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Taliesin Associated Architects projects in Iran : architectural drawings and records, 1968-1980

Series V: Regional Center for Iranian Culture

This series contains the Drawings and Records for the design of the Regional Centre for Iranian Culture for the Technical University of Iran in Tehran. The contract is signed between the government of Iran acting through Technical University of Iran and Nezam Amery in 1975 and TAA has an agreement for a joint venture with Nezam. This unbuilt project is an educational and archival center that as stated in the Schematic Master Plan is "to store and make available to interested and qualified students the many faceted aspects of Iranian culture." The Schematic Master Plan is divided into two phases which are presented in four packages. Packages A, B and C are architectural drawings and package D is the textual description and explanation of the project. Other than official correspondence, contracts and estimates, Records includes some research study regarding libraries and their mechanization, a Program Study and Schematic Master Plan. The series includes more than 200 drawings.

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Sub-series 1: Drawings

Drawer 170 Folder 9 Color-Rendered Perspective, 1976

1 item

Drawer 170 Folder 10 Floor Plans Working Drawing and Study Sketches, 1976

27 items

Drawer 170 Folder 11 Site Plan and Entrance Gate Working Drawings, 1976

21 items

Drawer 166 Folder 13 Study Sketches for Winged Horse Statue and Experimental Theater, 1976

including final drawing for Winged Horse Statue, study sketches for winged horse statue and experimental theater and logo for the center

Drawer 166 Folder 14 Drafts of Diagrams from Program Study, 1975

29 items

Cabinet A92X.13 Roll 1 Schematic Master Plan Packages A and C, 1976

24 items contain twenty sheets as listed in "Package A" and five rendered drawings listed in "Package C" of Schematic Master Plan "Written Report" paes 1 and 3 excluding color-rendered perspective which can be found in Folder 1 of this collection

Cabinet A92X.14 Roll 2 Schematic Master Plan Package B, 1976

28 items including "Package B" of Schematic Master Plan Presentation as listed in page 2 of the "Written Report" and a copy of the "Package B" marked to show divisions of Phases into Sub-Phases "A" and "B"

Cabinet A92X.15 Roll 3 Schematic Master Plan Copies, 1976

33 items including copies of the "Package A" on heavy paper and working Drawings for "Package B" mark-ups

Cabinet A92X.16 Roll 4 Schematic Master Plan Working Drawings, 1976

29 items including working drawing and sketches

Sub-series 2: Records

Box 6 Folder 3 Early Correspondences/Meshkat, 1974

Correspondences inquiring about the new cultural center for Tehran with Farah Pahlavi, Meshkat the conductor, Andre Kostelanetz, and Mehrdad Pahlbod

Box 6 Folder 4 Associated Architect Correspondence, 1974-1977

Correspondences between Nezam Amery and TAA

Box 6 Folder 5 Joint Venture Agreement, 1975

Architectural Cooperation Agreement between TAA and Nezam Amery, Kamooneh, Khosravi

Box 6 Folder 6 Inter-office Correspondence, 1974-1975

Tom Casey and Nezam Amery correspondences and details of the projects in Iran

Box 6 Folder 7 Consultants, 1973-1976

Correspondences regarding hiring consultant for library and theater designs

Box 6 Folder 8 Cost Estimates, undated

Box 6 Folder 9 Working Materials for Program Study, 1974-1975

Box 6 Folder 10 Program Study First Draft, 1975

Box 6 Folder 11 Masters for Program Study Report, 1975

Box 6 Folder 12 Program Study, 1975

The binded report submitted to the Board of Directors of the Technical University of Iran

Box 6 Folder 13 Copy of Program Study, 1975

Box 6 Folder 14 Masters for Schematic Master Plan Report, 1976

Box 6 Folder 15 Schematic Master Plan, 1976

The binded report submitted to the Board of Directors of the Technical University of Iran; 4 polaroid photos of the color rendering of the building perspective

Box 6 Folder 16 Library Data, 1975

Data and Correspondences regarding automation of libraries in general and in Iran's library automation

Box 6 Folder 17 Preliminary Study of Library Building Considerations, 1975

Two copies of Preliminary Study of Library Building Considerations, prepared for TAA by Frank S, Patrinostro & Stephen G, Schmitt The Larc Association; List of Library Consulting Firms