Columbia University Archives

Historical photograph collection, 1858-

Series: XIV: World War II

Photographs depicting campus activities during the World War II period (1939-1945).

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Subseries XIV.1: General

Images of general activities associated with Columbia during World War II.

Box 203 Armed Forces, miscellaneous, 1941 ca. 1945, 1941, ca. 1945

(Notes: Fackenthal; George B. Pegram; Reserve Officers Training Corps; David Pearlman; Stephen M. Fischer.)

Box 203 Armed Forces, recruiting, 1942

(Notes: Valentine Diehl.)

Box 203 Army and Navy Training Schools, 1942-1943 1945, 1942-1943, 1945

(Notes: Alvin Goldberg; Frank H. Bowles; Tom Wagner; Robert Zimmer; Michael Bresin; Allan Keller; Jonas H. Fleet; Valentine Diehl; Peter H. Kakell.)

Box 203 Army Corps, Women, 1944

(Notes: British Staff College; Margaret F. Banks; Christie Tollefson; Pamela M. Sitton; Annie Ruby Pearson; Oria Muntz; Ruth M. Downey; F.H.N. Davidson.)

Box 203 Bonds, U.S. Savings, ca. 1942

(Notes: War bonds.)

Box 203 Civilian activities, 1941 1942 1943, 1941, 1942, 1943

(Notes: Women trainees for Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp.; Civilain Aeronautics Admin.; Victory garden; C.U. Committee for War Relief; Casa Italiana; first aid.)

Box 203 Committee for War Relief-"Seeds for Britain", undated

Box 203 Committee for War Relief-British War Relief Society, n.d.

(Notes: Tea car; Queens Messengers Convoy.)

Box 203 Committee for War Relief-International Fair, 1942

(Notes: Photographs taken by Andrew M. Costikyan (President of Columbia University Camera Club).)

Box 203 Division of Government Aided Research-MIT Radiation Laboratory,, undated

(Notes: From Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Director Lee A. DuBridge.)

Box 203 Exhibits, 1944-1945 undated, 1944-1945, undated

(Notes: Maison Francaise; OWI Office of War Information.)

Box 203 Gifts and exchanges, ca. 1945

(Notes: "Books for Russia"; C.A. Manning; E.T. Mogilat; V. Bondarchuk; H.M. Ayres; P.S. Pogrebniak; Pavel Mikhailov; Dorothy Brewster; M. F. Tauber; A. B. Coleman; A. Eugene Moskoff; A.V. Gronicka; V.A. Kazaniev; Three Greek Universities; George Pegram.)

Box 203 Hospital, 2nd General, Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, 1945

(Notes: College of Physicians & Surgeons faculty and staff; tents; jeeps.)

Box 203 Navy, Aviation, 1942

Box 203 Navy, Midshipmen's School, 1942 1943 19441945, 1942, 1943

(Notes: Photographer Philip S. Lacy & Bernard Sunshine; basketball; swimming; plaques; certificates.)

Box 203 Navy, V-12 Program, 1943 1944 1945, 1943, 1944, 1945

(Notes: Commander Grover; Mcknight; Carman; Photographer Bernard Sushine; Philip Lacy; South Field.)

Box 203 Navy, Waves, 1944

(Notes: Review South Field; Photographer Philip S. Lacy.)

Box 203 Selective Service registration, 1940

(Notes: Livingston Hall; University Hall.)

Box 203 Ships, n.d.

(Notes: The Bellflower.)

Box 203 War Work Offices, 1946

(Notes: Pupin Hall.)

Box OS 25 Navy, Midshipmen's School, 1942

(Notes: Digitally printed copy of original photograph of Midshipmen in formation on South Field.)

Subseries XIV.2: Convocations

Images of three different World War II related convocation ceremonies held in 1945 and 1947 at Columbia University.

Box 203 Alumni Day, 1947

(Notes: Memorial Service for war casualties.)

Box 203 Atomic Bomb, 1945

(Notes: Certificate from War Dept.)

Box 203 Miscellaneous, 1947

(Notes: George C. Marshall; Admiral Halsey.)