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   Samuel and Bella Spewack Papers, ca.1920-1980

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Identification of specific item; Date (if known); Samuel and Bella Spewack Papers; Box and Folder; Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University Library.

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Summary Information

At a Glance

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Creator(s):Spewack, Samuel and Bella
Title:Samuel and Bella Spewack Papers, ca.1920-1980
Physical description:67 linear ft (155 boxes)
Language(s):In English
Access: The following boxes are located off-site: 1-150. You will need to request this material from the Rare Book and Manuscript Library at least 2 business days in advance to use the collection in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room. Please note that boxes A, B, C, D, and E are located on-site in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library.  More information »



This collection is arranged into 23 series:

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Scope and Content

Correspondence, manuscripts, playscripts, screenplays, diaries, documents, contracts, financial records, photographs, phonograph records, motion pictures, playbills, posters, sheet music, cartoons, art work, memorabilia, scrapbooks, and printed materials. . The collection consists chiefly of correspondence and production files relating to the creation, production, and performance of their works for stage, screen, radio, and television, such as Leave It To Me and Kiss Me Kate (with music by Cole Porter), Boy Meets Girl , and My Three Angels . Correspondence (with twentieth century authors, playwrights, musicians, political figures, and actors) includes: George Abbott, Jean Arthur, Bennett Cerf, Katharine Cornell, Jo Davidson, George and Ira Gershwin, Alec Guinness, W. Averell Harriman, Lilli Lehmann, Mary Martin, Laurence Olivier, Mary Pickford, Cole Porter, Regina Resnick, Eleanor Roosevelt, Robert E. Sherwood, Lincoln Steffens, Kurt Weill, Rebecca West, and Thornton Wilder. There is also correspondence concerning Bella Spewack's work with the New York Girls' Scholarship, UNRA, and the Sports Cente of Israel. In addition to the production files, there are manuscripts and typescript drafts for novels, short stories, and articles by the Spewacks.

Series I: Cataloged Correspondence

Boxes A, B, C, D, E and F are located on-site.

Series II: Cataloged Manuscripts and Documents

Series III: Cataloged Photographs

Series IV: Cataloged Art

Series V: Arranged Art

Series VI: Personal Correspondence

Series VII: Friends

Series VIII: General Correspondence

Series IX: Productions

The productions are alphabetical by title. Some productions have working titles different from their actual titles: see the title list below.

Within each production the material is in this order: correspondence (ordered chronologically by year if a lot); background information; worksheets; summaries; scripts (if more than one version, the scripts are lettered arbitrarily A-F or whatever. Some scripts are annotated.); legal (includes contracts, etc.); financial (includes box office receipts, budget information, etc. Information re royalties of many the productions are in the separate general file Financial of the collection); photographs (includes photos of rehearsals, live productions, some photos of Spewacks working with cast); playbills (in English and foreign); clippings (includes advertisements, reviews, etc.); other (song lyrics, production information,miscellaneous); printed material (includes scripts printed in magazines, scripts in book form). The scrapbooks, sheet music, and posters for each production are in separate general files, as are audio-visual materials (record albums, audio tapes, films).

If there is not much information on a production (usually because it was never produced) then it is in one of the Miscellaneous boxes at the end of the production file. Also please note that sometimes a production was produced at different times under different titles, but one title--the most famous one--is used as a collective heading. For example, Leave it to Me is the collective heading for information about Clear All Wires and Sweeney, two earlier non-musical versions of the same basic storyline, later rewritten with Cole Porter as the musical Leave it to Me.

The titles in bold are the actual titles or collective headings.

Series X: Short Stories and Articles

Subseries X.1: Bella

Subseries X.2: Sam

Series XI: Personal Information

Subseries XI.1: Bella (and her family)

Subseries XI.2: Sam (and his family)

Series XIV: Photographs

Subseries XIV.1: Albums

Subseries XIV.2: Sam and Bella and family photos

Subseries XIV.3: Friends and Acquaintances

Subseries XIV.4: Travel

Subseries XIV.5: Non-People

Series XV: Memorabilia

Subseries XV.1: General Memorabilia

Series XVI: Printed Material

Subseries XVI.1: Books by Sam

Subseries XVI.2: Books by Bella

Subseries XVI.3: Books with reference to productions

Subseries XVI.4: Large books with reference to productions

Subseries XVI.5: Books with reference to the Spewacks

Subseries XVI.6: Books by Daniel Lang, Bella's half brother

Subseries XVI.7: Books for research for plays and articles

Subseries XVI.8: Signed and inscribed books

Series XVII: Audio-Visual Material

Subseries XVII.1: Productions

Subseries XVII.2: Events

Series XVIII: Oversize Material

Subseries XVIII.1: Sheet Music for Productions

Subseries XVIII.2: Oversize Items from the Collection

Series XX: Record Albums

Series XXI: Films

Series XXII: Flat Boxes

Series XXIII: Posters

All of the posters have been reproduced in microfiche form. There are 29 microfiche, each containing 2 images. The fiche must be used before the original material is called for. Many of the posters are quite large and fragile.

Subseries XXIII.1: Boy Meets Girl

Subseries XXIII.3: Festival

Subseries XXIII.4: Kiss Me Kate

Subseries XXIII.5: My Three Angels

Subseries XXIII.6: Once There Was a Russian

Subseries XXIII.7: Poppa

Subseries XXIII.8: Two Blind Mice

Subseries XXIII.9: Under the Sycamore Tree

Subseries XXIII.10: Woman Bites Dog

Subseries XXIII.11: The Amazing Sacco-Van Zetti Case

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Using the Collection

Partially Offsite

Access Restrictions

 The following boxes are located off-site: 1-150. You will need to request this material from the Rare Book and Manuscript Library at least 2 business days in advance to use the collection in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room.

Please note that boxes A, B, C, D, and E are located on-site in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library.

Restrictions on Use

Readers must use the mocrofiche of the Posters.

Single photocopies may be made for research purposes. Permission to publish material from the collection must be requested from the Curator of Manuscripts/University Archivist, Rare Book and Manuscript Library (RBML). The RBML approves permission to publish that which it physically owns; the responsibility to secure copyright permission rests with the patron.

Preferred Citation

Identification of specific item; Date (if known); Samuel and Bella Spewack Papers; Box and Folder; Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University Library.

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Spewack, Bella Cohen, 1899-1990.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Spewack, Samuel, 1899-1971.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID


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Address books.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Audio cassettes.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Audio tapes.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Birthday cards.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Book jackets.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Cartoon strips.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Charcoal drawings.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Crayon drawings.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Drafts (literary).PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Financial records.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Financial statements.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
First drafts.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Greeting cards.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Legal documents.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Manuscripts (literary).PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Motion pictures.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Pastel drawings.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Pen works.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Pencil works.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Phonograph records.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Powers of attorney.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Press releases.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Printing plates.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Set design drawings.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Sheet music.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Television scripts.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Wash drawings.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Wood engravings.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID


HeadingCUL Archives:
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Nat'l / Int'l Archives:
Abbott, George, 1887-1995.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Acosta, Mercedes de, 1893-1968.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Adams, Edie, 1912-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Aherne, Brian.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Albert, Eddie.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Andrews, Julie.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Arthur, Jean, 1905-1991.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Atkinson, Brooks, 1894-1984.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Aumont, Jean Pierre.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Baird, Bil, 1904-1987.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Baird, Cora Burlar.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Baker, Russell, 1925-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Baum, Vicki, 1888-1960.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Beaumont, Hugh, 1909-1982.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Bedford, Brian, 1935-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Belasco, David, 1853-1931.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Berg, Gertrude, 1899-1966.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Bergman, Ingrid, 1915-1982.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Bernstein, Aline, 1881-1955.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Bikel, Theodore.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Bing, Rudolf, 1902-1997.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Blackmer, Sidney, 1895-1973.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Blasco Ibáñez, Vicente, 1867-1928.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Blatas, Arbit.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Bonnet, Henri, 1888-1978.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Booth, Shirley, 1907-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Boyer, Charles, 1899-1978.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Brook, Peter.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Brooks, Van Wyck, 1886-1963.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Broun, Heywood, 1888-1939.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Brown, John Mason, 1900-1969.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Brown, Vanessa, 1928-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Calhern, Louis, 1895-1956.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Carmer, Carl Lamson, 1893-1976.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Cerf, Bennett, 1898-1971.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Champion, Gower, 1919-1980.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Channing, Carol.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Clavé, Antoni, 1913-2005.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Clooney, Rosemary.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Clurman, Harold, 1901-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Coca, Imogene.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Cohen, Benjamin V.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Cohen, Harriet.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Colbert, Claudette.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Collier, Constance, 1878-1955.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Connelly, Marc, 1890-1980.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Cooper, Diana, 1892-1986.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Cornell, Katharine, 1893-1974.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Craven, Frank, 1875-1945.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Crawford, Cheryl, 1902-1986.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Crist, Judith.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Cronkite, Walter.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Cronyn, Hume.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Crowther, Bosley.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Cukor, George, 1899-1983.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Dalrymple, Jean.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Dassin, Jules, 1911-2008.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Davidson, Florence Edenshaw, 1896-1993.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Davidson, Jo, 1883-1952.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Day, Dorothy, 1897-1980.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Douglas, Melvyn.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Drake, Alfred, 1914-1992.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Drama--20th century.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Dramatists, American--20th century.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Duke, Vernon, 1914-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Eldridge, Florence.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Enters, Angna, 1907-1989.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Erdman, Dick, 1925-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Evans, Maurice, 1901-1989.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Ewell, Tom, 1909-1994.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Fadiman, Clifton, 1904-1999.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Ferrer, Jʹose, 1912-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Flon, Suzanne, 1918-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Foreign correspondents.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Freedley, George, 1904-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Freud, Anna, 1895-1982.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Gard, Alex.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Garson, Greer, 1904-1996.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Gassner, John Waldhorn, 1903-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Geddes, Norman Bel, 1893-1958.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Gershwin, George, 1898-1937.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Gershwin, Ira, 1896-1983.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Gielgud, John, 1904-2000.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Gielgud, Val Henry, 1900-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Gilmore, Margalo, 1897-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Gingold, Hermione, 1897-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Glenn, John, 1921-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Glenville, Peter, 1913-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Goddard, Paulette, 1911-1990.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Goldwyn, Samuel, 1882-1974.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Gould, Morton, 1913-1996.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Graham, Katharine, 1917-2001.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Grimes, Tammy.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Guinness, Alec, 1914-2000.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Guthrie, Tyrone, Sir, 1900-1971.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Hagen, Uta, 1919-2004.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Hammerstein, Oscar, 1895-1960.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Harriman, W. Averell (William Averell), 1891-1986.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Harris, Jed.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Harris, Julie.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Harris, Rosemary, 1930-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Harris, Sam Hyde, 1889-1977.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Hart, Lorenz, 1895-1943.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Hart, Moss, 1904-1961.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Hartl, Léon, 1889-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Hassam, Childe, 1859-1935.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Hayes, Helen, 1900-1993.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Helburn, Thresa.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Hellman, Lillian, 1905-1984.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Helpmann, Robert, Sir, 1909-1986.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Henri, Robert, 1865-1929.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Hepburn, Katharine, 1907-2003.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Hirsch, Joseph, 1910-1981.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Hirschfeld, Al.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Holden, William, 1918-1981.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Hope, Constance, 1908-1977.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Hornblow, Arthur, 1893-1976.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Hull, Josephine, 1877-1957.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Hurok, Sol, 1888-1974.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Ives, Burl, 1909-1995.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Jones, Barry, 1893-1981.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Kanin, Garson, 1912-1999.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Karloff, Boris, 1887-1969.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Kaufman, George S. (George Simon), 1889-1961.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Keller, Helen, 1880-1968.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Kelly, Gene, 1912-1996.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Kilty, Jerome.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
King, Alan, 1927-2004.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
King, Alexander, 1900-1965.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Kirk, Lisa.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Kirkwood, James, 1930-1989.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Klopfer, Donald Simon, 1902-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Kravchenko, Alekseĭ Ilʹich, 1889-1940.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
L'Anglais, Pascal.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Lawrence, Gertrude.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Lazar, Irving Paul.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Lederer, Charles, 1910-1976.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Lehmann, Lilli, 1848-1929.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Leigh, Vivien, 1913-1967.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Leighton, Margaret, 1922-1976.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Lewis, Mary, 1897-1941.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Loesser, Frank, 1910-1969.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Logan, Joshua.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Lombardo, Guy, 1902-1977.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Luhan, Mabel Dodge, 1879-1962.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Lumet, Sidney, 1924-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Lunt, Alfred.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Lyons, Leonard, 1906-1976.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
MacMahon, Aline, 1899-1991.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Mankiewicz, Herman J. (Herman Jacob), 1897-1953.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Mantle, Burns, 1873-1948.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Markova, Alicia, 1910-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Martin, Mary, 1913-1990.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Marx, Zeppo, 1901-1979.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Masaryk, Jan, 1886-1948.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Matorin, Mikhail Vladimirovich, 1901-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
McCarey, Leo.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Mellett, Lowell, 1884-1960.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Messel, Oliver, 1904-1978.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Middleton, George, 1880-1967.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Moffo, Anna.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Montalbán, Ricardo.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Montand, Yves, 1921-1991.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Moore, Dudley, 1935-2002.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Moore, Victor.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Morison, Patricia, 1915-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Murrow, Edward R.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Music--United States.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Nesbitt, Cathleen, 1888-1982.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
New York Girls' Scholarship.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
New York herald tribune.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Newmar, Julie, 1930-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Nissen, Greta, 1906-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Norton, Elliot, 1903-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Nugent, Elliott, 1899-1980.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
O'Brien, Edward Joseph Harrington, 1890-1941.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
O'Casey, Sean, 1880-1964.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Olivier, Laurence, 1907-1989.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Page, Geraldine.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Palmer, Lilli, 1914-1986.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Parker, Dorothy, 1893-1967.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Patterson, Elizabeth, 1875-1966.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Pavlov, Ivan Nikolaevich, 1872-1951.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Pickford, Mary, 1892-1979.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Picon, Molly.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Porter, Cole, 1891-1964.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Powell, Dick, 1904-1963.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Pusey, James Carver.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Reinhardt, Max, 1873-1943.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Reinking, Ann.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Resnik, Regina, 1922-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Rice, Elmer, 1892-1967.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Richardson, Ralph, Sir, 1902-1983.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Richardson, Tony, 1928-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Ritchard, Cyril, 1897-1977.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Robertson Justice, James, 1907-1975.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Robinson, Edward G., 1893-1973.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Robson, Flora, 1902-1984.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Rodgers, Richard, 1902-1979.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1884-1962.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Rosay, Françoise.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Rutland, Violet Lindsay Manners, Duchess of, d1937.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Salmi, Albert, 1928-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Schary, Dore.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Schildkraut, Joseph, 1895-1964.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Schulz, Charles M. (Charles Monroe), 1922-2000.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Schwartz, Arthur, 1900-1984.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Sellers, Peter, 1925-1980.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Selznick, Irene Mayer, 1907-1990.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Shaffer, Peter, 1926-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Shaw, Bernard, 1856-1950.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Sherwood, Robert E. (Robert Emmet), 1896-1955.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Shumlin, Herman, 1898-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Simonson, Lee, 1888-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Slezak, Walter, 1902-1983.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Sotomayor, Antonio, 1904-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Spewack, Bella Cohen, 1899-1990.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Spewack, Samuel, 1899-1971.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Sports Center of Israel.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Steffens, Lincoln, 1866-1936.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Stokes, Rose Pastor, 1879-1933.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Stravinsky, Igor, 1882-1971.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Stromberg, Hunt, 1894-1968.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Styne, Jule, 1905-1994.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Theater--United States.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Truman, Harry S., 1884-1972.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Villa-Lobos, Heitor.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Weill, Kurt, 1900-1950.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
West, Rebecca, 1892-1983.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Wilder, Thornton, 1897-1975.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Willkie, Wendell L. (Wendell Lewis), 1892-1944.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Women artists.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Women authors.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Women cartoonists.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Women dramatists.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Women journalists.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
World (New York, N.Y. : 1860-1931)PortalCLIOArchiveGRID

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History / Biographical Note

Biographical Note

Samuel Spewack, 1899-1971 (Columbia College B.A., 1919) and Bella Cohen Spewack, 1899 1990, were authors of Broadway plays and musicals, novels, short stories, and articles. They were also foreign correspondents for Europe and Russia for the New York World , 1919-1926, and the New York Herald Tribune , 1922-1926, respectively.

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