Columbia University Archives

University Protest and Activism Collection, 1958-2018, bulk 1968-1972

Series VI: Faculty and Staff: Groups, 1967-1975

Flyers, news releases, reports, and other kinds of public statements and publications comprise this series. The groups represented here include faculty and staff organizations varying widely in type and aim. Important bodies included in this series are faculty committees, such as the Executive Committee of the Faculty formed to deal with the 1968 strike and other student protests, or controversial issues like the role of ROTC on campus. Issue-oriented groups are also represented in the series, which address national topics, including the Vietnam War (i.e., the Faculty Peace Action Committee) and Columbia-specific situations. The Radical Faculty Group and Employees for March 25th, for example, were active on the matters of student protests at Columbia, disciplinary actions taken against participating students, and attempts to reform the university's governing structure. Other campus issues of interest to faculty groups included civil rights issues such as working conditions for employees, campus expansion, programs for black students, and military research on campus. Other groups, such as Scientists and Engineers for Social and Political Action, were Columbia chapters of national or regional organizations. An important body of material may be found within the file entitled "Faculty Members – Unaffiliated – Public Statements – Individual, Joint," which contains petitions, open letters, and other public statements by individuals and groups of faculty members taking positions on various issues, in particular the 1968 strike.

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Box 8 Folder 7 Organization Descriptions and Membership Lists, 1968

Box 8 Folder 8 Academic and Professional Lobby for a Responsible Congress, 1970

Box 8 Folder 9 Ad Hoc Committee of Staff and Students, 1968

Box 8 Folder 10 Ad Hoc Faculty Group and Committee, 1968

Box 8 Folder 11 Advisory Committee of the Faculty, 1967-1968

Box 8 Folder 12 Columbia-Barnard Challenge Club, 1971

Box 8 Folder 13 Columbia Worker's Office, 1970

Box 8 Folder 14 Committee for Responsible Representation, 1968

Box 8 Folder 15 Employees for March 25th, 1969

Box 8 Folder 16 to 18 Executive Committee of the Faculty (ECF), 1968 April-1969 April, (3 Folders)

Box 8 Folder 19 ECF--Joint Committee on Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps, 1969

Box 8 Folder 20 Faculty Civil Rights Group, 1967-1969

Box 8 Folder 21 Faculty Legal Assistance and Information Committee, 1968

Box 8 Folder 22 Faculty Members and Unaffiliated Persons--Statements, 1967-1972, Undated, 1967-1972, Undated

Box 8 Folder 23 Faculty Members and Unidentified Persons--Handwritten Notes, 1968

Box 8 Folder 24 Faculty Peace Action Committee, 1970-1972

Box 8 Folder 25 Faculty Support Group, 1967-1968

Box 8 Folder 26 Independent Committee of Students and Faculty, 1968

Box 8 Folder 27 Independent Faculty Group, 1968

Box 9 Folder 1 Joint Senior Junior Faculty, 1968

Box 9 Folder 2 Junior Faculties Steering Committee, 1968

Box 9 Folder 3 New University Conference, 1969-1971

Box 9 Folder 4 New York Regional Coalition of Students and Faculty, 1969

Box 9 Folder 5 Radical Faculty Group, 1968

Box 9 Folder 6 Rank and File Workers Council, 1968-1971

Box 9 Folder 7 Scientists and Engineers for Social and Political Action, 1970-1975

Box 9 Folder 8 United New York Regional Anti-War Faculty, 1972

Box 9 Folder 9 Worker-Student Community Coalition, 1971

Box 9 Folder 10 Workers and Employees, 1968-1972