Columbia University Archives

Historical photograph collection, 1858-

Series: XIII: World War I

Photographs depicting campus activities during the World War I period (1914-1919).

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Sub-Series: XIII.1: General

Images of general activities associated with Columbia during World War I that cannot fit in the other sub-series categories.

Box 201 Aircraft, ca. 1917

(Notes: Ellington Field, Houston, Texas Bombing School.)

Box 201 Ambulances maintained by Columbia University Faculty, Staff, and Alumni, 1915 1917, 1915, 1917

(Notes: Belgium; Red Cross.)

Box 201 American University Union, Europe, ca. 1921

(Notes: CU Bureau; Postcards; Copy and original prints.)

Box 201 Armed Forces, miscellaneous, 1915 ca. 1916, 1915, ca. 1916

Box 201 Armed Forces, Morningside Campus, 1914 1918 ca. 1921, 1914, 1918, ca. 1921

Box 202 Armed forces, published portraits, undated

(Notes: Columbia affiliated servicemen.)

Box 202 Camp Columbia, 1917

Box 202 Cannes Municipal Casino, France, 1919

(Notes: YMCA; Valley Ball.)

Box 202 Cartoons, undated

Box 202 Columbia University Base Hospital, ca. 1917

Box 202 Columbia University Batallion, 1917 1941, 1917, 1941

(Notes: Sarah Butler presenting banner to Major George C. Crockett; Presentation of Colors; De Forst Estate camp; Crescent Athletic Club; Walt Whitman Homestead.)

Box 202 Columbia University Christian Association (YMCA), ca. 1915-1916

Box 202 Franco American Society, 1917

Box 202 Louvain Library-Reconstruction Drawings, ca. 1922

(Notes: Drawings of redesign of the Louvain Library in Belgium. The library was destroyed during WWI and rebuilt with the assistance of American fundraising. Columbia University was just one of many educational institutions that participated.)

Box 202 Ninth Coast Artillery Corps, ca. 1918

(Notes: Formerly Veteran Corps of Artillery.)

Box 202 Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), ca. 1922-1923

(Notes: Butler Library; South Field.)

Box 202 Salvation Army, ca. 1918

Box 202 Service Flag, ca. 1918

Box 202 Ships, undated

Box 202 Student Army Training Corp, first assembly with Elihu Root, 1, October 1918

Box 202 Student Army Training Corp, payroll, ca. 1918

Box 202 Student life, ca. 1917

Box OS 25 Columbia-Presbyterian Unit, 1917

Box OS 25 Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), ca. 1914

(Notes: Faculty and students of post-graduate course for Navy Officers.)

Box XXL 2 Armed Forces, miscellaneous, 1919

(Notes: "Company B 49th Infantry, A.E.F. Jan 28th" Ripped photographs.)

Box 15-L-4 24th YMCA Conference for Overseas Secretaries at Columbia University, 1918

Panorama photo of the attendees at this conference held from October 30-November 6, 1918.

Subseries XIII.2: Commencement

One folder of commencement images from 1917.

Box 201 Miscellaneous, ca. 1917

(Notes: Convocation?)

Subseries XIII.3: Convocations

This sub-series contains a folder of of one image from convocation of Cardinal Mercier in 1919 and a folder of many images from the 1917 convocation of Monsieur Rene Viviani and Marshal Joffre.

Box XXL 2 Cardinal Mercier, 1919

Box 201 Monsieur Rene Viviani and Marshall Joffre, May 10, 1917

Subseries XIII.4: Instruction

Images of the military training programs held on campus and sponsored by Columbia during World War I.

Box 201 Air Service School for Radio Officers, 1918-1919

(Notes: Photographer Prof. W.I. Slichter; Copy and vintage prints.)

Box 201 Engineering, ca. 1917

(Notes: School of Mines.)

Box 201 Miscellaneous, ca. 1917

(Notes: Topography.)

Box 201 U.S. School of Military Cinematography, ca. 1917

(Notes: Booklet; Carl Louis Gregory; J.E. Byrnes; J.D. Sears; W. R. Sherwood; Morgan Hebard.)

Box XXL 2 Air Service School for Radio Officers, graduate roll, 1918-1919

(Notes: Platoon portraits with name, place and date commissioned, and place of service.)

Subseries XIII.5: Reviews and Parades

Images depicting the military reviews and parades held on campus and nearby.

Box 201 116th Street, 1917-1918

(Notes: Commencement or convocations.)

Box 201 Morningside, miscellaneous., ca. 1918

(Notes: Marching band; sunball; student army training corps victory celebration.)

Box 201 Off Campus, ca. 1917

(Notes: New York City and unidentified.)

Box 201 South Field, ca. 1917