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V. K. Wellington Koo papers, 1906-1992, bulk 1931-1966

Series XII: Printed Matter and Memorabilia, 1927-1986

Series consists of printed materials inscribed to Wellington Koo and collected by Koo, dating from 1927 to 1986. The publications mainly focus on topics such as international affairs, law and policies, diplomacy, Sino-Japanese conflict, Chinese history, and calligraphy. The memorabilia include signed guest books, commemorative book, calligraphy books, and yearbooks. Also include in the memorabilia are two rare Chinese telegraphic code books from the Republican period, along with instructions and indexes.

Arranged by material type.

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Subseries XII.1: Books

Books inscribed to Koo by the authors.

Box 222 The interpretation of treaties by Tsune-Chi Yü, 1927

Box 222 Bride in the Solomons by Osa Johnson, 1944

Box 222 Souvenirs et pensées by Lou, Tseng-Tsiang Pierre-Célestin, 1946

Box 222 From Confucius to Christ by Paul K. T. Sih, 1952

Box 222 What war means : the Japanese terror in China : a documentary record by Harold J. Timperley, 1938

Box 222 The great decision by James Thompson Shotwell, 1945

Box 222 International bearings of American policy by Albert Shaw, 1943

Box 222 Incoming letter in French; photographic postcards, 1962

Photographic postcards depicting Chiang Kai-shek and Madame Chiang-Soong Mayling, Confucius, and Christian saints

Former Box 222 Folder 8

Box 223 Crusade in Asia; Philippine victory by Carlos P Romulo, 1955

Box 223 Chiang Kai-Shek by Hollington K Tong, 1953

Box 223 As we remember Joe by John F Kennedy, 1945

Box 223 Mission to Moscow / a record of confidential dispatches to the State Department, official and personal correspondence, current diary and journal entries, including notes and comment up to October, 1941. by Joseph Edward Davies, 1945

Box 223 Democratic bulwark in the Middle East a review and analysis of Israel's social, economic, and political problems during the period from 1948 to 1953 by Joseph Dunner, 1953

Box 223 Guerre en Asie : [5e édition]. by Jean Raynaud, 1939

Box 223 Deux corps, une âme : roman by Vera Mazzuchi (uncut), 1932

Box 223 American diplomacy concerning Manchuria by Stephen Chao Ying Pan, 1938

Box 223 Histoire diplomatique de la Chine depuis 1919 by Pên-chung Wu, 1932

Box 223 Loose materials on the American diplomacy concerning Manchuria by Stephen Chao Ying Pan, 1938

Former Box 223 Folder 10

Box 224 The United States and the Far Eastern crisis of 1933-1938: from the Manchurian incident through the initial War by Dorothy Borg, 1964

Box 224 China's religious heritage. by Y C Yang, 1943

Box 224 The river and the gauntlet by S L A Marshall, 1953

Box 224 V.K. Wellington Koo and China's wartime diplomacy by William L. Tung, 1977

Box 224 Jo Davidson: the Paris Peace Conference busts of June, 1919. by Dorothy Voorhees Taylor, 1972

Box 224 顧維鈞與中國戰時外交 / V.K. Wellington Koo and China's wartime diplomacy / by William L. Tung, 1977

Chinese handwritten translation manuscript with review letter by Wellington Koo.

Box 251 Notes on the criminal laws and related matters in certain countries, circa 1958

Box 251 The doctrine of rebus sic stantibus in international law by Ting-Young Huang, 1935

Box 251 The question of expatriation in America prior to 1907 by I-mien Tsiang, 1942

Box 251 War and diplomacy in the Japanese empire. By Tatsuji Takeuchi; Quincy Wright, 1935

Box 251 The Sino-Japanese conflict and the League of Nations, 1937 : speeches, documents, press comments by C Kuangson Young, 1937

Box 251 The Sino -Japanese dispute : Extracts from the Verbatim record of the special session of the assembly of league of nations Geneva, 1933

Box 305 The drafting of the covenant Vol. I. By David Hunter Miller; Nicholas Murray Butler, 1928

Box 305 The drafting of the covenant Vol. II. By David Hunter Miller; Nicholas Murray Butler, 1928

Box 305 Folder 11 Japanese aggression and the League of Nations, 1937

Box 252 Folder 1 Japanese aggression and the Nine Power Conference, 1937

Box 252 St. John's University, Shanghai, 1879-1951 by Mary Lamberton, 1955

Box 252 Political handbook of the world : parliaments, parties and press as of January 1, 1959 by Walter H Mallory, 1959

Box 252 Woodrow Wilson centennial issue by Woodrow Wilson, 1956

Box 252 The Struggle to unite Europe, 1940-1958, etc. by Arnold J Zurcher, 1958

Box 252 On the art of writing by Arthur Quiller-Couch, 1938

Box 252 Folder 2 現代文壇百象 = The story of contemporary Chinese writers / Xian dai wen tan bai xiang = The story of contemporary Chinese writers, 1953

Box 252 Folder 2 癡漢騎馬歌 = The diverting history of John Gilpin / Chi han qi ma ge by The diverting history of John Gilpin. by William Cowper; Hung-ming Ku, 1935

Book in English and Chinese. Also include a portrait of Prince Puwei (恭親王溥偉) of the Qing Court.

Box 252 Folder 2 論蘇俄在中國的政策 / Lun Su O zai Zhongguo de zheng ce by Guo Dingwu, 1959

Box 252 Folder 3 Composite pictures and Chinese art by Jingshan Lang, 1951

Box 252 Folder 4 褚河南大字陰符經神品 / Chu Henan da zi yin fu jing shen pin (于右任; 褚山房出版; 線裝), 1953

Box 253 Who's who in America : a biographical dictionary of notable living men and women Revised and reissued biennially (Volume 31), 1960-1961

Box 253 民國名人圖鑑 : 民國史稿草創本副刊之一 / Min guo ming ren tu jian : min guo shi gao cao chuang ben fu kan zhi yi by 楊家駱; Jialuo Yang, 1937

Box 254 國朝文才調集 = Literary Gems of Ching Dynasty / Guo chao wen cai diao ji (4 volumes), 1893

Box 254 明清名賢百家書札真跡 / Ming qing ming xian bai jia shu zha zhen ji by 陶真白. 陶真白等選輯. ; Taozhenbai., 1954

Box 255 Folder 1 紅刧餘生 / Hong jie yu sheng by 宋瑋達, Wei-da Song, 1953

Box 259 Folder 2 在天主教道理下評判之滿州國 = L'invasion et l'occupation de la Mandchourie jugées à la lumière de la doctrine catholique par les écrits du cardinal Mercier publiés par Dom P.C. Lou Tseng-Tsiang (陸徵祥), 1933

1 copy in Chinese; 1 copy in French

Box 259 Folder 3 冰鑑敍 / Bing jian xu, 1930

Box 259 Folder 6 Max Lingner. Dessins et peintures. Texte par Henri Barbusse, Agnès Humbert. (uncut), 1939

Box 259 Folder 10 Japan can never conquer China by Hubert S. Liang; Japan versus England in the Far East, 1938

Box 259 Folder 11 Some extracts from World Supremacy by Aspi Distra, 1937

Box 259 Folder 12 Ye ancient mysterie of Vintners of ye City of London: brief history., 1932

Box 259 Folder 14 關帝明聖經誦本 / Guan di ming sheng jing song ben (published by 香港永經堂書局; 2 copies), undated

Box 259 不惑集 / Pu huo chi by 凌善淸, 湯厚生. ; Shanqing Ling; Housheng Tang, 1940

Box 269 蔣總裁戰時畫集 : 附蔣夫人戰時生活 /Jiang zong cai zhan shi hua ji : fu Jiang fu ren zhan shi sheng huo by 卓世傑 [and others]攝影; Shijie Zhuo, 1939

Box 269 纪念孙中山先生 : 画册 / Ji nian sun zhong shan xian sheng : Hua ce, by 广东省社会科学院历史研究室编 ; Guang dong sheng she hui ke xue li shi yan jiu shi., 1981

Box 269 新中学本国历史. 下册 / Xin zhong xue ben guo li shi. xia ce. By 金兆梓编 ; 戴克敦, 张相校. 金兆梓. 张相. 戴克敦 ; Jin zhao zi.; Zhang xiang.; Dai ke dun., 1930

Box 269 Who's who in China : containing the pictures and biographies of China's best known political, financial, business and professional leaders ... by Chih-hsiang Hoh. Publisher: Shanghai : The China weekly review. Fourth Edition, 1931

Box 269 The Romance of Commerce, etc. (Second edition.). By Harry Gordon Selfridge, 1923

Box 269 The Geneva racket, 1920-1939, by Robert Dell, 1941

Box 269 Dog eats moon. By Charles Kenneth Parker, 1950

Box 270 Behind the scenes at the Prussian Court by ... Princess Friedrich Leopold of Prussia, Princess of Schlaswig-Holstein; by Louise Sophie; Desmond Chapman, 1939

Box 270 Une amitie historique (France-Amerique) : ouvrage illustre de 12 gravures hors texte. By Tryphosa Bates-Batcheller, 1924

Box 270 The Renaissance; studies in art and poetry. By Walter Pater, 1914

Box 270 Diplomacy by Harold Nicolson (Published in London, 2nd impression, library edition), 1939

Box 270 The life of Chiang Kai-Shek, by Shih I Hsiung, 1948

Box 270 校改國音學生字彙, Jiao gai Guo yin xue sheng zi hui, by 方毅, compiler, 馬瀛[同]編纂; Yi Fang; Ying Ma, 1930


Box 270 Souvenirs d'un révolutionnaire chinois by Sun Yat-Sen.; E Daller (uncut), 1933

Box 270 Folder 1 Supplementary notes and pamphlets from the gift books in box 270, undated

Box 244 Memoranda presented to the Lytton commission by V K Wellington Koo; League of Nations (Volume I-III), 1932

Box 244 外交圈內二十年 / Wai jiao quan nei er shi nian by Li Nenggeng, 李能梗, 1966

Box 287 The Basis of Japanese Foreign Policy. By Albert E Hindmarsh, 1936

Box 287 Folder 18 曾文正公六種 / Zeng Wenzheng gong liu zhong by 曾國藩, 1811-1872. (淸) 曾國藩著 ; 薛恨生標點. 薛恨生. ; Guofan Zeng; Hensheng Xue, 1933

Box 287 Folder 18 澹園詩稿續集 / Dan yuan shi gao xuji, 1944

Box 292 Folder 5 清授光祿大夫兩廣總督周慤慎公百齡追慶紀念圖詠. / Qing shou Guanglu da fu liang guang zong du Zhou Queshen gong bai ling zhui qing ji nian tu yong., circa 1936

Subseries XII.2: Other Printed Materials

Periodicals, treaties, ephemera, pamphlets, articles, reports, etc.

Box 244 Folder 1-2 K-H Newsletter, September 1937-May 1940

Box 249 Folder 4 L'Europe Nouvelle, March 30-April 20, 1940

Box 251 Revue de droit international de sciences diplomatiques et politiques (no.3), uncut, July-September 1936

Box 252 Transactions of the Grotius Society (Volume 27), 1942

Box 255 Folder 2 外交評論 The foreign affairs review. Wai jiao ping lun (Volume VII: No.3), 1936

Box 259 Folder 4 Chine, by Association "Les Amis Du Peuple Chinois", July-October 1938

Box 259 Folder 5 The China quarterly (volume IV, no. 1), 1938-1939

Box 259 Folder 8 T'ien hsia Monthly = 天下 / Tian xia (volume VIII:no.4), April 1939

Box 259 Folder 9 Chinese news clipping and French newspapers (La Croix; Journal de Nations), August 1938

Box 252 Folder 2 國聯盟約 (Covenant of the League of Nations); 九國條約 (Nine-Power Treaty); 非戰公約 (Kellogg-Briand Pact), November 1931

Chinese translation of the treaties.

Box 259 Folder 1 簽訂上海特別區法院協定案 / Agreement relating to the Chinese Courts in the International Settlement at Shanghai, 1930

Box 259 Folder 7 Brussels Conference: Report of the Conference, November 24, 1937

1 copy in English; 1 copy in French

Box 259 Folder 13 The Present Situation in Ethiopia: a summary of available information; ephemera related to Abyssinia (Ethiopia), 1938

Box 259 Treaty of Peace with Hungary (with maps), February 10, 1947

Box 259 Treaty of Peace with Italy, February 10, 1947

Box 244 Folder 3 Theatre National de L'Opera: Double Dix Fete Nationale de la Republique Chinoise by the French-Chinese Association, October 1945

Box 244 Folder 3 Soiree Chinoise organisee par S. E. Madame Koo Au Profit de la Croix Rouge Chinoise (2 copies), March 28, 1938

Box 244 Folder 3 Score: Alexander Tcherepnin's Seven Songs on Chinese poems, November 1945

Box 287 Folder 1 The Experiences of the Shanghai Jewish Community under the Japanese in World War II. By Fritz Kauffmann, February 12, 1963

From manuscript of a speech before the Shanghai Tiffin Club of NY in the National Arts Club.

Box 287 Folder 1 Publication list on International and Comparative Law, undated

Box 287 Folder 1 The Yugoslav National Democratic Union: Resolution of the Congress of St. Sava held in the Free Serbian Mountains. Printed by John Bellows Ltd, Gloucester, United Kingdom, 1944

Box 287 Folder 1 The Form and Function of the World Organisation proposed by the London International Assembly, 1940s

Box 287 Folder 1 The Road to Security. By David Mitrany, 1944

Box 287 Folder 1 Will the Peace Last? By Harold J Laski, 1944

Box 287 Folder 1 The open door policy and world peace by V K Wellington Koo, 1939

Box 287 Folder 1 Italian foreign policy by Barbara Ward, 1942

Box 287 Folder 1 China Association: Annual Report, 1943-1944

Box 287 Folder 2 War-Time China. By Maxwell S. Stewart, 1944

Published by the China Campaign Committee

Box 287 Folder 2 Sun Yat-sen, a play Pearl Buck; Preceded by a Lecture by Dr. Hu Shih, 1944

Published by the China Campaign Committee

Box 287 Folder 2 North China Front by Michael Lindsay, 1944

Published by the China Campaign Committee

Box 287 Folder 2 China and the Far East : Facts and figures, circa 1943

Published by the China Campaign Committee

Box 287 Folder 2 Chinese Ministry of Information Pamphlets: Number Five, Industry, 1946

Box 287 Folder 2 Chinese Ministry of Information Pamphlets: Number Seven, Classics, 1944

Box 287 Into the eighth year. Messages and articles commemorating seven years of China's continuous resistance to aggression, with a foreword by H.E.Dr.V.K. Wellington Koo, 1944

Box 287 Folder 3 Double Tenth, 1946

Messages on 35th Anniversary of the Founding of the Republic of China, Oct. 10, 1946, by Chiang Kai-shek and Wellington Koo

Box 287 Folder 3 All we are and all we have : speeches and messages since Pearl Harbour, December 9, 1941 - November 17, 1942., 1940s

Box 287 Folder 3 Memorandum to Mme Chiang Kai-shek, 1953

Box 287 Folder 4 English pamphlets and publications on international affairs, 1939-1946

Published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London

Box 287 Folder 5 Burma road pamphlets, 1945

Box 287 Folder 5 希臘邊亂與國際調查 / Xi la bian luan yu guo ji diao cha, September 1947

Box 287 Folder 5 中國向聯合國控訴蘇聯 / Zhong guo xiang lian he guo kong su su lian, December 1949

Box 287 Folder 6 Department of State: Diplomatic list, October 1955

Box 287 Folder 7 China: A Monster Devours Itself. By Valentin Chu, 1963

Box 287 Folder 7 Free China Gazette: No.60, June 1964

Box 287 Folder 8 United Nations Association of the Republic of China Newsletter, 1972-1975

Box 287 Folder 9 Truth about China Newsletter, January-March 1973

Box 287 Folder 10 War Damage in the Nanking Area, December, 1937 to March, 1938. Urban and rural surveys. By Dr. Lewis S.C. Smythe ... and assistants., June 1938

2 copies

Box 287 Folder 10 Documents of the Nanking safety zone by Shuxi Xu; Nanking International Relief Committee., 1939

Box 287 Folder 11 Japanese aggression and the League of Nations, 1937

Box 287 Folder 11 Japanese aggression and World Opinion, 1937

Box 287 Folder 12 Japanese aggression and the League of Nations, 1938

Include some documents in French

Box 287 Folder 12 A collection of League Resolutions and other Official Statements relating to the Sino-Japanese Dispute, 1932

Box 287 Folder 12 Le Conflit Sino-Japonais, 1938

Box 287 Folder 13 The treaties and notes of 1915 by Shuxi Xu, 1932

Box 287 Folder 13 The Family of nations addresses delivered from New York, Paris, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, London and Rome on Armistice Day, 1935, over the Columbia Broadcasting System and allied systems by Nicholas Murray Butler; PierreEtienne Flandin; Carlos Saavedra Lamas; Baron Marchese Marconi, 1935

Box 287 Folder 13 Statements on the Sino-Japanese dispute made by the Chinese delegates at the meetings of the extraordinary assembly of the League of Nations on December 6th and 8th, 1932., December 1932

Box 287 Folder 13 Documents illustrative of Japan's national policy by Tai Yen, October 1937

Publisher: Nanking, China : Council of International Affairs, 1937. Series: Information bulletin, ed. by the council of international affairs, v., 1/2.

Box 287 Folder 13 China and the silver problem by M S Gurevich, 1935

Box 287 Folder 13 The Truth about the Mukden incident of September 18th by T F Chin, June 1932

Box 287 Folder 14 Hirota's three principles vis-a-vis China by Albert T Lu, 1936

Box 287 Folder 14 Agricultural research in China by L E Tsao, 1936

Box 287 Folder 14 The bogus East Hopei regime by Albert T Lu, 1937

Box 287 Folder 14 The Boxer protocol and Japanese aggression by Shuxi Xu, 1937

Box 287 Folder 14 Japanese Policy toward the Shantung Question at the Paris Peace Conference by Russell Fifield, 1951

Box 287 Folder 15 China and Japan by Royal Institute of International Affairs. Information Department., 1939

with second edition, revised and enlarged.

Box 287 Folder 16 China Reference Series: The Story of Japan in China : as told in American cartoons., March 10, 1938

Box 287 Folder 16 China Reference Series: Documents Concerning the Sino-Japanese Conflict (2 copies), January 28, 1938

Box 287 Folder 17 Asiatic Review. Vol.34, no. 120, October 1938

Box 287 Folder 17 American policy in the Far East, 1931-1940 by T A Bisson, 1941

Box 290 Folder 8 Turkey presents Free China, a supplement to the WEEK, 1950s

Box 305 Folder 12 江蘇文獻 = Jiangsu wen xian. 第一年第20期, Issue 20, 1964

Subseries XII.3: Memorabilia

Box 271 鄭板橋題畫 / Zheng ban qiao ti hua by 鄭燮 清 [鄭板橋作] ; Xie Zheng, circa 1984

Box 271 顧維鈞先生生平照片展覽簽名冊/Guest book of the Wellington Koo photograph exhibition in Tianjin (2 volumes), October 1986

Box 271 友好紀念冊 / Commemorative Book of Friendship, August 1950

Gift from Li Shizeng (李石曾)

Box 287 University of Shanghai (滬江大學) yearbook, 1935

Box 287 志在振兴中华 / Zhi zai zhen xing zhong hua. By 欧美同学会编著; Ou Mei tong xue hui (China), 1984

Box 287 Senior Society of Nacoms catalogue by Senior Society of Nacoms (Columbia University), 1942

Member directory for the Senior Society of Nacoms at Columbia University, for the classes of 1898 to 1942.

Box 287 Senior Society of Nacoms catalogue by Senior Society of Nacoms (Columbia University), 1960

Member directory for the Senior Society of Nacoms at Columbia University, for the classes of 1898 to 1961.

Chinese telegraphic code books with instructions and indexes

Box 290 Folder 5 Wellington Koo code book

Box 290 Folder 5 Plain-Cipher code book , 1930 June

Edited by the KMT Secretariat, Jia Code (佳密), published by the Commercial Press.

Box 292 Folder 3 Caricature of horse and girl, undated

Oversized 294 Portrait painting of Madame Wellington Koo (née Hui-lan Oei), by Edmond Dulac, circa 1940s-1950s