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Samuel and Bella Spewack papers, 1920-1980

Series X: Short Stories and Articles

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Subseries X.1: Bella

Box 87 "Arms and the Man" incomplete MS -- "Bennie, My Boy!" MS (2 copies), printed -- "Bennie's Annie" MS -- "[Russian] Bernhardt of the Ballet" MS, printed -- "The Big Chance" MS (2 copies) -- "Big Town Love" MS (3 copies, 1 annotated) -- "The Binding LIne" MS (2 copies), printed -- "Birds of a Feather" MS (version A, 3 copies, 1 annotated; version B, 3 copies, 1 annotated; financial) -- "Children of the Asphalt" MS, printed -- "Cigarette Money" or "Cigarette Over Europe" MS, printed -- "Cinderella on Grand Street" MS (2 copies) -- "City Girl" MS (3 copies, 1 annotated) -- "The Conspiracy on Wheels" MS -- "The Cutter's Saturday Night" MS -- "Deena's Diary" MS, printed -- de la Falaise stories (ghosted): -- --Correspondence -- --"Antiques" MS -- --"Paris Luck" MS -- --"The Paris Divorce" printed -- --"Glorifying the Gigolo" MS -- "The Divorce" MS (2 copies) -- "Down Czechoslovakia Way" MS -- "Fantasies from the Ghetto": -- --Part 1: "Roaches are Golden" MS (2 copies) -- --Part 2: ? (missing) -- --Part 3: "The Magic Mint Mitten" printed -- --Part 4: "The Icicle that Wept Alone" MS (2 copies), printed -- --Part 5: "The Mustard Millennium of Hester Street" MS (2 copies), printed -- "Figure Fragment" or "We'll Do the Rest" MS (3 versions) -- "For Certain Temperaments, I Recommend Trial Marriage" (ghosted) MS -- "Furniture of the Fourth Dimension" printed (2 copies)

Box 88 "Gramercy!" MS (2 copies) -- "The Guy from Heaven" MS, printed -- "Half a Dream" MS (version A, 2 copies, 1 annotated; version B, 2 copies, printed, 2 copies) -- "Hands: A Few Sketches from Life" MS (2 copies), printed -- "The Homerun of the Prodigal" MS (2 copies) -- "The House": -- --"Lilly" MS (5 copies, 2 in German) -- --"Feinstein" MS (4 copies, 2 in German) -- --"The Bad Woman" MS (2 copies) -- "I Know Nothing of the Einstein Theory" Correspondence, Background, MS -- "I'm Thinking of My Darling" MS -- "The Ink-Slingers Debacle" printed -- "The Iron Horse" MS (2 copies), printed -- "The Kesslers" MS -- "Kitty" or "Cherry Flats Fairy Tale" MS (version A, 2 copies; version B; version C) -- "The Laugh" Correspondence, MS (4 copies, 2 in German), printed -- "The Little Lame Chorus Girl" MS (versions A-C) -- "The Last Walk" MS (annotated) -- "Love Pays to Advertise" MS -- "Love Story" Correspondence, MS (2 copies), financial -- "The Lyric Daughter of the Sober Russians" printed

Box 89 "Madame Holzappel" MS, printed -- "Molly Delaney Finds" MS (2 copies) -- "Moscow Mosaics" MS's: -- --"The Beggar and the Merchant" -- --"In Memorium" -- --"Moscow in the Moon" -- --"The Old Ballerina" -- --"She Who Laughed Last" -- --"The Ugly Artist" -- --"The Neppa and the Dressmaker" -- "My Advent into Society" MS -- "My Galatea" (ghosted) MS -- "My People": -- --1. "The Unwanted Guest" MS (2 copies) -- --2. "Painted Cages" MS (2 copies), printed -- --3. "The Manicure Set" MS ( 2 copies, printed) -- --4. "The Gods of the Movies" MS (2 copies), printed -- "Naughty Marietta" MS (versions A-B) -- "The Naughty Princess" MS (2 copies) -- "Of Mathilda Thecla Forte" MS -- "Oh, Yes, The Woman Pays!" MS -- "Once there was a Princess" or "The Gay Goddess" MS (2 copies) -- "Our Unoffical Ambassadors" MS -- "Out of the East" or "Leave it to the Lord" MS (version A, 2 copies; version B, 2 copies; printed) -- "Passage to Paris" or "Bird of Paris" or "Via Paradisa" MS -- "The Passing of La Vie Boheme" MS -- "The Passing of the Stranger" MS (2 copies), printed -- "Perel Brandt" MS (3 copies, 1 in German) -- "Plays and Reviews on Berlin's Stage" printed -- "Princesses I Have Educated" (ghosted) MS (2 copies)

Box 90 "The Reincarnation of Rose Pastor Stokes" Background, MS -- "Sara Resnikoff" MS (version A, 2 copies; version B, 2 copies, printed) -- "Silent Lydia, a Tale of the Tenements" MS -- "Streets of Berlin" MS (2 copies, 1 incomplete) -- "Sweet Poppa" MS -- "The Theater and Other Things in Moscow" MS -- "Thieving Youth" MS (2 copies), printed -- "Three American Dollars" MS -- "The Three Who Could Not Speak" MS (2 copies), printed -- "To the Chesterfield Cluett Peabody Cigarette Man" printed -- "Trousers to Match" (seems unrelated to play) MS -- "Truman Pictured as Understudy Who Stepped In and Saved Show" printed (4 copies) -- "Two New Dresses in Two Years" (ghosted) printed -- "Under the Sidewalks of New York" or "The Subway City" MS -- "The Upper Deck Girl" MS -- "Voices of Spring" MS, printed (2 copies), -- "When the Bells Stopped Ringing" MS -- "Where Starving Artists Eat" MS (incomplete) -- "Why I Voted for Hinkety Blink" printed -- "With a Purpose" MS -- "Women of Red Russia" printed -- "Yetta's Fella" or "An Orchard Street Idyll" MS (version A; version B, 2 copies); printed -- "You Look Just Like..." printed -- "You Meet So Many Interesting People" MS (2 copies)

Box 91: List -- Letter to Playboy, printed -- Articles r.e. Germany, esp. Berlin, under name Isabel Spewack, MS's -- Untitled incomplete MS with references to Mrs. Einstein, Princess Eudoxie, "Arms and the Man" -- MS fragments r.e. Russia -- MS fragments r.e. theater and travel -- Housing article--Correspondence, Background, MS, clippings -- Info. r.e. Kreuzer -- Info. r.e. "For the Love O' Lil" -- MS fragments (12 folders) -- Clippings -- Clippings (in German) -- Scrapbook (small)

Box 92: Special: Long Works [Anastasia Material]: Correspondence (some in German) -- Background information (personal statements) -- MS by Bella (2 copies) -- Financial (cancelled checks) -- Photos and pictures -- Clippings: Article by Bella (Cohen) in NY Times (original and 3 photocopies); Article by Bella (Cohen) in Titbits (original and 2 photocopies); r.e. Film; r.e. Musical; r.e. Play (includes playbill and printed script); r.e. Ballet; Misc. related clippings

Box 93 Special: Long Works [Streets or Why I Wrote Comedy]: Bella's autobiography--Worksheets (4 folders); Final MS; Photocopy of final MS

Box 94: Special: Long Works [UNRRA Material]: Correspondence -- Reports and other information (2 folders) -- Transcriptions of Bella's radio broadcasts -- Information r.e. Bella's other work with UNRRA -- Financial -- Picture cards -- Bella's i.d.'s and letters of introduction

Box 95: Photographs (3 folders); Clippings; Pamphlets

Subseries X.2: Sam

Box 96 "Anatomy of Humor" Correspondence, MS (2 copies) -- "Between Raids" printed (2 copies) -- "Boris Buys a Rose" printed (2 copies) -- "Brands Across the Sea" printed -- "Bread and Salt" MS -- "Broadway Revolution" printed 8 part series -- The Busy Busy People (first titled "A Can of Peaches") Correspondence, Clippings (reviews) -- "Bye Bye Blackbird" MS (2 copies) -- "Confession" MS (2 copies) -- "Democracy Marches" transcript of radio discussion -- "Down Memory Lane" MS (refers to "Spring Song") -- "Exiles of the Sky" or "Salvage" Correspondence, MS, printed table of contents from magazine -- "Gentleman Joe" MS (2 copies) -- "The Gift of the Little Gods" MS (annotated) -- "A Grand Dukes's Diary" (translation) MS (3 copies, 2 annotated) -- Great Farces introduction MS (3 copies, 1 annotated) -- "The Gypsy Pilot" MS (4 copies, 2 annotated) -- "Hands Across the Sea" printed (2 copies) -- "Hero" MS (version A 2 copies; version B) -- "The High Sign" MS (2 copies) -- "Home Sweet Home" MS (2 copies, 1 incomplete)

Box 97 "The Last Job" MS -- "Madame Luck" printed -- "Moonbeam" MS, printed -- Murder in the Gilded Cage Correspondence, Legal -- "Nameless Coffee House" MS -- "Nikita" printed (in Swedish) -- "The Philanthropic Urge" MS (version A, version B) -- "Presenting Morris Guest": Correspondence; MS version A; MS version B (2 copies, 1 annotated) -- "The Prisoner's Song" Correspondence, MS (version A 2 copies; version B 2 copies) Financial -- "Quelque Fleurs" MS (3 copies, 1 annotated) -- "Red Russia Revealed" printed (in book form, 2 copies) -- "The Schoolmaster" MS (annotated) -- "Silver Sails" MS -- Skyscraper Murder Financial -- "The Song of Life" MS -- "The Spectators" MS (2 copies, 1 annotated)

Box 98 "This is Russia" Correspondence, MS, Financial -- "Trotsky" MS -- "The Watch on the Hudson" MS (2 copies) -- "Wings and a Woman" MS, Financial, Legal, printed (2 copies) -- "Without Benefit of Cook's" MS (2 copies) -- "Whom Lola Loves" MS -- World at War: Correspondence, notes; Film script (2 photocopies), title list; Press releases and clippings -- Miscellaneous: -- --#1. List -- --#2. Correspondence, story idea -- --#3. Story idea -- --#4. untitled story -- --#5. Editorial MS -- --#6. Untitled MS r.e. Fanny Hurst -- --#7. Clippings (articles by Sam)

Subseries X.3: Bella and Sam together

Box 99 Fragments of short stories (all mixed together)