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Carnegie Council on Ethics & International Affairs records, 1844-2008

Series VIII: 1990 Addition, 1954-1987, 1990, 1954-1987

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John R. Inman Correspondence, 1955-1968

Box 724 Annella, Sister M., Ahlquist, R.W., A, Undated:

American Association for the United States, 1956-1963

American Institute International Information, 1954-1966

Brown, Rev. Paul W., Berry, Mrs. Louise, B, Undated:

Blackstock, Paul and Marie, 1964-1968

Coffey, J.I., Compton, Elizabeth, C, Undated

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 1954-1968

Catering Service, Robert Day-Dean's, 1959-1961

Christian Democratic Union of Central Europe, 1960-1962

Committee for World Development and Disarmament, 1954-1960

Committee on Education and Publications of the American Jewish Committee, 1962

Conference on World Disarmament and Development, 1954-1959

Congress of the United States, 1955-1957

Council for Christian Social Action, 1959-1965

Box 725 Davis, Mrs. Miles, Davis, Ruth M., D, Undated

Denker, David, 1961-1962

Development Correspondence, 1963-1966

E, Undated

Evans, Senator Martha, Undated

Fishel, Wesley, Fox, Evelyn, F, 1961-1968

Foreign Policy Association, 1959-1968

Freedom House, 1961-1965

Goddard-Greany, G, Undated

Hartsuck, Carl, H, Undated

I, Undated

Box 726 Owen-Parker, O-P, Undated

Publicity, Newspaper clippings, 1962

President of the United States Correspondence, 1955-1957. Actual letters from President Eisenhower removed to Cataloged Correspondence

Quinn, Mrs. E.F., Q, Undated

Questionnaires, 1962-1966

Richards, Bernard, Rossetes, Margaret, R, Undated

Rockefeller Foundation, 1963-1966

Smylie, James, Sonnenfeldt, Helmut, S, Undated

Speaking Engagements, 1961-1968

Jones, Robert, Watkins, Ann, Student Forum, 1968

Terrell, Huntington, Tolentino, Mariano, T, Undated

Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association, 1969

Telegrams, 1956-1962

TWA Monthly Statements, 1969

Box 727 U, Undated

Fangmeier, Robert A., United Church Missionary Society, 1959-1967

U.S. Department of State: correspondence, briefing material, Undated

United World Federalists, 1955-1959

Verala, Mary, van der Post, Laurens, V, Undated

Valley Stream PTAS, 1954-1960

Humphrey, Hubert, Vice President of the United States, 1968 Signed, though probably mechanically, 1968

Wallace, David, Williams, Robert, W, Undated

Washington Center of Foreign Policy Research, 1964

Woodrow Wilson Foundation, 1956

World Council of Churches, 1965

World Congress of Faiths, 1954-1956

World Federation for UN Association, 1958

Zug, Glenn, Zaeyen, Elfry, Undated

CRIA Conversations:

Box 728 Correspondence, Membership, 1982-1983

Correspondence, Membership, 1983-1984

Brochures, Undated

Letters in Praise of Conversation Program, 1977-1981

CRIA Conversations:

Guests of Honor, 1982-1984

Job Description, Undated

Morgenthau; Johnson; Fernandes, Archbishop Angelo, of Delhi; Richardson, Elliot; Harris, Judy; others, CRIA Conversations, Photographs, Undated

Publicity on Conversations, 1979-1981

Summaries of CRIA Conversations, 1980-1981

Summaries of CRIA Conversations, 1981-1984

Summer Jobs for Youth, 1983 mislabeled Elizabeth P, 1983

Summaries of CRIA Conversations, 1982 September -1983 June, 1982

CRIA Conversations:

Merrill House events, 1983-1984

Extra Summaries, 1983 September -1984 December, 1983

Summaries, Fall, 1984

Box 729 McCoy, Tidal, Technology Transfer, 1985

Newton, Maxwell, The New York Money Market Report, 1985

Duke, Biddle; Sonnenberg, Rosenthal, Democratic Development in El Salvador, 1985

Leontief, W., Effect of the New Technology on the Economy and Society, 1985

The African Group: A New Political Realism?, 1985

State of Reform in China, 1985

Unknown, Undated

Thank You Letters, Donors, 1986

Motlana, Nthato, A View from Soweto, 1985

Merry, E.W., How the Soviet Union Perceives its Security and Consequences on Arms Control, 1985

Kubarych, Roger M., The Dollar and US Foreign Relations, 1985

Alpert, Jon, Vietnam Revisited: A Report in Word and Picture, 1985

Thompson, Mamie J., A Report on the Nairobi Conference, 1985

Sullivan, John O., Anti-Americanism in Europe, 1985

Sen Gupta, Bhabani, India's Relations with Super-Powers, 1985

Lilley, James R., The U.S.-P.R.C.-Taiwan Triangle, 1985

Eglin, Collin Wells , Current Situation in the Republic of South Africa, 1985

Riza, Syed Tgbal, The Iran Iraq War: Prospects for Peace, 1985

Concepcion, Jose, Prospects for Change in the Philippines, 1985

Hurley, Rev. Mark J., Ireland: Britain's First and Last Colony, 1985

Godson, Roy S., Soviet Practice of Disinformation and Active Measures, 1985

Buultjens, Ralph, Implications of the Indian Elections, 1985

Naranhkiki, Tith, External and Eternal Factors in the Cambodian Equation, 1985

Harding, Nancy, State of Reform in China, 1985

Sjaastad, Anders C., Strategic Balance in Northern Europe, 1985

Sanderman, Hugh, Can Europe hope for Higher Economic Growth?, 1985

Sanders, Jonathan, Red Lightning Soviet Television Today, 1985

Behling, John L., Jr., Socialism and Journalism in Bulgaria Today, 1985

Webster, David, The Geography of Mass Media, 1985

de Maulde, Bruno, Has the Seoul Meting Modified the International Financial Outlook?, 1985

Helms, Christine Moss, Iraq and its Foreign Policy Concerns, 1985

Panel Discussion: Burden Sharing Europe's Contribution to NATO, 1985

Spector, Leonard S., Nuclear Proliferation Today, 1985

Bakhash, Saul, The Ayatollahs and the Islamic Revolution, 1985

Chase, James, Fighting and Talking in Central America, 1985

CRIA Conversations:

Box 730 1975 October, 1975

1975 July -September, 1975

1975 May -June, 1975

1975 March-April, 1975

1975 January -February, 1975

1974 November -December, 1974

1974 July -October, 1974

1974 April -June, 1974

1974 January -March, 1974

1973 May -December, 1973

1973 March-April, 1973

Box 731 1977 April -June, 1977

1977 February-March, 1977

1977 January, 1977

1976 November -December, 1976

1976 September -October, 1976

1976 April -June, 1976

1976 January -March, 1976

1975 November -December, 1975

Box 732 1978 December, 1978

1978 November, 1978

1978 September -October, 1978

1978 April -June, 1978

1978 January -March, 1978

1977 November -December, 1977

1977 September -October, 1977

Box 733 1979 December, 1979

1979 November, 1979

1979 October, 1979

1979 June -September, 1979

1979 April -May, 1979

1979 March, 1979

1979 January -February, 1979

Box 734 1981 January -February, 1981

1980 November -December, 1980

1980 October, 1980

1980 June -September, 1980

1980 May, 1980

1980 March-April, 1980

1980 January -February, 1980

Box 735 1982 May -August, 1982

1982 March-April, 1982

1982 January -February, 1982

1981 November -December, 1981

1981 September -October, 1981

1981 May -June, 1981

1981 March-April, 1981

Box 736 1983 November -December, 1983

1983 September -October, 1983

1983 May -June, 1983

1983 March-April, 1983

1983 January -February, 1983

1982 November -December, 1982

1982 September -October, 1982

Box 737 1985 January -March, 1985

1984 November -December, 1984

1984 July -October, 1984

1984 June, 1984

1984 May, 1984

1984 March-April, 1984

1984 January -February, 1984

Student's Briefing:

Box 738 Colleges and Deans, correspondence, 1986 November, 1986

Students' Bios and letters, 1986 November, 1986

Speakers, correspondence, 1986 June, 1986

Form letters, form questions, 1986 June, 1986

Colleges, correspondence, 1986 June, 1986

Students, bios, correspondence, 1986 June, 1986

CRIA Conversations:

Box 738 1986 February-October, 1986

1985 July -December, 1985

1985 April-June

Box 739 Unknown, Undated

Foreign Service Day, 1986-1987

Student's Briefing: Colleges correspondence, 1987 March, 1987

Unknown, Undated

Miscellaneous unknown, Undated

International Monetary Fund:


Box 740 Taylor, Lance. 1985 April 10, 1985

Friedman, Irving S., 1985 April 8, 1985

Williamson, John, 1985 March7, 1985

CIP, IMF Luncheons, 1983 September 21, 1983


Horowitz, I.L., Proposal, 1983 January, 1983

Myers, Robert J.:

Lectures Series, Correspondence, 1983-1986

Lectures Series, Correspondence and miscellaneous, 1983-1985


Box 741 Von Furstenberg, George, Study no. 8, 1985 September 26, 1985

Kuczynski, P.P., Study no. 7, 1985 May 14, 1985

Browne, Robert S., Study no. 6, 1985 May 7, 1985

Schechter, Henry B., Study no. 5, 1985 May 1, 1985

Study, 1985 May, 1985

Horowitz, I.L., Study no.4, 1985 April 23, 1985


Box 742 Rabushka, Alvin, Study no. 9, 1985 November 14, 1985

Aliber, Robert, Study no. 10, 1985 November 15, 1985

Johnson, D. Gale, Study no. 11, 1985 November 18, 1985

Shelton-Colby, Sally; Brainard, Lawrence J., Study no. 12, 1985 December 12, 1985

The Annals of the Academy of Political and Social Science:

Box 743 Meyers, Robert J.:

The Annals: Correspondence and Papers, Undated

Papers for the Annals, 1986 January, 1986

Papers for the Annals, Undated

The Annals: Copies as Sent to Erica, Undated

Moltman, Jurgen, Germany, Undated

Goldman, Merle, China, Undated

Thompson, Kenneth W., USA, Undated

Dodson, Michael, Nicaragua, Undated

Anderson, Lisa, Libya, Undated

Bienen, Henry, Nigeria, Undated

Walaszek, Zdzislawa, Poland, Undated

Beeman, William O., Iran, Undated

Walters, Philip, USSR, Undated

Sigmund, Paul, Chile, Undated

Buultjens, Ralp, India, Undated

Hertzberg, Arthur, Israel, Undated

Meyers, Robert J., The Annals: Correspondence, Mostly, 1984-1985

Replies to the Annals

Washington Consultations:

Box 744 1-13, Undated

14-23, Undated

24-29, Undated

30-33, Undated

Box 745 34-37, 1968 May 2-3; 1968 December 5-6, 1968, 1968

38-43, Undated

44-45, 1970 December 10-11, 1970

Box 746 46-49, 1971 May 6-7; 1971 October 14-15, 1971, 1971

50-51, 1972 April 19-20, 1972

Special Consultation on Japan, 1972 October 7-8, 1972

Special Consultation on Latin America, 1973 June 9-10, 1973

Summary, O'Brien, CRIA consultation, Undated

Summary Lists, Undated

Summary, Undated

CRIA Colloquia for the Clergy, CCC:

Box 747 1969 1, 1969

1969 2, 1969





Education Programs, 1975-1978

Box 748 Hunter, David R., Correspondence:

A, Undated

B, Undated

C, Undated

D, Undated

E, Undated

F, Undated

G, Undated

H, Undated

I and J, Undated

K, Undated

L, Undated

M, Undated

R, Undated

S, Undated

T, Undated

V, Undated

W-Z, Undated

Charities Requesting Funds, Z, Undated

Administrative Reports and Memos, Undated

Armenian Church of America, Undated

Armenian Church, Undated

China, Undated

Committee on Interdependence: Education, Undated

Curriculum Conference, 1978

Episcopal Church, 1977 February8, 1977

Ethical Analysis Seminar:

1, 1976-1977

2, 1977

3, 1977 May 20, 1977

Food Task Force Material, 1977 May 21, 1977

Box 749 Food Task Force Material and Other, Undated

Food Task Force Meeting's Pictures, Undated

Foreign Policy Countdown, 1977 March, 1977

Texts and Budget, Undated

Brochures and Programs, Undated

The Johnson Foundation: Wingspread, Correspondence, Undated

Lutheran Church of America; Questionnaire, Undated

Lutheran Council: USA; Blueprint for the 70s, Undated

Lutheran Church, Mission Synod; Correspondence, Undated

MacInnis, Donald E.; Neuhaus, Richard, Undated

Mennonite Church Mormons: Correspondence, Undated

Correspondence, Undated

The Rabbinical Assembly; Roanoke Seminar Material, Undated

Questionnaire and other reports, 1978 June 25-28, 1978

Reformed Church; Regional Consultations: Empty Folder, Undated

Publications: Human Life in Our Day; a Question of Conscience; Justice in the World, Undated

Roman Catholic; Correspondence, Undated

Russian Orthodox Church St. Joseph's Seminar: Evaluation, Critique, Correspondence, Undated

Videotaping, Format and Standards, 1977 November 17, 1977

Consultants for the CRIA Consultation on International Affairs and Continuing Ed: I1a, Undated

Box 750 Participants: I1b 1976 March1-4, 1976

General Correspondence: I1c, 1976 March1-4, 1976

Pending Participants: I1d, 1976 March1-4, 1976

Reading Material Given Out at Consultation: I1e, 1976 March1-4, 1976

Statements Formulated while at Consultation I1f, Undated

Letters to Participants Consultants Others after the Consultation of March1-4, 1976 I1g, Undated, March1-4, 1976

Originals of all reports, Questionnaires, Statements regarding Consultation I1h, Undated

Consultation, Undated

Pre-Consultation Check Up and Evaluation of the Consultation, 1976 March1-4, 1976

Consultants for the CRIA on International Affairs and Continuing Ed: I2a, 1976 March1-4, 1976

Box 751 Participants: I2 b, 1977 February28-March3, 1977

Arrangements: I2c, 1977 February28-March3, 1977

Note found in the Box: Folder I2 is missing, 1977 February28-March3, 1977

No Responses to Invitation to the National Consultation: I2e, Undated

Evaluation of the Consultation, Undated

Correspondence Before the Summer Course: I3a.i, 1977 February28-March3, 1977

The ILIFF School of Theology:

Evaluation Forms and Other: 13a,ii, 1976 July 12-16, 1976

Harold Sunoo's Speeches: I3a,iii, 1976 July 12-16, 1976

Sunoo, Harold, Evaluation Reports during after the Course: 13a.iii, Undated

ILIFF Correspondence after the Consultation: I3a.iv, Undated

Copies of Educational Programs: I5, Undated

Box 752 Project Design II1, Undated

Initial State Program II2, Undated

Center for War Peace:

Relation II3, Undated

Curriculum Project II3a, Undated

Project Design III.1, Undated

Initial State Program:

III.2, Undated

State-Wide Consultation III2a, Undated

Local Consultation III2b, Undated

Expanded National Program III3, Undated

Consultation IV1, 1976 June, 1976

Participants Lists and Correspondence: IV1a, 1976 June, 1976

Returned Postcards Regarding Questionnaire: IV1b, Undated

Proposed June 1976 Conference Correspondence: IV1c, 1976 June, June 1976, 1976

Convocation of Religious Leaders, Correspondence of those who attended: IV1d, 1976 June, 1976

Proposed June 1976 Conference, Memos and Letters of invitation to Churches Groups, those who didn't not attend the Conference: IV1e, 1977 June, June 1976, 1977

Report on Organized Religion and its Role and Responsibility Concerning US Foreign Policy, Original; Copies from Questionnaire Returns: IV1g, 1978 June, 1978

Responses to Hunter's Speeches: IV1I, Undated

Hunter, David R., Feedback from the Convocation: IV1j, Undated

Evaluation Report and Feedback of Jun Convocation: IV1m, 1976 June, 1976

Meeting IV1n, 1976 October 1, 1976

Organizations IV Responding to Feedback, 1976 October 1, 1976

Box 753 Christian Church, Disciples of Christ: IV 2a, Undated

Southern Baptist Convention: IV 2b, Undated

The Salvation Army: IV 2c, Undated

Central Conference of American Rabbis: IV 2d, Undated

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North and South America: IV 2e, Undated

American Lutheran Church: IV 2f, Undated

United Methodist Church: IV 2g, Undated

Corporate Consultation Program: Va, Undated

CRIA Conversations: Vb, Undated

Studies in Ethics and Foreign Policy: Vc, Undated

Worldview: Vd, Undated

NCC, Professional Church Leadership Program Committee: VI 1a, Undated

National Council of the Churches of Christ, NCC:

Working Group on International Affairs: VI 1b, Undated

Division of Education and Ministry: VI 1d, Undated

World Council of Churches: VI 2, Undated

Box 754 International Conflict and American Organizations, ICAO:

VI 3a, Undated

Returning Questionnaires: VI 3b, Undated

Reports and Correspondence, Undated

Friendshipment: VI 4, Undated

Synagogue Council of America: VI 5a, Undated

American Jewish Committee: VI 5b, Undated

Anti-Defamation League VI5c, Undated

National Conference on Christians and Jews VI 5h, Undated

American Jewish Congress: VI 5i, Undated

National Committee on US China Relations: VI 6, Undated

World Christian Education, Inc: VI 7, Undated

Religion in Life Editorial Board: VI 8, Undated

Clergy and Laity Concerned: VI 9, Undated

Institute for World Order: VI 10, VI 10a, Undated

Religious NGOs VI 11, Undated

UNA-USA: VI 12, Correspondence, Reports, Undated

United Nations Association of the USA, UNA-USA; SACEM: VI 14, Membership Roster, Correspondence, Newsletters, Undated

Society for the Advancement of Continuing Education for Ministry, SACEM; World Conference on Religion and Peace: VI 15, Undated

Foreign Policy Association: VI 17, Undated

Interreligious Peace Colloquium, IRPC: VI 20, Undated

American's Friends Service Committee, Inc.: VI 21, Undated

Christian Peace Conference: VI 22, Undated

Holocaust Film Project: VI 23, Undated

Archive Files, Undated

Church State Project:

Box 755 American Council of Voluntary Agencies for Foreign Service, Inc., ACVAFS; CRIA Church State Advisory Committee, Undated

Amy, Research Letter Magazine, Undated

Perlmutter, Amy, CRIA Board of Trustees, Undated

Completed Forms, Undated


A through C, Undated

D through G, Undated

H through L, Undated

M through P, Undated

Q through S, Undated

T through Z, Undated

Inactive, undated

File Copies of Sudan Letters, Undated

General Meeting List, Undated

Box 756 High Adventure Ministries Inc.:

Court Appeals, 1982 March3, 1982

Hold Follow ups, Undated

Honduras, Marc Mission Handbook; Taich Directory, Undated

Key Documentation, Undated

Letters of Reference to Oxford, Undated

Letter to Conference Participants, Undated

Letters to Congressmen, 1982 November 3, 1982

Letters regarding contacts from Advisory Committee, 1983 January 7, 1983

Lilly Endowment, Correspondence, Magazine, 1983 January 14, 1983

Lynn, Robert; Memorandum: Interoffice, Undated

Correspondence, Undated

Nichols, Bruce, Thank You Letters, Undated

Thailand Letter, 1982 October 10, 1982

W.W Norton and Co, Undated:

Funding: Voluntary Agencies, Undated


Box 757 US Aid, AID Private Voluntary Organization, PVO relationship, Undated

US Aid Matching Grants, Undated

Religious Organizations, Undated

Population Controls, Undated

Non-US Government PVO Co-financing, World Council of Churches, WCC, Government Funding Consultation, Undated

International Opinion, 1983 February7-10, 1983

Government Grants and Contracts with PVOs, Undated

FVA PVC Letters, Undated

Federal Budget, Undated

European Government PVO Co-financing, Undated

Funding: Dept. of State, Undated

Free Exercise, Undated

Financial Aspect, Lilly Project: When Church and State Go Abroad, Undated

Extraterritoriality Section, Undated

Establishment Section, Undated

Bureau of Refugee Programs, Undated

Book Proposal, Undated

Book Outline Draft, 1983 November 30, 1983

Audit Report, 1983 October 10, 1983


World vision Relief Organization, Undated

Salesian Society, Inc., Undated


Consortium for Community Self-Help, Undated

COERADO, Correspondence, Undated

Church World Service, Undated

Private Voluntary Organizations:

Religious, Alphabetical:

1, Undated

Box 758 2, Undated

3, Undated

4, Undated

Non-Religious, Alphabetical, Undated

Memo to Trustees Regarding Church-State Project, Undated

Legal, Undated

Folder with no Name, Contains a Report, Undated

Introduction Chapter of Honduras Report, Undated

History: Religion, Government and Refugees Abroad, 1900-1939

Government Organizations, Undated

Guidelines for the Administration of Grant Agreements, Undated

Private Voluntary Organizations, PVOs, Undated

Box 759 Private Voluntary Organizations Religious, Alphabetical, Undated

PVOs Umbrella, Undated

Memo: PVOs and Potential Church-State Problems, Undated

Project Proposal: Religion and Foreign Policy, Undated

Recipients of the Church-State Proposal: Preliminary People, Undated

Religious Organizations: Private Churches and Public Money; Church Government Fiscal Relations, Undated

Correspondence, Undated

Lynn, Robert, the Lilly Endowment; UN Convention Protocol, Undated

United Nations:

UN-US Mission, Undated

UNHCR, General Info, Publication, Booklets, Undated

UN High Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR:

Refugees and Development, Undated

Voluntary Agencies: Here's How Handbook, Undated

Memo: Workshop on Church-State Relationship, Undated

When Church and State Go Abroad: Papers Presented at a Planning Conference, Undated

1981 October 23-24, 1981

Box 760 When Church and State Go Abroad:

State of the Discussion, 1981

Draft Proposal, 1982 December 15, 1982

Letters, 1981

First Conference, 1981 October 23-24, 1981

Nichols, Bruce:

Rubberband Humanitarianism, 1987

The Uneasy Alliance: Religion, Refugee Work, and U.S. Foreign Policy, 1988

First Conference, Preliminary Materials sent out, 1981 October 8, 1981

Proposal for Church State Project, 3rd revised draft, 1981 April 1, 1981

Preliminary Material, 1981 March, 1981

Draft Proposal to Lilly Endowment, 1980 June 6, 1980

Box 761 Thailand Trip, Summer, 1983

Advisory Committee Meeting, 1983 February23, 1983

Church State Project, Goals and direction, 1982 April -August, 1982

Luncheon Cosmos Club, Washington, D.C., 1982 May 14, 1982

Advisory Committee Meeting, 1982 May 12, 1982

News Release, 1982 March30, 1982

Minutes, original, First Advisory Committee meeting, 1982 May 2, 1982

Original Papers for First Conference, 1981 October 23-24, 1981

Attendees at First Conference, 1981 October 23-24, 1981

When Church and State Go Abroad, 1981 October 23-24, 1981

Brochure Draft, Undated

Lilly Proposal no. 2, Focus: Refugees, Undated

Book, When Church and State Go Abroad, Undated

When Church and State Go Abroad: The Missionary Aspect, Undated

Box 762 Budgets, 1983-1985

Lilly Grant, 1985-1987

Advisory Committee Meeting

Minutes, 1985 February12, 1985

Expenses, 1985 February12, 1985

Planning Conference Papers, 1984 April, 1984

85 Church State Meeting, 1985 February1, 1985

Advisory Committee Meeting, 1984 November 30, 1984

Newsletter Mailing List, 1981-1984

Council on Foundations Meeting, Winrock, Arkansas, 1984 July, 1984

Lilly Church State Meeting, 1984 January 19, 1984

Rudkin-Jones, Julia, Guest List, 1983 December 6, 1983

Advisory Committee Meeting, 1983 November 30, 1983

Sadruddin, Prince Aga Kahn, Guest List, 1983 November 28, 1983

Legal Research, Administrative, 1983

Planning Calendars, 1983

File Worksheets:

Box 763 0001-1400 Undated, 0001-1400, Undated

Unsorted, Undated

Box 764 1401-2400 Undated, 1401-2400, Undated

Selected Bibliography, Undated

Box 765 Religious Affiliated Organizations and their Relations with Government Conference, Mailing Info, 1983

Proselytizing, Undated

A Program of Christian Responsibility in the International Crisis, 1950

Politics Charity, 1982

Philosophy of Mission: Relations with Indigenous Churches, Undated

Theology Philosophy: Philosophy of Mission, Partnership, Undated

Parachurch Organizations, Undated

Theology Philosophy: Philosophy of Mission, Orthodox, Undated

Non Judeo-Christian Contacts Abroad, 1976-1981

Mrs. Reiss, History of the American Council of Voluntary Agencies for Foreign Service, Undated

Missionaries, Undated

Liberation Theology:



Theology Philosophy: Human Rights Individual Worth, 1979

General Mission, 1981

Foreign Aid, Undated

Evangelism, Undated

Separation of Church and State: Myth and Reality, 1969

Church-State Interaction, Undated

Stowe, David M., Church and State, files, division of Overseas Ministries, National Council of Churches, Undated

Church-State Interaction, 1981

Christianity Today Institute, 1985

Box 766 Sanctuary


Coffin, Rev. William Sloane and Nelson, Alan C.; Nichols, Bruce, Debate between, moderated by, 1985 March28, 1985

Theological Philosophical: Refugee Relief:

Resettlement, Undated

Repatriation, Undated

Pastoral Care, 1984

Relief v. Development, 1982

Religious Organizations, World Relief, Undated

Refugee Relief, 1981

Refugee Work, Undated

Defining Refugee, Undated

RAORG Conference:



Box 767 Committee of International Volunteer Agencies, Working in Austria no., 2196 Undated

Historical: Church State Interaction, Foreign, Undated

Book Draft, Refugees, Undated

Alliance for Progress, Undated

Aid, 1962

Act for International Development, 1961

Voluntary Organizations, Political Advocacy, 1982

Theo Phil: Telecommunication, 1983

Voluntary Organizations, Philosophies Goals, Undated

Social Welfare, Undated

Sanctuary Debate between, moderated by, 1985 March28, 1985

Sanctuary, 1984-1985

Box 768 Indochina Refugee Crisis, 1979

Hungarian Refugee Crisis, Undated


Separation of Church and State, Undated

Refugee Flows, Communist Bloc, Undated

Refugee Flows, Undated

Public Law 480, Undated

Historical: Missions, Undated

Indian Affairs and Missions, Undated

Foreign Aid, Undated

Haiti, 1982

Foreign Policy, Undated

East German exodus, 1968

Deportation, 1984

Czechoslovak Refugees, 1971

Cuban Refugees, Undated

Cuban Refugees, Undated


Box 769 Religious Organizations, Development Origins, Undated

Philanthropy Voluntary Foreign Aid, 1971

Indian Affairs and Missions, 1983

The Heifer Project, Undated

European Displaced Persons, World War II, Undated

Displaced Person Act, Undated

European Displaced Persons:



Coordinating Council of Volunteer Agencies in Taiwan, ACVAFS, 1955-65

Citizens Committee on Displaced Persons, 1947 March, 1947

CARE, 1949

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Undated

ACVAFS, Undated

Nixon, Richard M., Vice President's Trip to Austria, 1956

Vatican Aid to Nazis, Undated

Hung, US Policy, Undated

Resettlement of Hungarians in the US, Undated

Press Clippings, Undated

Point IV:

Agreements with Voluntary Agencies, 1951

TCA Contracts with Private Institutions, 1951-1957

ACVAFS TCA Correspondence, 1950-1951

Marshall Plan, Undated

International Cooperation Administration, 1955

Box 770 US Refugee Policy, 1980-1983

US Escapee Program, Undated

Ugandan Asians, 1974-1978

Tibetan Refugees, 1968

Taiwan, Undated

Self-Questioning for ACVAFS, 1982

Refugee Policy, 1970s

Refugee Relief, UN, Undated

Refugee Crisis, Indochina, 1979

Loos, William A., Personal notes on WWII DP's, 1946 October, 1946

Peace Corps, Undated

Non-US Organizations, Undated

Nigerian Exodus, 1983 February, 1983

Nigeria-Biafra War, 1968

Lutheran World Relief, Undated

International Refugee Organization, Undated

Jami'at al Islam, Inc., 1959-62


Voluntary Agencies, Undated

Religious Organizations, Undated

Box 771 Ethiopia, 1984

Eritrea, 1984

Emergency Relief Aid, 1985

Drought Famine, 1984

Djibouti, Undated

Catholic Relief Services Voluntary Agencies: Africa, Undated

Chad, 1984

Christian Churches under Islamic Rule, Undated

Camp Statistics, 1983

Africa, Academic Legal Analysis, Sudan, Undated

African Refugee Crisis, Undated

Africa Correspondence, Undated

Africa, Undated

ACROSS, Voluntary Agencies, Africa, 1983

Academic Legal Activities, Undated

World Refugee Year, 1959

Vietnam, Undated

US State: Point IV, Technical Cooperation Administration:

Correspondence-Miscellaneous, 1951

Agreements with Voluntary Agencies, Undated

Contracts with Private Institutions, Undated

Box 772 Voluntary Agencies, 1983

US Africa Policy, 1983

Africa-Uganda, Undated

Tigray, Undated

Voluntary Agencies, Africa-Sudan, Undated

Sudan: Academic Legal, Political Analysis, Undated

Sudanese Refuges in Ethiopia, Undated

Sudan aid: Episcopal Church, Voluntary Agencies, Africa, Undated

Sudan, 1982

Southern Region, 1985

Somalia, 1982

Rwanda, 1983

Lutheran World Relief, Voluntary Agencies Africa, 1984

International Assistance, 1983

Integration with Egypt, 1982

Voluntary Agencies, Africa, 1983

Hostage Mission, Aries, 1983

Historical Background, Undated

Government of Sudan, Undated


Famine, 1982

Christian Relief and Development Association, 1983

Civil War, Undated

Central America:

Box 773 Academic Legal Analysis, 1984

Miskito Indians, 1985

Refugee Camp Statistics, Undated

Press Clippings, Undated

Nicaragua, Undated

Mexico, Undated

Barring of US Churchwomen, 1983

Central America:

Honduras: Relocation of Refugees, Undated

Honduras: Local Government Policy, Undated

Honduras, 1982

Guatemala, Undated

El Salvador, Undated

Costa Rica, Undated

Contadora Group, 1985

Box 774 Denton Hearings, Liberation Theology Marxism, 1983

Communist Interference in, 1985

Clippings General, 1983

Church World Service, Winter, 1981

CIA Manual insurgency, Undated

Church of the Word, Undated

Central America:

Washington Office on L.A., 1985

Voluntary Agencies:

Committee for the Defense of Human Rights in Honduras, CODEH, Undated

Centro de Informacion de Honduras, Undated

Catholic Relief Services, 1980

American Friends Service Committee, Undated

Voluntary Agencies, Undated

US Honduran Relations, 1984

US Government:

US aid, 1985

Refugee Policy, 1983

Military Bases Training, Undated

Embassy, 1982

US Government, CIA, 1984

US Government, 1984

United Nations High Commission on Refugees, 1982

Box 775 Voluntary Agencies: Instituto Historico Centro Americano, 1982-1983

US Policy:

Kissinger, 1984

Embargo, 1985 May, 1985

US Policy, 1983

US Government:

Bureau of Inter-American Affairs, 1984

Boland Amendment, 1983

Government Church Relations, 1984

Statement of the USA Catholic Conference for Central America, 1981

Private Aid, Denton Amendment, 1984


Voluntary Agencies, 1981

United Nations High Commission on Refugees, relocation of refugees, 1983

Nicaraguan Government, 1984-1985

Honduras Nicaraguan Border Conflicts, 1984

El Salvador, Slain US Churchwomen, 1984-1985

Honduras, Miskito Indians, 1983

El Salvador, Land Reform, 1982-1983

El Salvador, Displaced Persons, 1984

Box 776 Voluntary Agencies: Instituto Historico Centro Americano, 1984-1985

Pacific: East Timor, Philippines, 1984

South American, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Peru, 1983

Thailand, 1983

Middle East, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestinian Refugees, 1985

Europe, 1984

Eastern Bloc, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Soviet Union, 1984

Caribbean, Grenada, Haiti, 1984

Asia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, 1984

World Court, mining of harbors, 1984

Box 777 Vietnam Relief Efforts, 1964

Vietnam, US Policy, 1966

Tax Exemption

Bob Jones, 1983

Relevant Court Cases, Undated

Regan v. Wald, Cuban Assets Control Act, 1983

Mueller v. Allen, 1983

Logan Act, 1984


Tax Exemption, Young Life v. Division of Employment and Training, 1982

Tax Exemption, Code Sections, 1980

S. Worthing Suggested Resources, 1983

Tax Exemption, 1984

Neutrality, Tuition Tax Credits, 1983

Neutrality Act, 1983


Neutrality, Lubbock, 1983

International Law, 1983

Immigration Refugee Policy, 1982-1983

Government Surveillance Intervention, 1984

Extraterritoriality, Ramirez de Arrellano v. Weinberger, 1984

Legal, Establishment, Status of Parachurch Organization, Undated

Legal Articles, 1968

Jurisdiction of Overseas Charitable Gifts, 1984

Flat v. Cohen, 1983

Alexander v. Americans United, 1974

Box 778 Freedom of Information Disclosure Regulations, 1983

Politics Practical, Foreign Aid, committee on Section 9 Economic Assistance, 1983

Politics Practical, Evaluations, 1982

Office of Management and Budget, 1983

National Center for Immigrants Rights, 1983

Joint Voluntary Agency, 1984

Immigration and Naturalization Service, 1983

Human Rights, 1983

Government Policy, 1982

Foreign Policy, US Vatican Relations, 1983

Disaster Relief, 1985

Country Reports on the World Refugee Situation, 1983

Congress, 1981

CIA Use of Missionaries Overseas, 1984

Central Americans, 1981-1982

Bureau of Refugee Programs, 1984

Advisory Committee on Voluntary Foreign Aid, 1982

Box 779 World Food Council, World Food Program, Undated

US Refugee Policy:



National Security, 1984

US Coordinators Office, 1980-1983

Ethics Morals Conference, Undated

Public Opinion, 1983

Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy, 1980

Religious Task Force on Central America, 1985

Religious Lobbies, Interreligious Task Force, 1983

Refugee Relief, 1984

Press Clippings, 1984

Political Practical:

Reagan Administration, Speech to N.A.E., 1983 March, 1983

Lobbies, Americans United, 1982

Political Environment, Independent Commission on International Humanitarian Issues, Undated

International Political Environment, International Response to Refugees Refugee Relief, 1984

Box 780 Photocopy of Paper on Ethics, Undated

Rustin, Baynard; Bloomstein, Charles; Naegle, Walter, Report: South Africa: Is Peaceful Change Possible?, Undated

War Relief Services; American Press, Report: Displaced Persons: Whose Responsibility?, Undated

Church World Service: Immigration and Refugee Program; Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service Publication: Seeking Safe Haven: A Congressional Guide to Helping Central American Refugees in the United States, Undated

SOJOURNERS: An Independent Christian Monthly, 1985 March, 1985

Ford Foundation Letter, Vol. 13. No. 3, 1982 June 1, 1982

Uniform User's Guide, Kaypro II, 4 and 10 versions, 1983

Paper: The Bystanders: Bermuda and Warsaw, Paper Incomplete, Undated

Arizona Sanctuary Defense Fund: Update for the Sanctuary Trial for the Week of Dec 3-6, 1985 1985 December 3-6, 1985, 1985

Book: Foreign Affairs, Summer, 1985

Paper: The Challenge to the Church: A Theological Comment on the Political Crisis in South Africa, The Kairos Document, Undated

Davie, Maurice R.; Koenig, Samuel, Public Affairs Pamphlet No. 111, The Refugees are now Americans, Undated

US Dept. of State, Bureau of Public Affairs; Foreign Affairs Program: FY 1986 Budget and 1985 Supplemental Request, 1985 May, 1986, 1985, 1985

The United Presbyterian Church of the US; Publication: Peacemaking: The Believers' Calling, Undated

Report to the President by the President's Committee for Hungarian Refugee Relief, Undated

Whelan, Charles M., Church in the Internal Revenue Code: The Definitional Problems, Undated

Dulles, John Foster, Policy for Security and Peace in Let's Talk About, Vol. II, No. 9, Undated

Foreign Operations Administration; Escape to Freedom, Undated

Davie, Maurice R., What Shall We Do About Immigration, Public Affairs Pamphlet, No. 115, Undated

Refugee Policy Group, RPG; Report, Of Special Humanitarian Concern: U.S. Refugee Admissions Since Passage of the Refugee Act, 1985 September, 1985

Council of Inter-American Security, Inc.--Report: A New American Policy for the Eighties, Prepared by the Committee of Santa Fe for the Council for Inter-American Security, Inc., Undated

MacGuire, James, Scandals in Catholic Relief, Undated

Hargous, Sabine, Le Monde Diplomatique, L'action de Vision mondiale en Equateur, Undated

Gospel Herald, Menonite Central Committee, MCC, granted license for Vietnam Shipment, 1981 July 14, 1981

Box 781 Unorganized materials, Typescripts and Mimeos, Undated

Asian Development and the Caribbean Basin Initiative:

Box 782 Address from the Prime Minister of Jamaica, Undated

Box 783 Documents: Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers, Undated

Box 784 News Releases, Undated

USIA, Caribbean Basin Initiative, Asian Project, Undated

Korea, Year 2000 Project, 1981, 2000, 1981

Box 785 Han Sung-Joo, Correspondence and Working Files, Undated

The Year 2000 Conference Drafts, Undated, 2000, Undated

Box 786 Drafts-Photocopies of Interim Version, Undated

Published Version, Undated

Box 787 Final Version and Related Material, Undated

Department of Publications:

Box 788 Correspondence and Miscellaneous on Pamphlet B through L, Undated

Box 789 Correspondence and Miscellaneous on Pamphlet M-R, Undated

Box 790 Sibley, Mulford Q., The Obligation to Disobey, pamphlet, 1970

Thompson, Kenneth W., Comments re address, Ethics and Foreign Policy, 1958

Morgenthau, Hans; Thompson, Kenneth; Brauer, Dean, US Policy in the Far East, 1968

Tucker, pamphlet, 1966

Weber, Theodore R., Modern War and the Pursuit of peace, 1968 May, 1968

West, Charles, pamphlet, 1968

Zahn, Gordon, An Alternative to War, pamphlet, 1963

Box 791 Berger, Peter L., 1978

Contest Entries, 1981

Correspondence re Indexing of Worldview and memberships, 1984

Kang, Sugwon, Correspondence with re his Korean art, 1976 January -February, 1976

Editorial Board, Undated

Fisher; Geyer; Wolf, Is America Becoming Militarized?, 1971

Letters to the Editor, 1984

McWilliams, Wilson Carey, 1975

Military Honor After My Lai, 1972

Patriotism Symposium, 1974 January 25-27, 1974

Re closing of Worldview file, 1960-1985

Novak, Story, in politics, 1970-1971

Box 792 Classified Ads, 1982

Worldview artwork, Undated

Associated Church Press Award, 1980

CRIA Printed Material

World Alliance:

Box 793 1914



USA, 1919



USA, 1921





USA, 1925


USA, 1926

USA, 1927


USA, 1928

USA, 1929


Box 794 USA, 1930


USA, 1931


USA, 1932

USA, 1933


USA, 1934


USA, 1935


USA, 1936


USA, 1937


USA, 1938

USA, 1939

World Alliance, USA:

Box 795 1940