Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Goodie Publications records, 1999-2009

Series I: Goodie Publications – Masters

This Goodie Box contains one full set of printed Goodies and the Masters Book, Romy & Foxy Goodie business cards, reviews, signed and other items.

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Signed copies of Goodie Magazine and Panther Books:

Box 1 Victor Bockris

Box 1 Buffie Johnson

Box 1 Mrs. Ching

Box 1 Debbie Harry

Box 1 Terence Sellers

Box 1 Penny Arcade

Box 1 Edgar Oliver

Box 1 Hijinx/Dick Zigun

Box 1 Kasoundra

Box 1 Marty Matz

Box 1 Ira Cohen

Box 1 Indra Tamang

Box 1 Herbie Kearney

Box 1 Neke Carson

Box 1 Madame Wong

Box 1 Hank O'Neal

Box 1 Judith Malina

Box 1 The Man Who Loved Plants by Edgar Oliver

Box 1 Poems from the Akashic Record by Ira Cohen (21)

Reviews, other signed objects and related:

Box 1 Saxifraga, No. 19, Aug. 1999, Florian Vetsch publisher

(Ira Cohen)

Box 1 The Cafe Review, Fall 2001, Vol. 12, p. 59

(Poems from the Akashic Record) 2 copies

Box 1 Les Episodes Literature Review, Nov. 2001

(Poems from the Akashic Record)

Box 1 Elik Poetry #3, Chaos and Glory, Poems by Ira Cohen

(signed to Romy)

Box 1 Whatever You Say May Be Held against You, Shivastan Publishing, #133 of 333 copies

(signed to Foxy)

Box 1 Edgar book signing at Barnes & Noble

(w/photos of Kasoundra and Aaron Howard)

Box 1 An Evening with Edgar Oliver at the Axis Theatre Company (program)

Box 1 Time Waits by Marty Matz

(signed to Romy and Foxy)

Box 1 Pipe Dreams by Marty Matz

(signed to Romy and Pilar)

Box 1 Long Shot, Vol. 25, 20th Anniversary Edition

(pp. 111-113 Marty Matz)

Box 1 The Cafe Review, Fall 2004, Vol. 15

(Marty Matz poem, p. 28-29; collage by Kasoundra Kasoundra - A Girl behind the Mask; ad for In the Seasons of My Eye, inside back cover)

Box 1 Literary Magazine Review, Vol. 19, No. 4, Winter 2000

(p.44 - a bit of a snarky review except for this: "Goodie... is the best looking photocopied "mimeo" mag we've maybe ever seen.") Marked up copies of 1st issue of Goodie Magazine (Ira Cohen) and original disk.

First print run issues of Goodie, Nov. 1999.

Box 1 Dungeon Evidence: The Correct Sadist II by Terence Sellers

(signed to Foxy)

Box 1 The Obsession by Terence Sellers

Box 1 Bunny Pulling Sleigh prints from Winnipeg bookstore lady

(2005 Matz book tour)