Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Goodie Publications records, 1999-2009

Series II: Goodie Magazine – Subject/Issue Files

Subject File Folders - Almost each issue/subject had a folder. Here's what is found in each folder, which generally includes Goodie transcripts, edits, mockups, photo printouts, postcards, other writings, and photos and the like.

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Ira Cohen:

Box 2 Postcards "IraDaDa Halloween" 1997 photo by Maxine Harris

Box 2 Photo printout of Ira, Julien Beck, Judith Malina and Charles Henri Ford by Indra Tamang

Box 2 Photocopied poem by Ira in his handwriting, 2003

Box 2 Postcard mockup for Ira Goodie event at the Gershwin Hotel

Box 2 Promo

Box 2 Decorated envelope with Foxy photos

Box 2 Signed copy of "God's Bounty" poems by Ira

Box 2 "Ira Cohen: Photographs" postcard, 2006 (Petra and monkey) for show at Cynthia Broan Gallery

Box 2 NY Times clip, Ira movie, 2006

Box 2 Postcards for Ira birthday at Rapture

Box 2 Edgar Oliver:

Box 2 Letter to Romy, 2003

Box 2 "Edna" manuscript plus other poems

Box 2 Postcard from "The Hermit" at the Gershwin Hotel

Box 2 Postcard for "Paintings and Sculptures" by Helen Oliver Adelson

Box 2 An Evening with Edgar Oliver program from the Axis Theatre

Box 2 Buffie Johnson:

Box 2 Goodie mockup

Box 2 Lifetime Achievement Goodie Superstar Award, 2001

Box 2 Dr. Culp:

Box 2 A personalized Culp script

Box 2 Debbie Harry:

Box 2 Goodie cover mockup

Box 2 Notes to Foxy re: petsitting and AAA card w/ Chris and Debbie photo

Box 2 HR Geiger Museum brochure

Box 2 Cover photo

Box 2 Deb in kimono photo

Box 2 NY Times photo clip, 2000

Box 2 NYCvisit ad clip (Metro)

Box 2 Note to Goodies Foxy and Romy

Box 2 Clip of Debbie and Thomas Home House, 2001

Box 2 Letter to/for Mick Rock

Box 2 Writings by Debbie, short stories "Forensic", "Tilly and Garden", "Routines", "The Silk City and the Mulberry Tree"

Box 2 Clip of Deb as Little Red cutout by Foxy's grandma Alice

Box 2 Photo of Debbie, Foxy and Lenny Kaye at Gregory Corso Memorial by Ira Cohen

Box 2 CD cover, coaster, comps and program from "Fire at Keaton's Bar and Grill" at St. Ann's with Deb, Elvis Costello, music by Roy Nathanson of Jazz Passengers

Box 2 Ticket stubs and programs from "The Show (Achilles Heels)" by Richard Move at the Kitchen

Box 2 Clip from NY Waste, 2000, "I am Wearing Debbie Harry's panties"

Box 2 Invite to Blondie Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction party

Box 2 Deb flight stubs to London and Dublin; Foxy ticket/VIP pass 2007

Box 2 Marty Matz:

Box 2 Card by Naomi Wright with poems and portrait, 2001

Box 2 "I Am the Handsome One" photo by Ira Cohen

Box 2 Memorial service program and postcard for Marty memorial by Clayton Patterson 2001

Box 2 "I Am the Perpetual Wanderer" poem

Box 2 Penny Arcade:

Box 2 Photos by Romy

Box 2 Postcard mockups by Foxy

Box 2 "Live" from the Living Room postcard, Gershwin Hotel

Box 2 "NY Values" poster, PS 122

Box 2 Photo of Chris Rael, Marty Matz, Foxy and Penny

Box 2 Birthday card to Foxy

Box 2 Gregory Corso:

Box 2 Photo of Gregory with Romy and his daughter Sheri by Ira Cohen, 2000

Box 2 Photos of Gregory, Allen Ginsberg and Bobby Yarra, 1985

Box 2 Carole Ramer:

Box 2 Business cards, illustration by Ruben Toledo

Box 2 Yana Chupenko:

Box 2 Photo with Romy and Foxy in Miami, New Year's Eve 1999

Box 2 Wendy O and the Plasmatics flyer for Rock Hotel at the Ritz

Box 2 Foxy translation draft of Dear Readers

Box 2 Clip from Russian language magazine

Box 2 Yana buttons

Box 2 Baby Dee:

Box 2 Goodie photos

Box 2 Victor Bockris:

Box 2 Clip from Black Book magazine, story about the city by Victor

Box 2 Letter to Goodies

Box 2 "Introducing Victor Bockris" booklet

Box 2 Cathy Clarke:

Box 2 p. 5 mockup, "...visions of sugarplums danced in her head..."

Box 2 Captain Bob:

Box 2 B/W photos by Foxy and color photos by Romy from the Frying Pan at Chelsea Pier

Box 2 Automat cover version, Goodie photos mockup

Box 2 Coney Island Tours flyer

Box 2 Octopus print

Box 2 Automat postcard

Box 2 Business card

Box 2 Goodie MS

Box 2 Clip from The Morning News, 2007, "Astroland's Last Summer"

Box 2 Puzzles bar & grill postcard

Box 2 The Dreamlands Artist Club postcard, 2005

Box 2 AM NY issue, 9/5-7/2008, "Astroland Last Ride" cover

Box 2 Roger Richards:

Box 2 Mailing list

Box 2 Goodie mockup and manuscript

Box 2 Clip about Roger and Claude Pelieu by Laki Vazakas

Box 2 Foxy birthday gift wrap and drawing of Roger and Irvyne

Box 2 NY Press clip, "Underground Saints" 2001

Box 2 Kasoundra:

Box 2 Email from Val Foubert

Box 2 Note from Romy

Box 2 Photo of Romy and Kasoundra collage

Box 2 Hand-decorated envelopes, letters and postcards from Kasoundra to Goodie

Box 2 Letter from guardian

Box 2 Resident out pass from Sutton Park

Box 2 Business card from the Actor's Fund

Box 2 Directions to Lillian Booth Home

Box 2 Leaf and boot ornament made by K

Box 2 Hijinx, Coney Island Sideshow Kitty:

Box 2 Marie Roberts cat drawings

Box 2 Coney Island sideshow, Mermaid Parade, Creep Show and general photos by Romy (color) and Foxy (b/w)

Box 2 Puzzles postcards; Bambi postcard

Box 2 Coney Island mailers

Box 2 Clara Bow photo

Box 2 Clip by Eak the Geek from AM NY about the sideshow

Box 2 Letter from Harper publishing that Liz Smith loved Hijinx

Box 2 Mailing lists

Box 2 Mockups

Box 2 Clip about Dick Zigun

Box 2 Clip about the demise of the Thunderbolt rollercoaster

Box 2 Jumbo Coney Island postcard

Box 2 About Coney Island

Box 2 Neke Carson:

Box 2 Neke at the Warhol Museum postcard

Box 2 Goodie centerfold

Box 2 Extra covers and inside spreads

Box 2 Mailing list

Box 2 Lionel Ziprin I:

Box 2 Photo of Lionel in his kitchen

Box 2 Press clip "The Rabbi's Basement Tapes", Oct. 1997

Box 2 NY Press clip "The Angel and RJ Reynolds"

Box 2 "Talmudic Legends and Liturgical Song of Rabbi Zvi Margolies Abulafia" (bound w/ gold cover)

Box 2 Letter from Susan Cohen about the Ziprin lineage and Lionel's response

Box 2 Goodie transcripts and edits, cover mockups with baby Lionel on a horsie version

Box 2 Photo print of young Lionel in robes (for a play)

Box 2 Lionel Ziprin II:

Box 2 Trader Joe's Kosher Symbols

Box 2 Seward Park rent and electric bill, 2005

Box 2 Transcripts 2002-2003, including a conversation about his childhood and him talking with Bob Yarra, transcribed by Romy

Box 2 Indra Tamang:

Box 2 Goodie mockups and edits

Box 2 Issue and web page photo printouts, Charles Henri Ford and Indra

Box 2 Mailing lists

Box 2 Clip from motherboards, event announcement and discussion with posts from Johnny Dynell

Box 2 October Gallery flyer from Kathmandu

Box 2 "Three Pita Breads" short story by Indra

Box 2 Invitation to a Nepali rice feeding ceremony

Box 2 Business card

Box 2 Print of Charles Henri Ford magic marker drawing

Box 2 Cards for "A Selection of the Life and Work of CHF" at Mitchell Algus Gallery, 2003

Box 2 Postcards for "My People Were Fair and Had Cum in their Hair..." at Team Gallery, 2003

Box 2 Postcard for CHF, "His Life and Work" tribute at St. Mark's Church

Box 2 Card for CHF "Poster Poems (1965)" at Guidarne Gallezzi Gallery, 1985

Box 2 Poster for CHF "Printed Matter 1929-1969" at Ubu

Box 2 Celebrity Bulletin clip, 1980

Box 2 NY Times obituary, 2002

Box 2 Clip from Art Forum

Box 2 Gnamat Design Studio business card CHF and Indra

Box 2 Program and postcard for Indra at the Gershwin

Box 2 Tamang Society magazine, 2006

Box 2 Herbert Kearney:

Box 2 Various writings, including "Post-Katrina Journal", "New Missing Pieces", 2006

Box 2 "Dusk Fleeting Moments with Marty Matz"

Box 2 "The Knife-Thrower and the Thief', 2000

Box 2 "Civil War" poem 2002

Box 2 "A Moment of Amnesia"

Box 2 "Beyond the Bywater" NOLA 2004, copy of handwritten pages

Box 2 "Bobby" poem 2002

Box 2 Letter to Romy and Foxy

Box 2 Photo copies of Marty's One-Line Poet Drawings

Box 2 Decorated envelope

Box 2 Goodie cover

Box 2 Photos of Herbie in Ireland at Dad's with "Milk Brothers" sculpture starting stump and progress

Box 2 New Orleans postcard to Romy, 2003

Box 2 Letters to Romy, 2003

Box 2 Herbie and Baudelaire grave/in the crypt and other photos by Bobby Yarra

Box 2 Young Herbie photo with the bosses wife

Box 2 Drawing of "Vali's Paris 1950s" by Herbie 2003

Box 2 Goodie mockups and edits

Box 2 "An Angel Alphabet"

Box 2 Tasha Robbins CV and painting list

Box 2 INS note 2000

Box 2 More Herbie photos

Box 2 Photo of Tasha by Herbie

Box 2 Printouts of Tasha paintings "Duration (Gimel)" from An Angel Alphabet 1988-98 and "Extended Hours" 2000

Box 2 NY Times clip, "Art Captures a City's Tumult and Renewal" (NOLA)

Box 2 Michaeleen Maher:

Box 2 Goodie mockups; "Films on Tibet" posters

Box 2 "Highlights of Ajanta"

Box 2 Postcard set

Box 2 Photo of Mikki (by Don Snyder)

Box 2 Jack Hirschman and Goody Cable:

Box 2 Clips about Goody from The Oregonian by Margie Boule

Box 2 "Crane Drying" card by Carla Crow testimonial for double issue

Box 2 Jack, "The Anywhere Gone to Whatever Arcane", Backwoods Broadsides Chaplet Series, No. 90

Box 2 Jack transcript, Romy notes

Box 2 Karen Gordan, Left Curve postcard

Box 2 Goody transcript

Box 2 Young Jack with group of kids photo

Box 2 SF Chronicle clip, "Poet Laureate of the People"

Box 2 Photo prints of Jack and Bob Yarra by Naomi Wright

Box 2 Photos of Shelley the Sylvia Beach Hotel kitty

Box 2 SF Chronicle clip on the Sylvia Beach Hotel

Box 2 Letter from Allegra Fuller Snyder

Box 2 "999 Numbers" chart by Goody

Box 2 Sylvia Beach Hotel postcard

Box 2 Diamond Dave's creed, handwritten at Caffe Trieste, SF, 2005

Box 2 Kitty in green grass print

Box 2 Goody, A Mother Cat Story

Box 2 Terence Sellers:

Box 2 Goodie photo printouts, edits, transcripts with Romy drawings, mockups; mailing list

Box 2 "Last Days of Manhattan" for Romy

Box 2 Clip from NY Magazine The Culture Pages, "I Am My Own Wife", with Genesis P-Orridge and Jackie "Shecky" Breyer

Box 2 Business cards

Box 2 Armen Ra:

Box 2 Photo printouts and edits for Goodie

Box 2 Program, church performance for Armenian Genocide awareness, 2007

Box 2 Broadway Bach Ensemble program, 2006

Box 2 Cabaret Magique at Tapis Rouge, "A Persian Evening" with Armen

Box 2 Madame Wong:

Box 2 "The Esther Eng Story"

Box 2 Eat Inn business card and menu

Box 2 Email from Susie Ng

Box 2 Goodie photo printouts, transcript, edits

Box 2 Label from Susie Ng sweater, 2007

Box 2 Hank O'Neal:

Box 2 Insertion order for Tekserve Supports the Arts ad

Box 2 Emails to Romy, edits, photo picks (including Berenice Abbott, Andre Kertesz and Liza Stelle)

Box 2 Goodie transcript and marked up copies

Box 2 Photo of Hank in a telephone booth

Box 2 Publications List; NY Times clip 2003

Box 2 Hoss Inc. info sheet (Hank's production company, Jazz)

Box 2 Letter to Romy; as yet unpublished text

Box 2 Clip from art show catalog

Box 2 CV; Who's Who entry

Box 2 Text for photo show in Pittsburgh

Box 2 As yet unpublished text "The Chiaroscuro Story"

Box 2 Clip from The Mississippi Rag, 1998

Box 2 Christmas postcards 2006&2007

Box 2 Goodie event postcards

Box 2 "Hank O'Neal Photography" brochure

Box 2 Letter to the Goodie Girls

Box 2 Clip of music interview with Hank

Box 2 Pete Averill:

Box 2 Page 5 photo

Box 2 Obituary clip 2007

Box 2 Goodie corrections email

Box 2 Letter from Linn County Historical Museum

Box 2 Barbara Maier and Larry Camp:

Box 2 Photo picks for Larry Goodie

Box 2 Postcard mockups for Goodie event

Box 2 Letter from Romy to Deborah Eisenberg and Wally Shawn

Box 2 Writings by Barbara

Box 2 Randy Sharp:

Box 2 "To Brooklyn Bridge" poem by Hart Crane, read by Hattie Hathaway at Goodie party at Rapture Cafe, 2008

Box 2 Axis programs for "Seven in One Blow", "Buffalo Bill", "Glance at New York" and "East Tenth Street"

Box 2 Notes from Liza Berdnik and Sue Ann Molinell

Box 2 Mailing list

Box 2 Letter draft to Everett Quinton from Romy

Box 2 Met Museum Educational Resources: The Image Library info pages

Box 2 Postcards for "Play", "Hospital", 2008 and 2009, "Trinity 5:29" and Goodie event

Box 2 Returned postcard

Box 2 Photo printouts

Box 2 Program "Hospital" 2006

Box 2 "Hospital" postcard and program

Box 2 An Evening with Edgar Oliver at the Axis program

Box 2 Judith Malina:

Box 2 Posters, postcards and program for "Revolutionary Acts: A Benefit for the Living Theatre, honoring Judith Malina" at Joe's Pub on the eve of the DNC, produced by Barbara Maier and featuring Justin Bond, Nellie McKay, Our Lady J, Tammy Faye Starlight, Austin Pendleton, among others

Box 2 Hanon Reznikov button

Box 2 "Join the Living" brochures

Box 2 Notes

Box 2 "Maudie and Jane" postcards

Box 2 Living Theatre programs

Box 2 Dorothy Day "Don't Call Me a Saint" postcard

Box 2 Chelsea Now clip 2008

Box 2 Goodie photo picks and alternate cover

Box 2 Mailing list

Box 2 "Julien and Judith" by Ira Cohen

Box 2 Hattie Hathaway:

Box 2 "Three Penny Opera" playbill with Wally Shawn and Hattie

Box 2 Rapture cafe and bookstore sticker

Box 2 Receipt for 10 Goodies

Box 2 Charles Schick and Regina Bartkoff:

Box 2 Email edits and correspondence

Box 2 "Savage in Limbo" and "Anna Christie" programs and postcards

Box 2 Daily News clip about Hannah's LES classmate Melonie Diaz

Box 2 Bullet Space invite to Charlie and Gina "Paintings" show 2000

Box 2 Postcard for art show at Al's Place

Box 2 Charlie business card

Box 2 Goodie event flyer made by Charlie

Box 2 Goodie mockup pages

Box 2 Postcards from 2007 show at Gallerie Icosahedron