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Taliesin Associated Architects projects in Iran : architectural drawings and records, 1968-1980

Series VII: Other Files

This series contains other documents related to Iran that were found in TAA files but could not be catalogued under any of the projects. It includes a copy of the Articles of Incorporation of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation from 1965, some researches for the Shahistan project and Olgivanna Lloyd Wright and Tom Casey disputes over the latter's salary in Iran.

Box 9: Folder 3 Articles of Incorporation 1965-1971

including legal documents regarding the Articles of Incorporation for The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation attached to answers to Mr. Sabi questions.

Box 9: Folder 4 Miscellaneous 1971-1978

including articles about land reform and economy in Iran, clipping of newspapers regarding Iran's economy, Shah's investments and Shah's visit of the U.S

Box 9: Folder 5 Shahistan 1974-1975

including a Proposal for the provision of Architectural and Planning Services for the preparation of a Master Plan for Shahistan Pahlavi Project sent to Mr Nikpay (Mayor of Tehran); includes as well a paper titled Role of Architecture and Urban Development in Industrialization of Countries presented in 2nd International Congress of Architecture in Iran

Box 9: Folder 6 Firouzabadi Health Center Specification 1969

Done by Nezam Amery's office

Box 9: Folder 7 Casey/Peters/Mrs. Wright 1977

Correspondence regarding salary dispute.

Box 9: Folder 8 USA Embassy undated
Box 9: Folder 9 Reimbursable 1970-1978
Drawer 166: Folder 1 Aerial Photos undated

Two aerial photos of undetermined mountain area, probably Zagros Mountain on the South West of Iran