Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Carnegie Council on Ethics & International Affairs records, 1844-2008

Series I: Individuals' Files, 1914-1974

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Box 1 Henry A. Atkinson, 1914-1959 undated, 1914-1959, undated

Early Files 1926-1944 (A through Z), 1926-1944


General, 1933-1938

Affiliated Churches, 1926-1927

American Committee against Aggression, 1939

American Committee for Democracy and Intellectual Freedom, 1939-1940

American Committee for Non-Participation in Japanese Aggression, 1938-1941

American Foreign Policy, 1937-1938

American Friends of Polish Jews, Undated

American Friends Service Committee, 1935

American Interorganization Council, Geneva, 1932-1933

American League for Peace and Democracy, 1937-1940

American League for Protection of Human Rights, 1932-1933

American Union for Concerted Peace Efforts, 1939-1940

Box 2 Ammande, Dr. E., Famine in Ukraine, 1934-1935

Ammundsen, Bishop, 1929-1937


Western Trip, 1932 December -1933 January, 1932

Anniversary Dinner, 1932 December, 1932

Travel and Engagements, 1905 April 17, 1905

Travel and Engagements, 1905 April 18, 1905

Travel and Engagements, 1905 April 19, 1905

Travel and Engagements, 1905 April 20, 1905

Ripon and Chicago, 1905 April 21, 1905

European Trip, Summer, 1905 April 21, 1905

European Conference-General, 1905 April 21, 1905

Travel and Engagements, 1905 April 21, 1905

Western Trip, 1938 April 1, 1938

Boston Meeting, 1940 November 15, 1940

Congregational Council, Berkeley, California, 1940 August 1, 1940

Box 3 Trip to Middle West, June, 1940

Engagements, 1940

Florida and Southern Trip, 1940 Februaryand March, 1940

California Trip, 1941 November -December, 1941

North American Ecumenical Conference Toronto, Canada, 1941 June 3-5, 1941

Chautauqua, 1942 August 20-21, 1942

Middle West Trip, 1942 May, 1942

Engagements, 1941-1943

Austrian Situation


General, 1927-1939

Barker, G.S., 1926-1937

Belden, Dr. Albert D., 1926-1927

Butler Committee, 1935


General, 1926-1938

Cadman, S. Parkes, 1929-1937

Canary, P.H., Religion on War, 1936-1938

Box 4 Cannon Jr., James, 1930-1944

Carnegie, Andrew, 1934-1936

China, 1927-1933

Cecil, Lord, 1937

Chichester, Bishop of, 1929-1933

Chinese Immigration into the United States, 1943

Christian Council on Palestine, Undated

Christmas Day Broadcast, 1943

Church Peace Union Reports

Miscellaneous, 1925-1930

Trustees' Meeting, 1938 January, 1938

Record of Twenty Years 1914-1934 1935 January, 1914-1934, 1935

Annual Meeting, January, 1936

Semi-Annual Meeting, 1936 June, 1936

Annual Meeting, 1937 January, 1937

Box 5 Church Peace Union

Semi-Annual Meeting, 1937 May 20-21, 1937

Peace Committee in Every Church, 1936-1938

Annual Meeting, 1938 January, 1938

Semi-Annual Meeting, 1938 May, 1938

Committee on Neutrality, Joint with World Alliance, 1938-1939

Annual Meeting, January, 1939

Semi-Annual Meeting, 1939 June, 1939

Annual Meeting, 1940 January, 1940

General Secretary's Report, 1940 January, 1940

Commission to Canada

Silcox, Claris Edwin and others in Canada regarding arrangements. Also Points of Discussion and Miscellaneous Memoranda, 1940 May 19-26, 1940

Correspondence with American Commission. Marburg, Fisher, 1940 May 19-26, 1940

Correspondence with Inch, R.B., 1940 May 19-26, 1940

Correspondence with Silcox, Claris Edwin, 1940 May 19-26, 1940

Miscellaneous Papers and Correspondence, 1940 May 19-26, 1940

Report and Points Discussed, 1940 May 19-26, 1940

Semi-Annual Meeting, 1940 June, 1940

Annual Meeting-Trustees, 1941 January 16, 1941

Semi-Annual Meeting, 1941 June, 1941

Annual Meeting, 1942 January, 1942

Citizens for Victory No. 1, Correspondence, Minutes, 1942-1944

Box 6 Citizens for Victory No. 2, Reports, Mimeographed Material, 1942-1944

Commission to Poland; Minorities, Summer, 1937

Commission to Study the Organization of Peace, 1939-1942

Henry A. Atkinson and Commission to Study the Organization of Peace, 1941

Committee for Concerted Peace Efforts, Later American Peace Union, 1937-1938

Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies

No. 1, 1940

No. 2, 1941

Box 7 Committee on Militarism in Education

No. 1, 1928-1935

No. 2, 1936-1940

Conscientious Objectors, Verner, Philip, 1934-1936

Conference on National Defense, 1937

Consultative Group, Geneva, 1932-1937

Cornish, Louis C., 1925

Council against Intolerance in America

No. 1, 1938-1940

No. 2, 1941

No. 3, 1942-1944

Council for Moderation, May, 1935

Cranston, Ruth, 1939-1943

Czechoslovakia, 1938-1940

Box 8 D

Das-Gupta to Drummond, 1929-1938

Dexter, Lewis, 1939-1941

Dexter, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, Undated


No. 1, 1927-1935

No. 2, Articles by Henry A. Atkinson, 1932


General, 1927-1940

Emergency Peace Campaign, 1936-1937


General, 1927-1940

Box 9 Fagley, Richard M., 1937-1944

Faith and Order

No. 1, Continuation Committee of the World Conference on, 1927-1938

No. 2, Edinburgh Conference, 1937

Federal Council of Churches

Conference on Life and Work, 1925-1929

Miscellaneous, 1927-1938

Peace Crusade of the Churches, Peace Conference, 1934 December 4-7,, 1934

World Alliance Unification Plan, 1934-1937

Minutes, 1935-1938

Box 10 Memo regarding Peace Work of Religious Denominations, 1936 June, 1936

Miscellaneous, 1939

Minutes, 1939-1940

Commission to Study the Bases of a Just and Durable Peace, 1940

Minutes, 1941-1942

Correspondence, 1940

Box 11 Commission to Study the Bases of a Just and Durable Peace, 1941

Correspondence, 1941-1942

Commission to Study the Bases of a Just and Durable Peace, 1942

Foerster, Friedrich Wilhelm, 1936-1937

Foreign Affairs Forum, Jessup, Philip C., Request for Funds, Undated

Freedom, International Quarterly, 1938


General, 1928-1940

German Situation, Hitler and General, 1932-1936

Box 12 Germany Olympic Games, Committee on Fair Play, Undated



International Peace Campaign

Rassemblement Universal Pour Paix, Undated

Box 13 American Committee, 1936

Atkinson, H.A. Correspondence, General, 1936-1937

Bulletins, Undated

Miscellaneous, Undated

Box 14 Conference on National Defense, 1937

Dodd, William E., Jr., Undated

Executive Committee Meeting Paris, 1937 July 10-11, 1937

French Education Commission Report to French Ministry, 1937 January, 1937

Fradkin, Mrs. Elvira Kush, Undated

General Council Meeting, 1937 March15-16, 1937

General Council, 1937 September 13-14, 1937

Membership in American National Committee I.F.C., Undated

Peace Campaign, 1937

International Peace Campaign, 1937-1938

Box 15 Bulletins, 1938

Dinner for Johaux, M. Leon, 1938 September 20, 1938

Miscellaneous, 1938

World Conference for the Boycott of Japan and Aid to China, 1938 February12-13, 1938

International Peace Campaign, 1939

Bulletins, 1939

Miscellaneous, 1939

Newsletter, 1939

Dinner for Dolivet, M., 1939 January 12, 1939

Miscellaneous, 1940

Box 16 Institutes

Ministers, Students, 1938

Institutes United States

Rollins, 1940 March4-6, 1940

Rollins College, 1942 February, 1942

Topeka, 1942 May, 1942

Fargo, 1942 October 2-3, 1942

St. Paul, 1942 October 5-6, 1942

Pittsburgh, 1942 November 23-24, 1942

Hoboken, 1943 January 11-12, 1943

Durham, 1943 February11-12, 1943

Richmond, 1943 March14-15, 1943

Denver, Salt Lake City, 1943 May, 1943

Box 17 Pacific Coast

Dyer, Frank, 1942

Miscellaneous, 1940-1943

Roman, Dr. Frederick W., 1940-1943

Speakers, 1940-1943

Talbott, Guy E., 1940-1943

Detroit, 1943 October 15-16, 1943

Atlanta, 1943 February, 1943

North American, Toronto, 1943 June 6-9, 1943

Boston, 1943 December 13-14, 1943

Box 18 Italian-Ethiopian Situation, 1935-1938


General, 1926-1939

Senator Hiram Johnson, Undated


General, 1928-1939

Kansas Peace Committee, 1937-1938

Krumbine, Miles H., 1934-1938


General, 1928-1940

Lands of the Dawn, 1930

Box 19 League of Nations

Association, 1931-1943

Drive, 1933-1934

General, 1926-1938

Societies Federation, 1932-1940

Leiper, Henry Smith, 1930-1938

Box 20 Life and Work: Universal Christian Conference, 1925-1937

London Naval Conference; Five Power Conference, 1930

Ludlow, Bill, 1938

Lunn, Sir Henry, 1929

Lytton Report, 1932


General, 1927-1940

MacFarland, Charles, 1929-1939

Malaterre-Sellier, Mme., 1937-1938

Matthews, Dr. Shailer, 1929-1942

May Navy Bill, 1934-1938

Box 21 Merrill, Dr. William P., 1927-1939

Merrill Memorial Youth Commission, 1935-1937

Mexican Property Owners Non-Intervention League, 1927

Mexico, 1927-1936

Military Training: United States Senate. Nve-Kvale Bill, 1935 1936 1937, 1935, 1936, 1937


Rumanian Deputation, 1927

Miscellaneous, 1927-1936

Poland, 1937-1938

Miscellaneous, 1936-1940 l943, 1936-1940

Box 22 Motion Pictures, 1932-1937

Mott, John R., 1926-1935

Munitions, 1933 1937, 1933, 1937


General, 1932-1940

National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1930-1938

National Council for Prevention of War, 1930-1940

National Peace Conference

Westchester Meeting, 1935

National Peace Conference, 1936

Box 23 National Peace Conference, 1937

Economic Peace Campaign, 1937-1938

Economic Conference, 1938 March, 1938

Minutes Reports Bulletins, 1938

Miscellaneous, 1934-1944

Box 24 Neutrality Legislation, 1935-1939

New Commonwealth, the; Lord Davies, Lewis Dexter, 1928-1938

New York Legislative Service, 1935-1936

New York World's Fair: Temple of Religion and Other Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1936-1939

Nouvel Univers, Le, 1926-1927


General, 1936-1940

Order of Lafayette, 1938-1929


General, 1929-1940

Pacific Maneuvers, Asiatic Relations, 1935

Pan American Conference, 1936

Paris Theological Seminary, 1929-1930 1938-1939, 1929-1930, 1938-1939

Peace Department, 1935

Box 25 People's Lobby: Correspondence Executive Secretary March, Benjamin, 1935-1938

Philip, Andre, Visits to United States, 1932-1937

Phillips, Dr. J.M., Truce of God, 1934-1935

Plimpton, George A., 1928-1938

Protestant Digest: Program Suggestions for World Peace, 1939-1942

Publications: Federal Council of the Church of Christ in America, Undated

Publicity: Church Peace Union, 1940-1944



General, 1928-1940


Germans and Others, 1934-1937

Spanish, 1939

Box 26 German, 1938-1939

German, Miscellaneous, 1940

Conference, New School for Social Research, 1941 June 2, 1941

Refugee and Refugee Camps, 1940-1941

Meeting Pennsylvania Hotel, 1940 December 17, 1940

Correspondence with French Ambassador Henry-Haye, Gaston, 1940-1941

Miscellaneous Cases in the United States and Europe, 1941

Ycas Family, Carleton College, Undated

Union for Refugees in France, 1940-1941

American Committee for Christian Refugees, 1941

Self-help of Emigres from Central Europe, 1940-1941

American Committee to Save Refugees, Atkinson, Henry A., 1940-1941

Box 27 Rollins College, 1930-1942

Roosevelt, Franklin D., 1932

Roumania Notes, 1920-1921

Russia, 1929-1933


General, 1939-1940

Sanctions, 1932-1936

Save the Children Federation, 1943-1944

Save the Children Fund, 1931-1938

Second Front in Europe, Undated

Box 28 Smith, Fred B., 1929-1937

Soderblom, Archbishop Nathan, 1929-1933

Spain, 1936-1939

Speeches, 1926-1937

Steed, Henry Wickham, 1927 1932 1937, 1927, 1932, 1937

Stelzle, Charles, 1929-1934


General, 1930-1931 1935 1940, 1930-1931, 1935, 1940

Talbot, Guy E., 1937-1942 1937-1945, 1937-1942

Box 29 Committee on Revision of Peace Treaties, Fisher, Franz, 1933


General, 1939-1940

Unemployment, 1930-1931

United Nations Association, 1942-1944

United Nations Committee: Citizens Council for the United Nations, 1941-1943

Universal Christian Council for Life and Work, 1936-1937


General, 1932-1941

VanKirk, Reverend J.W., A Life: Stranger than Fiction, 1938


General, 1929-1941

War Debt Scholarship Plan, Skillin, Byron W., 1937

Winchester, Bishop of, 1926-1932

Box 30 Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, 1935-1941

World Alliance: Annual Meetings, 1929-1942

Box 31 World Alliance Abroad

European Report, 1935

Chamby Meeting, 1936

Conferences Abroad, 1931-1945

Meetings Abroad, 1924-1936

Youth Conferences, 1936-1937

Canadian Branch, 1934-1935

Box 32 Berlin Office, Siegmund-Schultze, Dr. F., 1924-1933

Dickinson, Lord, 1931-1943

Espey, R.H. Edwin, 1936-1939

Geneva Office, 1931-1937

Japanese Office, 1934

London Meeting, 1937

Oxford Meeting and Preliminary Correspondence, Universal Christian Council, 1935-1936

Meetings of Finance Committee, 1932

Report of General Secretary to 15th Annual Meeting, 1930

Box 33 World Alliance Domestic

H.R.H Crown Prince of Sweden Luncheon, 1926

Dinner for Steed, Henry Wickham, 1927

Dinner for Smith, Dr. Fred B, 1929

Luncheon for Parkes, S. Cadman, 1932

Dinner for Wallace, Henry A., Undated

Luncheon for Davies, Lord, 1937

Paish, Sir George, 1930

Field Days, 1926-1929

Buffalo Field Days, 1926-1929

Wichita Field Days, 1927

Western Trip, Holmes, Harry W., 1927

Box 34 Chicago Speakers Conference, 1926

Cleveland Special Auxiliary Convention, 1930

Box 35 World Center, 1929-1930

World Council of Churches, 1937-1941

World Court, 1926 1929-1932 1934, 1926, 1929-1932, 1934

World Foundation, Cranston, Ruth and Madariaga, S. de, 1931-1932 1935-1937, 1931-1932, 1935-1937

World Peaceways, 1933

The World Tomorrow, Clergy Questionnaire, 1931

Box 36 Organizational Correspondence (A through Z)

American Association for the United Nations, formerly League of Nations Association, 1944-1945

American Peace Society, 1940-1944

Americans United for World Organizations, 1944-1945

Appeal to the President of the United States, 1944

Barker, G.S., 1930-1946

Brandeis Award given to Dr. Atkinson, Jewish Forum, 1945

Canada, Cooperation with, 1940-1942

Chautauqua, 1944

Cheek, Dr. Roma Sawyer, 1943


Miscellaneous, 1938-1944

United China Relief, 1941-1945

Christian Conference on War and Peace, 1942-1945

Committee on Cooperation with the Press: Committee on Policy and Outlook, C.P.U., 1929-1930

Committee on Interchange, 1927-1939

Box 37 Committee on Policy and Outlook, 1936

Education Committee, 1936-1938

Special Committee to Draft Peace Aims, Undated

Clarke, Merrill F., 1941-1943

Commission to Study the Organization of Peace, 1943-1944

Chicago Office, 1943-1944

Conference, 1944

Conference on Religious Research, 1943-1944

Council against Intolerance in America, 1944

Council for Social Action, 1937-1944

Dexter, Robert C. and Elisabeth Anthony, 1941-1943 1946, 1941-1943, 1946

Dolivet, B.D., 1940-1946

Emergency Committee to Save the Jewish People of Europe, Inc., 1944

Box 38 Federal Council Commission on a Just and Durable Peace No.1

Correspondence, 1943-1945

Pre-Cleveland Conference, 1944

Cleveland Study Conference, 1945

Federal Council of Churches

No.2, Correspondence and Minutes, 1943-1945

No.3, Minutes, 1943-1945

Free World Association, 1941-1944

Box 39 Hambro, Dr. Carl J., 1943

Hudson, Manley O., 1935-1943

Interfaith Statement Declaration on World Peace, 1943

International Chamber of Commerce, 1939

Jezequel, Jacques, Visa Information, 1942

Knickerbocker Broadcasting Company, 1938-1939

League of Nations Association, Canadian Branch, 1938

Dinner in Honor of Lee, Albert, 1945 February14, 1945

Commission to Study the Organization of Peace, Levy, Beryl Harold, 1942-1944

Life and Work, Universal Christian Council, 1941-1943

Lithuanian Prisoners in Soviet Union, 1943

Lynch, Bill, 1943

Millville Council on Foreign Relations, 1938-1945

Monroe, Paul, 1943

Nance, Dr. E.C., 1942

National Council of Christians and Jews, 1939-1945

National Peace Conference, 1941-1944

Neutrality, 1939

Box 40 Non-Partisan Council to Win the Peace, 1943-1945

Minutes, 1943-1945

Basic Survey on Attitudes of Senators on Obligatory Collective Security Map, 1943

Palestine Committee Special, 1944 March, 1944

Pepper, Senator Claude, Statement of Award, 1944

Pope, Honorable James P., 1935-1943

Radio: General, 1936-1937

Reciprocal Trade Agreements, 1945

Refugee Problems, Committee on Special, 1944

Refugee Relief Trustees, Inc., 1943

Relief and Rehabilitation in European Countries, 1940-1944

Box 41 Searle, Dr. Robert W., 1943

Silcox, Claris Edwin, 1939-1944

Smith, Emory E., 1938-1943

Stewart, Reverend George, 1938-1943

Strong, Harold F., 1940-1945

Times, New York, 1937-1946

United Nations, 1943

Van Kirk, Reverend J.W., 1937-1946

Weston, Harold, 1942

Williams, Michael, 1940-1945

Box 42 World Alliance, 1927-1944

Annual Meetings, 1943 1944, 1943, 1944

Battle of the Atlantic Week, 1941

Future Work and Organization Abroad and in Canada, 1944

Reorganization Plan, 1927-1932

World Charter Sunday, 1945

World Citizenship Movement, 1942-1945

Writers' War Board, 1944-1945

World Wide Broadcasting Foundation, 1935-1945

Youth Groups, 1937-1940

World Congress, 1938

Box 43 International Correspondence (A through Z)

Dickinson, Lord, 1937

Elliott, Reverend W. Thompson Canon of Westminster, 1939

Elmslie, Reverend William T. English M.A., 1940-1944

Fatio, Guillaume, 1935-1939

Henriod, H.L., 1938-1946

International Christian Press and Information Service, 1936-1937

Iriney, Bishop of Novi Sad, 1939-1940

Jezequel, Pasteur Jule, 1938

Maeks, Ivy, 1938-1939

Siegmund-Schultze, Dr. F., 1933-1940

World Alliance, International

No.1, Baltic Regional Conference, 1935 1939, 1935, 1939

No. 2, England Executive Committee Meetings, 1937 1938, 1937, 1938


No. 3, French Council, Undated

No. 4, Geneva Meeting, 1939 August, 1939

No. 5, Geneva Office Questionnaire, 1936

No. 6, Minutes and Reports, 1937-1938

No. 7, Norway Meetings, 1938 1939, 1938, 1939

No. 8, Statements of Various Councils, 1939 1940, 1939, 1940

World Conference of Christian Youth, 1937-1939

Zankow, Stefan, 1937-1939

Box 45 Articles, 1921-1924 1927, 1921-1924, 1927

Articles and Addresses, 1927-1932 undated, 1927-1932, undated

Speeches and Articles, 1932-1940 1943 1946, 1932-1940, 1943, 1946

Box 46 Speeches and Articles, Undated

Barth, Karl, Articles on, Undated

Book Reviews: Elmer Gantry and Youth and Christian Unity, Undated

Consideration of World Conditions and American Responsibility, Undated

Disarmament Conference Articles, Undated

Europe, On Going to, Undated

Far East, Trip to. Diary, 1932-1946

Germany, Articles on, Undated

International Friendship, 1932

Japan, Articles on, Undated

Lands of the Dawn, 1923

The Livery Stable School of Literature, Re: Elmer Gantry, 1932-1933

Novi Sad, Church Conference at Universal Christian Council for Life and Work, Undated

Box 47 Religion, Articles and Addresses on, 1928

Russia, Religious Prosecution in, 1933 Undated

War or Peace, Undated

World Church Leaders and International Peace, 1933

India, Articles on and Chapters from East of Suez, 1931-1932

The Church and the People's Play: Materials on Manuscript, Correspondence, 1927 April, 1927

Box 48 General Files, 1939-1953 (A through Z), 1939-1953


General, 1939-1944 1945-1954, 1939-1944, 1945-1954

American Association for an International Office for Education, Inc., 1946-1949

American Association for the United Nations, 1946-1949

Box 49 American Association for the United Nations

Minutes, 1944-1953

American Association for the United Nations, 1950-1953

Anti-Semitism, Undated

Box 50 B

General, 1939-1944 1945-1953, 1939-1944, 1945-1953

Boston, Meeting of World Alliance National Institute on Religion and the United Nations, 1947

Dr. William Adams Brown, 1942-1943


General, 1939-1944

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 1942-1951

China Aid Council, 1940-1950

Christian Council on Palestine, 1953

Church Peace Union Trustees Correspondence Re: Loan to Greece and Turkey, 1947

Commission to Study the Organization of Peace: General Correspondence, 1944-1953

Box 51 Committee on National Affairs, 1946-1953

Committee for Peace Day in the United Nations, 1946-1948

Committee on Religious Rights and Minorities, 1943

Conway. Edward A., Crash Program for Peace, 1954

Council against Intolerance in America, 1945-1954

Council for Democracy, 1941-1948


General, 1939-1953

Department of State, 1939-1952

Dexter, Lewis, 1940-1953

Box 52 Dexter, Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. and Elisabeth Anthony, 1948-1952

Disabled Persons in Europe to, 1950 Undated


General, 1941-1953


General, 1941-1953

Federal Council, 1941-1945

Box 53 Federal Council, 1946-1947 1948-1951, 1946-1947, 1948-1951


General, 1941-1953

Genocide Convention, 1948-1952

Germany, 1944-1947

Henry A. Atkinson, Form Letters sent out by Church Peace Union and World Alliance, Undated

Box 54 H

General, 1941-1953

Holt, Hamilton, 1939-1951

Houghton, Roy, 1938-1953

Human Rights: Joint Committee AAUN and Commission, Correspondence and Printed Matter, 1945-1947


General, 1944-1953


General, 1941-1953

Jensen, Mrs. Elsie, 1946-1953


General, 1941-1953

Korea, Off the Record Discussion; Merrill House, 1950 December 5, 1950

Krumbine, Miles H., 1939-1953

Box 55 L

General, 1941-1953

League for Fair Play, 1943-1951

Lecture, Discussion Series at Merrill House, 1949 1950, 1949, 1950

Leiper, Henry Smith, 1939-1953


General, 1939-1953


General, 1941-1953

McConnell, Bishop Francis J., 1938-1951

MacFarland, Charles, 1939-1953

Marburg, Charles L., 1939-1953

Marks, Ivy, 1940-1949

Marshall Plan Committee, 1947-1948

Merrill, William P., 1940-1953

Methodist Church, 1945-1946

Miscellaneous, 1945-1954

Box 56 N

General, 1943-1953

Nation Associates, 1944-1950 1951-1953, 1944-1950, 1951-1953

National Peace Conference, 1945-1953

Nature of Man, Lectures at Hunter College, 1949 January 16-March13, 1949

Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League, 1945-1954

Box 57 O

General, 1943-1953

Oldman, Rt. Rev. G. Ashton, 1941-1952


General, 1941-1952


Committee, American Christian, 1942-1953

General Correspondence, 1944-1948

Box 58 Special United Nations Session on, 1947

Parsons, Mrs. Edgerton, 1939-1952


General, 1941-1953

Rollins College, 1939-1952


General, 1941-1948 1949-1953, 1941-1948, 1949-1953

Shepard, Mrs. Blanche, Club Program Service, 1944-1951

Speer, Robert E., 1929-1947

Box 59 T

General, 1941-1953

Toronto Conference, 1953 November 8-9, 1953


General, 1944-1952

Unitarian Service Committee, 1941-1946

United Nations

Conference of National Organization, 1946-1953

San Francisco Conference, 1945

Associations, World Federation of, 1946-1953

Box 60 Universal Christian Council for Life and Work, 1938-1940


General, 1941-1953

Voss, Carl Hermann, 1942-1953


General, 1941-1953

Weil, Bruno, 1941-1946

Workshop for Cultural Democracy, 1944-1952

World Alliance Minutes, 1939-1953

Box 61 World Alliance

San Francisco Office, 1945-1951

Paul, A.A., India, 1938-1953

International, Royaumont Conference, 1950 August, 1950

Tring Meeting, 1946 July, 1946

Silcox, Claris Edwin. Canada, 1945-1953

Box 62 World Alliance, 1943-1953

Dexter, Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. and Elisabeth Anthony, 1943-1948

World Conference for International Peace through Religion, 1930-1945

World Congress of Faiths, 1946-1953

World Congress of Religion, Undated

Box 63 World Council of Churches, 1942-1952

World Parliament of Religion, Undated

Y through Z

General, 1939-1952

Box 64 Scrapbook Materials, 1940-1959

Notes by the Way, Journal on an Eastern Trip, 1928-1929

Box 65 Linley V. Gordon, 1926-1939

Files, 1926-1931

A through B

General, 1926

C through D

General, 1926

E through G

General, 1926

H through I

General, 1926

K through L

General, 1926


General, 1926

Meetings, Miscellaneous, 1926

O through P

General, 1926


General, 1926

S through T

General, 1926

V through W

General, 1926

Western Trip, 1926

World Alliance Reports, 1926


General, 1927

Armament Symposium, 1927

B through C

General, 1927

D through F

General, 1927

Box 66 G through W

General, 1927

A through K

General, 1928

Box 67 L through W

General, 1928

National Council for Prevention of War, 1928

A through R

General, 1929

Box 68 S through W

General, 1929

A though W

General, 1930

Ames and Norr, 1931

Atkinson, Dr. H.A., 1931

B through F

General, 1931

Box 69 G through I

General, 1931

Interorganization Council on Disarmament, 1931

L through S

General, 1931

World Alliance Annual Meeting and Goodwill Congress, 1931 November 10-12,, 1931

World Conference on Faith and Order, 1931

Box 70 A through N

General, 1932

National Council for Prevention of War, 1932

National World Court Committee, 1932

O through S

General, 1932

World Alliance, 1932

Box 71 A through S

General, 1933

Committee on International Sanctions, 1933

T through W

General, 1933

World Alliance, 1932

Box 72 A through W

General, 1934

A through E

General, 1935

Fatio, Guillaume, 1935

Federal Council, Foulkes, Rev. Walter Brooks, Union American Church, 1935

G through L

General, 1935

Indianapolis Convention, World Alliance, 1934 November 9-12, 1934

Masaryk, Munitions Hearing, Undated


Sherwood, 1935

Southern Trip, 1935 April, 1935

Siegmund-Schultze, Dr. F., 1936

Speaking Engagements, 1935

T through W

General, 1935

Box 73 Atkinson, Dr. H.A., 1936

G through H

General, 1936


General, 1936

Religious Denominations, Work for World Peace, 1936


General, 1937

Atkinson, Dr. H.A. 1938

H through P

General, 1938

Reduction of Armament, 1939

Temple of Religion Meeting, 1939 May 21, 1939

Newsletters, Writings, Lectures, 1925-1935

Box 74 Harry N. Holmes, 1923-1949

Files, 1924-1940 (A through Z), 1924-1940


General, 1933 1936 1937, 1933, 1936, 1937

Australian Government, MacGregor, L.R. and Hofmeyr, Jan H., 1939 1941-1942, 1939, 1941-1942

Australia-New Zealand Trip, 1938


General, 1931 1935, 1931, 1935

Burton, Rev. Dr. John W., 1948


Christian Endeavor: Berlin Convention, 1930

Commission on Youth and Law Observance, Undated

Committee on Interchange, 1924-1928 1934-1948, 1924-1928, 1934-1948

C. Irving Benson, Central Mission, Melbourne, 1928-1944

Credentialed Men from America, 1948

Rev. Dr. Raymond Dudley, 1947-1948

Box 75 Duncan-Jones, Rev. A.S., Dean of Chichester, 1947-1948

Blackburn, Rev. W. Ershine, Egremont Presbyterian Church, 1924-1946

British, Rev. R.E. Burlingham, 1947-1948

Fletcher, Lionel B., 1930-1932 1941-1943, 1930-1932, 1941-1943

Dean Hough, Lynn Howard, 1940-1947

Minutes, Reports, 1947-1948

Miscellaneous, 1945

Montreal and New York, Temple of Religion, 1939-1940 1942, 1939-1940, 1942

Poling, Daniel A., Australian Trip, 1944

Tory, Alan, 1944-1946

Committee on Relations with Canada

Clippings, Publicity, 1930 1934-1939, 1930, 1934-1939

Canadian Branch, Dr. Fallis, George O., 1935-1938

Film: The Undefined Frontier, 1940

Canadian Branch, Kerr, F.W., 1935-1940

Lists, Minutes, Reports, Releases, 1928-1939

Box 76 Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1935-1940

Silcox, Claris Edwin, 1937 1939-1940, 1937, 1939-1940

Canadian Branch, Dr. Moore, T. Alberts, United Church of Canada, 1935-1938

Committee on Relations: Treaty of Ghent, 1939-1940

Community Service, 1928-1939

Conference on International Relations in the Far East, Undated


Deering Community Center, 1931-1946

Evangelism, Youth, 1934-1935


Field, Days, 1926-1927 1935-1936, 1926-1927, 1935-1936



Biographical Material, Undated

Newspaper Clippings, Undated

Reports, Articles, 1925-1944

Box 77 Institutes, 1938 1942-1945, 1938, 1942-1945

International Good Will Congress, 1928-1932 1938, 1928-1932, 1938


Judson Health Center, 1933-1936



Holmes, Harry N., Retirement, 1947 March, 1947



Grand Lodge of New York, 1934-1946

Miscellaneous, 1932-1946

Our Responsibility in Victory, 1945 October 19, 1945

McConnell, Bishop Francis J., Dinner, 1944


Crusade for Christ Laymen's Day, 1942-1947

Handbook, 1945

Box 78 New York East Conference, 1948-1949


National Youth Radio Conference, 1935 November 3-1936 March29, 1935

National Broadcasting Corporation, Holmes, Harry N., Undated

New Zealand Correspondence, 1942-1943 1948, 1942-1943, 1948



Radio, 1935-1937


Includes Scullin, J.H

Smith, Fred B., 1928-1939



World Alliance

Annual Meetings, 1943-1946

Committee on Relations with Mexico, 1933

Committee on Relations with Pacific Lands, Undated

Committee on Relations with Students, 1933-1935

Merrill Youth Committee, 1937-1942


Box 79 Files, 1926-1948 (A though Z), 1926-1948


African Correspondence, Undated

American Bible Society, 1945-1948

American Christian Committee for Refugees, 1945-1947

American Russian Institute, 1947

Anzac Day, Australian Society of New York, New Zealand Legation to World Alliance, 1946-1947

Atkinson, Dr. Henry A., 1936 1943 1946-1947, 1936, 1943, 1946-1947

Atomic Bomb, the, 1945

Australian Correspondence, Undated

Australia, Undated

Box 80 B


Canadian Correspondence, Undated

Christian Endeavor

Correspondence, 1941 1944 1946, 1941, 1944, 1946

Montreal, 1944-1945

New York State, 1943-1946

Poling, Daniel A., 1929 1934 1942 1946-1947, 1929, 1934, 1942, 1946-1947

Resolutions, 1941

World's Christian Endeavor Union Reports, Minutes, 1944-1946

Christian Youth Conference, Undated

Box 81 Cockett, Rev. C. Bernard, 1943-1947

Committee on Interchange, 1941-1947

Norwood, Dr. Fred W., 1930-1947

Speakers, Undated

Church Committee on Overseas Relief and Reconstructions, Undated

Conferences: Cleveland, Dunbarton, Yalta, 1944-1945

Conscientious Objectors, 1940-1941

Box 82 Corresponding Members, Undated

Crusade for Christ, Undated


Drew University, 1947-1948


Ecumenical Press Service, 1946-1947

English, Scottish Correspondence, Undated


Federal Council of Churches

Commission on a Just and Durable Peace, 1941-1944 1945-1947, 1941-1944, 1945-1947

Box 83 Committee on Foreign Relief Appeals in the Churches, 1942

Department of Evangelism, 1936-1942 1943-1947, 1936-1942, 1943-1947

Department of International Justice and Goodwill, 1948

Executive Committee, 1946-1948

Florida Chain of Missions, 1938-1947



Box 84 Holmes, Harry N., Articles, Reports, Speeches, 1937-1947

Home-Church-School Foundation, Inc., 1946-1947

I though J


Kiwanis, 1935-1946


Liberal International, 1947-1948



Board of Lay Activities, 1945-1948

Church, Crusade for a New World Order, Bishops' Crusade, Undated

Commission on World Peace, 1945-1947

Box 85 Commission on World Peace, 1948

Committee for Overseas Relief, 1943-1947 1948, 1943-1947, 1948

Ecumenical Conference, 1946-1947

General Conference, 1944 1947-1948, 1944, 1947-1948

Hospital: Brooklyn, 1946-1947 1948, 1946-1947, 1948

Metropolitan Area Proposals, Undated

Box 86 New York East Conference Board of Trustees, 1946-1948

Overseas Missions, Burton, Dr. J.W., 1943-1946

Oxnam, Bishop G. Bromley, 1945-1946 1948, 1945-1946, 1948

Service Committee, 1942-1944 1947, 1942-1944, 1947

Training Center, 1946-1947

Mexican Conference and Pan American Affairs, 1945

Missions and Post War Europe, Undated


National Peace Conference, 1948

National Temperance Society, 1943-1948

New York East Methodist Conference, 1945

New Zealand

Club, Undated

Correspondence, Undated

Football Correspondence, Undated

Football Association, Undated



Philadelphia Sesquicentennial, 1926 September, 1926

Press Releases, 1945 1947-1948, 1945

Box 87 R

Radio, Undated

Reduction of Armament, Joint Committee on, 1938

Rotary, Undated


San Francisco Conference, Undated





World Alliance

American Council, Undated

Correspondence, 1945-1947

Education Committee, 1942-1947

Executive Committee, 1933 1942-1947, 1933, 1942-1947

Box 88 Australia, 1936-1941

Canadian Council, Silcox, Claris Edwin, 1935-1947

British Council, 1937-1945

European Publications, Undated

Geneva Office, 1936-1941 1946, 1936-1941, 1946

Scottish Council, 1942-1944 1946, 1942-1944, 1946

World Citizenship Movement, 1942-1947

World Youth Congress, 1937-1938


Young Men's Christian Association

Australia and New Zealand, 1940 1942 1944-1945, 1940, 1942, 1944-1945

Christian Emphasis Conference, Bethune, James, Undated

Box 89 Planning Committee, Undated

War Prisoners Aid Post War Committee, 1942 1946-1947, 1942, 1946-1947

William Sloane House, 1944-1947 1948, 1944-1947, 1948

Box 90 World Alliance for International Friendship through the Churches-Annual Conventions, 1923-1942

Eighth Annual Meeting of World Alliance, 1923

Ninth Annual Meeting of World Alliance, 1924

Tenth Annual Meeting of World Alliance, 1925

Eleventh Annual Meeting of World Alliance, 1926

Printed Matter and News Clippings, 1926

Speech by Holland, William introducing Dr. Cadman, 1926

Eleventh Annual Meeting and Goodwill Congress, Meeting Transcription, 1926

St. Louis Convention: Miscellaneous, 1927 November, 1927

Twelfth Annual Meeting of World Alliance

Printed Matter, 1927 November, 1927

Newspaper Clippings, 1927 November, 1927

Box 91 St. World Alliance Louis Convention, Speeches, 1927

New York City World Alliance Convention, Miscellaneous, 1928

Thirteenth Annual Convention of World Alliance

Newspaper Clippings, 1928 November, 1928

Printed Matter, November 1928

New York World Alliance Convention Speeches

Address by Borah, William E., 1928 November 13, 1928

Luncheon for Clergymen Proceedings, 1928 November 12

Address by Young, Owen D., 1928 November 12, 1928

Address by Norwood, Frederick W., 1928 November 11, 1928

Nashville World Alliance Annual Convention

Miscellaneous, 1929

Nashville World Alliance Annual Convention, 1929 November, 1929

Exhibit of Newspaper Clippings, 1929

Exhibit of Printed Material, 1929

Box 92 Washington World Alliance Convention: Committees, Minutes, Form Letters, Correspondence, 1930

Annual World Alliance Convention

Exhibit of Newspaper Clippings, 1930 November, 1930

Exhibit of Printed Material, 1930 November, 1930

Speeches, 1930 November, 1930

Dallas Special Auxiliary World Alliance Convention, 1931 January 25-26, 1931

Chicago World Alliance Convention, 1931 November 10-12, 1931

Miscellaneous, 1931 November 10-12, 1931

Box 93 Sixteenth Annual Meeting and Goodwill Congress of World Alliance, 1931 November, 1931

New York City World Alliance Convention, 1932 November, 1932

Philadelphia World Alliance Convention, 1933 November

Indianapolis Convention and New York Convention of World Alliance, 1934

New York City World Alliance Convention, 1935

Denver World Alliance Convention, 1936 November, 1936

Box 94 Boston World Alliance Convention, 1937

San Francisco World Alliance Convention, 1938

New York City World Alliance Convention: Milwaukee Convention Preliminaries, 1939

New York City World Alliance Convention, 1940

Worcester World Alliance Convention, 1941

Rochester World Alliance Convention, 1942

Box 95 Miscellaneous (A through Z)

Anzac Day, Services held in New York City Correspondence Clippings, Australian Legation, 1942-1945 1948-1949, 1942-1945, 1948-1949

Articles, Undated

Australian Society, 1940-1945 1947-1948, 1940-1945, 1947-1948

Christian Endeavor

Australia, 1942-1947

Australian Trip, 1938

Buck Hill Falls Meeting, 1948

Miscellaneous, Undated

Montreal Jubilee, Undated

New York State, 1930-1947

Poling, Daniel A., 1934-1946

Committee on Interchange

Short, Dr. John, 1948

Box 96 Visitors from Britain, Not Credentialed, Undated

Federal Council of Churches, 1942 1945-1949, 1942, 1945-1949

Dickinson College, 1942 June 1, 1942

Golden Anniversary of the City; City of New York, 1948

Methodism: Advance Program, 1948-1949

Personal Letters, 1925 1932-1942, 1925, 1932-1942

Protestant Film Commission, 1948-1949

Publicity, 1923-1942

Smith, Fred B., Testimonial Dinner, 1929

Box 97 Richard M. Fagley, 1938-1945

Files, 1938-1945 (A through Z), 1938-1945


American Academy of Political and Social Science to American Sponsoring Committee against Nazi Outrages, Undated

American Union for Concerted Peace Efforts, 1938-1940

American Youth Congress, 1938-1940

Atkinson, Dr. Henry A., 1938-1944



Chinese Exclusion Laws, 1943

Christian Conference on War and Peace, 1942

Miscellaneous, 1943-1945

Christianity and Crisis, 1943

Box 98 Church Peace Union

Annual Meetings, 1938 1939, 1938, 1939

Education Committee, 1938-1940 1942, 1938-1940, 1942

Executive Committee, 1938-1939

Semi-Annual Meetings, 1938 1940 1941, 1938, 1940, 1941

Clippings on Christian Conference in War and Peace, 1943

Committee to Study the Organization of Peace, 1939-1941

Committee for Concerted Peace Efforts, Later American Peace Union, 1938-1940

Committee of Whole on Strategy, 1943 January, 1943

Committee on Race Relations, 1943

Committee on Theological Presuppositions, 1943

Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies, 1940-1941

Conferences, Undated

Box 99 Congregational Church, 1938-1939 1941-1944, 1938-1939, 1941-1944

Council for Democracy, 1942

Council for Social Action, 1938-1940


Dexter, Lewis A., 1938

Dumbarton Oaks Questionnaire, 1944


Executive Committee, Conference on War and Peace, 1943


Fagley, Richard M., Undated

Articles, Undated

Speaking Engagements, 1941-1942

Federal Council of Churches, 1938-1940

Commission to Study the Bases of a Just and Durable Peace, 1942


Greater New York Federation of Churches, 1942-1943



Box 100 International Council of Religious Education, 1938-1944

International Goodwill Congress, 1938 November 6-11, 1938

Interseminarian Bulletin, the, 1939-1944

J through K

Krumbine, Dr. Miles, 1938-1943


Legislative, General, 1943

Literature, 1938 1940-1942, 1938, 1940-1942


Methodist Episcopal Church, 1938-1945

Box 101 N

National Assembly of Student Christian Associations, Undated

National Committee on the Cause and Cure of War, 1938-1942

National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1939-1943

National Intercollegiate Christian Council, 1939-1944

National Peace Conference, 1938-1942

Commission on World Community, 1943-1945

Neutrality Legislation, World Alliance, 1938-1939

Newsletter, World Alliance, 1939-1940

Box 102 Newsletter, 1939-1945

Next Steps, Questionnaire Replies, 1943

Non-Partisan Council to Win the Peace, 1943 1944-1945, 1943, 1944-1945


Office of Civilian Defense, 1942-1943

Oldham, Rt. Rev. G. Ashton, 1941-1943


Peace Arms, Undated

Box 103 Peace Committees: Building a Peace Committee in the Church, 1938-1940

Peace Projects, 1939-1941

Pennington, Rev. Leslie T., 1939-1944

Press Release on the Conference Explanation of 1 Change in Statement, 1943 January, 1943

Promotion Letters, 1939-1941

Publications, 1938-1942


Refugee and Relief Committees, 1938-1942

Round Table on International Reconstruction, 1941

Russian War Relief, Inc., 1941-1942


Seminaries, Undated

Senatorial Candidate, 1944 October, 1944

Student Volunteer Movement, Epsy, R. H. Edwin, 1941-1942

Box 104 T

Trade Agreements



World Alliance

Annual Meeting, 1939 November 10, 1939

World Alliance International, 1938-1939

Annual Meeting, 1940 November 13, 1940

World Alliance International and Church Peace Union, Releases, 1938-1939

Religion Opposes the Threat of War, 1939 June, 1939

World Youth Congress, 1938-1939

Worship Services for Peace, Greene, Theodore Ainsworth, 1940

Y through Z

Box 105 Files-Supplementary, 1944 (A through Z), 1944


Council for Social Action, Undated


Department of State, Undated

Dumbarton Oaks Proposals, Undated



Federal Council of Churches, Undated

Commission on a Just and Durable Peace: Dulles Commission, Undated

National Study Conference on the Churches and a Just and Durable Peace, 1945 January 16-19, 1945

Focus: General, Undated




International Missionary Council, Undated

International Student Service, Undated

International Society of Christian Endeavor, Undated






National Conference of Christians and Jews, Undated

Pattern's Progress Current, Undated



Box 106 Service Men's Christian League, Gould, Ivan, Undated

Statements on World Order, Religious, Undated

Student Volunteer Movement, Epsy, Edwin, Undated



United Christian Youth Movement, Undated

United Council of Church Women, Undated

United Nations Interim Commission on Food and Agriculture, Undated

United States Department of State, Undated


World Alliance and Church Peace Union, 1941-1943

World Alliance Council of Churches, Undated

World Order Day, 1944 November 12, 1944

Young Men's Christian Association, Undated

Young Men's Christian Association Public Affairs Committee, Undated

Young Women's Christian Association, Undated

Miscellaneous, Undated

Box 107 John R. Inman and G.S. Barker, 1922-1972

Files, 1922-1955 (A through Z), 1922-1955


General Correspondence, 1943-1953

Advertising, 1947-1950

Agar, Dr. William F., Secretary, Department of Public Information, United Nations, Undated

Agar, Dr. William F., Undated

Ainslie, Reverend Peter, Undated

Appeals for Grants in Aid, Undated

Atkinson, Harry A., Undated

Baker, Hon. Newton D., Undated

Barker, Miss G.S., Undated

Bell, Dr. Herbert C.F., Deceased, 1966 April 13, 1966

Bernstein, Rabbi Philip S., Undated

Board of Trustees Meetings, Minutes and Reports, Church Peace Union, 1950-1955

Brown, Dr. Arthur J., Charter Member, Deceased 1963 January, 1963

Cannon, Bishop James Jr., Deceased, 1944

Carnegie, Louise Whitfield (Mrs. Andrew), 1928-1946

Carnegie Corporation, 1922-1946

Church Peace Union, 1931-1933

Church Peace Union, Undated

Box 108 Church Peace Union, 1934-1936

Past Trustees, Miscellaneous, Undated

Record of 20 Years, Undated

Cogley, Mr. John, Undated

Committee Long Range Education, 1952

Conference of Religion, 1948

Cuban Bonds, 1934-1938


Dexter, Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. and Elisabeth Anthony, 1944-1948


Education Committee Minutes, 1944-1956


Fagley, Richard M., 1938-1945

Federal Council of Churches, 1945 1949, 1945, 1949

Feingold, Miss Jessica, Resigned 1965 January 28, 1965

Finance Committee: Minutes, Reports, 1944-1955

Finance Reports, 1914-1953

Box 109 Form Letters, World Alliance, 1928-1954

Friends American Service, Peace Committee, 1941-1944


Geneva Conference: Universal Religious Peace Conference, Undated

Germ Warfare, Undated

Gilkey, Dean Charles, Deceased, 1968

Gordis, Dr. Robert, Undated

Gordon. Linley V., 1928-1944

Graham, Frank P., Resigned 1951 January, 1951


Haas, Rt. Rev. Msgr. Francis J., Resigned 1951 January, 1951

Hall, Rev. Frank Oliver, Undated

Hall, Samuel Jr., 1938-1953

Head, Walter D., Undated

Head, Mabel, Undated

Holt, Hamilton, Charter Member, Deceased 1951 April 26, 1951

Holt, Bishop Ivan Lee, Deceased 1967 January 13, 1967

Hull, Hon. Morton D., Resigned 1936 January, 1936

Hull, William I. Charter Member, Deceased 1939 November, 1939

Indiana Seminars, 1952

Requests for Information about Church Peace Union, Undated

Institutes, 1942-1947 1952, 1942-1947, 1952

International Peace Conference, 1936-1938

International Peace Day Committee, Undated

International Program Exchange, Undated

International Trade Organization Charter: Church Peace Union Resolution, 1950 May, 1950

Jefferson, Rev. Charles E., Undated

Box 110 Jones, Mark M., Survey, World Alliance, 1936

Joy, Dr. James R., Deceased 1959 August, 1959

Knudson, Dr. John I., Deceased 1959 August, 1959

Koch, Mr. Walter K., Undated

Kritchever, Mr. Mathew, Undated

Krumbine, Dr. Miles H., Deceased 1968 April 27, 1968


Leach, Dr. Henry Goddard, Undated

Lisle Fellowship, 1949-1951

Lynch, Dr. Frederick, Deceased 1934 December 19, 1934


Mailing List Revision, 1936 1939, 1936, 1939

Mann, Rabbi Louis L., Deceased 1966 February, 1966

Marks, Marcus L., Deceased, 1934

Matthews, Shailer, Deceased, 1941

McCall, Reverend Carl H., Undated

Merrill, Dr. William P., Deceased 1954 January, 1954

Merrill House, 1947-1953

Tax Matters, 1948-1952

Miller, William Lee, Undated

Monsky, Henry, Undated

Morgenthau, Hon. Henry, Undated

Mott, Dr. John R., Charter Member, Deceased 1955 February1, 1955

McConnell, Bishop Francis J., Undated

McFarland, Dr. Charles S., Undated

McGowan, Rev. R.A., 1942 1945, 1942, 1945


National Peace Conference, 1944-1950

Box 111 New York Trust Company, 1932-1953

Nitze, Paul H., Resigned 1961 January, 1961

Nixon, Dr. Justin Wroe, Deceased, Undated

Non-Partisan Council to Win the Peace, 1943-1945

Nooe, Rev. Roger T., Deceased 1969 July, 1969


Oldham, Rt. Rev. G. Ashton, Deceased 1963 April 7, 1963

Organization Memberships, 1946 1948, 1946, 1948


Pattern for Peace, 1944

Peace through Art Committee, 1925-1926 1929, 1925-1926, 1929

Photographs, Undated

Pioneers for Peace, Publication, 1946

Plimpton, Francis P.T., Resigned, 1952

Plimpton, George A., Deceased, 1936

Polier, Judge Justin, Undated

Presbyterian Church: Board of Education, 1949-1951

Program File, Undated

Program Information Exchange, Publications, 1945 1947, 1945, 1947

Publications, Undated

Publicity: Newspaper Clippings, 1939-1954


Reciprocal Trade Agreements, 1943 1945 1948, 1943, 1945, 1948

Reports to the Board of Directors, Inman, John R., Undated

Resolutions 1952-1953, Undated

Box 112 Robbins, Rev. Howard C., Resigned 1940 June, 1940

Rochester Conference on World Order, 1951 November 12-13, 1951

Rockefeller, John D. and Associates, 1926-1931 1942, 1926-1931, 1942

Ryan, Rt. Rev. Msgr. John A., Undated

Ryan, Friar William G., Undated


San Francisco Conference: UNCIO, United Nations Conference on International Organization, 1945

Scherer, Rt. Rev. Paul E., Resigned, 1933

Schmemann, Alexander, Undated

Sherman, Hon. Carl, Deceased 1956 June 18, 1956

Sherrill, Rt. Rev. Henry K. , Resigned 1935 January, 1935

Siskin, Dr. Edgar E., Undated

Social Security, Undated

Society for the Prevention of World War III, 1950-1953

Sockman, Dr. Ralph W., Undated

Speakers Bureau, Undated

Speer, Dr. Robert E., Charter Member, Deceased 1947 November 23, 1947

Stevens, Hon. Harold A., Resigned 1967 January 25, 1967


Taft, Charles P. II, Resigned 1946 June, 1946

Trexler, Rev. D.D Charles, Undated

Trueblood, D. Elton, Resigned 1966 June, 1966

Trustees Christian Peace Union, Letters sent to, 1946-1951


United Nations

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, 1951-1952

Week, 1950-1953

Workshops, General, 1953

United States Citizens' Committee for United Nations Day, 1950-1954

United States Government

Attorney Generals List, 1948-1953

Department of Justice, Department of State, 1938-1945

Post Office Matters, 1933-1951

Box 113 House of Representatives, 1935-1953

President of United States, 1933-1953

Salary Stabilization Board Concerning Bonus, 1944

Senate, 1935 1943 1953-1954, 1935, 1943, 1953-1954

Treasury Department, 1950 1954, 1950, 1954


Van Dusen, Dr. Henry P., Undated

Vermont Seminars, 1952


Welsh, James J., Charter Member, Deceased 1942 February28, 1942

Wisconsin Seminars, 1951 1953, 1951, 1953

Wolfram, Jack F., Undated

Women's International Exposition: Swenson, Mrs. Hjordis Chair American Nobel Center, 1945 1949 1952, 1945, 1949, 1952

World Alliance

Letters, Undated

Income Tax, Undated

Annual Meeting and Luncheon, 1940 November, 1940

Annual Meeting, 1941 November 9-11, 1941

Annual Meeting, 1942 November 9-12, 1942

Annual Meeting, 1942 November 11-12, 1942

Annual Meeting, 1944 November 10, 1944

Annual Meeting, 1945 November 10-12, 1945

Annual Meeting, 1946 November, 1946

Annual Meeting, 1946 November, 1946

Annual Meeting and Columbus Institute World Faith for World Peace, 1949 November, 1949

Act of Incorporation, Change of Name, Undated

Box 114 Benton, Rev. Herbert E., S.T.D., Undated

Annual Meeting, 1949 November 18-20, 1949

Berggrav, Rt. Rev. Bishop Eyvind, Undated

Bouvier, Dr. Andre, Undated

By-Laws, Undated

Canadian Council, Undated

World Alliance, Committee on, Undated

Constitution, 1916

Lord Dickinson, Undated

European Office, Undated

Executive Committee Annual Meeting Reports, Minutes, Undated

Fatio, Guillaume, Undated

France, Jezequel, Jules and Toledano, Undated

Henriod, Henry Louis, 1939-1945

International Center San Francisco, Undated

Boynton, Edward C., Undated

Fenwick, Charles G., Undated

Fisher, Edgar J., Undated

World Alliance Newsletters, 1955-1956

Oxnam, Bishop G. Ashton, Undated

Parsons, Alice Tullis Lord (Mrs. Edgerton), Undated

World Alliance, Paul, A.A., 1931-1951

Pettengill, Charles W., Undated

Rohde, Ruth Bryan, World Alliance, 1953

Special Appeal, Undated

World Alliance, Tax Matters, 1928-1956

Toureille, Rev. P.C., 1941-1942

World Conference for International Peace through Religion, 1931-1932

Wright, Bishop John J., Undated

Box 115 Organizational Files (Inman), ca. 1951-1972

United Nations Association

Correspondence: Conference of United Nations Representatives of Council of Organization, Undated

Executive Committee: Conference of United Nations Representatives of Council of Organizations, Undated

Education Committee to Halt Atomic Weapons Spread, Undated

Minutes: Conference of United Nations Representatives of Council of Organization, Undated

United States, New York City, Undated

Outside of New York, Undated

United States Organization Relationships Committee, Chairman Bailey, C. Lloyd, Undated

Non-Governmental Organizations

Articles, News, Letters NGOs and United Nations, Undated

Correspondence NGOs, 1951-1964

Box 116 Correspondence NGOs, 1965-1967

Declaration of Human Rights, 10th Anniversary, 1958

Declaration of Human Rights, 20th Anniversary, 1968

Executive Committee Members NGOs: Office of Public Information, 1964

Human Rights, Ad Hoc Committee, 1963

Box 117 Minutes NGO Executive Committee, 1958-1966 1967, 1958-1966, 1967

Annual Conference, 1964 May 26-27, 1964

Annual Conference, 1965 May 26-27, 1965

Annual Conference, 1966 May 12-13, 1966

Annual Conference, 1967 September 12-13, 1967

Annual Conference, 1968 May 22-23, 1968

Annual Conference, 1969 May 22-23, 1969

Lists, Undated

Non-Governmental Program Committee: United Nations and Office of Public Information, Undated

Questionnaire Committee, Undated

Box 118 Publications with Program Committee, Undated

Receipts and Disbursements: NGOs, Undated

Tanzania Resolution, Undated

United Nations Briefing Memos, Undated

United Nations Office of Public Information Publications Committee, Undated

Universal Declaration of Human Rights 15th Anniversary, 1963

Vista Book Review Column, Undated

Worldview: From the United Nations, Undated

Box 119 United Nations, Miscellaneous

Committee on US-USSR Peace Leadership Exchange, Undated

Non-Governmental Organization Orientation, Mimeographed Material, Undated

Speaker Services for the UN, Undated

United States Committee for UNICEF, Undated

United Nations, Church Center for, Undated

International Cooperation Year, ICY, 1964

Material, Undated

Council on Religion and International Affairs Luncheons, 1968

Student Seminars, Undated

Workshops, Undated

Box 120 Shawnee

Shawnee Leadership Institute: Board of Directors and Advisory Council, Undated

Correspondence, 1967

Correspondence, 1961-1966

Minutes and Financial Reports, Undated

Box 121 Conference Group

Survey: Pritchard, Schaffer and Woddyatt, Undated

Executive Committee, Undated

Minutes, Reports, 1964-1965 1955-1963, 1964-1965, 1955-1963

Correspondence, Undated

Ad Hoc Committee on Human Rights, Undated

Box 122 Workshop of International Cooperation Year and 20th Anniversary of United Nations, 1964 February27, 1964

Committee on United States Appropriations to United Nations, Undated

Hospitality Information Service, Undated

Bulletin, Undated


Photos, Undated

Job Descriptions Council on Religion and International Affairs Staff, Undated

Petty Cash Expenses, Undated

Box 123 Non-Governmental Organization Executive Committee

Papers for McClelland, Dalton, Chairman Program for Annual Conference, 1959-1963

Sheppard, Mrs. J.W., Chairman Program, notices, Undated

Press Clippings, Church Peace Union and or Staff of Inman, John R., Undated

To Inman, John R., 1965 June, 1965

The Citizen's Role in World Affairs, Inman, John R., Undated

Minutes, 1961 December -1965 April, 1961

Box 124 Banks

Alexander Brown and Sons, Brokers, Undated

Bank of America, Powell-Post Branch, Undated

Bankers Trust Company, Undated

Chase Manhattan Bank, Undated

Chemical Bank New York Trust Company, Undated

The First National Bank and Trust Co. of Evanston, Undated

Harlem Savings Bank, Undated

Union Dimes Savings, Undated

Wells Fargo Bank, Undated

Box 125 Literature, 1947-1960

Speeches, JRI'S, Undated

Box 126 C. H. Voss, 1941-1948

Files, 1941-1948 (A through Z), 1941-1948

American Forum of the Air, 1946-1947

American Zionist Emergency Council, 1947-1948

Articles and Manuscripts by Voss, Carl Herman, Undated

Atkinson, H.A. Memos to and From, 1943-1948

Biography, Voss, Carl Herman, Undated

Christian Council on Palestine, 1943-1948

Church Peace Union Executive Committee Meetings, 1943-1948

Church Peace Union Miscellaneous, Undated

European Plans, 1942-1943

National Conference on Palestine, 1944 March9, 1944

Box 127 Press Clippings, Voss, Carl Herman, Undated

Sermons, Speeches, Undated

Speeches in German, Undated

South African Trip, 1947

Box 128 Files Supplementary, 1942-1948 (A through Z), 1942-1948


Adams, Professor James Luther, 1943-1944

American Academy of Political and Social Science: Palestine Acid Test of the United Nations, Undated

American Association for the United Nations, 1945-1948

American Unitarian Association, 1942-1947

Americans for Democratic Action, 1945-1948

Associated Church Press: The Church and Anti-Semitism, Undated


Berkson Manuscript, 1945

Bernstein, Rabbi Philip, 1945-1947


Church Peace Union Minutes, Reports, 1942-1948

Box 129 Churchman, the, 1946-1948

Commission to Study the Organization of Peace, 1944-1945

Conference of Religion, 1948 June 16-18, 1948


Dexter, Elizabeth A. and Robert C., 1945-1948



Federal Council of Churches, 1943-1948



Harlow, Dr. S. Ralph, 1943-1944 1947-1948, 1943-1944, 1947-1948


Institutes, 1943-1944

Box 130 Inter-Office Memos, 1943-1948




Letters to Editors, 1943-1948

Local Representatives, 1947




National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1944-1948




Radio Broadcast Freedom House, Station WEVD, 1943 June 30, 1943


Students International Union, 1943-1947

Scotford, John, Editor of Advance, 1944-1945

Silcox, Dr. C.E., Undated


Box 131 U


Voss, Carl Herman

Addresses, Articles, Undated

Extension Department Extension Committee, 1946-1948

Personal Correspondence, 1943-1948

Press Clippings, 1941-1945


World Alliance, 1943-1948

World Council of Churches, 1944-1946

Box 132 Miscellaneous (A through J [No K through Z])

American Association for an International Office for Education, Undated

Americans for Democratic Action-Union for Democratic Association ADA-UDA, Undated

Advent Material for Christian Sermons, Undated

American Foreign Policy, Undated

Balkans, The, Undated

Bill of Rights Today, Undated

Bretton Woods, the Stakes of, Undated

Business and the Post-War World, Undated

Chicago Round Table of the Air, Undated

China, Undated

Churches of Europe: Resistance to Nazis, Undated

Box 133 Commission to Study the Organization of Peace, Undated

Conscription, Literature on, Undated

Dumbarton Oaks, Undated

Economic Basis for the Peace, Undated

Ecumenical Movement, Undated

Federal Council's Just and Durable Peace Commission, Undated

Germany, Undated

Box 134 Germany, Post-War, Undated

Great Britain, Undated

Imperialism, Undated

India, Undated

Inter-Faith Cooperation, Undated

Japan, Undated

Box 135 William Loos, 1946-1974

General Files, 1942-1950 (A through Z), 1942-1950


Advertising Council, the, Undated


Children's Press, Montrose Newman, Undated

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Undated

Church Peace Union and World Alliance: Miscellaneous Materials Prior to, 1946 Undated

Church Peace Union Annual Meetings: Board of Trustees, 1944-1949

Church Peace Union and World Alliance Education Committee Meetings, 1947-1949

Church Peace Union Executive Committee Minutes, 1946-1949

Box 136 Communism in Latin America Letters, Undated

Columbus Conference

Sponsors, 1949 November 20-22, 1949

Addresses, 1949 November 20-22, 1949

Program, 1949 November 20-22, 1949

Miscellaneous, 1949 November 20-22, 1949

Conference of Religion

Administrative Staff, Undated

Addresses, Undated

Correspondence with Denominations, Undated

Biographies of Speakers, Undated

Correspondence regarding re-participation of church groups in Latin America, Undated

Follow-up to July 12, 1948 Meeting, Undated, July 12, 1948

Program Speakers, Undated

Publicity, Undated

Resolutions, Undated

Requests for Proceedings of Conference, Undated

Seminaries, Undated

Sponsors, Undated

Box 137 Student Groups, Undated

Suggestions and Comments, Undated

Women's Committee for Conference, Undated

Press Clippings, Undated

Commission I.

World Conference, Undated

Membership, Undated

Commission I.i, Undated

Commission II, Final, Undated

Commission I.ii, Undated

Commission I.

The United Nations and Its Task, Undated

Preliminary Draft, Undated

United Nations, Undated

Box 138 Commission I., Suggestions from Commission I Members, Undated

Commission I., Next to Final, Undated

Commission II., Undated

Commission III., Undated

Commission IV., Undated

Congregational Christian Service Committee, Undated

Ecumenical Press Service, Undated

Films, Undated

1946 Visual Aid Booklet, 1946

G through I

Gourevitch, Gregoire, Undated

Box 139 Information Service, Undated

J through N

May, Dr. Wesley K.C., Undated


Miscellaneous, Undated

American University, Columbia University, Undated

Nation Associates' Conferences, Undated

Foreign Ministers' Meetings, Undated

Music, Undated

Maurer, Dr. Theodore H., Undated

Box 140 N through R

Nature of Man Lectures

Comments on, Undated

Contributors, Preliminary Manuscripts and Correspondence, Undated

Finances, Undated


Nature of Man Lectures

Programs, Undated

Final Manuscript, Undated


Box 141 Recordings, Church and United Nations

Radio Station Requests, Undated

Radio Stations East, Undated

Radio Stations Midwest, Undated

Radio Stations South, Undated

Radio Stations West, Undated

Religious Educators, Undated


Sunday school Study, 1947

T through Z

United Nations Appeal for Children, Undated

Box 142 United Nations Week, Material from other organizations, 1948

United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration, Undated

United Nations Organization, Undated

United Nations

Economic and Social Council and Commissions, Undated

Box 143 General Assembly, Undated

Security Council, Undated

Trusteeship, Undated

Specialized Agencies, Undated

Food and Agriculture Organization, Undated

United States National Commission for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, Undated

Box 144 International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Undated

Food and Agriculture Organization, Undated

International Labor Organization, Undated

International Monetary Fund, Undated

International Refugee Organization, Undated

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO, Undated

Weiss, Hilda, Undated

World Health Organization, Undated

Box 145 General Files, 1950-1951 (A through Z), 1950-1951

A through C

General Correspondence, 1950-1951

Annual Meeting, Board of Trustees, Church Peace Union, 1950 January 26, 1950

Beebe, George, Undated

Berkeley, Edmund C., Undated

Commission 5-Collective Security, Undated

D through G

General Correspondence, 1950-1951

Education Committee Meeting

Church Peace Union and World Alliance, 1950 May 9, 1950

Church Peace Union and World Alliance, 1950 January 25, 1950

Education Committee Correspondence, 1950

Box 146 H through L

General Correspondence, 1950-1951

Joint Education Committee Meeting

Correspondence , 1950 October, 1950

Program Outlines, 1950 October, 1950

Kelien, Alexander Project, Undated

M through Q

General Correspondence, 1950-1951

R through Z

General Correspondence, 1950-1951

Semi-Annual Meeting, Board of Trustees, 1950 May, 1950

Box 147 General Files, 1954-1970 (A through Z), 1954-1970


General, 1954-1970

Adams, Mervyn W., Undated

Advisory Committee on Speakers Notes, American Association for United Nations, AAUN, Undated

Appelman, Morris L., Undated

Atkin, Irving M, Undated

Atkinson, Henry A, Undated


General, 1954-1955 1966-1970, 1954-1955, 1966-1970

Box 148 Balzer, Jacob F., Undated

Bell, Herbert C.F., Undated

Bernstein, Philip S, Undated

Bollwinkel, Henry T., Deceased, 1971

Boyton, Edward C., Undated

British Council of Churches, 1963-1964

Brown, Arthur J, Undated


General, 1954-1965 1966-1970, 1954-1965, 1966-1970

Canada, Undated

Case, Harold C., 1902-1972

Christian Action-Church Peace Mission Project, CA-CPM, Undated

Box 149 Church Peace Union

Citizen's Consultations

Citizen's Consultations, Subcommittee, Undated

Congressional Correspondence, 1950-1960

Subcommittee on United States Citizen Consultations, Undated

Citizen Consultations, 158 Subcommittee, United States National Committee for UNESCO, Undated

Cook, William J., 1965 Resigned 1968 March15, 1965, 1968

Box 150 Cook, William J., 1956-1961

WJC-JNW, Undated

Box 151 Cook, William J., 1962-1964

Cornell World Community Project, Undated

Cottrell Group, 1959


General, 1954-1970

Box 152 Davis, Stafford, Undated

Director of Development, Undated


General, 1966-1970

General, 1954-1965

Executive Material, 1962


General, 1961-1970 1954-1960, 1961-1970, 1954-1960

Farlow, Margaret, Undated

Box 153 Feingold, Jessica, 1958-1965

Fenwick, Charles G., Undated

Fisher, Edgar J., Undated

Father Ford Dinner, Undated

Freedom House Luncheon for Father Ford, 1958 April 7, 1958

Frankel, Charles L., Undated

Fuller, Continuation Committee Greenwich Conference on Preserving the Democratic Process, 1964

Fund for the Republic, Undated


General, 1954-1960

Box 154 General, 1961-1970

Gard, Richard A., Undated

Germany, General Correspondence, Undated

Gilkey, Charles W., Undated

Gordon, Linley, Deceased 1967 December, 1967

Greenleaf, Robert, Undated


General, 1954-1970

Hall, Gordon D., Undated

Box 155 Hall, Samuel Jr., Undated

Head, Walter D., Undated

Herring, John, Undated

Holt, Ivan Lee, Undated


General, 1954-1970

Inman, Dr. Samuel C., Undated


General, 1954-1960

General, 1961-1970

General, 1961-1970

Jurji, Edward J., Undated

Box 156 Princeton University Sesquicentennial, Undated


General, 1954-1970

Kamdar, Santrial and Dolly, Undated

Keller, Adolf, Undated

Knudson, Dr. John I., Undated

Krumbine, Miles H., Undated

Kuebler, Ernest W., Undated

Kurtz, Harriet and Harold, Undated

Box 157 L

General, 1954-1970

Larson, Arthur, National Council for Civil Responsibility, Undated

Leach, Dr. Henry Goddard , 1880-Deceased 1970 November 11, 1970

Lefever, Ernest W., 1954-1963

Box 158 Lefever, Ernest W., Doubleday Publishing House, Undated


General, 1954-1970

Mann, Dr. Louis, Undated

May, Rollo, Undated


General, 1960-1970

Meserve, Harry C., Undated

Millis, Walter, the Fund for the Republic Inc., Undated

Mosley, Philip E., Council on Religion and International Affairs Trustee, 1970-1971 Deceased 1973 January, 1970-1971, 1973

Mott, John R., Undated

Muste Missioner, A.J., Undated


General, 1954-1966

Box 159 General, 1967-1970

National Educational Television, Undated

National Inter-Religious Conference on Peace, Undated

Nixon, Justin Wroe, Undated

Nooe, Roger T., 1881-1969

Nuveen, John, Undated


Oldham, George Ashton, Undated

Box 160 P

General, 1954-1970


General, 1954-1970


General, 1954-1970


General, 1954-1970

Box 161 Schemann, Alexander, Undated

Sherman, Carl, Undated

Sookman, Ralph W., Deceased 1970 August 29, 1970

Stafford, Russell Henry, Deceased 1971 July 31, 1971

Scotland, General Correspondence, Undated

Switzerland, General Correspondence, Undated


General, 1954-1970

Taft, Charles P., Undated

Trembath, Mrs. Ivy A., Marks, Undated

Trexler, Charles D., Undated


General, 1954-1970

United Nations Essay Contest

Correspondence, 1955

United States Manuscripts, Undated

United Nations Films, Undated

United Nations Posters, Undated

United Nations Workshops, Ideas, Undated

Box 162 Correspondence with Presidents and all Departments of United States Government, Undated

United States National Commission for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Undated


General, 1954-1970

Van Kirk, Walter W., Memorial Fund Group, Undated


General, 1954-1970

Box 163 Wood, James N., 1964-1968

Wood, Richard, Undated

Woodyatt, Philip C., Undated

Church Peace Union: World Affairs Center Reception for Komla Agbeli Gbedemah and the Ghana Delegation to the United Nations, October 8, 1957

World Affairs Center, Undated

World Peace Foundation Project 1, Undated

X through Z

General, 1954-1960

Zehner, Paul A., 1963-1970

Box 164 Policy statements, ca. 1950-1959 (A-Z), ca. 1950-1959

American Association for the United Nations: Policy Statements, Undated

American Ethical Union: Policy Statements, Undated

Anti-Semitism, Undated

Armenian Orthodox Church, Undated

Asia, Policy Statements, Undated

Buddhism, Undated

Catholic Policy: The Pope, Undated

Catholic Association for International Peace: Policy Statements, Undated

Box 165 Catholic General: Policy Statements, Undated

Central Conference of American Rabbis, Undated

Churches, Attacks on, Undated

Conservative Jewish, Policy Statements, Undated

Conscientious Objectors, Undated

Policy Statements: Council for Social Action International Relations Committee, Undated

Box 166 National Council: Department of International Justice and Goodwill Policy Statements, Undated

Eastern Orthodox Catholic, Undated

Education and Religion, Undated

Foreign Missions, Undated

Greek Orthodox, Undated

Human Rights: Policy Statements by Religious Organizations, Undated

Immigration, Undated

Interfaith: Policy Statements, Undated

Islam in America, Undated

Jewish Holy Days, Undated

Kierkegaard, Soran, Undated

Korea: Policy Statements, Undated

Lambeth Conference 1948 Anglican Policy Statement, Undated, 1948, Undated

Land Reform, Policy Statement Congregational Council for Social Action, CSA, Undated

McCarthy, Senator Joseph, Undated

Moral Rearmament, Undated

National Council

Policy Statements, Undated

Commission on Just and Durable Peace Policy Statements, Undated

Niemöller, Martin, Undated

Orthodox Jewish, Policy Statements, Undated

Box 167 Pacifism, Undated

Protestant Miscellaneous, Policy Statements, Undated

Quakers, Policy Statements, Undated

The Churches and Race Relations, 1946-1948

Reform Jewish, Policy Statements, Undated

Social Justice, Reform Jewish Policy Statements, Undated

Religions, World's, Undated

Religion and International Responsibility, General Materials, Undated

Box 168 Science and Religion, Undated

Sikh, Undated

Theological Seminaries in the United States and Canada, Undated

Policy Statements, Unitarian, Undated

Policy Statements, By Churches on the United Nations, Undated

Roman Catholic Church, United States, Undated

Synagogue Council of America, Undated

Vatican and International Relations, Undated

World Council of Churches, Policy Statements, Undated

Second Assembly, World Council of Churches, 1954

World Council of Churches Evanston Assembly, Participants and Program, Undated

World Council of Churches, Undated

Universal Military Training, Undated

Box 170 World Council of Churches, Undated

Asian-American Cooperation, Undated

Asian Trip

General Correspondence, Undated

A. William Loos Correspondence, Undated

Itinerary, Undated

Burma, Undated

Ceylon, Undated

Europe, Undated

Hong Kong, Undated

Indonesia, Undated

Japan, Undated

Box 171 Lists, Undated

Burma, Undated

Malaya, Undated

Mimeos, Undated

Pakistan, Undated

Paul, A.A., Undated

Philippine Islands, Undated

Replies from Asia, Undated

Thailand, Undated

Travel Documents, 1945

Official Documents, 1958

Canada, Silcox, Dr. C.E., 1957

Box 172 Canadian-American Consultation, Undated

Canadian Luncheon, New York City, 1957 February25, 1957

Carnegie Corporation Grant, 1960

Ceylon, Undated

Commission on Work Abroad, Undated

Contacts, Trip to Middle East, 1956

Continuing Committee on Muslim-Christian Cooperation, Undated

Box 173 Correspondence, Trip to Middle East, 1956

A.W.L., Eastern Europe, 1961

Europe and Middle East Trip

Correspondence, 1956

Names, 1956

Itinerary and Documents, 1956

Notes, 1956

European Trip and Correspondence, 1966

Box 174 France, Toledano, Andre and Yvonne and Jezequel, Undated

General Background File, Undated

Guiness, Paul, International Conference Plan, Undated

Implications Project

A and G and Miscellaneous, Undated

H through Z, Undated

Box 175 Follow-Up, Undated

Publication, Undated

Papers, Undated

India, Undated

Box 176 India, Paul, A.A., Undated

Institute for International Order, IIO, Research Papers, Undated

International Conference of Religious Leaders, Undated

International Exchange Project, Undated

International Institute of Advanced Buddhistic Studies, Rangoon, Burma, Undated

International Institute of Advanced Buddhistic Studies, Kerala, India, Undated

Letters for the Loos Trip, 1972

Box 177 A.W.L., Middle East Trip, 1956

Pakistan, Undated

Paul, A.A., International Fellowship, Undated

Project Presentations, Undated

Proposed Project International Seminars Abroad, Undated

International Seminar in United States, Undated

Box 178 Record of Expenditures, Smith, Donald E., Undated

Donald E. Smith Project Religion and State, Asia, Undated

U. Thitthila Reception, Undated

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO, Proposed International Seminar of Religious Leaders International, Undated

A.W.L. Trip to Uppsala, 1968 July, 1968

Work Abroad

Advisory Committee, Undated

Substantive Questions, Undated

Work Abroad Director, Candidates for, 1959-1960

Box 179 Work Abroad, Lists of Contacts, Undated

Committee on Work Abroad Mimeographed Materials, Undated

Box 180 Work Abroad and Project Outlines, Undated

Proposed Work Abroad Projects, Correspondence, Undated

World Congress of Faiths Church Peace Union Representatives Abroad, Undated

Box 181 Files on Issues and Regions (A through Z)

Adult Education, Undated

Arab Refugees, Undated

Asia, Undated

Biological and Chemical Warfare, Undated

Birch Society, Undated

Birth Control and the Church, Undated

Ceylon, Undated

China, Undated

China, 1957

China, Communist Recognition, Undated

Churches and Social Issues, Undated

Box 182 Coexistence I, Undated

Coexistence II, Undated

Communist Theory, Undated

Democracy in the 20th Century, Undated

Department of State, Undated

Disarmament, Undated

Box 183 Fallout Shelters, Undated

Foreign Service, the, Undated

Formosa, Undated

Geneva, 1955 July, 1955

Greenwich Meeting, Undated

India, Undated

Indonesia, Undated

Isolationism, Undated

Israel, Undated

Japan, Undated

Kennedy, John F., Undated

Korean War, Undated

Khrushchev Period, Undated

Limited War, Undated

Lippman-Khrushchev, 1961

Lithuania, Undated

Missile Gap, Undated

Missions, Undated

Mutual Security, 1960

Box 184 National Purpose, Undated

New Right Wing, 1962

New York Times Foreign Policy Survey, Undated

1960 Elections, Undated, 1960, Undated

Nuclear Tests, Undated

Nuclear Weaponry, Undated

Party Politics, Undated

Population Pressures, Undated

Soviet-Chinese Relations, Undated

Preventive War, Undated

Protestant-Roman Catholic, Undated

Religion and Culture, Undated

Dean Rusk, 1961

Box 185 Sociological Approach, Undated

South Africa, Undated

Southeast Asia, Undated

Soviet Union, 1960

Trade, Undated

USSR, Undated

Cabinet Shift, 1955 February, 1955

USSR, China, United States, 1961-1962

United Nations, Current, 1960

United States

Budget, Undated

Constitution, Undated

Foreign Policy Machinery, Undated

Military Policy, Undated

Yugoslavia, Undated

Box 186 Miscellaneous Files (A through Z)

American Broadcasting Company Television Program, 1962 October 28, 1962

Canadian Broadcasting Company Speech, Undated

Cook, William J., Undated

Correspondence, Loos, Undated

Current Speaking Engagements, Undated

Gordon, Stanley, Undated


Expense Reports, 1946-1962

Expense Statements, 1963-1970

Expense Statements, 1971-1974

Box 187 Loos Gallahue, Conference, 1966

House of Representatives, Undated

Keller, Adolf, Undated

Mid-Western Trip Speaking Engagements Miscellaneous, 1961

National University Extension Association, NUEA, Conference, 1963 May 5, 1963

Pension, A.W.L., Undated

Box 188 Pet Projects, A.W.L., Undated

Rights and Labor Foundation RLF, Promotion Letters, Undated

Quade Bibliography, Undated

Schomer, H. Group, Undated

Spiritual Suggestions, Undated

Testimonials, Undated

Workshops, Undated

Box 189 Organizational Files (A through Z)

Adult Education Association of the United States, Council of National Organizations, Undated

African American Institute, Undated

Africa Placement Service, Undated

African Service Institute of New York, Undated

Africa Project, Undated

Allied Youth, Undated

American Afro-Asian Educational Exchange, Undated

American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies, Undated

American Association for United Nations, Undated

American Association for the United Nations

Collegiate Council, Undated

Peoples Section Bulletin, Undated

Commission to Study the Organization of Peace, Undated

All-Pakistan Women's Association, Undated

American Academy of Political and Social Science, 52nd Annual Meeting, Undated

American Association of University Women, Undated

American Board of Missions to the Jews, Undated

American Christian Palestine Committee, Undated

American Citizens Committee for Economic Aid Abroad, Undated

American Civil Liberties Union ACLU, Undated

American Committee for Aid to Katanga Freedom Fighters, Undated

American Committee for Free Russia, Inc., Undated

Box 190 American Committee on Africa, Undated

American Committee on United Europe, Undated

American Committee for Freedom for the Peoples of the USSR, Undated

American Committee on Religious Rights and Minorities, Undated

American Council on Education, Undated

American Council for Judaism, Undated

American Council of Learned Societies, Undated

American Council on North Atlantic Trade Organization NATO, Inc., Undated

American Council of Voluntary Agencies for Voluntary Service, Undated

American Ethical Union, Undated

American Federation of Labor, Workers Education Bureau, Undated

American Federation Movement, Undated

American Federation of World Citizens, Undated

American Field Service International Scholarships, Undated

American Film Forum, Inc., Undated

American Foundation for Continuing Education, Undated

American Foundation for Political Education, Undated

American Freedom Association, Inc., Undated

American Friends of the Middle East, Undated

American Friends Service Committee, Undated

American Indian Fund, Undated

American Jewish Committee, Undated

American Jewish Conference, Undated

American Jewish Congress, Undated

Box 191 American International Singers, Undated

American Labor Services for the United Nations, Undated

American Liberal Association, Undated

American Library Association, Undated

American Loyalty, Undated

American Peace Society, Undated

American Peace Crusade, Undated

American Russian Institute, Undated

American Society for Russian Relief, Undated

American Society of Christian Social Ethics, Undated

American Stamp Dealers Association, Undated

American Society of African Culture, Undated

American Trade Union Council, Undated

American Travel Missions Abroad, Undated

Americans United For World Government, Undated

American Veterans for Peace, Undated

American Youth for World Youth, Undated

Americans for Democratic Action, Undated

American Oriental Society, Undated

American Universities Field Staff Inc., Undated

American University's School of International Service, Undated

Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, Undated

Annual Calendar on International Relations, Trade Tariffs, Undated

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Der Kirchen Und Religionsgesellschaften in Grob-Berlin, Undated

Arms of Friendship, Inc., Undated

Asia Foundation, Undated

Asia Society, Undated

Asia Study Group-Huth, Undated

Asian Recorder, Undated

Box 192 Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, Undated

Assembly of Captive European Nations, Undated

Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, Undated

Association for Asian Studies, Undated

Antioch Notes, Undated

Atlantic Union Committee, Undated

Bahai International Community, Undated

Between the Lines, Undated

Biosophical Institute, Undated

Blaisdell Institute for Advanced Study in World Cultures and Religions, Undated

Briefing on United Nations Affairs, Undated

British Council of Christians and Jews, Undated

British Council of Churches, Undated

Blaisdell Institute, Undated

Broadcasting Foundation of America, Undated

The Brownest Press, Undated

Pierce Butler Jr. Foundation for Education in World Law, Undated

Box 193 Campaign for World Government, Undated

Calendar on International Relations, Undated

Canadian Association for Adult Education, Undated

Canadian Institute on Public Affairs, Undated

CARE, Undated

CARE Development Corporation, Undated

Carnegie Endowment, Undated

Carrie Chapman Catt Memorial-Fund Freedom Agenda Committee, Undated

Catholic Association for International Peace, Undated

Catholic Intercontinental Press, Inc., Undated

Catholic Interracial Council, Undated

Box 194 Committee for Conscientious Objectors, Undated

Center for Information on America, Undated

Center for International Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Undated

Centre International De Formation Europeanne, Undated

Center of Sociopolitical Research and Information, Brussels, Undated

Ceylon Muslim Cultural Centre, Undated

Chamber of Commerce of the United States, Undated

Chicago Council on Foreign Relations, Undated

Children to Palestine, Undated

China Aid Council, Inc., Undated

Chicago Committee to Win the Peace, Undated

Children's Plea for Peace, Undated

China Institute in America, Undated

Chinese Peoples Committee for World Peace and Against American Aggression, Undated

Christian Action, Undated

Christian Committee to Oppose Peacetime Conscription, Voss, Carl Herman, Undated

Christian Council on Palestine, Undated

Christian Economics, Undated

Christian Endeavor Union, Undated

Christian Faith-and-Life Community, Undated

Christian Newsletter on International Affairs, Undated

Christian Peace Conference, Undated

Christianity United Nations Limited, Undated

Christophers, the, Undated

Churchman, the, Undated

Christian Rural Overseas Program, CROP, Undated

Church Peace Mission, Undated

Church World Service, Undated

Box 195 Circuit Riders, Undated

Citizens Committee for a Free Cuba, Undated

Citizenship Clearing House, Undated

Citizens Conference on International Economic Union, Undated

Civil Aviation Organization, Undated

Civil Rights Congress, Undated

Club Program Service, Undated

College of Europe-Bruges, Undated

The Collegium, Undated

Commission of the Churches on International Affairs, Undated

Commission to Study the Organization of Peace, Undated

Commission on World Peace of Methodist Church, Undated

Committee for A Christian University in Japan, Undated

Committee for Collective Security, Undated

Committee of One Million, Undated

Committee on Cooperation in Latin America, Undated

Committee for Defense of the Constitution by Preserving the Treaty Power, Undated

Committee on Discrimination in Housing, Undated

Committee for Economic Development, Undated

Committee for an Effective Foreign Aid Program, Undated

Committee for International Economic Growth, Undated

Committee for Foreign Trade Education, Undated

Committee on Friendly Relations among Foreign Students, Undated

Committee for the Monroe Doctrine, Undated

Committee for a National Trade Policy, Undated

Committee on Social-Philosophy and Direct Finding of American Educational Association, Undated

Committee for a Free Asia, Undated

Committee on the Present Danger, Undated

Committee to Proclaim Liberty, Undated

Committee for Religion at Work in the Community, Undated

Committee against Summit Entanglements, Undated

Committee for War Victims and Reconstruction, Undated

Committee for World Development and World Disarmament, Undated

Box 196 Committee for the World Law Poll, Undated

Comprende Societa Europa Di Cultura, Undated

Commonwealth of World Citizens, Undated

Conference Counselors, Undated

Conference Group of US Organizations on the United Nations, Undated

Conference Group, the, Undated

Congregational Christian Churches, Undated

Congregational Christian Service Committee, Undated

Congregational Christian Pacifist Fellowship, Undated

Congress for Cultural Freedom, Undated

Congress of Freedom, Inc., Undated

Congress for Universal Religious Exchange, CURE, Lew Ayres, Undated

Congress for the Peoples for Peace, Undated

Congress on Racial Equality, CORE, Undated

Conlon Associates, Ltd., Undated

Continuing Committee on Muslim Christian Cooperation, Undated

Council on African Affairs, Inc., Undated

Council of Europe, Undated

Council against Intolerance, Undated

Council for Financial Aid to Education, Inc., Undated

Council for Improved US-Japanese Trade Relations, Undated

Council on Islamic Affairs, Undated

Council of National Organizations, Undated

Council for Social Action

Publications Committee, Undated

International Relations Committee, Undated

Box 197 Council for Social Action, Attacks, Undated

Council on World Tensions, Undated

Counterattack, Undated

Crusade for Peace, Undated

Crusade for Freedom, Undated

Crusade for World Government, Undated

Cultural Interchange Institute for Buddhists, Tokyo, Undated

CURE: Conference on Research and Education in World Government, Undated

Democracy Unlimited, Undated

Democratic Party, Undated

Doorway to the 20th Century, Undated

Eagleton Foundation, Undated

East and West Association, Undated

Economic Democracy, Box 835, Detroit 31, Undated

Education and World Affair, Undated

Eisenhower Exchange Fellowships, Undated

Emergency Civil Liberties Committee, Undated

Emergency Committee for German Protestantism, Undated

Ecumenical Movement, Undated

Encampment for Citizenship, Undated

Experiment in International Living, Undated

Esperanto, Undated

European Community Information Service, Undated

Evansville College, Undated

Facts Forum, Undated

Faith at Work, Printed by Religious Associations of the National Conservative Political Action Committee, NCPAC, Undated

Federal Union, Undated

Fellowship in Prayer, Inc., Undated

Fellowship of Reconciliation, Undated

Fellowship of Southern Churchmen, Undated

Film Council of America, Undated

Folk Dance House, Undated

For America, Undated

Ford Foundation, Undated

Box 198 Foreign Policy Bulletin, 1953

Foreign Policy Clearing House, Nuveen, John, Undated

Foreign Service Educational Foundation, Undated

Foreign Students, Undated

Foundation for Economic Education, Undated

Foundation for Integrated Education, Undated

Foundation for Religious Action, Undated

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Foundation, Undated

Free Europe Committee, Undated

Freedoms Foundation, Undated

Freedom House, Undated

Freedom Club, Inc., Undated

Freedom and Union, Undated

Free Europe University in Exile, Undated

Friends Committee on National Legislation, Undated

Friendship among Children and Youth, Undated

Friends of Lebanon, Undated

Friends Peace Committee, Undated

Frontier Fellowship, Undated

Box 199 Fund for Adult Education, Undated

Fund for Asia, Undated

Fund for Peaceful Atomic Development, Inc., Undated

Fund for Public Information, Undated

Fund for the Republic, Undated

General Welfare Movement, Undated

Girls' Friendly Society, Undated

Good News Publishers, Undated

Grail International Student Center, Undated

Greater New York Council for Foreign Students, Undated

Greek Orthodox Church, Undated

Group Attitudes Corporation, Undated

Group on Future Catastrophe Hazards, Undated

Heifer Project, Inc., Undated

Heritage Foundation, the, Undated

Humanity Guild, Undated

Indian Council of World Affairs, Undated

Information Service National Council of Churches, Undated

Institute for American Democracy, Inc., Undated

Institute for Asian Studies, Undated

Box 200 Institute of International Education, Undated

Institute of Ethnic Affairs, Inc., Undated

Institute for International Order, Undated

Institute of Ethics and Politics, Undated

Institute for International Order, formerly Institute for International Government, Undated

Institute of Pacific Relations, Undated

Institute on Religion in an Age of Science, Undated

Institute for Religious and Social Issues Jewish Theological Seminary of America, Undated

Institute for Social Research, Undated

Institute of War and Peace Studies, Undated

Inter-American Association for Democracy and Freedom, Undated


Association for Liberal Christianity and Religious Freedom, Undated

Auxiliary Language Association, Undated

Congress of the History of Religions, Undated

Council of Christians and Jews, Undated

Council for Christian Leadership, Undated

Box 201 Council of Community Churches, Undated

Development Placement Association, Inc., Undated

Economic Survey, Undated

Council of Religious Education, Undated

Economic Union, Undated

Educational Reconstruction, Undated

Development Advisory Board, Undated

Fellowship, Undated

Fellowship of Reconciliation, Undated

Forum for Peace, Undated

Hospitality Committee, Undated

Institute, Undated

League for the Rights of Man, Undated

Liaison Committee of Organizations for Peace, Undated

Missionary Council, Undated

Registry of World Citizenship, Undated

Political Science Association, Undated

Review Service, Undated

Students, Inc., Undated

World Peace Day Committee, 1950

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Undated

Iona Community, Undated

Islamic Congress, Undated

Jane Addams Peace Association, Inc., Addams, Jane, Undated

Japan Council against A and H Bombs, Undated

Japan: A Report, Undated

Jewish Peace Fellowship, the, Undated

Jewish Statistical Bureau, Undated

Johnson Foundation, the, Undated

Kagawa National Committee, Undated

Kentucky Council on Human Relations, Undated

Koinonia Farm, Undated

Korean Pacific Press, Undated

Labor Temple, Undated

Laymen's Movement for a Christian World, Undated

League for Freedom, Undated

League to Uphold Congregational Principles, Undated

League of Women Voters, Undated

Box 202 League of Women Voters, Greenwich, Undated

Let's Talk About, Undated

Levant Club, Undated

Liberal International, Undated

Lift, Undated

Lilly Endowment, Undated

Lisle Fellowship, Undated

Los Angeles Committee for Protection of the Foreign-Born, Undated

Lowell Institute Cooperative Broadcasting Council, Undated

Lucis Publishing Council, Undated

Medway Plan, Undated

Methodist Church, the, Undated

Middle East Institute, the, Undated

Minnesota World Affairs Center, Undated

Minority of One, Undated

Missionary Education Movement, Undated

Missions Council of the Congregational Christian Churches, Undated

Monthly Message, Undated

Moral Rearmament, Undated

National Association for Liberal Christianity and Religious Freedom, Undated

National Association of Manufacturers, Undated

National Catholic Resettlement Council, Undated

National Catholic Rural Life Conference, Undated

National Center for Education in Politics, Undated

National Civil Liberties Clearing House, Undated

National Committee for an Adequate Overseas United States Information Program, Undated

National Committee on Atomic Information, Undated

National Committee for an Effective Congress, Undated

National Committee for Free Europe, Inc., Undated

National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, Undated

National Committee to Repeal the McCarran Act, Undated

National Committee to Win the Peace, Undated

Box 203 National Conference of Christians and Jews, Undated

National Conference on International Economic and Social Development, Inc., Undated

National Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations on the Food and Agriculture Organization, Undated

National Council of the Arts, Sciences and Professions, Undated

National Conference of Young Churchmen, Undated

National Council against Conscription, Undated

National Council of American, Soviet Friendship, Undated

National Council of Churches, Home Missions Council of NA, National Assembly, Undated

National Council of Churches of Christ in the United Sates, Department of Publication, Undated

National Council of Churches of Christ in the United States, Undated

National Council for Prevention of War, Undated

National Council of the Protestant Episcopal Church¸, Undated

National Education Association of the United States, Undated

National Educational Television and Radio Center, Undated

National Institute of Social Relations, Undated

National Issues Committee, Undated

National Opinion Research Center, Undated

National Peace Conference, Undated

National Peace Council, Undated

National Planning Association, Undated

National Protestant Council on Higher Education, Undated

National Review Magazine, Undated

National Service Board for Religious Objectors, Undated

National Social Welfare Assembly, Undated

National Student Council Young Men's Christian Association, YMCA, Young Women's Christian Association, YWCA, Undated

Box 204 Near East Foundation, Undated

New York Citizen's Committee for a People's World Convention, Undated

New York Committee for the General Strike for Peace, Undated

New York Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, Undated

New York Film Council, Undated

New York State Citizens' Council, Undated

New York State Committee on Equality in Education, Undated

New York State Council of Churches, Undated

New World Review, Undated

New World Union, Undated

North American Airlines, Undated

North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, for Rel. Project, Undated

The Open Door, Undated

Operation Democracy, Undated

Organization of American States, Undated

Organization of Arab Students in the United States, Undated

Organization for European Economic Cooperation, Undated

Overseas Educational Service, Undated

Pamphleteer Monthly, Undated

Pan American Union, Undated

Peace Bond Drive, Undated

Peace Information Center, Undated

Peace Study Institute, the, Undated

People's League for World Order, Undated

Phelps-Stokes Fund, Undated

Planned Parenthood Federation, Undated

Population Council, the, Undated

Population Reference Bureau, Undated

PREWU, Undated

Program Information Bulletin, Undated

Promoting, Enduring Peace, Undated

Protestant Radio Commission, Undated

Protestants and other Americans United For Separation of Church and State, Undated

Public Administration Clearing House, Undated

Public Affairs Pamphlets, Undated

Box 205 Ramakrishna Mission, Undated

Religious Education Association of the United States and Canada, Undated

Relief Organizations, International, Undated

Religion at the News Desk, 1954

Religious Associates, Undated

Religious Freedom Committee, Undated

Republican Party, Undated

Research Exchange on the Prevention of War, Undated

Resolved, Undated

Roosevelt Foundation, Eleanor, Undated

Royal Institute of International Affairs, Undated

Rumely Groups, Undated

Save the Children Federation, Undated

School of Advanced International Studies; Johns Hopkins University, Undated

Schwenkfelder Library, Undated

Seminars for International Understanding, Undated

Servas International, Undated

Shapley-Shipler Committee, Undated

Sing Out America, Undated

Social Action in Review Jewish, Undated

Social Missions Quarterly, United Lutheran, Undated

Social Science Foundation; University of Denver, Undated

Society for Asian Music, Undated

Society for International Development, Undated

Society for the Defense of Freedom in Asia, Undated

Society for the Prevention of World War III, Undated

Society for Religious Culture, Undated

Spiritual Mobilization, Undated

Speakers Research Committee for the United Nations, Undated

Student Cooperative League, Undated

Student Volunteer Movement, Undated

Synagogue Council of America, Undated

Box 206 Taconic Foundation, Undated

Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association, Undated

The Christines, Undated

Triangles, Undated

Turn Towards Peace, Undated

TV Training Workshop, Undated

United Auto Workers-Council of Industrial Operation, UAW-CIO, Undated

Union of American Hebrew Congregations, Undated

Union House of Living Judaism, Undated

Union of International Associations, Undated

Union for the Study of Great Religions, Undated

Unitarian Commission on World Order, Undated

Unitarian Service Committee, Undated

Unitarian Universalist Commission on Church Union, Undated

United Christian Youth Movement, Undated

United Council of Church Women, Undated

Box 207 United States

Advisory Commission on Educational Exchange, Undated

Book Exchange, Inc., Undated

Committee against Militarization, Undated

Committee for the United Nations, Undated

National Students Association, Undated

South Africa Leader Exchange Program, Inc., Undated

United Stewardship Council, Undated

United Student Christian Council, Study Department, Undated

United World Federalists, Undated

Universalists Church, Undated

Uphaus, Willard Organizations, Undated

United States National Commission for the United Nations Environmental, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO

Meeting, 1952 October, 1952

Membership, Undated

University of Michigan, Research Center for Group Dynamics, Undated

Voice of America, Undated

Wage Total Peace Committee, Undated

War Resisters League, Undated

Warsaw Festival of Youth, Undated

Weekly Guardian Associates, Undated

Women's International Democratic Federation, Undated

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Undated

Woodrow Wilson Centennial Commission; Wilson, Woodrow, Undated

Woodrow Wilson Foundation; Wilson, Woodrow, Undated

Box 208 Workers Defense League, Undated

Workshop for Cultural Democracy, Undated

World Affairs Center, Undated

World Alliance for International Friendship through Religion, Undated

World around Press, Undated

World Brotherhood, Undated

World Calendar Association, Undated

World Citizenship Movement, Undated

World Congress of Faiths, Undated

World Constitutional Convention, Undated

World Council of Churches, Undated

World Council of Peace, Undated

World Council for Peoples World Convention, Undated

World Council of Mothers, Undated

World Council of Christian Education and Sunday school Association, Undated

World Federation of Democratic Youth, Undated

World Federation of United Nations Associations, Undated

World Fellowship, Inc., Undated

World Friendship Association, Undated

Box 209 World Goodwill, Undated

World Movement for World Federal Government, Undated

World Government Sponsors, Inc., Undated

World Neighbors, Undated

World Organization of Mothers of All Nations, Undated

World Organization of the Teaching Profession, Undated

World Parliament of Religions, Undated

World Peace Council, Undated

World Student Service Fund, Undated

World Truth League, Undated

World Veterans Federation, the, Undated

Box 210 Yardstick, the, Undated

Young Adult Council, Undated

Young Men's Christian Association, Friday Noon Discussion Group, Undated

Youth of All Nations, Undated

Young Presidents Organization, Undated

Young Women's Christian Association, Undated

Youth Argosy, Undated

Box 211 William J. Cook, 1959-1966

Files, 1959-1966 (A through Z), 1959-1966

Adult Education Association, General, Undated

American Society of Christian Social Ethics, Undated

Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, Undated

Beebe, George A., Undated

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Undated

Case, Harold C., Undated

Council for Christian Social Action, Undated

Box 212 Dangerfield, Royden, Dr., Undated

Evanston School of World Affairs, 1963

Frey, Donald S., Undated

Foreign Policy Association, Undated

President, Undated

Georgetown Summer Conferences, Undated

Geyer, Alan, Undated

Halpern, Mordecai S., Undated

Hattery, Robert W., Undated

Herring, John W., Undated

Institute for International Order, Undated

Box 213 Kitagawa, Joseph, Undated

Kraus, Herbert M. and Company, Undated

Lefever, Ernest W., Undated

Luckman, Dr. Lloyd D., Undated

Mastrude, Roger G., Undated

Morgenthau, Hans J., Undated

Muelder, Walter G., Undated

National Council of the Churches of Christ, 1959-1960

National University Extension Association, NUEA, Undated

News Releases, Undated

Nuveen, John, Undated

O'Brien, William V., Undated

Box 214 Ramsey, Paul, Undated

Religious Education Association of the United States and Canada, Undated

Rogers, William C., Undated

Society for Citizen Education in World Affairs, SCEWA, Undated

Southard, Shelby E., Undated

Stein, Leonard S., Undated

Washington Center of Foreign Policy Research, Undated

Weber, Ted, Undated

Will, Herman, Jr., Undated

Youth Group 25, August 1964

Zahn, Gordon C., Undated

Box 215 Hazel Ridout Gough, 1955-1961

Files, 1955-1961

Citation Dr. Sockman on Retirement from Christ Church Methodist, 1961 November, 1961

Dinner, Atkinson, Henry A., 1955 November 17, 1955

Dinner in Honor of the 100th Birthday of Brown, Dr., 1956 December 3, 1956

List-Correspondence Regarding Dr. Sockman's letters for book, Undated

Church Peace Union, Minutes First Meeting of, 1914

Old Photograph, Undated

Reception World Affairs Center for Ghana Finance Minister, 1957 October 8, 1957

Sherman, Carl, Deceased 1956 July 17, 1956