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Language and Culture Archive of Ashkenazic Jewry, 1949-1997

Series VIII: Miscellaneous & Phonodisks, 1959-1992

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Contains miscellaneous notes and index cards, and notes by Dr. Mordkhe Schaechter.

Box 218 Folder 15 GDYL: Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, 1991-1992

Correspondence with Jerry Hochbaum; GDYL; internal audit "I should add that, if work on the project is not resumed within the three year period specified by the Columbia University Libraries, the GDYL material that have been deposited with the Libraries will be processed and integrated into their holdings." (1991)

Box 221 Folder 9 Atlas NDEA, 1963

National Defense Education Act; Department of Health, Education and Welfare; printed maps; brochures; newspaper clipping about Sutzkever; newspaper clipping about Yiddish Writer's biography

Box 221 Folder 17 Schaechter: File I (Yiddish), 1962-1969

Small notebook; correspondence U. Weinreich and M. Schaechter; other letters; notes; financial documents

Box 221 Folder 18 Schaechter: File II (Yiddish), 1964-1967

Correspondence U. Weinreich and M. Scheachter; correspondence Shloyme/Marvin Lowenstein and M. Scheachter; other correspondence (one photograph); notes; travel vouchers; corrections to questionnaire

Box 221 Folder 19 Schaechter: File III (Yiddish), 1968-1971

Correspondence Khaskl Iglfeld and M. Schaechter; correspondence Avrom Mentsher and M. Scheachter; other correspondence; newspaper clippings; forms for potential informants

Box 226 Folder 23 Dialectology, 1959, undated

Handwritten notes

Box 228 Folder 7 Miscellaneous, 1969, undated


Box 231 Folder 19 Steve Lowenstein: course proposal, undated

"German-Jewish Folk Culture: An Ashkenazic sub-group under the pressure of modernization"

Box 232 Folder 13 Miscellaneous (not vol. I; for filing), 1980, undated

Notes by Vera Baviskar

Box 236 Folder 1 Workmen's Circle, 1967-1968

Newsletters and invitations from a variety of Workmen's Circle branches; English; Yiddish

Box 248 Folder 5 Xerox of Western Card File, 1969 (?)

"This is a duplicate of the card index of Western place names (completeness not assured)"

Box 248 Folder 10 Copies of answer sheets: 054020; 072040; 087041, undated

Box 263 Folder 1 Notecards for Indexes

Grammatical terms; index for maps

Box 264 Folder 1 Miscellaneous Notecards, 1970 and?

Post-it on box "this file may contain notes and bibliography to the Outlines of Yiddish (Descriptive) Dialectology. It also contains editorial amendments to the questionnaire and notes and citations on dialect mixing" (A. S. 5/3/00)

Box 266 Folder 1 Western Place Names, Tay-Sachs Project and W. Ravid Book Cards, 1968 (?) and ?

Box 272 Folder 1 "BET", Western Questionnaire for revision #6-509

also: selected cards out of sequence with notes

Box 229c Folder 1 LCAAJ notecards for "bet" GDYL


Box 281 21 phonodisks of informant interviews (aluminum with vinyl recording surface).

There are no digital copies available for these disks.

The disks are degraded.