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Goodie Publications records, 1999-2009

Series VIII: Goodie Publications – Media

CDs, DVDs, and other Media of all sorts in here, including the Goodie Interviews, rare movies, readings, documentaries, music, photos and more!

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Box 8 Interviews, Videos (VHS&DVD), CDs, commercial and digital media

The Goodie Interviews:

Box 9 Cassette tapes -112

Box 9 Mini-cassettes - 8

Box 9 Hi8/Super Hi8 cassettes - 22

Box 9 Mini-DV -1

Box 9 VHS tape -1

Box 9 Videos (VHS) - 9:

Box 9 Vali - Death in Port Jackson

Box 9 Vali - The Tightrope Dancer

Box 9 Vali - The Witch of Positano

Box 9 Goodie Benefit at True 2001

Box 9 NY Values, Penny Arcade

Box 9 LES Biography Projects - Ira Cohen, Edgar Oliver, Kasoundra Kasoundra

Box 9 Edgar Oliver Bio

Box 9 Videos (DVD) -12:

Box 9 Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda, Ira Cohen

Box 9 Paradise Now, Living Theatre

Box 9 That's Beautiful, Frank, Edgar Oliver

Box 9 LES Biographies, Ira, Edgar, Kasoundra

Box 9 An Evening with Quentin Crisp, Penny Arcade

Box 9 Painted Lady, Vali

Box 9 Kings with Straw Mats, Ira Cohen

Box 9 Love of a Wild Canyon, Gianni Menichetti (2)

Box 9 LES Bio, Marty Matz (2)

Box 9 CDs-16:

Box 9 Jazz Feeling Xmas 2007&2008, Hank O'Neal

Box 9 Daddy Does Disco, Johnny Dynell

Box 9 Lionel Ziprin interview, Jon Kalish

Box 9 Rabbi Abulafia Liturgical Songs Sampler, Lionel Ziprin

Box 9 Celestial Grafitti, Ira Cohen

Box 9 Blood Clot to the Brain, Ira Cohen

Box 9 Poems & Rants Gershwin Hotel, Ira Cohen

Box 9 Pipe Dreams, Marty Matz

Box 9 A Sky of Fractured Feathers, Marty Matz

Box 9 Die on Me, Gregory Corso (Hal Wilner w/Marianne Faithful)

Virtual Arcade, Edgar Oliver

Axis Theatre Co. songs

The Valley, II Porto

Box 9 Barbara Maier & Judith Malina Radio, 2008

Theremin, Armen Ra

Box 9 More CDs (archival/photos) - 42:

Box 9 Ira photos from Will Swafford

Box 9 Marty cover files (3)

Box 9 Foxy - Goodie Pubs backup

Box 9 Pete Averill photos

Box 9 Panther Books files

Box 9 Bobby X-Country

Box 9 Akashic Record hi-res scans

Box 9 Goodie websites (old and new)

Box 9 Neke Carson images

Box 9 Axis ad files (2)

Box 9 Rome/Pompeii/Positano trip photos

Box 9 Foxy - Goodie Pubs backup (1-4)

Box 9 Hank O'Neal photos

Box 9 Goody Cable photos

Box 9 Marty book promo

Box 9 7/06 Archives (1-4)

Box 9 Jack, Goody, Terence photos 12/06

Box 9 Hank web photos

Box 9 Back Issues 1-19 backup disks 12/06 (2); 2005-2006 (3)

Box 9 Madame Wong photos

Box 9 Dog Stories/Animal Stories

Box 9 Goodie Web & Walkers 4/08

Box 9 Walkers

Box 9 Edgar cover files

Box 9 Theo ad files

Box 9 Vali photos

Box 9 Other Media:

Box 9 Archives on JAZ disks - 7

Box 9 Poems from the Akashic Record files on ZIP

Box 9 Je Suis un K, L'oie de Cravan, booklet and mini-cd

Box 9 Toilet Boys Goodie Ad on ZIP

Box 9 Edgar texts on floppy disk