Columbia University Archives

University Protest and Activism Collection, 1958-2018, bulk 1968-1972

Series V: External Organizations, 1967-1974

This series contains flyers, notices, and other public statements created by organizations unaffiliated with Columbia, but which dealt with issues concerning the University, the Morningside Heights area, or New York City at large. Groups that held events at Columbia and recruited members of the campus community to their causes are also represented here. In contrast to most of the collection, these materials have been grouped according to the issues addressed by these organizations, under headings like "Anti-Vietnam War" or "Labor." The folder headings represent topics relating to Columbia University, principally the 1968 Student Strike, as well as broader local, national, or international issues. These materials provide a useful perspective on how non-Columbia individuals and organizations viewed events at Columbia in this time period. A particularly useful resource for examining the university's relationship with the community is the file on Columbia's campus expansion and landlord role, which includes information on the long-running conflict over the proposed site for the university's School of Pharmacy.

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Box 7 Folder 10 to 11 Anti-Vietnam War, 1967-1973, (2 Folders)

Box 7 Folder 12 Black Panthers, 1968-1970

Mapcase 14-UA-3 Wall Street Journal - "The Panthers: history as repression...repression as history", May 21, 1970

(this item was orginally found in the "Black Panthers" folder in Box 7, folder 12 until it was encapsulated by Conservation staff in 2018)

Box 7 Folder 13 Civil Rights and Racial Equality, 1968-1973

Columbia Strike, 1968

Box 7 Folder 14 Opponents, 1968


Box 7 Folder 15 Mayor John V. Lindsey, 1968

Box 7 Folder 15 Professor Howard Zinn, 1968


Box 7 Folder 16 Community Groups, 1968

Box 7 Folder 17 Elected Officials and Politicians, 1968

Box 7 Folder 18 Other Organizations--National and Local Chapters, 1968

Box 7 Folder 19 Other Universities--Student and Faculty Groups, 1968

Box 7 Folder 20 Telegram Transcriptions, 1968

Box 7 Folder 21 Witnesses, 1968

Box 7 Folder 22 Columbia Campus Expansion, Landlord Role, Community Groups, 1968-1972

Box 7 Folder 23 Electoral Politics, 1968-1972

Box 7 Folder 24 Environmentalism, 1970

Box 7 Folder 25 International Issues, Africa, Canada, Greece, Latin America, Middle East, Soviet Union,, 1968-1973

Box 7 Folder 26 Labor, 1968-1974

Box 8 Folder 1 Miscellaneous Event and Issue Literature, 1968-1974, Undated, 1968-1974, Undated

Box 8 Folder 2 New York City Transit, 1970

Box 8 Folder 3 Political Prisoners and Imprisoned Activists, 1967-1971

Box 8 Folder 4 Socialism and Communism, 1967-1974

Student Strikes and Movements, 1968-1970

Box 8 Folder 5 City University of New York

Box 8 Folder 5 New York University

Box 8 Folder 5 San Francisco State University

Box 8 Folder 5 University of California at Berkeley

Box 8 Folder 5 Yale University

Box 8 Folder 5 France

Box 8 Folder 6 Women's Issues--Including Reproductive Rights, 1968-1971