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Carnegie Council on Ethics & International Affairs records, 1844-2008

Series IV: Organizational Files: Various Organizations and Conferences, 1916-1965

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New York Peace Society, 1923-1941

Box 400 Receipts, one ledger, 1916

Kirchwey, Dr. George W., Undated

Treasurers Report, Undated

Bank Statements, Undated

Financial Statements up to 1938 November 1, 1938

Faust, Mr. F.C. and Wernet, Central Hanover Bank, Undated

Central Hanover Bank and Trust Company Treasurer of New York Peace Society, Undated

Bank Statements, 1932-1936

Universal Christian Conference on Life and Work, 1920-1926 Citizens' Committee of 1000 for Law Observance and Enforcement, 1923-1926, 1920-1926, 1000, 1923-1926

Box 401 Miscellaneous Files

World Conference for Moral and Spiritual Support of the United Nations, 1948

Box 402 The Church and the United Nations, drama, Undated

World Conference of Religion for Moral and Spiritual Support of the United Nations New York, 1948 June, 1948

Report of Commission I, Undated

Report of Commission II, Undated

Report of Commission III, Undated

Report of Commission IV, Undated

Conference Group of US National Organizations of the UN, ca. 1955-1965

Box 403 Proposed Budgets, Undated

Hospitality Information Service Invoices, Undated

NGO Listings, Undated

Miscellaneous receipts, Undated

Check Books, Undated

Bank Statements, Undated

World Conference of Religion, 1947-1948 (A through Z), 1947-1948

Box 404 Bills, Invoices, Undated

Box 405 Commission No. 2 the Spiritual and Moral Resources of Mankind, Undated

No. 3 Social Justice and Human Rights, Undated

No. 4 Practical Program of Action, Undated

Consultative Committee Meeting, 1948 May 10, 1948

First Meeting on Organization, 1947 June 12, 1947

Greetings and Message to June Conference, 1948

Lisle Fellowship, Undated

Meeting, dinner conference, 1947 December 11, 1947

Meeting luncheon, Undated

Merrill, William P., Undated

Pageant, World Congress, Undated

Preliminary Announcement, replies to, Undated

Preliminary Announcement Lists Receiving, Undated

Program, speakers, Undated

Box 406 Program of Congress, general information, Undated

Provisional Committee, International, Undated

Quotations and Endorsements, Undated

Releases, Publicity Re., Undated

State Dept., Undated

Times, New York, article Sunday edition on World Congress, Undated

Town Hall, New York, arrangements for rooms for meeting, Undated

WCR, Undated

WCR, Undated

American Committee on Religious Rights and Minorities, 1919-1939

Box 407 Austria, Undated

Clippings, Releases, Undated

Cornish, Rev. Louis C., Undated

Box 408 Greetings and Message to June Conference, 1948

Hungary, 1920-1922

Jews and Anti-Semitism, Undated

Box 409 Macedonian Question, Undated

Members, Undated

Mexico, Undated

Minutes, Reports, Articles, Undated

Box 410 Poland, Undated

Reports, Undated

Roumania, Undated

Roumanian Deputation, 1927

Box 411 CPU, American Committee on Religious Rights and Minorities, 1935-1939

Brown, Dr. Arthur J., Undated

Clippings, Undated

Box 412 Germany Statement on Treatment of Jews, Undated


Hungary, Undated

Intolerance in America, Undated

Levinson Proposal, Undated

MacDonald, James G., Undated

Macedonian Political Organization, Undated

Mexico, Undated

Mexican Report, Clippings, Undated

Ministers' Meeting against Intolerance, Undated

Minutes, Undated

Box 413 Morehead, John A., Undated

Palestine, Undated

Poland, 1937


Racial Minorities in the United States, Undated

Releases and News Stories, Undated

Romanian Minister Conference proposed, Undated

Romania, Undated

Russian Delegation proposed, 1930

Russia, Undated

Wise, Dr. Stephen S., Undated

Box 414 Minutes, 1920-1939

CPU Income and Expenditure Accounts, 1918-1923

Universal Religious Peace Conference World Conference on International Peace through Religion (name changed after 1929)

Box 415 Articles, Undated

Atkinson, H.K., Trip around the World, 1928-1929

Business Committee, Undated

Causes of War No. 1, 1931-1932

No. 2, 1933-1938

No. 3, Sample of Comments on, Undated

Chen, Dr., Chen Huan-Chang, Undated

Box 416 Delegates, 1928

Finances, 1921-1929

Form Letters, 1927-1932

Hume, Dr. Robert E., 1926-1931

Box 417 Letters of Introduction, H.A.A, 1927

Lists, Commissions, Committees, Officials, Undated

Luncheons, 1930

Maitra, Dr. Harendrath, Undated

Marks, Marcus M., Undated

Mathews, Dean Shailer, Undated

Meetings, 1929

Memoranda, 1927-1933

Morgenthau Dinner, Cancelled, 1929

Box 418 Nansen, Dr. Fridtjof, 1928-1930

New History Society, Undated

Pierce and Hendrick, Inc., Undated

Publicity, Ames and Norr, Undated

Reports, Publications, 1924-1937

Box 419 Service of Joint Worship, Undated

Steele, Paul, 1929-1938

Blank Checks, Undated

Oversize, Undated

Conference, Committee and Foreign Correspondence files

Box 420 Universal Religious Peace Conference

Miscellaneous, Undated

Miscellaneous, Frankfort, 1929 August 19-22, 1929

Geneva, Undated

Paris, Undated

Preliminary Announcement, Undated

Presidents, Undated

Vice-Presidents, 1929

WCIP Clippings, 1929

Foreign Correspondence, Undated

Australia, 1928-1929

China, 1927-1929

France, 1929

Germany, 1929

India, Ceylon, Burma, 1925 1927-1929, 1925

Box 421 Universal Religious Peace Conference, 1927-1929

Palestine, Undated

Poland, 1926-1929

Minutes, 1928-1929

World's Religion against War, Undated

World Conference of International Peace through Religion, formerly URPC

Berne Conference, 1930 August, 1930

World's Fair Hall of Religion, 1931-1933

Commission No. 1, 1928-1931

Commission No. 2, 1929-1930

Commission No. 3, 1930-1934

Commission No. 4, 1931-1937

Committee of One Thousand, 1929-1931

Box 422 World Conference for International Peace through Religion, Undated


Executive Committee Meeting, 1931 August 1, 1931

Executive Committee Meeting, 1932 August 1, 1932

Executive Committee Meeting, 1932

International Executive Committee, 1930-1931

Catholic Members, 1928-1932

International Commissions, Committees, 1929-1931

Minutes, Undated

Presidents, 1930-1932

Sufi Society, S.L. Lewis, 1930-1933

Vice-Presidents, 1930-1931

Washington Conference, November, 1932

World Conference Geneva, 1937

Foreign Correspondence, Undated

Australia, 1930-1935

China, 1930-1936

France, 1930-1931

Germany, 1930-1931

Box 423 World Conference for International Peace through Religion of, Undated

India, Ceylon, Burma

No. 1, Paul, A.A. and Wadia, P.A., 1930-1938

No. 2, Miscellaneous, 1930-1937

Japan, 1930-1937

Palestine, Undated

Poland, 1931

Sweden, 1930

World Conference for International Peace through Religion, 1924-1931

Account Book, Oversize, Undated

Box 424 Committee on Interchange of Speakers and Preachers (antecedent folder included: "Ministerial delegates 1918-1940), 1924-1940

Interchange of Ministerial Delegates, 1918-1919

Belden, Rev. Dr. Alfred B., Undated

Iles, J. Sansam, Undated

Interchange, Committee on, Miscellaneous, Undated

Box 425 Kaye, Rev. J. Alfred, Undated

Pringle, Rev. Arthur, Undated

Speakers, American, Abroad, Undated

Speakers from Abroad, 1928

Box 426 Interchange, British Council on, Undated

Box 427 Rogers, Canon T. Guy, Undated

Woods, the Right Reverend Frank Theodore Bishop of Winchester, 1929

Box 428 American Preachers Abroad, 1936

Bacon, Dr. J.C., Undated

Baillie, Rev. D.M, Undated

Belden, Dr. A.D., Undated

Boobyer, Dr. G.H., Undated

Brook, Rev. Charles; Brown, Dr. William; Burnet, Dr. Adam, Undated

Lord William Cecil Bishop of Exeter, Undated

Box 429 Interchange, British Council on, Undated

Box 430 Siegmund-Schultze, Prof. F., Undated

American Church in Berlin, American Church in Paris, Undated

American Preachers Abroad, Undated

Interchange, British Council On, Undated

Speakers and Preachers from Abroad, Undated

Box 431 American Church in Berlin, American Church in Paris, Undated

American Preachers Abroad, Undated

Sir George Paish, 1938

Preachers Going Abroad, 1918-1939

American Church in Berlin, American Church in Paris, Undated

American Preachers Abroad, 1939

Biographical Sketches, Undated

Chautauqua Institution Dr. Bestor, 1939 1940, 1939, 1940

Committee Information, Statistics, Undated

Preachers Coming to US from Abroad, 1918-1939