Columbia University Archives

University Protest and Activism Collection, 1958-2018, bulk 1968-1972

Series XVII: Bureau of Applied Social Research Files, 1968-1978

This series consists of materials generated by the Bureau of Applied Social Research (BASR) as it attempted to analyze the events at Columbia in the spring of 1968. Materials consist of a questionnaire and codebooks used to gauge the responses of various constituencies on campus regarding these events. Additionally, this series contains the files maintained by BASR director, Allen Barton, which informed the creation of the questionnaire and reflect his views on what transpired on campus. The series has been separated into two subseries: Questionnaires and Allen Barton Materials.

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Subseries XVII.1 Questionnaires, 1968

This sub-series consists of hundreds of completed questionnaire forms by students and faculty members for the BASR study. The student questionnaire asks for reactions to administrative actions, the student protests, and what steps could be taken to improve the university community moving forward. The faculty questionnaire asks for critique and feedback to the administration on what could have been done differently, and if faculty felt relationships on campus are better or worse than before. These forms also ask for demographic information. This collection of questionnaires provides a glimpse into what people were thinking almost immediately following the protest, and how viewpoints of faculty and students may have crossed or differed substantially. Each questionnaire only has a certain page of questions associated with it; however, there is a codebook available to see the rest of the questions, along with quantitative data showing the numbers of participants. .

Box 79 Folder 1-10 Student Questionnaires (10 folders), 1968

Box 80 Folder 1-6 Faculty Questionnaires (6 folders), 1968

Subseries XVII.2 Allen Barton Materials, 1968-1978

Allen Barton, a professor of Sociology, was the director of Columbia University's Bureau of Applied Social Research from 1962 to 1975. This sub-series consists of his notes, papers (both published and unpublished), journal articles, subject files, and background material he compiled as he prepared the BASR survey of the post 1968 protest campus and reflected on those events himself. Included is Barton's methodological and analytical breakdown of the process for the survey. Some of the background material collected by Barton (arranged by topic) may duplicate documents found in other parts of this collection.

Box 81 Folder 1 Multivariate Analysis Tabulation, 1968

Box 81 Folder 2 Path Analysis of Sources, 1971

Box 81 Folder 3 School/Department Political Contexts, 1968

Box 81 Folder 4 Religion in Attitudes/Behavior (Barton Hand Written Notes),, 1973

Box 81 Folder 5 Turnover Before/After Police (Barton Hand Written Notes), undated

Box 81 Folder 5 Indices, Typology, Tables (Allen Barton Hand Written Notes),, undated

Box 81 Folder 6 Codebooks, 1969-1970

Box 82 Folder 1 Student Class Papers on Study, 1968-1978

Box 82 Folder 2 Allen Barton Published Papers on 1968, undated

Box 82 Folder 3 Allen Barton Unpublished Paper, 1968

Box 82 Folder 4 Paper on Faculty Response by Stephen Cole, 1969

Box 82 Folder 5 Telephone Follow-Up Survey, 1968

Box 82 Folder 6 Questionnaire with Cover Letter, 1968

Box 82 Folder 7 Police Action Survey, 1968

Box 82 Folder 8 Harlem Resident's Survey, 1968

Box 82 Folder 9 Loya Metzger M.A. Thesis, 1971

Box 82 Folder 10 Allen Barton Personal Statements, 1968-1974

Box 82 Folder 11 University Official Statements, 1968-1970

Box 82 Folder 12 Radical Student Statements, 1968

Box 83 Folder 1 Journal Articles and Media on Strike, 1968-1969

Box 83 Folder 2 Pre-1968 Studies on Columbia Students, 1965-1968

Box 83 Folder 3 "The Case of the Columbia Gym" by Roger Starr, 1968

Box 83 Folder 4 "The Columbia University Insurrection" by Eric Mann, 1968

Box 83 Folder 5 Allen Barton Statements, 1968

Box 83 Folder 6 Joint Committee on Disciplinary Affairs, 1968

Box 83 Folder 7 Graduate Sociology Department, 1968

Box 83 Folder 8 Cox Committee, 1968

Box 83 Folder 9 Office of the President, 1968

Box 83 Folder 10 Executive Committee on Faculty, 1968

Box 83 Folder 11 Office of Public Information, 1968

Box 83 Folder 12 Independent Faculty Group, 1968

Box 84 Folder 1 Faculty Statements, 1968

Box 84 Folder 2 Parent Statements, 1968

Box 84 Folder 3 Commencement, 1965, 1968

Box 84 Folder 4 Press Clippings, 1968

Box 84 Folder 5 Students for a Democratic Society, 1968

Box 84 Folder 6 Student Groups, 1968

Box 84 Folder 7 Strike Coordinating Committee, 1968

Box 84 Folder 8 Liberation Classes, 1968

Box 84 Folder 9 Strike Steering Committee, 1968

Box 84 Folder 10 Strike Education Committee, 1968

Box 84 Folder 11 Columbia Student Council, 1968

Box 84 Folder 12 Student Statements, 1968

Box 84 Folder 13 Ad Hoc Faculty Group, 1968

Box 84 Folder 14 Student Voice, 1968

Box 84 Folder 15 Rational Enquirer, 1968

Box 84 Folder 15 Teachers College Strike Committee, 1968