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Goodie Publications records, 1999-2009

Series V: Goodie Publications – Miscellaneous Files

Goodie Publications Files

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Invoices and Receipts - invoices, receipt, check stubs for Goodie and Panther Books from:

Box 5 Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison

Box 5 Tekserve

Box 5 Warhol Musuem

Box 5 Whitney Museum

Box 5 Peter Carey

Texts, photos, information for:

Box 5 Rob Roth

Box 5 Ivory Friedus

Box 5 World Famous Bob

Box 5 Bobby Yarra

Box 5 Alice Britt

Goodie Press:

Box 5 Additional clips from NY Times and website reviews

Box 5 Grants/Awards/Organizations

Box 5 Mailing Lists - for almost each issue

Box 5 Website - design documents, sketches, mockups, schedule, correspondence

Box 5 Newspaper Clippings - about NYC, circa mid aughts

Box 5 Quotes and Notes - various scribbles from over the years

Box 5 Copyright Forms

Box 5 Business Cards from bookstores on tour and for Romy and Foxy Goodie

Box 5 A couple of submissions to Goodie

Box 5 Art/Ads/Photos for:

Box 5 Walkers column

Box 5 Goodie and Christmas postcard

Additional Photos:

Box 5 Goodie Benefit/Foxy Birthday Party at True, 2001 © Mark Bodnar

Box 5 Liza Stelle portrait by Hank O'Neal

Goodie Miscellaneous Items:

Box 5 Robert Bassara - musician (poster)

Box 5 Goodie Presents Romy Ashby and Eileen Myles reading flyer

Box 5 Tribute to Gregory Corso at Poetry Project (program)

Box 5 Gregory Corso Tribute at Angel Orensanz Foundation (postcard invite)

Box 5 Gregory photo permission from Ginsberg Trust

Box 5 Edgar disk

Box 5 Marty Matz Live from the Living Room (postcard)

Box 5 Photo of Gregory, Maggie Condon and Liza Stelle ©Hank O'Neal

Box 5 Text from Collision Course

Box 5 Goodie Magazine trademark application

Box 5 2000 Goodie reports

Box 5 Phoolan Devi obituary in Times of India (clip)

More Miscellaneous Items:

Box 5 Unmuzzled Ox - book Carlo Goldini and W.H. Auden

Box 5 Open City Magazine and Books

Box 5 Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art (2)

Box 5 Golda Foundation brochures

Box 5 Debbie Harry with H.R. Giger and aliens (photcopy)

Box 5 JEM Music (postcard)

Box 5 Doctors without Borders

Box 5 Axis Theatre Company/Hospital (postcards and playbills)

Box 5 The Living Theatre (4) (donations, postcards, playbills)

Box 5 Bukowski: South of No North (playbill)

Box 5 The Moth (invite)

Box 5 Enderline Gallery (postcard)

Box 5 Charles Henri Ford & Indra Tamang (show invite)

Box 5 McSweeney's (postcard)

Box 5 Patrick Fraser (postcard)

Box 5 Clayton Patterson (letter to PEN)

Box 5 Debbie Harry (story)

Box 5 Letters between Foxy and Romy

Box 5 Foxy selling Goodies at Zine Fest in Boston (tiny photo)