Columbia University Archives

Historical photograph collection, 1858-

Series II: Administration

Arranged in 4 sub-series, these images depict subjects and departments that reports to the Office of the Executive Vice President, the Office of the President and the Office of the Provost.

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Subseries II.1: General

Images related to administrative topics that do not fit into any specific sub-category, such as Admissions.

Box 137 Admissions

Box 137 Admissions-New York Mercury 1754 advertisement, 1754

(Notes: Copy of advertisement for King's College in the New York Mercury on June 3, 1754.)

Box 137 Admissions-Schoolboy Day

Box XL 7 Admissions, Committee on, 1946

(Notes: Columbia University Club.)

Box 208 Lottery - King's College, 1747

(Notes: photo of a drawing depicting the "Drawing the King's College Lottery" by Trustees for contruction funds.)

Box 137 Miscellaneous, 1967-1986

(Notes: Grayson Kirk; Alice Novey; Homecoming; Baker Field.)

Box 137 Miscellaneous, undated

(Notes: Joe Pineiro, photo credit)

Box 137 Twenty-Five Year Club, 1955

Box 137 University Senate, 2009-2019

(Photos by Jessica Raimi)

Subseries II.2: Executive Vice President (EVP), Office of

Photographs of certain activities that administratively fall under the Office of the Executive Vice President.

Box 137 Bursar

Box 137 Center for Career Services, 1990s

(Notes: Not-For-Profit New York City Career Fair.)

Box 137 Health and Related Services, 1941, ca. 1995

(Notes: Nurses and medical technicians. University Medical office in Earl Hall. November 1941.)

Box 137 Human Resources, 1995-1996

Box 137 Registration and Enrollment

(Notes: University Hall.)

Box 137 Staff party, 2000

(Notes: Facilities management, human resources; outdoors)

Subseries II.3: President, Office of

Images of activities and offices that have traditionally fallen under the auspices of the Office of the President.

Box 137 Public Affairs / News Office, 1958-1959

(Notes: Man opening suitcase, surrounded by staff? From Office of Public Affairs files)

Box 137 Public Affairs Ivy League Group, 1952-1953

(Notes: from Office of Public Affairs files)

Box 137 Report, 1961 April 4, 1961

(Notes: Grayson Kirk financial report.)

Box 137 Thorton (Edna) retirement and mock protest, ca. 1970

(Notes: mock protest; D.A.F.T.; William McGill.)

Box 137 Trustees, 1920 ca. 1930 1941 1950, 1920, ca. 1930, 1941, 1950

Box 137 University Development and Alumni Relations (UDAR), Alumni Federation,, ca. 1930-1960

(Notes: Women employees)

Box 137 University Development and Alumni Relations (UDAR), Alumni Fund,, ca. 1940

(Notes: Coykendall; Fletcher, Walter; War Service questionnaire.)

Box 137 University Development and Alumni Relations (UDAR), Columbia College Fund,, 1953

Box 137 University Development and Alumni Relations (UDAR), Development, Office of, 1951 1952 ca. 1953, 1951, 1952, ca. 1953

(Notes: Robert F. Wagner; Grayson Kirk; East Campus; Hulan E. Jack; Robert Moses; Charles Preusse.)

Box 137 University Development and Alumni Relations (UDAR), Physicians & Surgeons, College of, Fund,, 1955

(Notes: Grayson Kirk)

Subseries II.4: Provost

Images of activities and offices which are associated with the Office of the Provost. This includes several files of images related to the Libraries.

Box 137 Appointments Office

Box 137 Libraries

(Notes: George Washington Letters; John Jay Collection; June Lord-Wood; Thomas Walkins; Lucy Crissey; Walter Sherman; Alice Bonnell; Kenneth Lohf; Althea Terry; accessions, collections of various Columbia libraries; Elizabeth Abbott; Altha Terry; Constance Winchell; Phyllis Dain; Donald Cook; Lucy Ann Park; Irene Liiv; Laura Cummings; Helen Crofoot; John Neal.)

Box OS 15 Libraries, 1932

(Notes: staff members; Low steps.)

Box 138 Libraries-Avery

(Notes: Administrators, donors, collections.)

Box 138 Libraries-Butler Binding Department

(Notes: Bookbinding operations.)

Box 138 Libraries-Butler Cataloging Department

(Notes: Cataloging operations.)

Box 138 Libraries-East Asian

(Notes: Was in Low Memorial Library; Administrators, employees, accessions, collections, donors.)

Box 138 Libraries-Friends of Columbia University Library, 1956 1976, 1956, 1976

(Notes: 25th Anniversary Dinner; Warren Haas; Gordon Ray; Mary Hyde; William McGill; Dallas Pratt; Kenneth Lohf; Annual Meeting.)

Box 138 Libraries-Journalism

(Notes: Sulzberger, Arthur Hays picture and plaque.)

Box 138 Libraries-King's College

(Notes: Hand written accession record.)

Box 138 Libraries-Oral History Research Office, ca. 1950

Box 138 Libraries-Transfer of books to Butler from Low, 1934

Box 138 Libraries-Law

(Notes: Acquisition of LAWS OF NEW YORK, 1691-1751)

Box 138 Libraries-Rare Book and Manuscript

Box 138 Libraries-Lehman, ca. 1980

(Notes: color slides of unidentified Lehman Library Staff and interiors of the library.)

Box 138 Libraries-CUL Orientation color slides, 1980s-1990s

(Includes library campus and interior maps, building facades, computer and CLIO terminals, and reference, circulation and security service desks.)