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Taliesin Associated Architects projects in Iran : architectural drawings and records, 1968-1980

Series III: Minoo and Kish Islands

This series includes the documents and drawing for the research that was conducted by TAA, NAKK and the Research International Division of the American Institute for Foreign Trade (later replaced by International Research Associates) to prepare the feasibility studies of the Islands of Minoo and Kish and to determine whether either one of these islands could be developed into a tourist resort of world-wide recognition. The official agreement was signed in 1967 and the last proposal was submitted in 1970. The records include the correspondences and follow ups up until 1973. The design of a schematic master plan drawing is also documented in the Drawings Subseries.

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Sub-series 1: Drawings

Drawer 166 Folder 10 Promotional Fold-Out Mockup, Before 1968

Mounted on Board

Drawer 170 Folder 12 Maps, ca. 1965

30 items including maps of islands of Kish and Minoo and related areas

Drawer 170 Folder 13 Architectural Drawings, ca. 1965

12 items including encapsulated renderings of the proposed plans for Minoo Island

Cabinet A92S.08 Roll 1 Maps and Architectural Drawings, ca. 1965

18 items including several maps of Minoo (Salboukh) Island in larger scales and some primary architectural drawings/sketches and annotations

Sub-series 2: Records

Box 7 Folder 24 Contracts, 1967-1969

Including contracts between TAA, International Research Associates, Government of Iran and others.

Box 7 Folder 25 Master Agreement, 1969

Two copies of the Master Agreement for the Planning and Development of the Island of Minoo, Khuzistan, Iran

Box 7 Folder 26 Associated Architect, Nezam Amery I, 1965-1967

Box 7 Folder 27 Associated Architect, Nezam Amery II, 1968-1971

Box 7 Folder 28 AIFT[The American Institute for Foreign Trade] Correspondences, 1966-1970

The correspondences between TAA and AIFT and aift Research International personals specifically Mr. Paul S. Rupert. Includes statements and financial matters between the two organizations.

Box 7 Folder 29 Owner Correspondence, 1964-1969

includes letters written to Amir Asadollah Alam (Minister of the Imperial Court of Iran) and Abdul Reza Ansari (Governor of Khuzistan)

Box 7 Folder 30 Inter-office Correspondence., 1967-1971

Box 7 Folder 31 Lawyer Correspondence., 1965-1973

Correspondences with lawyer offices including Lewis and Roca Lawyers and Sutton Shull and O'rourke Lawyers

Box 7 Folder 32 Financing, 1969-1973

Correspondences regarding finding financial sources for investment in Minoo-Kish Islands development

Box 8 Folder 1 Maps Collection I

A collection of maps including Iran, Iraq, Kuwait and many other neighboring countries in various scales

Box 8 Folder 2 Maps Collection II

A collection of maps including Iran, Iraq, Kuwait and many other neighboring countries in various scales

Box 8 Folder 3 Maps Acquisition, 1968

Includes correspondences regarding acquisition of the required maps

Box 8 Folder 4 Publicity/Clipping, 1968-1970

Includes newspaper clippings regarding developments plans in Iran and Progressive Architecture short piece on Minoo Project titled "Exotic Plan for a Persian Isle" from March 1969

Box 8 Folder 5 Meeting Notes, 1969

Includes meeting on March 1969 regarding Minoo Island and Shams Pahlavi's Palace and a questionnaire prepared by Mr. Epps of TAW

Box 8 Folder 6 Phase II Working Material, 1967-1968

Copy of documents and correspondences related to Phase II

Box 8 Folder 7 Program Notes, 1967-1968

Mainly studies and notes on Second Stage (Phase II) including a rough Draft with annotations and some monthly reports

Box 8 Folder 8 Payment Requests, 1969-1970

Box 8 Folder 9 Statements, 1967-1971

Invoices, statements and receipts

Box 8 Folder 10 Paul S. Rupert Correspondence & Data, 1967-1968

A binder including copies of financial notes, contracts, project and correspondences of Paul Rupert, Chairman of Research Committee in AIFT

Box 8 Folder 11 Research Proposal for Salboukh Island to the Government of Iran, 1967-02-01

In Black binder

Box 8 Folder 12 Tourist Development and Feasibility Studies of Minoo and Kish-Stage I, 1967-11-01

A brochure of 140 pages

Box 8 Folder 13 Tourist Development and Feasibility Studies of Minoo and Kish-Stage II, Volume One, 1968-08-01

Box 8 Folder 14 Tourist Development and Feasibility Studies of Minoo and Kish-Stage II, Volume Two, 1968-08-01

A brochure of 169 pages

Box 8 Folder 15 Modified Development Program, 1969-02-01

Box 8 Folder 16 Response to Questions, 1969-09-01

Box 8 Folder 17 Revised Investment, 1970-04-01

Box 9 Folder 1 Research Proposal Copy, 1967-02-01

In Red Binder

Box 9 Folder 2 Proposal Copy, 1970-06-01

a copy of the proposal booklet: proposal to the Imperial Government of Iran to Create the Island of Minoo Resort Development Corporation. This content is a summary of all the previous studies.