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V. K. Wellington Koo papers, 1906-1992, bulk 1931-1966

Series IX: Senior Advisor to the Republic of China, 1956-1975

Series consists of mostly correspondence and documents dating from 1956 to 1975, after Koo retired as the Ambassador to the United States and appointed to serve as the Senior Advisor to the Republic of China. The correspondence include incoming and outgoing correspondence between Wellington Koo and high level statesmen of the Republic of China such as Chiang Kai-shek, Chiang Ching-kuo, C.K. Yen, and personnel from the Executives Yuan and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Arranged semi-chronologically.

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Correspondence, 1956-1975

Box 278 Folder 5 Incoming and outgoing, 1956-1960

Include: Tcheng Hsiung-fei (陳雄飛), crystal gift to President Chiang Kai-shek, Robert P. Patterson Memorial Award ceremony, China Tiffin Club social list, Tsuyee Pei, Norman M. Littell, Zhang Daoxing (張道行), Ambassador to Costa Rica), C.L. Hsia (夏晋麟), George W. Malone, Robert W. Hartley, Fanny Holtzmann, T.L. Tsui (崔存璘), etc.

Box 278 Folder 6 Incoming and outgoing, 1958

Include: Everett F. Drumwright, 1st congres international des magistrats, Joseph Ku (顧毓瑞), H.T. Liu, Andrew G. Haley, annual congress of the International Astronautical Federation, Committee of the One Million, Beatrice Snyder, P.W. Kuo, Choung Chan (陳創, Chief of Far Eastern Law Division at the Library of Congress), etc.

Box 278 Folder 7 Incoming and outgoing, 1959

Include: condolences to John Foster Dulles and Admiral Leahy, on gifts, invitations, and personal matters, Walter S. Robertson, "Gladys", Wou Kiuan (吳權), Chiping H.C. Kiang, Harry Hussey, Ju-tang Chu (朱如堂), Y.L. Chang (章亞良), C.T. Feng, H. Keith Thompson, etc.

Box 278 Folder 8 Case of Wang Chunghui's (王寵惠) ICJ pension, 1959-1960

Include: correspondence with F.T. Cheng (鄭天錫, 字茀庭), Mme. Wang Chunghui (王朱学勤), Xiong Shihui (熊式輝), M. Dann (ICJ Judge Pension Fund)

Box 279 Folder 1 Wang, Kaoxi (汪孝熙), 1957-1958, undated

Box 279 Folder 2 Tsien, Tai (錢泰), 1961-1962, undated

Also include memorial tribute to Tsien Tai by Wunz King (金問泗, 字純儒) and Koo

Box 279 Folder 3 Justin Y.K. Shen (沈允公); Y.L. Chang (章亞良), 1957-1961

Box 279 Folder 4 Foreign Ministry and others, 1958-1961

Include: Tsiang, Tingfu (蔣廷黻); Shen, Changhuan (沈昌焕); Permanent Mission of the Republic of China to the United Nations; Y.L. Chang (章亞良); George Yeh (葉公超)

Box 279 Folder 5 Foreign Ministry and others, 1957-1959

Include: Chiang Kai-shek, Y.L. Chang (章亞良); George Yeh (葉公超), Chang Chun (張羣), Francis Koo, etc.

Box 279 Folder 6 K.H. Fu (傅冠雄, 字筱峯), 1957-1962

Include passport applications of Koo and Juliana Koo to the Hague

Box 279 Folder 7 On salary and the Eisenhower Doctrine, 1957

Box 279 Folder 8 Foreign Ministry and others, 1956-1975

Include: S.H. Tan (譚紹華), Joseph Ku (顧毓瑞), T.L. Tsui (崔存璘), etc.

Box 279 Folder 9 Koo's visit to Taiwan, 1961

Correspondence, itinerary, documents on Taiwan, news clippings

Box 279 Folder 10 Various Chinese Embassies and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1962-1967

Include: Joseph Ku (顧毓瑞), S.H. Tan (譚紹華), Li Hanhun (李漢魂), Kan Lee (李幹), Li Nenggeng (李能梗), 陳佑樹, Shukai Chow (周書楷), P.Y. Hsu (徐柏園), Permanent Mission of the Republic of China to the United Nations, Ju-tang Chu (朱如堂), Choung Chan (陳創), Y.L. Chang (章亞良), etc.

Box 279 Folder 11 Executive Yuan and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1965-1967

Include: Chiang Kai-shek and Mme Chiang, Yen Chia-Kan (C.K. Yen, 嚴家淦), Shen Changhuan (沈昌煥), Liu Chieh (劉鍇), Chang Chun (張羣), report of French policemen's seizure of the premises of the Permanent Mission of Republic of China and forced Mission members to leave, visit of Sir Percy Spender and Lady Spender to the Republic of China, etc.

Box 279 Folder 12 Madame Chiang Soong Mayling, 1958-1959

Box 279 Folder 13 Archival documents sent to the R.O.C. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1970

Box 290 Folder 4 Correspondence with Chang Chun (張羣), Chiang Kai-shek, Madame Chiang, Chiang Ching-kuo, etc., 1971-1975

International Affairs and Domestic Affairs, 1958-1967

Box 214 Folder 1 Madame Chiang Kai-shek's speech, July 17, 1958

Former Box 214 Folder 1

Box 214 Folder 1 Council of Europe Memorandum, April 13, 1959

Former Box 214 Folder 1

Box 214 Folder 1 Homage to Mahatma Gandhi, October 2, 1959

Former Box 214 Folder 1

Box 214 Folder 2 Anti-Communist Revolution in Tibet, August 31, 1959

Former Box 214 Folder 2

Box 214 Folder 4 United Nations General Assembly Report, Working Group of 15, 1961

Former Box 214 Folder 4

Box 250 Folder 19 Reports on Hong Kong, 1961

Box 250 Folder 20 Gabgaba Project report, 1962

Box 250 Folder 21 On Sino-India, Sino-Africa, Vietnam and Cuba relations, 1963, 1967

Box 276 Folder 14 Case of Peng Ming-min (彭明敏), 1964-1965

Box 276 Folder 22 Kou Te-Lou (郭德祿), defector from Communist China, 1960