאבעון, Alsace or near") in 1950

Box 277 Uriel Weinreich Western Yiddish Dictionary KHES-SOF

Box 278 Uriel Weinreich's Archive: Dictionary and Grammar of the Bovo-Bukh 1544/1661, Ginsberg Collection: Yiddish Letters in Vol. 2 "Historishe Shriftn" from YIVO, 1963 and ?

Also small label "Middle-Yiddish," material for Middle Yiddish dictionary based on Bovo Bukh and other texts; index cards for grammar