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Goodie Publications records, 1999-2009

Series VI: Panther Books – Author/Manuscript File

Panther Books Files featuring Poems from the Akashic Record by Ira Cohen, The Man Who Loved Plants by Edgar Oliver and In the Seasons of My Eye by Martin Matz. Here you will find original texts, photos, correspondence and scandals(!), among other related items.

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Ira Cohen Poems from the Akashic Record:

Box 6 Ira page proofs

Box 6 Original texts and photos for the book ©Ira Cohen

Box 6 Handwritten "Credo" poem on cardboard

Box 6 "Ira as God" photo and flyer

Box 6 "Ira as Mona Lisa" collage

Box 6 Fuck for Fuck shield drawn by Ira Landgarten, 1982

Box 6 "Black Isis-Petra Vogt" postcard ©Ira Cohen

Box 6 Photo of Ira with Kazuo Ohno by Romy, 1999

Box 6 Ira Cohen meets Hans Bellner postcard

Box 6 Ira photo portraits by Gilles Larrain

Box 6 Clip of Raphael poem and Mother portrait

Box 6 The poem "Holy Smoke", 2001 printout

Box 6 Clip, "A Surrealist Love Poem", 2002

Box 6 Copyright forms, author statements

Box 6 Panther Books event flyer

Box 6 Span Connection, Vol 8 No. 8/89, 2003 (Small Publishers Association magazine)

Box 6 Akashic expenses, receipts, invoices, pre-paid orders, NBN form

Box 6 Poems by Ira Cohen, Japanese translation by Tetsuya Taguchi

Box 6 Letters to reviewer, distributor, note from Bobby Yarra

Box 6 Letter from Midwest Book Review, 2002

Box 6 PR lists

Box 6 Mailing list

Box 6 "Ira Kathmandu Portfolio" press

Edgar Oliver The Man Who Loved Plants:

Box 6 Oliver manuscripts w/ edits

Box 6 The edit scandal story and clips

Box 6 Press releases, tip sheets, Biblio information

Box 6 Cover mockup

Box 6 About the Author sheets

Box 6 Postcards and flyers for readings

Box 6 Cover photos

Box 6 Photo portrait (by Ludovic), 1998

Box 6 Press clips

Box 6 Typewritten "What Is This Book To Me?"

Box 6 Romy release form for Edgar documentary

Box 6 Receipts for printing costs

Box 6 Bang Printing transmittal form

Box 6 Mailing lists

Box 6 Notes from Romy and Foxy

Box 6 Receipt for copy shop

Box 6 Author statements

Box 6 Book reviews

Box 6 Letter draft to Helen from Foxy

Marty Matz In the Seasons of My Eye:

Box 6 Matz manuscripts

Box 6 Original texts

Submissions for the book:

Box 6 Texts by Clayton Patterson

Box 6 Mel Clay (w/note) "El Martin - Sphincter Stretching"

Box 6 Andy Clausen

Box 6 Uri Hertz

Box 6 Roger Richards

Box 6 Laki Vazakas (with letter re: Marty's prison memoir in progress)

Box 6 Robert Valenza

Box 6 Raymond Foye

Box 6 Neeli Cherkovsky

Box 6 Agneta Falk

Box 6 Jack Hirschman

Box 6 Anne Lombardo Ardolino "Whoremoans - Breakfast with the Polar Bear", 1998

Box 6 "Even the Pope Couldn't Help"

Box 6 "In Memory of Herbert Huncke"

Box 6 Clip from Nelson Algren's A Walk on the Wild Side

Box 6 Booksjustbooks order and client proof sheet

Box 6 Clips from Bangkok Post and Indian Express, 1988

Box 6 Letters from Joan Martin, 2002-2003

Box 6 Note from Bobby Yarra

Box 6 Photos of Marty with Steve Lacy, with Bobby Yarra, portraits in Rome, 1999-2000 by Enzo Eric Toccaceli

Box 6 Marty photo portraits by Romy, 2000

Box 6 Cover image

Box 6 Marty portrait and with Herbert Huncke photos by David Sands, Marty and Mel Clay in SF, 1982

Box 6 Marty and Bobby, 1984

Box 6 Naomi Wright illustration portrait, 2001

Box 6 Reviews

Box 6 Whistling Shade, 2005

Box 6 Flyer for Univ. of Texas event

Box 6 Flyers for Marty tribute at The Writer's Garrett

Box 6 Event announcement in the Dallas Morning News, 4/22/2005

Box 6 Biblio schedule and new title announce

Box 6 Pipe Dreams, 1989 (3 copies)

Box 6 Photo of Marty and Alejandro Jodorowsky in Rome, 2000

Box 6 Posters/flyers for Boston Public Library event

Box 6 Poet's House Showcase Exhibit notification, 2006

Box 6 Boston Public Library censorship scandal story

Box 6 Invoices for printing

Box 6 Letter to Aaron Howard for contributing

Box 6 Quote notes

Box 6 Letters from Bobby

Box 6 Letter to Bobby from Barbara Matz

Box 6 Clip from SF Chronicle, Nov. 27,1976, "Jubilation in Mexico's Prisons"

Box 6 Marty Goodies

Box 6 Letter from Joan Martin, 2006

Box 6 Copyright form

Box 6 Press releases

Box 6 Budget

Box 6 Author statements

Box 6 Goodie cover mockups

Box 6 Author-publisher contract

Box 6 Corrections for second printing

Box 6 Biblio tip sheet

Box 6 Letters sent list 3/05

Box 6 Marty Party postcards

Box 6 Romy text