Columbia University Archives

Historical photograph collection, 1858-

Series VI: Bicentennial

This series contains images of events and activities that either took place during or are associated with Columbia University's bicentennial celebrations in 1954.

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Box 148 Alumni -- New Delhi, India, October 30, 1954

(Notes: B.R. Ambedkar; G.S. Mahjani, Vice Chancellor of Delhi University; Krishnalal Shridhirani, President of Delhi American Alumni; HuMay un Kabir, Secretary and Educational Advisor to the Government of India's Ministry of Education.)

Box 148 Alumni -- New Mexico, 1954

(Notes: Erna Schroeder; John Milne; Charles Spain, Dean of the College of Education at the Univeristy of New Mexico.)

Box 148 Alumni -- Seoul, Korea, June 6, 1954

Box 148 Alumni -- Washington D.C., December 2, 1954

(Notes: Alumni group presents scroll to Eisenhower for services as C.U. president.)

Box 148 Alumni Bicentennial Committee, 1953-1954

(Notes: Bicentennial Regional Chairmen's Conference; Time-Life Award for Direct Mail Campaign.)

Box 149 Bicentennial, Miscellaneous

Box 148 Charter Day, October 30, 1954

(Notes: Queen Elizabeth; Waldorf Hotel.)

Box 148 Commencement, June 1954

(Notes: John Foster Dulles, Secretary of State; James A. Van Fleet; Lewis L. Strauss, Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission.)

Box 148 Convocation, January 1954

Box 148 Convocation, October 31, 1954

(Notes: Held at Cathedral of St. John the Divine.)

Box 148 Convocation, July 1, 1954

Box 149 Exhibit -- Berlin-Charlottenburg Technical University, 1954

(Notes: "Man's Right to Knowledge and the Free Use Thereof"; Photo album.)

Box 149 Exhibit -- Columbia University, New York, 1954

(Notes: "Man's Right to Knowledge and the Free Use Thereof".)

Box 149 Exhibit -- Huntington Library, California, 1954

(Notes: Columbia University Bicentennial Exhibit)

Box 149 Exhibit -- Liege, University of Belgium, 1954

(Notes: Columbia University Bicentennial Exhibit.)

Box 149 Exhibit -- miscellaneous, ca. 1954

(Notes: G. Hornwall, J. M. Cabot, Ambassador.)

Box 149 Exhibit -- Tokyo, University of Japan, 1954

(Notes: Columbia University Bicentennial Exhibit; Exhibits by the Faculty of Engineering.)

Box 149 Exhibit -- Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan, 1954

(Notes: Nakashima on "The Growth of the Study of Economics and Columbia University"; Bicentennial Reception.)

Box 148 Exhibit Panels, 1954

(Notes: "Man's Right to Knowledge and the Free Use Thereof"; 2 folders.)

Box 149 Exhibit Museum of the City of New York, 1954

Box 149 Hamilton (Alexander) Dinner, January 14, 1954

Box 149 Medal, undated

Box 149 Miscellaneous

Box 149 Plaques, 1954

(Notes: United States Steel Building: Reenactment of first day of class, King's College.)

Box 149 Public Relations, 1954

(Notes: Ivy League Group; Bicentennial Public Relations staff; Rea Lubar; David Loth; Images used for bicentennial press.)

Box 149 Publications, 1954

(Notes: New Yorker Book Shop; School Histories; Exhibits; Kirk.)

Box 149 Schools, Elementary and Secondary, ca. 1954

(Notes: "22 Schools in greater New York and Northern New Jersey were honored by Columbia University on June 22 for their efforts in helping to advance the University's theme, 'Man's Right to Knowledge and the Free Use Thereof.'")

Box 149 Stamp, 1954

(Notes: United States Postal Service.)