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Goodie Publications records, 1999-2009

Series IX: Goodie Publications – Library

Books by or about Goodie subjects, as well as references to and from interviews and issues.

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By Goodie Subjects:

Box 10 beatPunks, Victor Bockris

Box 10 Warhol, Victor Bockris

Box 10 Pyramid of Fire, Marty Matz/John Jenkins

Box 10 Where the Heart Lies, Ira Cohen

Box 10 Ratio: 3, Ira Cohen, Angus Maclise, Gerard Malanga

Box 10 The Arcanes, Jack Hirschman

Box 10 Front Lines, Jack Hirschman

Box 10 The Diaries of Judith Malina

Box 10 Vali Myers, Gianni Menichetti (2 copies)

Box 10 Gay Day, Hank O'Neal

Box 10 Hank O'Neal Portraits 1971-2000

Box 10 Handshakes from Heaven, Charles Henri Ford/Indra Tamang

Box 10 A Portrait of New York by a Wanderer There, Edgar Oliver (oilcan press)

Box 10 The Obsession, Terence Sellers

Box 10 Wild Canyon, Gianni Menichetti

Box 10 II Porto, Gianni Menichetti, w/ltr

Box 10 Wild Canyon, Gianni Menichetti (2 copies signed w/ltr)

Box 10 Unmuzzled Ox Box, Gregory Corso

Box 10 Barbaric Haiku, Herbie Kearney (2 copies)

Including/About/Edited By Goodie Subjects:

Box 11 Warhol's World, Deb photos

Box 11 Life & Crimes of Charlie Nothing, funny Deb story w/ltr

Box 11 Amerus International Journal, edited by Jack Hirschman

Box 11 The Projectionist, Kendall Messick, goodie web feature

Box 11 Captured, Clayton Patterson, Penny

Box 11 Blondie, from Punk to Present, Allen Metz

Box 11 Aquarian Odyssey, Don Snyder, photos of Lionel, Mikki, Kas

Box 11 Nunzi, David Greenspan, Gregory

Box 11 Hotel Chelsea, Joe Ambrose, Debbie and Ira

Box 11 House of Anita, edited by Terence

Box 11 Madison Magazine, Hank end page

Box 11 Photographs by Charles Henri Ford, Indra

Box 11 Snapshot Poetics, Allen Ginsberg, Greg

Box 11 Sitting Frog, Naropa Institute, Greg

Box 11 I Was a White Slave in Harlem, Dame Margot Howard Howard, Penny

Box 11 The Cafe Review (2 copies), Marty and Kas

Box 11 Artaud Anthology, Jack editor, signed

Box 11 Out of the Labyrinth, Charles Henri Ford, Indra photo

Box 11 Arias, Riffs, Whispers... Goodie Cable blurb

Other Small Presses/Publishing History:

Box 12 Portrait of a Publisher, Alfred Knopf

Box 12 Hanuman Series, including from Roger and Irvyne Richards: Jack Smith, Herbert Huncke, Cookie Mueller, Taylor Mead, Bob Dylan, Eileen Myles, Candy Darling

Box 12 The Independent Literary Review

Box 12 Carlitos Magazine

Box 12 Bathyscape Magazine (Montreal)

Box 12 Patrick Walsh, Non Serviam Press

Box 12 Alan Lockwood, Non Serviam Press

Box 12 The Little Magazine in America

Box 12 AP Style Book

Box 12 The Elements of Style

Box 12 Notes on the Mosquito

Box 12 Paris Review (1 old, 1 new)

Box 12 Miserable Miracle, Michaux, City Lights

Box 12 Bande d' Humains, L'oie de Cravan

Box 12 Mr. Non-Pigeon, L'oie de Cravan

Box 12 Absinthe Schmo, L'oie de Cravan

Box 12 Crimines e Jemplares, Max Aub

Box 12 Folio Club Nos. 1,2,4,5, with Romy stories

Box 12 Good Offices, Evelio Rosario, New Directions Press

Box 12 Love & Other Stories, Tibor Dery, New Directions Press

Box 12 Once As It Was, New Directions Press

Box 12 The Ancient Rain, Bob Kaufman, City Lights

Box 12 The Unfortunates, B.S. Johnson (box)

Box 12 Cantos, Ezra Pound

Box 12 The Yage Letters, City Lights

Box 12 The Tree, Ecco Press

Box 12 Humanimal, Wayne Atherton

Box 12 Rebrick Echojazz

Box 12 Electric Rexroth

Box 12 Reality Sandwiches, Allen Ginsberg, City Lights


Box 13 Slide Show, Helen Levitt

Box 13 Jews: People's History of the LES Vol. 1, Clayton Paterson

Box 13 Interview Magazine, Edwige

Box 13 Tattoo Magazine, Vali and Clayton

Box 13 Some Mothers' Sons, Charles Plymell

Box 13 Chelsea Girls, Eileen Myles

Box 13 The Rimsky Chronicles, with Carla Crow letter

Box 13 Infidel, Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Box 13 It's Not Love, It's Love, Agneta Falk, signed

Box 13 Eccentric Glamour, Simon Doonan, from Johnny & Chi Chi

Box 13 First Matisse Years, Loren Mclver

Box 13 Catholic Girls Anthology, Francine Prose

Box 13 Two Girls, Fat & Thin, Mary Gaitskill

Box 13 Paris & New York Diaries, Ned Rorem, Indra

Box 13 The Caveat Onus, Dave Brinks, Tasha, Herbie

Box 13 Blossom & Decay, Chris Rael, Penny

Box 13 Mercedes D'Acosta, Liza

Box 13 Flowers, Connie McKinnon

Box 13 Peoplescapes, Nancy Calef

Box 13 Metronome box set

Box 13 The Golden Mean, Annabel Lyon

Box 11 Love on the Left Bank, Ed Van Der Elsken

Box 11 Beatrice Potter's Art

Box 11 When Will the Book be Done?, Granary Books catalog

Box 11 Benjamin Bunny, Tale of Samuel Whiskers, Roly Poly Pudding, Story of a Fierce Bad Rabbit, Beatrix Potter


Box 14 Herbert Hunke Reader

Box 14 Burroughs: Literary Outlaw, Ted Morgan

Box 14 Coney Island

Box 14 Greenwich Village

Box 14 Flashbacks, Timothy Leary, Ira, Mikki, Kas, Lionel

Box 14 Timothy Leary, A Bio

Box 14 Diane Arbus Chronology

Box 14 POPism: The Warhol 60s

Box 14 Guilty of Everything, Herbert Huncke

Box 14 Growing Up Absurd, Paul Goodman, Judith

Box 14 Gadfly Magazine, Stewart Myers

Box 14 My Life, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky/Ayer

Box 14 The Amazon of Letters (Natalie Barney)

Box 14 Romanccero Gitano, Lorca