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Goodie Publications records, 1999-2009

Series IV: Goodie Publications – Promo, Small Mags, Photos

Small Magazines plus postcards, invites, autographed photos, programs, correspondence, buttons, etc.

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The Blondie Review, 2000-2006

15 issues

Box 4 "It's the Journey... not the Destination" from Mister Natural, 2003

Box 4 "The Tijuana Bible Arcane" signed by Jack Hirschman

Box 4 Creatum Sinistra, issue 4, 2000

Box 4 Ghent Magazine, 2002

Box 4 Milk Magazine, Vol. 1, 2000, editor Larry Sawyer (2 copies), featuring:

Box 4 Ira Cohen

Box 4 Thurston Moore

Box 4 Janine Pomme Vega

Box 4 Gerard Malanga

Box 4 Jack Hirschman

Box 4 Marty Matz

Box 4 BlackBook, 2001-02 with Ira Cohen Rear View, p. 160

Box 4 Rain Taxi, Voi. 6 No. 1, Spring 2002

Box 4 Ecstatic Peace #5 with:

Box 4 Ira Cohen

Box 4 Steve Dalachinsky

Box 4 Thurston Moore

Box 4 Charles Plymell

Box 4 Laki Vazakas

Box 4 Gus Van Sant

Box 4 Janine Pomme Vega

Box 4 Ecstatic Peace Poetry Journal #6 with Richard Hell

Box 4 The Butcher's Block, Vol. Ill, 2001 with:

Box 4 Ira Cohen

Box 4 Steve Dalachinsky

Box 4 Charles Plymell

Box 4 Marty Matz

Box 4 Jack Hirschman

Box 4 Temple, Vol. 5 No. 2, The Flying Fox Puppet Theater

Box 4 Metronome No. 10 from Clementine DeLiss, who published CHF's book in France

Box 4 ici, Quebecor Media, Vol. 8 No. 51, 2005 (2 copies)

Box 4 Village Voice, Mar. 10-16, 2004, "The Endangered Legacy of an Underground Genius", Jack Smith (2 copies)

Box 4 Out Like a Mullet by Tree (2 copies)

Box 4 World Beat Report, Vol. 1 No. 7, 1998 and Vol. 1 No. 9, 1999

Box 4 Le Bathyscapes, Dec. 2007, with Romy (4 copies)

Box 4 NY Times clip, Mar. 30, 2009, Helen Levitt obituary (2 copies)

Box 4 NY Times clip, Oct. 15, 2006, "Ghosts Amid the Grafitti"

Box 4 The Learning City, Vol. 6 No. 3, 2004, with Herbie and Milk Brothers sculpture (County Cork, Ireland)

Box 4 Autographed photos of Cherie Curie of The Runaways and Annabella Lwin of BowWowWow

Box 4 Invite to "Warhol's World" exhibit at Zwirner & Wirth Gallery, 2006

(Andy with Diana Ross)

Box 4 "Sweetie's Birthday Bash" poster

Box 4 "A Group Show of Octogenarians" catalog and postcard, from the Clayton Patterson Gallery and Outlaw Art Museum, 2005

Box 4 "Finokio - The Lyin' Queen or The Sound of Crickets" Tabboo! program from Gene Frankel Theater

Box 4 "Hell" program, libretto by Eileen Myles

Box 4 Cabaret Magique at Tapis Rouge event cards (ChiChi Valenti and Johnny Dynell)

Box 4 Big postcard invite for: Claude Pelieu and Mary Beach at Enderlin Gallery

Box 4 "Mother's End" (last of legendary nightclub) (big postcard), June 29, 2000

Box 4 "Halloween 2002, The Witching Hour" with Jessica Rabbit (big postcard)

Box 4 Toilet Boys, "Say Goodbye to Squeezebox" (big postcard), May 18, 2001

Box 4 Passover Haggadah booklet from Home of the Sages of Israel

Box 4 Free Speech Blues Project program from the Puffin Room and Steve Ben Israel postcard

Box 4 2 invites for Todd Thomas, "Full Gestalt", Spring 2008 collection preview party, hosted by Debbie

Postcards for:

Box 4 Kitty Boots, 2000

Box 4 Lola Staar

Box 4 Dangerous Dan by Bill Plymell, 2002

Box 4 Justin Bond and the Freudian Slippers at Joe's Pub

Box 4 Bulletproof, evening of 90s music by DJ Miss Guy and Tommy Hotpants at easternbloc

Box 4 Mary Help of Christians Pray for Us, 2007

Box 4 "Spiderwort" show by Allison Hawkins at the Propostion

Box 4 "The Fever" by Wally Shawn at Theatre Row

Box 4 Lucky Daredevil Thrillshow happy holidays

Box 4 Imagery of Robert Otter, study of Greenwich Village in the 1960s at The Caring Community

Box 4 Sophie kitty drawing by Gianni Menichetti

Box 4 Romy at the Gershwin

Box 4 Business cards/pass/buttons

Second Childhood; Screw Magazine Al Goldstein; The Helmand Afghan restaurant in SF; Joey Ramone's 50th Birthday Bash, 2001; Theo and the Toilet Boys pins

Box 4 Alice Brock (from Alice's Restaurant) painted stones

Box 4 Blondie All Access passes

Box 4 Books by Bobby Miller

Box 4 "Stop the Construction" flyer

Box 4 Reading Material from "Bohemian Manifesto" by Laren Stover, Bullfinch Press, 2004

Box 4 Woody's Book Shack flyer from Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

Box 4 Francine Prose reading at The Writer's Garrett program

Box 4 Charles Plymell autographed photo

Box 4 Correspondence and hand-decorated envelopes from Herbie

Box 4 Correspondence:

Box 4 Francis Kuipers, 2010

Box 4 Gianni Menichetti, 2005

Box 4 atty. Gillian Malken

Box 4 Rose Royalle

Box 4 Val Foubert

Box 4 Allison Hawkins

Box 4 Charles Busch

Box 4 Cassidy Wheeler (inmate, Umatilla, OR), 2009

Box 4 Seljuk (Abu Dhabi)

Box 4 Bobby Yarra, 2001

Box 4 Theo from the Lunachicks

Box 4 Florian Vetsch, translation of the Ira Goodie, 2002 (Switzerland)

Box 4 Valerie Zars order

Box 4 Mikki Porta

Box 4 Pink Martini with invite

Box 4 Wally Shawn letter and signed programs from The Fever, 2007, plus email from Wally forwarded by Hattie and letter from Deborah Eisenberg re: Goodie orders

Box 4 Miscellaneous photos, including:

Box 4 For Herbie Goodie

Box 4 Italy for Gianni book

Box 4 Indra at La Petit Versailles Goodie event

Box 4 Romy and Buffie by Indra

Box 4 Debbie, Foxy and Kasoundra

Box 4 Foxy, Bobby Kennedy Jr. and Romy

Box 4 Cathy Clarke, Kossar's and Gertel's by Romy, 2004

Box 4 Foxy and Clayton Patterson, 2005

Box 4 The Dakota and Gertel's for Goodie by Romy, 2003-4

Box 4 Foxy's Birthday Party/Goodie Benefit at True by Ira Cohen, 2001

Box 4 Marty Matz Tour, 2005

Box 4 Coney Island and Sideshow for Hijinx

Box 4 Clip of Romy, Rob Roth, Debbie and Lipsinka

Box 4 Miscellaneous Photographs

NYE Miami, 1999 with Yana Chupenko, Foxy, Debbie, Carole Ramer, Romy, Bunny, Ivory Friedus, with Bobby Kennedy Jr. original, Lionel Ziprin and Mikki Maher, SF 2005 (w/ Jack Hirschman, Mel Clay, Bobby Yarra, Ron Sims, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Diamond Dave), Ira, Vali, Foxy by Ira and in Grand Tetons with Kashi