Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Goodie Publications records, 1999-2009

Series III: Goodie Publications – Correspondence

Correspondence to Goodie (1999-2009) from a varied collection of individuals of import and otherwise, including many letters from Goodie subjects but also from other readers, from all over the country and around the world, writing to order Goodies, giving praises and suggestions, sometimes including photographs, clippings, submissions or their own artwork, publications, movies or music to share. You will also find some postcards, playbills and never seen before writings.

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From Goodie Subjects:

Box 3 Hank O'Neal (6)

(Lee Wiley, Djuna Barnes, Berenice Abbott, Eddie Condon: the list of Hank O'Neal's pals is a who's who of the most thrilling characters in the great Drama of New York. He's a renaissance man of pictures, songs and some rather awkward modern dancing. And it's all thanks to the CIA.)

Box 3 Mikki Maher (2)

(Dr. Michaeleen Maher is a scientist trained in brain research, and a known ghost investigator. She's extremely articulate, funny and theatrical. She might have been a famous actress had not other interests prevailed. Her person exudes a kind of exotic promise that time spent with her is never time wasted.)

Box 3 Hattie Hathaway

(What's tall and thin and black and white and late at night? Hattie dressed as a nun on some tawdry stage, that's what. Hattie is the magician behind so many legends they can't be counted—Mudd Club, Pyramid, Wigstock, Jackie 60—anything tall and genius had to be Hattie Hathaway.)

Box 3 Herbie Kearney (2)

(Herbert Kearney comes from Ireland. He is an artist and a leprechaun. When we met him long ago in the Chelsea Hotel, he drove a carriage in Central Park and made carvings out of cow bones. Down in New Orleans, where he lives, he recently was jailed for peeing outside.)

Box 3 Roger Richards

(Roger Richards ran the famous Rare Book Room with his wife Irvyne for many years. That's where it all happened. He died prematurely in 2002, after doing this interview about his wild and wonderful life full of luminous downtown folklore and magic. He knew literature like no one else does.)

Box 3 Lionel Ziprin (2)

(Lionel Ziprin is the Lower East Side. His mother, Sheba, is responsible for the creation of low-cost housing in the US. Imagine what she'd say if she were here now! Lionel sees everything. He doesn't miss a trick. His house is full of rabbinical hats and he has one mouse.)

Box 3 Captain Bob

(Captain Bob used to be over at the barge at Pier 63 where the Frying Pan lightship is docked. His stories made the barge. Now he can be found out at Coney Island, where he gives his own style of walking tour. Look for his white hair and captain's cap.)

Box 3 Penny Arcade

(Penny Arcade is an international performance superstar. Her performances are scathing and hilarious and full of truth. She is a great promoter of other artists, both living and dead. Her regular impersonations of such underground stars as Dame Margo Howard-Howard and Jack Smith have kept them in the public consciousness.)

Box 3 Edgar Oliver (2)

(Edgar Oliver is a prolific playwright and the author of The Man Who Loved Plants. He lives on East 10th Street in New York City, the last resident of a crumbling SRO. His acting is as legendary as his voice, which has no match. He is considered a downtown treasure.)

Box 3 Kasoundra (10)

(Kasoundra Kasoundra was famously in love with Leonard Cohen, which is reflected in her art, of course, but that's not all. She was close to Harry Smith and Stanley the Turtle. She's an icon of true bohemia. It's no wonder Germaine Greer dedicated her book The Female Eunuch to Kasoundra.)

Including collage, photos on CD

Box 3 Terence Sellers (2)

(To any room she adds a dark sparkle of glamour, to any conversation she adds wit. When Terence left New York at the end of September, the city lost a shade of its color. A diarist, a bibliophile and a lover of cats, she was also our most beloved dominatrix.)

Box 3 Ira Cohen

(Ira Cohen is the author of Poems from the Akashic Record and maker of the film Kings with Straw Mats. He is known around the world for his poems, his photographs, his films, and his recordings. He published the famous magazine Gnaoua in Morocco. His life is a magic carpet.)

Folder of related letters+70th bday CD+decorated envelopes

Box 3 Regina Bartkoff and Charles Schick (2+bookmarks)

(Were the Lower East Side a Republic, Charles Schick and Regina Bartktoff and their daughter Hannah would be its first family in our opinion, because as far as we can tell, there is no family on this island of Manhattan who better personifies the heart of the city than theirs.)

Box 3 Barbara Maier

(She was born in Boonville, Indiana in 1935. Her parents ran the hardware store on the square. She almost went to medical school but came instead to New York to sing. Today she blends science and singing in her work with some of the most beloved voices in our city.)

Box 3 Victor Bockris

(Victor Bockris is famous for his biographies of Andy Warhol, Muhammad Ali, William Burroughs and others of equal importance. He himself is an eccentric in the tradition of the Sitwells, living right here in New York City. This is the only lengthy interview where Victor is himself the star subject.)

Box 3 Goody Cable

(In the 1920s, Pat the Wonder Dog had charge of the old Gilmore Hotel. Now the Sylvia Beach Hotel, Pat's duties belong to a cat named Shelley. Obsessions, amorous heavy machinery, life lived exactly to the letter and the ghosts of famous old communists enliven the pages of this issue.)

Box 3 Letters from other readers:

Box 3 Harvey Adelson

(Helen Oliver's husband)

Box 3 Ian and Lois Alsop (3)

(Friends of Ira Cohen, New Mexico)

Box 3 Wayne Atherton

(Art and poetry editor, Cafe Review)

Box 3 John Bennett (2)

(Poet and head of Luna Bisonte Productions, little mags)

Box 3 Liza Berdnik (7)

(Generous Goodie supporter, New Jersey)

Box 3 Badass Bettis

(Friend of Romy, Washington)

Box 3 Bob Betts

(Editor of The Blondie Review)

Box 3 Naomi Blindeman (2)

(Fan, Netherlands)

Box 3 Angel Bofarill


Box 3 Alice Britt

(Grandmother of Foxy)

Box 3 Alice Brock (2)

(Artist and the Alice from Alice's Restaurant. Postcard)

Box 3 Inez Buijtenhek

(Blondie fan, Netherlands)

Box 3 Charles and Cathy Busch (3)

(Peace workers, Oregon)

Box 3 Peter Carey

(Writer. Taught "Goodie" in university writing course)

Box 3 RJ Carlin

(Relation to Al)

Box 3 Benoit Chaput (2)

(Publisher, Quebec)

Box 3 Mel Clay

(Actor and writer, San Francisco)

Box 3 Tereze Coe

(Friend of Liza Stelle)

Box 3 Carla Crow (6)

(Artist. Cards, clippings)

Box 3 Steve Dalachinsky

(NYC poet)

Box 3 Carolyn Denham


Box 3 Garrett Domina

(Compadre to Terence Sellers)

Box 3 Johnny Dynell

(NYC DJ. Pink Martini invite)

Box 3 Sher Farrell (3)

(Director Farrell Ballet Theatre, Michigan)

Box 3 Val Foubert (2)

(Teacher, Washington)

Box 3 Raymond Foye (2)

(Publisher of Hanuman Books)

Box 3 Ziva Frieman

(Mystical generous Goodie supporter; Jonathan Katz, son of Ziva)

Box 3 Benno Friedman

(Friend of Liza Stelle)

Box 3 Ivory Friedus

(incredible collector/friend to Vali Myers and David Burliuk)

Box 3 Tyler Fyre (2)

(Performance artist/fire-eater. Postcard)

Box 3 Mary Gaitskill


Box 3 Barbara Goldman


Box 3 Stephanie Marie Elisabeth Grimaldi

(Princess Stephanie of Monaco)

Box 3 MJ Hayfield

(Aunt of Romy)

Box 3 Christa Hopson

(Friend of Foxy, Texas)

Box 3 Aaron Howard

(Writer and musician, publisher Oil Can Press)

Box 3 Steve Ben Israel

(Poet and performance artist)

Box 3 Robbie Jacks (3)

(Actor, Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

Box 3 Janet Jurist

(Friend of Goody Cable)

Box 3 Erin "Bunny" Kalagassy (4)

(Vet tech and massage therapist)

Box 3 Theo Kogan

(Musician/singer, The Lunachicks)

Box 3 Kay Kojima (3)

(Editor and sculptor)

Box 3 Francis Kuipers

(Composer and musician, Italy)

Box 3 Linda Lerner


Box 3 Ruth Marten


Box 3 Joan Martin

(Friend of Marty)

Box 3 Barbara Matz

(Wife of Marty)

Box 3 Connie McKinnon (2)

(Artist and violinist)

Box 3 Gianni Menchetti (3)

(Writer and artist, Italy)

Box 3 Shiv Mirabito

(Publisher, Shivastan Publishing)

Box 3 Sue Ann Molinell (2)

(NY actress)

Box 3 Thurston Moore

(Musician, Sonic Youth)

Box 3 Patricia Mora

(Generous Goodie supporter, Texas)

Box 3 Vali Myers

(Artist, Australia/Italy)

Box 3 Eileen Myles


Box 3 Mister Natural

(Character, Texas)

Box 3 Billy Neil

(Landscape designer, Hawaii)

Box 3 Susie Ng

(Designer and daughter of/translator for Madame Wong)

Box 3 Gerald Nicosia (4)


Box 3 Helen Oliver (2)

(Artist and sister to Edgar)

Box 3 Amy Oravek

(LES Bio Project)

Box 3 Charles Plymell (2)

(Writer and publisher)

Box 3 Amos Poe

(Director and screenwriter, The Foreigner dvd)

Box 3 Mikki Porta (3)

(Editor; Victor Alvarez Jr. - son of Mikki and Victor)

Box 3 Everett Quinton (2)

(Actor and playwright)

Box 3 J.N. Reilly (3)

(Editor, with Ira Cohen. Scotland)

Box 3 Cheryl Reimhold (3)

(Friend of Gianni Robin Rothman(6). Writer and editor)

Box 3 Linda Rouse (2)

(Sociology professor and mother of Foxy, Texas)

Box 3 Rose Royalle

(Of Jackie 60)

Box 3 Theodore Schroetter (3)

(Poet and proofreader of In the Seasons of My Eye)

Box 3 Clara Stevens

(Friend of R and F. Oregon)

Box 3 Caroline Thompson

(Friend of Vali. Truro, Cape Cod)

Box 3 Patty Thompson

(Friend of Romy, Washington)

Box 3 Peter Trachtenberg


Box 3 John Vaccaro

(Theater director, Theatre of the Ridiculous)

Box 3 Laki Vazakas

(Videographer, Connecticut)

Box 3 Janine Pomme Vega (2)

(Poet. "Are you two lovers, or what?!")

Box 3 Pilar Vilades (3)

(Journalist, NY Times)

Box 3 Tom Weigel

(Inquiring after Gerard Malanga and Ultra Violet)

Box 3 Jody Weiner (Writer and lawyer, San Francisco)

Box 3 Margaret Whitten

(Friend of Liza Marcy Willis. Actress, Los Angeles, CA)

Box 3 Mary Lou Witmer

(NYC actress Naomi Wright. Artist, Fresno, CA)

Box 3 Bobby Yarra (4)

Golda Foundation (w/photos)

Box 3 Dick Zigun

(Mayor of Coney Island )

Box 3 Neil Zuckerman

(CFM Gallery)

Box 3 Rita E. Austin

Box 3 Dan Barth

Box 3 Bernice Chin

Box 3 Dr. Bruce Conner

Box 3 Kathy Kane

Box 3 Randall Lathan

(English teacher, North Carolina)

Box 3 Frieda Martin

Box 3 Miles Norris

Box 3 Enrique Sole

Box 3 Clarice Tucker