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Taliesin Associated Architects projects in Iran : architectural drawings and records, 1968-1980

Series II: Mehrshahr Development

This project's drawings were extracted from the documents of the Pearl Palace and the Mehrafarin Villa. In fact, it was not a separate project and was done, apparently along with the Pearl Palace. It is a development of a large neighborhood on the Northeast side of the Palace estate. The drawings include site and infrastructure development and architectural drawings for a model family residence. This series contains around 70 drawings.

Drawer 166: Folder 1 Single Family Residence Development ca.1975

6 items, Views from garden, 1 item color-rendered perspective, 1 item ink rendered perspective, 4 working drawings: floor plans, roof plan, sections and elevations

Cabinet A92X.11: Roll 1 Single Family Residence Development 1974-1975

Architectural drawings for the single family residence in Mehrshahr Development plan including original drawings and Xeroxes of plans, sections, elevations and site plan; also includes working drawings with red mark-ups

Cabinet A92X.12: Roll 2 Site Development and Landscape Design 1966-1972

25 items including site development plans, lots, sewerage system, underground cables and topographic plan for Mehrshahr Development Project