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Carnegie Council on Ethics & International Affairs records, 1844-2008

Series V: Printed Material and Photographs, 1914-1968

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Printed material, dated, 1914-1965

Box 432 The Year book of the New York Peace Society, 1914

Fisher, Irving, After the War, What?, 1914

Jefferson, Charles E., I: The Cause of War, 1915

Greer, Rt. Rev. David H., II: The Midnight Cry, 1915

Ainslie, Rev. Peter, III: The Scourge of Militarism, 1915

Macfarland, Rev. Charles S., IV: Europe's War, America's Warning, 1915

Holt, Hamilton, and V, The Way to Disarm: A Practical Proposal, 1915

Remensnyder, Junius B., VI: The Church's Mission as to War and Peace, 1915

Merrill, Rev. William Pierson, VII: Might or Meekness, 1915

Lawrence, Rt. Rev. William, VIII: The Church and the Ideal, 1915

Mathews, Prof. Shailer, IX: America and the Asiatic World, 1915

Gibbons, James Cardinal, X: America, Christianity and Peace; A New Year's Message; the Triumphs of Peace; the Advantages of Arbitration, 1915

Fisher, Irving, After the War, What?, 1915

Brown, Dr. William Adams, Christianity on Trial, 1915

Turner, Horace K., A Grave Danger to America's Twenty Million Children, 1915

Nasmyth, Dr. George, Universal Military Service and Democracy, 1916

CPU: Constitution and By-laws of CPU, 1916

Military Training for School Boys, Does America Want It?, 1919

Universal Military Training in the United States, Undated

Constitution and By-laws of CPU, 1920

West, Henry L. and Hallinan, Charles T., Universal Military Training: A Debate, 1920

Topics for Discussion in Regional Conferences, 1923

Announcement, an International Program for America, Undated

The Church Peace Union, Undated

The Committee on Interchange of Speakers and Preachers between America and Great Britain: Report, 1927

Atkinson, Henry A., Religion and International Relations, 1930

The Committee on Interchange of Preachers and Speakers between the Churches of America, Great Britain, and France, 1931

Atkinson, Henry A.

Mars Takes a Hand, 1932

The Nations Look at Disarmament, 1932

The Meaning of Organized Peace, 1932

The German Demand for Equality, 1932

Japan on Trial, 1932

The Churches' Stake in Disarmament, 1932

Manifesto against War, 1933

Armistice Day Message, 1934

Cover letter, Trustees of CPU, 1934

The New Deal: bulletin of Emory University, 1934

The Grave Problem of Religious Liberty, 1936

Invitation: birthday dinner for Reverend Arthur J. Brown, 1936

Invitations, programs of banquets, galas, rallies: WAIF, International Goodwill Congress, 1936

Business Reply Card, CPU-WAIF, 1937

A Peace Committee in Every Church: What the Committee Can Do, 1937

CPU Constitution and Bylaws: amended 1938 1938, 1938, 1938

Statement of CPU on the Japan-China Conflict, 1938

The Japan-China Tragedy and America's Relation to It, 1938

A Special Introductory Offer: Membership in WAIF, 1938

Books on Peace flyer, 1939

Committee on Interchange of Preachers and Speakers between the Churches of America, Great Britain and France, 1939

Programs, announcements: WAIF-International Goodwill Conference, 1939

A Discussion of the Preliminary Report of the Commission to Study the Organization of Peace, 1940

A Study of the Organization of Peace, 1940

Fosdick, Harry Emerson, Christmas Devotion for 1940 1940, 1940, 1940

Fagley, Richard M., Building a Peace Committee in the Church, 1940

Why Increased Armament?, 1940

Box 433 Peace Aims: A Program for the Churches, 1941

Publication List, WAIF-CPU, 1941

Programs: WAIF-International Goodwill Conference, 1941

Bowie, Walter Russell, Christmas Devotion for 1941 1941, 1941, 1941

Fagley, Richard M., the Study of Peace Aims, 1941

Pope, Liston, Religious Proposals for World Order, 1941

Fagley, Richard M., To Build a Better World, 1941

Fosdick, Harry Emerson, an Armistice Day Sermon: Crying Peace, Peace, 1942

Marhsall, James, Faith for These Times, 1942

Atkinson, Henry A., the Churches, the War and the Peace, 1942

Merrill, William Pierson, a Lenten Journey, 1942

Win the War, Win the Peace, 1942

Atkinson, Henry A., Memorandum: Committee of Christian Leaders, Clergymen, and Laymen, in Behalf of Jewish Immigration into Palestine, 1942

Bates, M. Searle, Half of Humanity: Far Eastern Peoples and Problems, 1942

Newton, Joseph Fort, Christmas Devotion for 1942 1942, 1942, 1942

Newspaper Reports of Series of West Coast Institutes: Win the War, Win the Peace, 1942

Win the War, Win the Peace: Conference for Victory and a Free World, 1942

Atkinson, Henry A., the Peace Must Be Won Now, 1943

Religious Literature for Chaplains and Service Men: A Check List, 1943

Hambro, Carl J., Crossroads of Conflict: European Peoples and Problems, 1943

Richmond Conference on Win the Peace! As We Win the War, 1943

Denver Institute: Win the War, Win the Peace, 1943

Program of Lectures, the Detroit Institute on Peace Problems, 1943

Tablott, Guy E., Coordination of Postwar Planning Agencies, 1943

Oldham, G. Ashton, Choose You This Day: Suggested Themes for Lenten Talks, 1943

Fagley, Richard M., the Study of Peace Aims in the Local Church, 1943

Anti-Semitism Incorporated, 1943

Program of Lectures, the Boston Institute: Win the War, Win the Peace, 1943


Toledo Institute on Winning the War by Winning the Peace, 1943

Durham Win the War and Win the Peace, 1943

Pattern for Peace: Catholic, Jewish and Protestant Declaration on World Peace, 1943

Pattern's Progress: The First Anniversary of Pattern for Peace, 1943

Box 434 Religious Literature for Chaplains and Service Men: A Revised Check List, 1944

Publication List, materials issued lists, WAIF-CPU, 1944

Program, Conference of Commission to Study the Organization of Peace, 1944

United Nations Association Congress, 1944

Program, Ninth Annual Economic Conference and International Institute, Rollins College, 1944

Holmes, Harry N.

Educating for World Order, 1944

Pan-American Relations, 1944

Radio broadcast, The Resources of Religion in World Organization, 1944

Pennington, Leslie T., the Disciplines of Freedom, 1944

Programs Win the War, Win the Peace, 1944

Religious Literature for Chaplains and Servicemen: A Revised Check List, 1945

Speeches, A Pattern for Peace and A Just World Order, 1945

The Call for Christian Leadership on the Home Front when the War Ends, 1945

Official Documents Issued During the Two World Wars, 1945

The People's Plan: Peace Day in the UN, 1945

Comic Book: A Third World War Can Be Prevented NOW!, 1945

Let the People Speak, 1946

Inter-Faith Messages, Armistice Day, 1946

Russell, Francis H., You Help Make Foreign Policy, 1946

Fosdick, Raymond B., the Challenge: One World or None, 1946

Constitution and By-laws of CPU: Amended 1947 1947, 1947, 1947

Announcement: World Congress of Religion in Support of the United Nations, 1947

Program, United Nations Week, 1947

Institute on Religion and the United Nations and Thirty Second Annual Meeting WAIF-CPU, 1947

Keeping Christmas and Building World Peace, 1947

Inside the United Nations: A Discussion Guide on Religion and the Peace, Undated

Invitation: Dedication of Merrill House, 1948

Pamphlets, leaflets: CPU, purposes, principles, publications, 1948

Mumford, Lewis, Kindling for Global Gehenna, 1948

United Nations Week: Suggestions for Schools, Clubs and Churches, 1948

Business Reply Card, CPU-WAIF, 1949

Program, the Nature of Man Lecture Series, 1949

United Nations Week: Suggestions for Religious Organizations, 1949

Invitation to discussion, Progress toward One World, 1949

Invitation to lecture, The Cause and Cure of Fear Lecture, 1949

Tiner, Hugh M., Religion and UNESCO, 1950

Advertisement For book, The Nature of Man, 1950

United Nations Week: Suggestions for Religious Organizations, 1950

Announcement, Religious Faith and a Just World Order, 1951

Conference on World Order, 1951

Seven Religious Seminars: Facing Our Serious National Emergency, 1951

United Nations Workshops, 1952

Pattern for Peace, 1952

The United Nations: Facts and Fallacies, 1953

United Nations Week: Projects for Religious Organizations, 1955

Bowles, Chester, the Crisis That Faces Us Will Not Wait, 1955

Stop, Look, Listen: A Guide to Current Information on National and International Affairs, 1956

CPU Constitution and Bylaws: amended 1956 1956, 1956, 1956

United Nations Week: Projects for Religious Organizations, 1956

CPU: What It Is and What It Does, 1956

Brown, Arthur Judson, Address on his 100th Birthday, 1956

International Responsibility and our Religious Heritage: A Graduate Seminar, 1957

United Nations Week: Projects for Religious Organizations, 1957

Hoffman, Paul G., Blueprint for Foreign Aid, 1957

In Your Hands: A Guide for Community Action, 1958

Publications: Council on Religion and International Affairs, formerly CPU, 1961

For More Responsible Leaders, Undated

For More Responsible Leaders, 1964

Mind Your World, 1965

Box 435 Printed Materials by subjects, Atomic Energy

Congress to Rule Power from Atom, Undated

Fund for Peaceful Atomic Development: Progress Report, 1958

Nuclear Energy and its Uses in Peace, Undated

S. 1717 A Bill: for the development and control of atomic energy, 1945, 1717, 1945

Hearings before the Special Committee on Atomic Energy, pursuant to S. Res. 179

Part One, 1945

Part Three, 1945

Compton, A.H., Atomic Power in War and Peace, 1945

Hearing, Technical Problems and the Geneva Test Ban Negotiations, pursuant to S. Res. 250, Undated

What YOU Can Do About Khrushchev's Visit, 1959

Letter, National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, Undated

The Fourth World Conference against A and H Bombs and for Disarmament, 1958

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 1958

The Reporter: The Magazine of Facts and Ideas, Undated

Fallout and Disarmament: Pauling-Teller Debate, Undated

Newspaper Clippings of Fallout Dangers, Disputes, 1958

Message of N.S. Khrushchev, Chairman USSR Ministers, to Pres. Eisenhower, Undated

Soviet Government's Statement on US Nuclear Weapon Experimental Tests, Undated

Notes on the Health Dangers of Radioactive Fallout, Undated

The Testing of Nuclear Weapons: A Primary Analysis, Undated

Intl' Regulation and Reduction of Armaments: A statement adopted by the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA, 1951

The Churches and the Hydrogen Bomb: Adopted by NCCC, 1950

The Christian Conscience and Weapons of Mass Destruction: Report of a Special Commission, NCCC, 1950

Atomic Warfare and the Christian Faith: Report of the Commission on the Relation to the War in the Knight of the Christian Faith, 1946

Reading list, Seminar: Military Policy, 1957

Newspaper Clippings of Fallout Dangers, Disputes, 1958

Information Service, NCCC newsletter, 1957

Background Series, White House Disarmament Staff: Digest of Findings on Effects of Atomic Radiation, 1956

Newspaper Clippings of Fallout Dangers, Disputes, 1956-1957

Atomic Tests and Disarmament, Undated

Joint Committee on Atomic Energy: Summary Analysis of Hearings, 1957 May 27-29, June 3-7, 1957

Subcommittee on Disarmament: Conference on the Discontinuance of Nuclear Weapons Tests, 1960

Newspaper Clippings of Hydrogen, Atomic Advances, 1953

Hodgins, Eric, Fortune, The Atom: Ready for Business?, Undated

International Control for Atomic Energy: Policy at the Crossroads, Undated

Szilard, Leo, the Physicist Invades Politics, Undated

Beers, Lt. Col. Barnet W., G.S.C., Anticipated Effects of Atomic Radiological Attack, 1947

Osborn, Frederick, Atomic Impasse, Undated

The Atom in Industry, Undated

A Report on the International Control of Atomic Energy, Undated

Solomon, Dr. A.K., the Physics of the Bomb, Undated

The Control of Atomic Energy: Proposal before the UN Atomic Energy Commission, 1946

United States Atomic Energy Proposals, 1946

Questions and Answers: The International Atomic Energy Agency, Undated

Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy, Undated

Eisenhower, Dwight D., the Atom for Progress and Peace, 1953

Questions and Answers: On the Atom for progress and Peace, Undated

The International Atomic Energy Agency, Undated

Atoms for Power: United States Policy in Atomic Development, Undated

Draft Statute of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Undated

Harnessing the Atom for Peace, Undated

The Fund for Peaceful Atomic Development: Progress Report, 1955-1956

IAEA: The First Year, Undated

UN Department of Public Information: The Control of Atomic Energy, Undated

Box 436 Printed materials, by subjects, miscellaneous; various newsletters; pamphlets

Universal Religious Peace Conference: Preliminary Announcements, Meetings, Invitations, Undated

Hume, Robert E., A Program of Joint Worship, Undated

World Conference for International Peace through Religion, 1929

The Causes of War, Undated

Focus, World Alliance Newsletter, 1943-1947 1954-1955, 1943-1947, 1954-1955

International Trade Organization, How Will It Work?, 1946

Preliminary Draft, Charter for the ITO, and informal commentary, 1946

International Conciliation: Suggested Charter for an ITO, Undated

Resolutions: Biochemical, Nuclear Warfare, Undated

WAIP materials, Undated

Holmes, Harry N., NBC Broadcast: Big Maps in a Changing World, 1939

The Economic Waste of War, Undated

Loos, A. William, Social Action: The United Nations and the Disciplines of Peace, 1953

CRIA, CPU: Reports, Agendas, Programs, 1962 1955, 1962

Pamphlets (includes those published by CPU/CRIAS and also those not published but used by CPU/CRIA)

Box 437 FCC

The Church and Lasting Peace: A Study Book, Undated

A Christian Basis for Reconstruction, Undated

A Christian Message on World Order, Undated

Current Aspects of Race: Program Suggestions and Selected Materials for Church Groups, Undated

A Christian Witness to a World at War, Undated

Armistice Day Appeals, 1936-38

The Churches and a Just and Durable Peace, 1942

The Churches and Military Training in Schools and Colleges, Undated

A Message from the National Study Conference on the Churches and International Situation, 1940

A Guide for Study and Discussion, Undated

Report of the Interfaith Conference on Unemployment, 1940

The Conflict in East Asia, 1940

Suggestions for the Observance of the Universal Week of Prayer, 1941

The Church at Work in Camp Communities, Undated

Instructor's Manual for use with Six Pillars of peace, Undated

Dulles, John Foster, World Organization: Curative and Creative, Undated

The Far Eastern Situation, Undated

The Churches and the International Crisis, 1938

A Just and Durable Peace: Statement of Guiding Principles, 1942

Report to the Biennial Meeting, 1940

Abernethy, Bradford S., Post War: An Information Bulletin, 1942 July, 1942

A Message from the National Study Conference on the Churches and a Just and Durable Peace, 1942 March, 1942

The Church at Work in Defense Industrial Communities, Undated

A Message to Our Fellow Christians, 1941

A Call to Our Fellow Christians, 1939

A Statement on the Present Opportunity and Duty of Christians, 1940

The State of the Church: A Report to the Biennial Meeting, 1940 December, 1940

Colonies and the Problem of International Justice, Undated

The American Churches and the International Situation, Undated

Program, the American Churches and the Needs of the Hour, 1940 December, 1940

A Just and Durable Peace: Data Material and Discussion Questions, Undated

Post War World newspaper, two numbers, 1943 December 15, 1944 June 15, 1943, December 15, 1944

Hooft, W.A. Visser T. What is the World Council of Churches?, Undated

World Conference on Faith and Order: Statements Received from Churches on the Report of the Edinburgh Conference and the 1939 Meeting of the Continuation Committee, 1939 1940, 1939, 1939, 1940

Fey, Harold E., World Peace and Christian Missions, Undated

The World Council of Churches, Undated

Christian Unity Fund: Financial Report, 1941

Conference on Church, Community and State

A Message to the Christian Churches, 1937 July 12-26, 1937

List of Delegates or Visitors, 1937 July 12-26, 1937

The Universal Christian Conference on Life and Work, 1928 September 2-5, 1928

Records of the Universal Christian Conference on Life and Work, 1921-1922

Compte-Rendus de la Conference du Christianisme Pratique, 1921-1922

Kallen, Horace M., the New Education and the Future of Peace: An Address, 1941 July 7, 1941

Educational Policies Commission: Education and the People's Peace, Undated

The Peace We Want: Community Activity and Discussion Guide, Undated

Ball, Sen. Joseph H., Collective Security: The Why and How, Undated

Winder, Mary Ida, Organizations in the United States that Promote International Understanding and World Peace, 13516

CEIP: The Peace Movement, Undated

8 Point Program of Pres. Roosevelt and PM Churchill contrasted with plans for the Nazi New Order, Undated

Mann, Thomas; Pertinax; others, Program, Democracy's Answer to Hitler, 1941 January 22, 1941

Nilsson, Anna T., ABC of the Peace Movement: Dates and Facts, Undated

National Peace Conference: The National Peace Conference and the European Crisis, Undated

NPC: Statement of Principles Essential to the Maintenance of Peace, 1935

Talbott, E. Guy, Essential Conditions of Peace, Undated

Council for Democracy: Democracy in Action: The New World, Undated

NPC: Conference on World Economic Cooperation, 1938 March24-26, 1938

Preparedness for Permanent Peace, Undated

Ecumenical Youth and World Peace, bundle of approx. 21 booklets, Undated

Box 438 Economics and Peace, one bundle of 30 booklets, Undated

Christus Victor, 1939

Ten Authorities Other Than God, 1939

The Bible and War, 1927

How Can We Work for Peace?, 1928

Peace Action for College Students, Undated

Official Report of the 37th International Convention of Xian Endeavor, 1939

Youth Action in Xian Patriotism, 1937

General Guide to Youth Action, 1935

Students against War, 1937

Xian Faith and Social Reconstruction, Oxford Conference, 1941-1942

Youth, Religion Democracy, 1940

We Build With Thee, 1940

Faith for Social Reconstruction, 1941-1942

World Service Activities, Jr. High School Age, Undated

How big is Your World?

Leader's Book, Undated

Student's Book, Undated

Summer Volunteer Projects in Reconstruction, 1942

Is War the Way?, 1935

Youth in Action, Social Action pamphlet, 1937

Toward World Comradeship, 1932

Christian Youth Peace Demonstration, 1935

Youth Action in Building a Warless World, 1935

Xian Youth in Social Action, Undated

Congregational Church: What to Do and How to Do It, Undated

Planning the Young People's Progress, 1938

Xian Youth in Missionary Action, 1938-39

We Would See Jesus, Undated

Social Action, Why and How?, 1941

Report of the National council of the Pilgrim Fellowship, 1940

Angell, Sir Norman, Raw Materials, Population Pressure and War, 1936

Box 439 Adult Study Group Materials, 20 plus items, Undated

Greene, T.A., What Can Christians Do for Peace?, Undated

The Peace Primer, Undated

World Peace: The Responsibility of the Church, Undated

Adult Elective Courses for Baptist Churches, Undated

Working for World peace through Organized Justice and Goodwill, Undated

Amnesty churches and World Order, Study Suggestions, Undated

Foreign Policy Association: A Federation of Nations: Pros and Cons, Undated

Wright, Louise Leonard, Toward a Collective Peace System, Undated

The Doctrine of Peace, Undated

Carnegie Endowment: The World on Wheels, Undated

The Message and Method of Present Day Evangelism, Undated

The 20th Century Quarterly, 1941 fourth quarter, 1941

The Problem of Colonies, Undated

Building a Brotherhood worth Defending, Undated

World Trade, Undated

Carnegie Endowment: The Tie that Binds, Undated

Ten Suggestions for Discussion Group Members, Undated

FPA: Cooperation or Isolation?, Undated

Foreign Footprints in the Home, 1938

Machine Age in America, Undated

We Travel Though We Stay at Home, Undated

WAIFC: International Peace Series Numbers 1-17, Undated

Fagley, Richard M., the Study of Peace Aims in the Local Church, Undated

Goodwill: A Journal of International Friendship, 1918-1936

Box 440 Comic Book: Out of the Past a Clue to the Future, 1947

Palestine in War and Peace, Undated

Woodrow Wilson Foundation: Proposals for the Establishment of a General International Organization, 1944 October 9, 1944

Commager, Henry Steele. CPU: The Perilous Folly of Senator Bricker, Undated

United Nations Week: Program Suggestions for Religious Organizations, 1953 October 18-24, 1953

CPU: CPU Programs and Publications List, two items, Undated

Holloway, Vernon H., Religious Ethics and the Politics of Power, Undated

Coyle, David Cushman, a Brief Survey of United States Foreign Economic Cooperation since 1945 1957, 1945, 1957

Nixon, Justin Wroe, Man's New Hope: A Religious Approach to Foreign Aid, 1957

Fifth World Order Study Conference:

Bennet, John C., Some Presuppositions of the Cold War, 1958 November 18-21, 1958

Fleming, D.F., Can the Cold War Be Ended, 1959 November 18-21, 1959

Rathjens, George W. Jr., On Some Conflicts in Military Policy, 1960 November 18-21, 1960

Thompson, Kenneth W., National Security and the Moral Problem, 1961 November 18-21, 1961

Stassen, Harold E., the Power Struggle and Security in a Nuclear Space Age, 1962 November 18-21, 1962

Stolper, Wolfgang S., Overseas Areas of Rapid Social Change, 1963 November 18-21, 1963

Owen, David, Responsibilities in the International Community for Development in New Member States, 1964 November 18-21, 1964

Thorp, Willard L., Economic Development and the Christian Point of View, 1965 November 18-21, 1965

Gibbons, Ray, the Changing Dimensions of Human Rights, 1966 November 18-21, 1966

Fagley, Richard M., International Institutions and Peaceful Change, 1967 November 18-21, 1967

Carleton, Alford, Missions, Service, and International Relations, 1968 November 18-21, 1968

Theological and Moral Considerations in International Affairs, 1969 November 18-21, 1969

The Nationwide Program for Peace, 1959

A Spiritual Approach to the Problems of Peace, Undated

MacArthur, Kathleen W., What Can Unite the World?, Undated

United Nations Week: Program Suggestions for Religious Organizations, and accompanying letter from Richard Fagley, 1954 October 17-24, 1954

Inside the United Nations: A Discussion Guide on Religion and Peace, Undated

Radio broadcast, Spiritual Issues of Peace, 1943 December 25, 1943

Thompson, Kenneth W., Ethics and National Purpose, 1957

Hartley, Livingston, Atomic Key to the Future: pamphlet and discussion questions, Undated

Lall, Betty Goetz, Nuclear Weapons: Can Their Spread be Halted?, Undated

Box 441 Charter of the United Nations and Statute of the International Court of Justice, 1945

The United Nations and Our Religious Heritage, Undated

Krumbine, Miles H., the Will to Peace, Undated

Bennett, John C., Communism and the West, the Basic Conflicts, Undated

Program, World Faith for World Peace, Columbus Institute, 1949 November 20-22, 1949

Box 442 The Great Question: Human Rights, Undated

World Order Day, 1954 October 24, 1954

Senate Committee on the Judiciary, GPO publication: Beware! Tourists Reporting on Russia, 1960 February5, 1960

Kennan, George F., Berlin: Disengagement Revisited, 1959

Van Kirk, Walter W., the Churches and the United Nations, Undated

Klineberg, Otto. UNESCO: Race and Psychology, 1951

UNESCO Publications, Undated

Religion and the Postwar World, 1944

Smith, Fred B. WAIFC: The World Alliance of Tomorrow, 1935 November 11, 1935

Greene, T.A. WAIP: Worship Services for Peace and Brotherhood, 1940

Hotz, Alfred J. WAIP: The United Nations: New Perspectives, Undated

Murray, John Courtney, S.J. CPU: Morality and Modern War, 1959

Thompson, Kenneth W. CPU: Ethics and National Purpose, 1959

Gordis, Robert. CPU: Religion and International Responsibility, 1959

Baldwin, Roger N. UNESCO: Human Rights, World Declaration and American Practice, 1951

Social Action: A Magazine of Christian Concern, 1956 May -1957 March, 1956

Box 443 A Proposal for an International Curatorship for the Holy Places, 1949 November, 1949

Religion and World Peace, Undated

Work Camps, 1942

Problems of Peace and Reconstruction, Undated

Summer Volunteer Service Projects, 1942

Summer Volunteer Projects in Recon., 1942

Sheet from Xian Science Monitor, Undated

A Program of Peace Education for Adults in Local Church, Undated

Citizenship Project, Undated

Your Church in Your Community, Undated

Citizenship in Action, Undated

Landis, This Business of Leading Discussion, Undated

How to Discuss, Undated

Suggestions for Discussion Group Members, Undated

New Outline for Model Assemblies, Undated

Adult Education for Social Change, Undated

Ad Jewish Contributions to U.S., Undated

Progressive Suggestions for World Peace, Undated

The Effective Church, Undated

Fagley, F.L., A Little Handbook on Adult Education, Undated

About Working with People, Undated

United Xian Adult Movement, 1936

Group Work with Adults through the Church, Undated

Lifting Life to a Religious Level, Undated

Suggestions for Young People's Groups, Woman's Press, Undated

Suggestions for the Use of Toward International Organization, Undated

Jaffe, Louis, American Education and International Tensions, 1949

Communist Economic Policy in the Less Developed Areas, Undated

A Christian's Primer of the United Nations and Latin America, Undated

Rogat, Yosal, Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions: The Eichmann Trial and the Rule of Law, Undated

Neal, Fred Warner. Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions: U.S. Foreign Policy and the Soviet Union, Undated

Rivkin, Arnold, Israel and the Afro-Asian World, Undated

Kohn, Y. Leo, Israel and the New Nation States of Asia and Africa, Undated

Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 Report of the Committee on Foreign Relations, U.S. Senate, 1961 July 24, 1961, 1961

The United States through the Eyes of Soviet Tourists: An Analysis of their Published Reports, U.S. Senate, 1960

Chemical-Biological-Radiological, CBR, Warfare and its Disarmament Aspects: A Study Prepared by the Subcommittee on Disarmament, U.S. Senate, 1960 August 29, 1960

The Pugwash Conferences: A Staff Analysis, U.S. Senate, Undated

Divinity Bulletin, Harvard University, 1961 January, 1961

The American Behavioral Scientist, vol. IV, 1961 May, 1961

Morgenstern, Oskar, Fortune Magazine: The N-Country Problem, 1961 March, 1961

Rostow, W.W.; Wright, David McCord, Fortune Magazine: A Debate on the Purposes of Foreign Aid, 1951 December, 1951

Bennett, John C., the Religious Concern with Politics, Undated

Clark, Grenville, Essentials for Genuine Peace, Undated

Eisenhower, Pres. Dwight D., the Chance for Peace, 1953 April 16, 1953

Truman, Pres. Harry S., A Plan for Reducing Armaments, 1951 November 7, 1951

1955 Year of Decision, 1953, 1955, 1953

Uhl, Alexander, Public Affairs Institute: The Assault on the UN, Undated

Zocca, Marie and Luis, the United Nations: Action for Peace, Undated

NCCC: A Christian Newsletter on International Affairs, Undated

United World Federalists: 1955 Year of Opportunity, Undated, 1955

Scalapino, Robert A., New Perspectives on Northeast Asia, 1961

League of Nations News no.'s 48-75, 85, with omissions, 1925 December -1926 November, 1925

Voss, Carl Hermann, Answers on the Palestine Question, Undated

America and the Permanent Court of International Justice, Undated

The United States and the League

Cabot, Richard C., International Health, 1928 March, 1928

Feis, Herbert, International Finance and Commerce, 1928 September, 1928

Suggested Outline for Teaching the World Court, Undated

Essential Facts in Regard to the League of Nations, the World Court, and the International Labor Organization, Undated

A Study Course on the League of Nations, the World Court, and the International Labor Organization, Undated

Sheldon, Charles D., Pacific Affairs: An International Review of Asia and the Pacific, Religion in Politics in Japan, 1960 December, 1960

The New Leader: Japan Today, 1960 November 28, 1960

Foreign Trade and the National Interest, Undated

Barkin, Solomon. Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions: The Decline of the Labor Movement and What Can Be Done About It, Undated

A Call to Prayer by friend of the Meditation Room for U.N. Delegates, Undated

Public Affairs Institute: The Cost of Peace is Your Business, Undated

Box 444 United Nations Week

Program Suggestions for Religious Organizations, 1952 October 19-25, 1952

Program Suggestions for Religious Organizations, 1951 October 21-27, 1951

World Alliance for International Friendship through the Churches: Purpose, Program, Procedure, Privileges of Membership, 1941 1943, 1941, 1943

Goldstein, Israel et al. CPU: A Free World and Its Spiritual Foundations, 1953

CRIA: Publications, Undated

WAIP By-laws, Amended, 1948

A Ten Point Program for Peace and How to Use it, Undated

International Cooperation: Is it More Important or Less Important in 1934 ?, 1934, 1934, 1934

World Order Institute, 1954

Berle, A.A. Jr., the Reporter, Our Enlightened Self-Interest and the United Nations, 1952

Advanced Seminar on International Affairs: Religion and International Responsibility, 1959

Midwest Advanced Seminar on International Affairs: Religion and International Responsibility, 1958

International Goodwill Congress, 1939

Program of the Conference on Religion in the World Crisis, WAIP-CPU Meeting, 1941

Christian Responsibility on a Changing Planet, 1958

Statement of Essential Human Rights, Undated

Oxnam, Bishop G. Bromley, After the Bomber Comes the Builder, Undated

Gordis, Robert, Race and the Religious Tradition, Undated

Thompson, Kenneth W. et al, Christianity and Society: Our Foreign Policy, Winter, 1952-1953

Atkinson, Henry A., Israel and the Near East, Undated

Loos, William A., Two Giants and One World, Undated

Cranson, Ruth, What We All Believe, Undated

McCoy, Raymond F., Russia Joins UNESCO, Undated

Perry, Ralph Barton, Toward a Free World Community, 1951 November 12, 1951

Religion and Global Economics, Undated

World Fatih for World Peace, Undated

Religion and Human Rights, Undated

Tiner, Hugh M., Religion and UNESCO, Undated

Announcement: World Congress of Religion in Support of the United Nations, 1948 October 23-27, 1948

WAIP Principles, Program and Procedure, Privileges of Membership, 1944 1945-46, 1944

WAIP: What It Is, What It Does, What It Needs, 1946

The Dumbarton Oaks Proposals, Undated

Leaflets for Laymen

Fagley, Frederick L., Working for a Peaceful World, Undated

Inman, Samuel Guy, Cooperating with Latin America, Undated

The Future of Europe, Undated

CPU: What It Is and What It Does, Undated

Gross, Ernest A., The Real Basis of Security: Reviewing the United Nations Charter is No Answer, Undated

CPU Publications, Undated

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Photographs, A through Z and unidentified

Box 449 Atkinson, Henry A., Undated

Ainslie, Peter, Undated

Barnes, Clifford W., Undated

Bowie, Rev. Dr. W. Russell, 1930

Babson, Roger W., Undated

Brown, Arthur J., Undated

Brent, Bishop C.H., Undated

Brady, Anna M., Undated

Burr, Rev. Hugh Chamberlain, Undated

Conway, Rev. Edward A., Undated

Curtius, Dr. Julius, Undated

Clark, Francis E., Undated

Cowling, Donald J., 1931

Cot, Pierre, Undated

Catt, Carrie Chapman, Undated

Culbertson, William S., Undated

Donovan, Father Vincent C., Undated

Davis, Norman H., Undated

Dickinson, Lord Willoughby H., Undated

Duggan, Dr. Stephen P., Undated

Dexter, Robert C. and Elizabeth A., Undated

Eliot, Samuel A., Undated

Eagleton, Dr. Clyde, Undated

Eichelberger, Clark M., Undated

Faber, Dr. Heije, Undated

Faunce, Pres. W.H.P., Undated

Fatio, Guillaume, Undated

Fisher, Edgar J., Undated

Goldstein, Rabbi Israel, Undated

Gibbon, Cardinal, Undated

Green, William, Undated

Goodrich, Dr. Carter, Undated

Houghton, Dr. Roy M., Undated

Hull, Prof. William I., Undated

Hirsch, Emil G., Undated

Head, Walter D., Undated

Houghton, Alanson B., Undated

Houston, Herbert R., Undated

Haile, Dr. Pennington, Undated

Henriod, Rev. Henri Louis, Undated

Hill, Dr. Leslie Pinckney, Undated

Holt, Rev. Ivan Lee, 1929

Dr. Hu-Shih, Undated

Haynes, Dr. George E., Undated

Hickman, Dr. Emily, Undated

Haas, Francis J., Undated

Hambro, Hon. Carl J., Undated

Holt, Dr. Hamilton, Undated

Hoover, President Herbert, Undated

Horton, Dr. Douglas, Undated

Horton, Dr. Walter, Undated

Hough, Dean Lynn Harold, Undated

Hutchins, Robert M., Undated

Inman, John R., Undated

Israel, Pres. Edward L., Undated

Jezequel, Anna, Undated

Joy, James R., Undated

Jessup, Prof. Philip C., Undated

Jones, Dr. E. Stanley, Undated

Box 450 Kim, Dr. B.A., Undated

King, Henry C., Undated

Laurrence, William, Undated

Lynch, Frederick, Undated

Lapp, John A., Undated

Levy, Beryl Harold, Undated

Libby, Frederick J., Undated

Lowdermilk, Mrs. Walter C., Undated

Liang-Mo, Liu, Undated

Keller, Dr. Adolph, Undated

Leiper, Henry Smith, Undated

Loos, A. William, Undated

Krumbine, Dr. Miles H., Undated

McGowan, Undated

Morgenthau, Hon. Henry, Undated

Martin, Dr. Charles E., 1943

McConnell, Bishop Francis J., Undated

Macfarland, Charles Stedman, Undated

Marburg, Charles L., Undated

Unidentified, Undated

Masaryk, Jan, Undated

Meng, Dr. Chih (Meng, Paul Chih/孟治), Undated

Nooe, Dr. Roger T., Undated

Mott, Dr. John R., Undated

Merrill, Dr. William P., Undated

Oldham, G. Ashton, Undated

Philip, Prof. Andre, Undated

Pringle, Arthur, Undated

Parish, Sir George, Undated

Parsons, Alice Tullis Lord (Mrs. Edgerton), Undated

Prendergast, William A., Undated

Ross, Rev. J. Elliott, Undated

Scherer, Dr. Paul, Undated

Sforza, Count Carlo, Undated

Siegmund-Schultze, Dr. F., Undated

Soderblom, Archbishop, Undated

Rowell, Chester, Undated

Sizoo, Dr. Joseph R., 1930

Steed, Henry W., Undated

Steinberg, Rabbi Milton, Undated

Roelofs, Henrietta, Undated

Royden, Dr. Maude, Undated

Ryan, John A., Undated

Shotwell, Dr. James T., Undated

Smith, Fred B., Undated

Silcox, Dr. C.E., Undated

Sackman, Dr. R.W., Undated

Unidentified, Undated

Tchou, Col. Thomas M., Undated

White, Dr. Walter, Undated

Talbott, E. Guy, Undated

Voss, Dr. Carl Hermann, Undated

White, William Allen, Undated

Wilbur, Ray L., Undated

Wu, Dr. C.C., Undated

Walsh, Rt. Rev. Msgr. Francis W., Undated

Wilson, Bishop Luther B., Undated

Wise, Rabbi Stephen S., Undated

Wise, James Waterman, Undated

Wolsey, Rabbi Louis, Undated

Box 451 Alphabetical index of folder headings on slips, Undated